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As the multipolar world steadily gains ground, Africa's role in it is growing side by side. Welcome to AfroVerdict where you hear the voices of Africa’s youth, experts and prominent figures expressing their take on issues from around the world and on the continent.


Africa's 'Moral High Ground' on Peaceful Solutions
On September 21, the world celebrated International Peace Day to remind us of the role peace plays in development of countries. However, we cannot ignore the devastating effect foreign influence has on the conflicts across the African continent. Your AfroVerdict host sits down with an expert to ponder what Africa needs to obtain peace.
29:04 9/22/23
'Western Nations Don't Build, They Destroy': Expert on UNGA Presidential Speeches
On September 19, the UN General Assembly commenced with the heads of states raising the issues of Africa's place in the global arena, the reform of the UN and reparations for the slave trade. Although these addresses are don't come as a surprise, they do raise certain questions. Your #AfroVerdict host sits down with an expert to dig into the core of the matter.
59:24 9/21/23
Alliance of Sahel States: Experts' Take on New Bloc
On Sunday, September 17, the Aliance of Sahel States was established with Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger signing the Liptako-Gourma Charter. Your AfroVerdict host sits down with African experts to see what this intiative will bring to the region in terms of security and combatting terrorism.
32:03 9/20/23
Democracy Day: Liberal Democracy vs African Ubuntu
Today, the world celebrates Democracy Day. The concept of democracy has long been debated, with the Western understanding of it often promoted as "true" democracy. Your AfroVerdict host sits down with two political experts to debunk this myth and provide an African perspective on democracy.
31:19 9/15/23
West in 'Deep Denialism' Over Colonial Crimes: Expert
Today, Russia's President Vladimir Putin made a speech at the Eastern Economic Forum, in which he raised some interesting facts in regards to the relationship between Western countries and African states. Your AfroVerdict host sits down with a political scientist to analyse his speech and understand the colonial past in Africa's present.
31:00 9/12/23
Journalists' Solidarity Day: African Solidarity Strategies
Every September 8, the world celebrates International Day of Solidarity of Journalists, and African countries aren't missing out! Your AfroVerdict host joins his friends and colleagues from Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana to discuss how journalists can stand together to break stereotypes about Africa and fight disinformation.
28:55 9/8/23
Africa's Food Security: East vs West
While we all understand the importance of having food on the table, food security is a different matter altogether, not only for the African continent, but for the world at large. Your #AfroVerdict host sits down with two experts to discuss the role the West plays in destabilizing Africa's food security and how Russia can come to the rescue.
31:29 9/7/23
'Another World': African Students Share Stories of Studying in Russia
On September 1, Russia celebrates Knowledge Day as students and pupils resume their studies. Your AfroVerdict host sits down with students from Equatorial Guinea, Republic of the Congo and Algeria to find out their motivation for coming to study in Russia and their experiences in Moscow.
26:38 9/2/23
You Strike a Woman, You Strike a Rock: Women's Month SA
As August, the month dedicated to women in South Africa, comes to an end, your AfroVerdict host Viktor Anokhin sits down with Councilor Loyiso Masuku, Member of the Mayoral Committee for Group corporate and Shared Services of the City of Johannesburg to get her opinion on the significance of Women's Month in South Africa.
20:46 8/30/23
SA Minister: BRICS Expansion is a 'Game Changer'
With the conclusion of the 15th BRICS Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, six countries were invited to join the group. Now that BRICS will account for about 32% of the global GDP and include 3.7 billion people, what will this bring African countries and what is the significance of BRICS having three African countries on board?
28:52 8/25/23
BRICS Summit: Yet Another Meeting or New World Order?
As the 15th BRICS Summit kicks off tomorrow, your AfroVerdict host discusses the expectations of the event with a South African researcher, covering the significance of the summit as well as some of the points on the agenda.
26:55 8/21/23
Expectations vs Reality: African Journalists Sum Up Experience in Moscow
As we bid farewell to our African friends from the previous episode, they join AfroVerdict to share their experience from their first visit to Moscow.
28:04 7/21/23
Africa Takes The Floor!
For today's exclusive episode, AfroVerdict is joined by a group of professional journalists from Africa as they visit Sputnik Africa during their trip to Russia. After visiting the Russian capital of Moscow, the journalists will travel to St. Petersburg to take part in the Second Russia-Africa Summit.
47:00 7/19/23
What Skills Does African Youth Need & Why?
Happy World Youth Skills Day everyone! Today I'm joined by the Secretary-General of the Pan African Youth Union to discuss the role of the youth in developing African countries, the skills they need to do so and what obstacles young Africans face to harness the continent's talent.
36:22 7/14/23
Kiswahili Oye! Swahili Articulates Africa's Unified Identity
Mambo, friends! Today's podcast features a language expert, Mayya Nikolskaya, who shares with us her take on the significance of Kiswahili for the African continent, the language's history, as well as the impact of Russians learning African languages on the relations of the two regions.
30:14 7/11/23
Russian Folk - Ugandan Beats
In today's episode on AfroVerdict, your host, Viktor Anokhin, is joined by Tatyana Shishkova, a professional vocalist based in Kampala, Uganda. She came there with the objective to create an album where she combines Russian folk songs with Ugandan instrumental beats.
29:57 7/7/23
Zim Minister Talks 'Illegal' Western Sanctions, Russian Co-op, Grain Deal, and Tech Exchange
In today's AfroVerdict episode, your host, Viktor Anokhin, is joined by Zimbabwe's Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Monica Mutsvangwa to have a conversation on Russia-Zimbabwe cooperation and Zimbabwe's ability to persevere through Western sanctions.
