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These aren't just two white guys from Boston talking hoops.  Legendary basketball scribe Bob Ryan teams up with nationally renowned hoops insider Jeff Goodman and polarizing Boston sports broadcaster, Gary Tanguay, to bring you The Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman Podcast.  Ryan, Goodman and Tanguay use over 100 years of combined experience on to provide you with an inside look at the world of NBA and NCAA basketball from two of the foremost experts and storytellers in the field.  Basketball junkies can expect vibrant discussions, lively debates and bold statements that will keep everyone coming back.  Clearly the generational gap is obvious and that's intentional. Of course, they do have a slight bias for the Boston Celtics. Subscribe now wherever you get your podcasts or find it on


Rob Williams' Injury + What's Next for Celtics?
How will Rob Williams' injury impact the 2022-23 Celtics? What's the next step for Boston between now and training camp? 1:05: Rob Williams' injury; expected to miss 4-6 weeks 3:56: Do we label Rob Williams 'injury prone' & how good are the Celtics without Rob? 9:47: In light of recent reports, should the Celtics sign DeMarcus Cousins? 11:32: Bob Ryan on the best Celtics team that didn't win a title 20:33: Celtics to honor Bill Russell throughout 2022-23 26:13: What Bob's been waiting for LeBron James to do
35:16 09/22/2022
Will Celtics Take a Step Back? + Sarver Suspended
Bob, Jeff & Gary react to the NBA suspending Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver & preview the Eastern Conference. Will the Celtics take a step back this season? 1:35: Robert Sarver suspended and fined by the NBA... Was the punishment enough? 7:10: What to look forward to this NBA season 9:20: Lebron's plan to play with his sons 16:45: Who has the biggest coaching challenge this season? 23:40: Will the Celtics regress this season?
27:56 09/15/2022
The Donovan Mitchell Trade + Will Celtics Sign Carmelo Anthony?
Bob & Jeff react to the Donovan Mitchell trade & Danilo Gallinari's torn ACL. Should Boston pursue Carmelo Anthony now? And, in light of his take on Kevin Durant, Bob responds to his "haters" 0:58: Bob Ryan reacts to the backlash of his Kevin Durant comments from last week's episode 2:27: Does Bob regret calling Durant a S***head? 6:46: Reactions to the Donovan Mitchell trade 12:50: What does Danilo Gallinari's injury mean for the Celtics? 15:22: Should Boston sign Carmelo Anthony? 21:32: 2023 Basketball Hall of Fame finalists 31:15: Giannis' injury  
35:16 09/09/2022
Bob Calls Kevin Durant a S*** Head + Danilo Gallinari Tears Meniscus
Bob goes off about Kevin Durant as he, Jeff & Gary discuss the "end" to the trade drama in Brooklyn. Chet Holmgren is out for the season and the latest on Danilo Gallinari's injury 1:14: Bob calls KD a sh*t head + Goodman makes case for Durant to Boston 11:04: How will Steve Nash feel after this summer & how will Ben Simmons fit into all of this? 17:08: Chet Holmgren out for season 23:43: Danilo Gallinari tears meniscus 26:02: Terrence Williams pleads guilty in scheme to defraud NBA’s health plan 30:28: Pat Beverly to the Lakers
33:22 08/30/2022
Jayson Tatum's Wrist Injury + Is Jaylen Brown Overrated?
Jeff & Gary revisit Jayson Tatum's wrist injury and react to his recent comments. They also evaluate Jaylen Brown's value and how that affects Brad Stevens and the Celtics while waiting for Brooklyn Nets' situation with Kevin Durant to come to a resolution 1:00: Jayson Tatum's wrist injury 4:13: How did the injury affect Jayson Tatum? 5:31: Do the Celtics need Durant? +  Nets need to deal him ASAP 8:28 Is Jaylen Brown overrated? 10:57: Brad Stevens is in WIN-NOW Mode + KD just wants to hoop
21:06 08/23/2022
Without Kevin Durant are Celtics Still Favorites to Win 2023 Finals?
