Show cover of Resist Extremism:  A guide to all things Extremist

Resist Extremism: A guide to all things Extremist

Social Media Influencer, Political Investigative Journalist, and survivor of terrorism, Bonnie Kurowski covers topics about Extremism. What is it? How is it different from Domestic Terrorism? What can our government do to combat this rising problem in America? What are the playbooks and tactics, agenda's, dark money, and who are the current groups and politicians plus more! To see some news stories, visit


Episode 5: Resist Extremism- Law Enforcement
Host Bonnie Kurowski meets with Russ Farnsworth to talk about experiences with law enforcement, the movement to radicalize sheriffs and officers, and talk about reform. Russ offers his expertise to offer suggestions about combatting hate crimes by citizens, reforms for police and educating on racial biases.
33:18 5/26/23
Episode 4: Biden states, "Stand up against the poison of White Supremacy"
Join host Bonne Kurowski as she talks about President Biden calling white supremacy the greatest terrorism threat to the United States.
15:24 5/20/23
Episode 3: HB2772, the controversial law to punish extremist attacks
Join host Bonnie Kurowski as she talks about a new law intended to curb extremist tactics and attacks by holding them accountable. But who will run this organization? What if extremists take over?
11:46 5/20/23
Episode 2: Host Bonnie Kurowski's backstory and purpose
Take a dive into the purpose behind the podcast as you listen to the hosts story about surviving violent extremists and domestic terrorism tactics. With domestic terrorism on the rise harming our nation, the victims of this new wave are the first line of educating and reporting.
17:18 5/20/23
Episode 1: Extremism defined
What is Extremism? Domestic Terrorism? What do we want from our government to combat these issues?
09:11 5/17/23