23:44 7/4/23
Global Issues Via Addis Abeba’s Eyes
With more and more countries realising that the unipolar global system no longer has a place in today's world, nations see hope in multilateralism. On this occasion, your host, Viktor Anokhin, sits down with Ethiopia's Ambassador to Russia, H.E. Uriat Cham Ugala, to discuss pressing global issues and matters of national importance to Addis Ababa.
26:36 6/30/23
Global South Rising, Championed by BRICS
In today's AfroVerdict podcast your host, Viktor Anokhin, is joined by South Africa's BRICS Sherpa, Anil Sooklal, to discuss BRICS determining role in the developing multilateral global architecture and South Africa's chairship in the group.
29:57 6/28/23
Pressing International Issues Through Zambian Perspective
Two Zambian politicians visited Russia to attend the SPIEF last week and your host, Viktor Anokhin, took the opportunity to get their perspective on major pressing topics on the international agenda, such as the role of BRICS, anti-Russian sanctions, the African peace initiave and the Ukrainian crisis among other things.
27:45 6/23/23
Zimbabwean Resilience vs Western Sanctions - Which Prevails?
As Zimbabwe has been living under Western sanctions for more than 20 years, AfroVerdict host, Viktor Anokhin, is joined by Zimbabwean anti-sanction group's chief to hear the citizens' verdict on the way the sanctions affect their everyday.
40:55 6/20/23
'Harness Our Unique Identity': Xiluva Party Leader Calls For 'Awakening' Among SA Youth
Today we join South Africain celebration of Youth Day to commemorate the youth that sacrificed their lives during the liberation struggle against apartheid. AfroVerdict host, Viktor Anokhin, sits down with Bongani Baloyi, president of the Xiluva party in South Africa, to get his take on what Youth Day is all about.Today, we join South Africa's celebration of Youth Day to commemorate those who were in their prime that sacrificed their lives during the liberation struggle against apartheid. AfroVerdict host, Viktor Anokhin, sits down with Bongani Baloyi, president of South Africa's Xiluva party, to get his take on what Youth Day is all about.
27:20 6/16/23
5G in Africa: Vain Novelty or Growth Booster?
As our world increasingly intertwines with technology, society becomes more engaged and dependent on ICT, AfroVerdict host,Viktor Anokhin, sits down with Daniel Adeyemi, a tech journalist to discuss the prospects of implementing 5G technology throughout the African continent.
29:07 6/13/23
What Are Prospects of Nigeria-Russia Business Ties & How Does West Impede Them?
In continuation of the last episode, your AfroVerdict host, Viktor Anokhin, proceeds to discuss ways of engaging in business between Nigeria and Russia with a politician, two businessmen and Chairman of the Nigerian Diaspora in Russia.
29:07 6/9/23
Bridging Russia and Nigeria: Business & Culture
As Africa assumes a more prominent role in the world, your host, Viktor Anokhin, sits down with a businessman, a State Commissioner and a Chairman of the Nigerian diaspora in Moscow, as well as the Chairman of the Russian-Egyptian Business Council, to discuss trade opportunities between Russia and Nigeria.
29:18 6/6/23
'Law Does Not Go To People's Bedrooms': Author of Uganda Anti-Homo Act Explains
On May 29, Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni signed the Anti-Homosexuality Act. Reacting, US officials condemned the law and even revoked the visa of the Speaker of Parliament. Today your host Viktor Anokhin is joined by Hon. Asuman Basalirwa, the MP who introduced the bill to talk about its importance to Ugandan society.
26:59 6/2/23
‘Badges of Honour’: South African Youth Leader Punished by Kiev States His Case
In today’s episode of AfroVerdict, your host, Viktor Anokhin, sits down with Khulekani Skosana, a South Afircan youth leader, who continues his struggle for equality and freedom, despite being sanctioned by the Kiev regime for his observer mission to the Donbass region in 2022.
36:41 5/30/23
Salmon-Pink – Just a Colour?
Besides being popular amongst people, what else, apart from its appealing hue, does the colour found in salmon, prawns and other marine animals have? Your host, Viktor Anokhin, sits down with a biochemical researcher to talk about astaxanthin - the molecule responsible for the colour and the health benefits it offers.“Vitamin C is a very common oxidant. Astxanthin is actually several times stronger in terms of antioxidant capacity than vitamin C. It's I think somewhere maybe around 100 times or even more times capable,” Osman Kawungu, a Ghanaian biotechnology researcher and PhD candidate at Ural Federal University (URFU) in Russia, says.
30:35 5/26/23
Angel to Some, Devil to Others: What Role Does AI Play in Africa?
We currently live in a world where it is at times hard to keep up with the rapid development of technology. When artificial intelligence joins the picture, things might get a little overwhelming. But where does Africa find itself in this complicated technological environment? For today's episode of the AfroVerdict podcast, host Viktor Anokhin invited Adegoke Oyeniyi, a technology journalist and former editor-in-chief at TechCabal, one of the leading technological publications on the African continent, to walk us through the exciting and at times confusing world of today's technologies.
29:24 5/24/23
What Is Community Driven Approach in Fight Against HIV & How Can It Be of Help to Africa?
As May 21 marked World Remembrance Day of AIDS Victims, AfroVerdict' host Viktor Anokhin, is joined by Dr Anthony Ajayi, a researcher with the African Population and Health Research Center in Kenya, to discuss community-based approaches in managing the rate of the deadly infection.
29:05 5/23/23