Are the Celtics better off without Kevin Durant? Bob & Jeff weigh in on what's best for Boston as we wait and see what's next for Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets  0:50: Who has leverage in the Brooklyn Nets/Kevin Durant situation 3:21: Celtics good enough to win a championship without Durant 7:52: Will Boston be the favorite to win a title if the Celtics land KD 10:02: Durant was lovable up until he ran to Golden State 15:37: No NBA games on Election Day 19:48: Bob & Jeff's tribute to Pete Carril
25:04 08/17/2022
Bob Ryan's Bill Russell Tribute
Bob Ryan alongside Gary Tanguay celebrate the life and career of the great Bill Russell 0:35: Celebrating the life & career of Bill Russell 1:20: The day Bob Ryan met Bill Russell 5:16: When Gary interviewed Russell 10:00: Who Bill Russell was as an NBA player 16:30: Boston Globe reprinted Bob's Russell story from 1999 20:00: Russell & Wilt Chamberlain after the "Balloon Game" 24:45: What Bill Russell stood for off the basketball court 28:22: Bill Russell's first number retirement ceremony 33:34: Red Auerbach & Bill Russell's relationship  
37:17 08/01/2022
Will Celtics Trade Jaylen Brown for Kevin Durant?
Bob & Jeff weigh the pros and cons on the Celtics possibly trading Jaylen Brown for Kevin Durant & discuss Boston's best way to move forward in light of this week's report 0:55: Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart & picks for Kevin Durant? 2:10: Why trading for Durant isn't about Jaylen Brown 7:35: Durant first-round performance against the Celtics 11:10: Did anyone think Jaylen would be this good? 13:30: Do we overrate the 2021-22 Celtics? 16:39: What does Ime Udoka think about Kevin Durant for Jaylen Brown? 20:20: Would Brad Stevens actually pull the trigger on moving Jaylen for Durant? 26:11: Jeff's exciting news from the Peach Jam in Georgia
29:43 07/27/2022
LeBron Says Boston is Racist + Steph Curry Hosts ESPYs
Bob & Gary react to LeBron James' comments about the city of Boston and his appearance in the Drew League. Also, Steph Curry hosted the 2022 ESPYs & had plenty to say about the Celtics 0:43: LeBron James: 'Boston is racist as f***' 6:00: Kendrick Perkins responds to LeBron 10:45: LeBron's motive for playing in the Drew League 13:26: Are you rooting for James Harden? 17:27: Steph Curry hosting the ESPYs  
24:00 07/21/2022
Kevin Durant Trade Market + Are Celtics Deepest Team in the NBA?
Brian Robb of joins Gary from Las Vegas to discuss the latest on Kevin Durant's trade market & the Celtics offseason moves 1:08: Where will Kevin Durant land? 3:12: Would you trade for Durant? 9:37: Brad Stevens is a great GM 12:27: Why Jaylen Brown needs to improve 14:06: Was Jayson Tatum hurt in the NBA Finals? 16:10: Grading Danny Ainge's Rudy Gobert trade 17:31: Is James Harden done as a superstar?
22:04 07/13/2022
Where is Kevin Durant Off to? & The Malcolm Brogdon Trade
Bob & Jeff react to the latest on Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving's status with the Brooklyn Nets & the moves made by Brad Stevens and the Celtics in the NBA's early offseason.   1:06: Latest on Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving 7:23: Jeff's take on Celtics acquiring Malcolm Brogdon & Danilo Gallinari + Durant trade 11:32: What Brogdon & Gallinari add to Boston 12:42: Is Brad Stevens a great GM? 18:07: Timberwolves add Rudy Gobert, Jazz get a ton of draft picks 23:30: Chet Holmgren's historic Summer League debut
25:50 07/06/2022
Is Jaylen Brown Being Disrespected? + Kyrie Irving Opts In
Kyrie Irving opts into the final year of his contract, what does it mean for the Brooklyn Nets? Also, is Jaylen Brown upset over his name being mentioned in Celtics trade rumors? Bob & Jeff discuss.   1:00 Kyrie Irving to opt into the final year of $37M deal w/ Nets 8:00 Should Knicks pay Jalen Brunson a 4-year, $110M deal? 13:04 John Wall to Clippers; Does he have anything left? 17:26 Is Jaylen Brown being disrespected? 24:22 Marcus Smart HATES losing, talks critics saying Celtics need a PG
29:13 06/29/2022
NBA Draft Winners & Losers + Will Kevin Durant Leave the Nets?
