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Presented by Tom Bewick, #SkillsWorldLive Radio Show builds on the popular podcast series, #SkillsWorld on FE News, where Tom interviewed some of the leading figures shaping the post-compulsory education and skills systems, including apprenticeships.Originally created to help bring people together and connect the world of FE during the coronavirus outbreak, season 2 of the #SkillsWorldLive Radio Show will take place every Friday 10:30am to 11:30am.Supported by the Federation of Awarding Bodies, their Platinum Partners' programme, and in association with FE News, #SkillsWorld Radio Show Live will carry:— weekly interviews with special guests making headlines from around the globe— phone-ins for people working in the Further Education and skills sector, including apprenticeships — analysis of the key issues affecting employers, learners, providers and awarding bodies— top tunes from the 80s, 90s and 2000sYour World. Skills World.Available for broadcast, download and replay on the FE News website ( and other channels (e.g. Spotify, iTunes and Sound Cloud). Team:Presenter: Tom BewickEditor: Gavin O’MearaDigital Producer: Ellie HansonPolicy: Dr Rebecca ConwayOperations: Karen DawsE-mail:


How do we solve the skills crisis? #SkillsWorldLive Radio 4.1 51:14 10/15/2021
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Is the relationship between FE providers and government the right one? #SkillsWorldLive 3.9 62:20 05/21/2021
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FE White Paper: Revolution, or damp squib? #SkillsWorldLive 3.7 60:13 05/07/2021
Should we adopt a Baccalaureate in England? #SkillsWorldLive 3.6 62:39 04/30/2021
Disaster looms: Are we facing a shortage of digital skills post-Covid? #SkillsWorldLive 3.5 63:14 04/23/2021
Will this summer’s exam results be a week of glory? #SkillsWorldLive 3.4 55:53 04/16/2021
Zoom, Zoom, Zoom: Will we go back to the office commute? #SkillsWorldLive 3.3 66:45 03/26/2021
Lost learning during the pandemic: How do our young people recover? #SkillsWorldLive 3.2 57:43 03/19/2021
Has the Budget delivered for FE? #SkillsWorldLive 3.1 63:42 03/12/2021
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The Future of FE - What do awarding bodies think? 63:22 12/03/2020
What do college leaders think? 61:59 11/26/2020
What do ITP leaders think? 62:30 11/19/2020
Levelling Up: from rhetoric to reality? 63:16 10/29/2020
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The Lifetime Skills Guarantee: What's in the small print? #SkillsWorldLive 2.5 61:24 10/08/2020
Does England need a 'German-style' skills system? 61:47 10/01/2020
What should be in the FE White Paper? 62:34 09/24/2020
Will the Covid Workplace ever be the same again? 62:07 09/17/2020