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Self-Evaluating Your Self-Implementation Success | Alex Gertsburg
Alex Gertsburg, CEO of CoverMySix and Visionary for Gertsburg Licata, shares tips for self-implementing and resources that support that community.
46:19 9/22/23
How to Make the Choice with Strength | Kris Thurgood
Kris Thurgood, owner and Visionary of My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe, discusses building a business into a community and the power of choice as a leader.
40:07 9/13/23
How Getting Fired Can Get You on the Right Path | Benny Fisher
Benny Fisher, CEO and Visionary of Big Fish Contracting Company, discusses the challenges that build Visionaries and how to overcome the fear of firing.
38:07 9/6/23
Becoming an Employee-Owned Business to Free Yourself | Eric Rieger
Eric Rieger, Founder and CEO of WEBIT Services, discusses becoming an employee-owned business and shares how to trust your team and focus on the mission.
41:05 8/30/23
How to “Lead from Behind” | Graham Wong & Jesse Sharratt
Graham Wong, founder, CEO and Visionary of Lauft, a Toronto-based, flexible work-space company with the goal of being the “Starbucks of Workspace,” and Integrator Jesse Sharratt share how they manage internal conflicts and embrace vulnerability.
32:01 8/23/23
Creating a Life and Business You Design | Tim Vogel
Tim Vogel, Co-Founder and CEO of Scenthound, discusses the tools for developing the right culture and team through a life-by-design philosophy.
42:20 8/16/23
Finding Your Voice in Leadership and Equity | Amber Cabral
Amber Cabral, founder of Cabral Co. and global inclusion leader, tackles the tough conversations about culture and empowering equity in your business.
43:37 8/10/23
Right People, Right Seats: Writing a New Chapter on Company Culture | Bill Van Vliet
Bill Van Vliet, President of Book Depot, discusses building a thriving online book business in the age of audiobooks and the role of culture in growth. 
47:09 8/2/23
Building a Thriving Team and Company by Embracing Failure | Matt Durrette
Matt Durrette, founder, and CEO of Cozi Vacation Rentals, discusses the challenges of having the wrong Integrator™ and how failure can build your best team.
38:05 7/26/23
Embracing Vulnerability to Build Trust and Enact Positive Change | Tiffany Sauder
Tiffany Sauder, President, CEO, and Visionary of Element Three, and EOS Conference™ headliner, discusses work/life balance and embracing vulnerability, discipline, and decisions for positive change.
45:53 7/20/23
Bringing Fun and Female Leadership to the Family Business | Kaci King
Kaci King, Owner and Visionary at West Ohio Tool Company, shares the challenges facing female leaders and growth potential in family businesses.
41:36 7/12/23
Balancing Business Independence and Handing Over the Keys | Shannon Alberts
Shannon Alberts – president, owner, and Visionary of Security-Luebke Roofing – discusses building a trustworthy team and the challenges of handing over responsibility. 
36:12 6/28/23
Why Communication is Key to Successful Business Communities | MaKara Rumley
MaKara Rumley, founder and CEO of Hummingbird Firm, discusses the impact relationships and communication have on the path toward achieving your vision.
31:58 6/21/23
We Run on EOS | Trailer
Welcome to We Run on EOS.  Join Pam Kosanke, the Head of Revenue at EOS Worldwide and a fellow entrepreneur, as game-changing entrepreneurs talk about the stories and advice that helped them make moves to reach their greatest potential.  We Run on EOS launches this June. 
01:09 6/13/23
We Run on EOS | Teaser Trailer 02
Running a business is like playing a sport. We Run on EOS launches this June. 
00:18 5/30/23
We Run on EOS | Teaser Trailer 01
Running a business is like playing a sport. We Run on EOS launches this June. 
00:15 5/19/23