Bob & Jeff recap the NBA Draft, which teams came up big, and which teams made mistakes? Also, how should the Celtics approach their offseason? 1:10 Paolo Banchero goes to Magic at #1 6:03 Chet Holmgren goes to OKC #2 7:16 Goodman: Sam Presti and OKC had a bad draft 9:02 Jabari Smith goes to Rockets at #3 10:41 Bob Likes Mark Williams 11:00 New York Knick Draft  13:46 Detroit Pistons Draft: Jaden Ivey, Jalen Duren 15:20 ESPN's Draft Coverage... 17:02 Will Kevin Durant leave the Nets? + Kyrie Irving's contract 22:24 Celtics Draft JD Davison at 53 Overall 24:00 How can Celtics tweak roster: Brogdon, Hield, or Huerter?
26:43 06/25/2022
Warriors Win NBA Title + What's Next For The Celtics?
Bob & Jeff breakdown the 2022 NBA Finals, including Steph Curry's legacy after capturing his fourth title, first MVP & what's next for Boston? How will the Celtics improve during the offseason? 1:00 Warriors Win NBA Title, Defeat Celtics in Game 6 3:42 Marcus Smart's Finals performance 8:10 Celtics lost to the better team 10:35 Steph Curry wins finals MVP 11:40 Jayson Tatum falls short 14:13 Celtics turnaround this year 15:54 Warriors Core 3 + Impact of Draymond Green 19:32 How can Jayson Tatum & Jaylen Brown improve? 22:17 How can the Celtics improve? 26:14 Eastern Conference landscape next season 29:10 Jayson Tatum goes out sad
32:59 06/20/2022
Do The Celtics Have Enough? + Jayson Tatum Struggles
Do the Celtics have enough to crawl out of a 3-2 deficit against the Warriors in the NBA Finals? Plus, Jayson Tatum struggles in the fourth quarter; what's the root of the issue, and if the Warriors close it out, what's it say about Steph Curry?   0:52: On the brink of elimination, have the Celtics lost their soul? 2:42: The Andrew Wiggins impact 7:27: If Steph Curry wins, where does he rank among the greats? 10:26: The difference between Steph Curry's greatness & influence 15:13: The most amazing fast-break Bob Ryan's ever seen 16:20: BOL  17:30: Is Jayson Tatum hurt? 23:15: Can Tatum's teammates help him get easier baskets? 26:00: Will Brad Stevens help keep the Celtics competitive in the East/could this be Boston's best chance at winning a championship for a while? 29:42: Marcus Smart's Game 5 postgame comments
40:17 06/15/2022
Are Warriors Doomed in NBA Finals + Is This The Celtics Best Effort?
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35:26 06/09/2022
Can Celtics Beat Warriors & Win The 2022 NBA Finals?
Should the Celtics pull off beating the Warriors & capturing their first NBA title in 12 years?    0:00: Celtics vs Warriors NBA Finals Preview 6:04: Ime Udoka's impact on this team 10:50: Can C's be consistent? 15:20: Best player: Jayson Tatum or Steph Curry 20:08: Finals X-Factors 23:40: Jeff's Draymond Green story 27:18: Home court advantage 31:48: Series Predictions
36:07 06/03/2022
Will The Celtics Close Out Miami? + What's Next For Luka & The Mavs?
Will the Celtics be able to beat the Heat in Game 6, or is this series destined to go 7?  Also, is the future bright for Luka Doncic & the Mavs? We discuss how much work awaits Dallas
29:42 05/27/2022
Confidence Level in Celtics Winning ECF + Is Luka in Trouble?
Where's your confidence stand in the Celtics' chances of winning the ECF against Jimmy Butler & the Heat?  Also, can Luka Doncic & the Mavs come back against Steph Curry & the Warriors?
37:26 05/20/2022
Are The Celtics Done? + Jokic Wins MVP
Can the Celtics force Game 7 against the Bucks & how do we feel about Nikola Jokic winning MVP? 1:29: This series could be over for the Celtics 4:10: What's most frustrating about Bobby Portis' offensive rebound 8:34: Did Marcus Smart do the right thing on the crucial play in Game 5? 10:14: If the Celtics lose Game 6, fans should still be happy with the way the season went 14:52: Giannis & the Bucks made championship-driven plays that may define the series 20:24: Nikola Jokic wins MVP 24:22: RIP Bob Lanier
29:51 05/13/2022
Did the Celtics Figure Out The Bucks? & Does Ja Morant Have Enough Help?
Can the Celtics sustain their success from Game 2 against the Bucks? We discuss. Also, can Ja Morant lead the Grizzlies to take down the Warriors? 1:30: Bob & Jeff's immediate reactions to Celtics beating the Bucks in Game 2 3:15: Did Grant Williams really shut down Giannis Antetokounmpo? 8:10: Jaylen Brown's crazy first half in Game 2 11:13: Will the Celtics pull off the series or is it still a toss-up against the Bucks? 15:25: Ja Morant drops 47 points 17:10: Does Luka have enough around him to beat the Suns? 19:40: Dillon Brooks' injury to Warriors' Gary Payton Jr. 24:29: What's the best NBA Finals matchup? 31:50: Chris Paul's brilliance 36:40: Bob's take on HBO's "Winning Time" show
38:58 05/05/2022
Can The Celtics Win it All? + Durant & The Nets' Future
Bob & Jeff discuss how Jayson Tatum & the Celtics swept Kevin Durant & the Nets but do the C's have enough to win it all? Also, what's next for Brooklyn? And can Doc Rivers pull it off with the Sixers? We discuss 1:25: An apology to the Celtics 4:30: Celtics sweep Nets + Boston's fourth-quarter execution 8:10: Can the Celtics go all the way? 11:08: Why Bucks playing without Khris Middleton is a tremendous loss 13:15: What's been the secret to Ime Udoka's success with the Celtics? 16:48: So much of Jayson Tatum's progression is a reflection of who's around him 17:51: Doc Rivers pull off a win for the Sixers' first-round series?/Toronto's momentum 21:55: Grizzlies' dramatic Game 5 finish against the Timberwolves 24:55: Is Tatum in the Top-5? 27:51: Will postseason injuries pave the way for a potential championship run for the Celtics? 32:00: Is Steve Nash out as head coach of Brooklyn? 36:39: Jerry West's depiction in HBO's "Winning Time"
43:02 04/27/2022
Kyrie Irving Beef with Boston + Marcus Smart Wins DPOY
Bob & Jeff recap Kyrie Irving's ongoing feud with Celtics fans & why Marcus Smart won the 2021-22 Defensive Player of the Year award 1:34: Celtics vs Nets Game 1 Recap 6:09: Marcus Smart wins Defensive Player of the Year 8:44: Ime Udoka changed the Celtics' mindset 15:21: Kyrie Irving Flips off Boston Fans + Says Vulgar Language 21:46: 76ers vs Raptors Series; Tyrese Maxey>James Harden?? 26:13: Steph Curry is 'back' & The Rise Of Jordan Poole 31:22: How many NBA teams are REAL title contenders? 34:31 Mavs' Jalen Brunson has 41-Point Game 2 vs Jazz 37:20 Anthony Edwards impacting winning
42:13 04/20/2022
Is Ben Simmons Back? + Lakers Fire Frank Vogel
Could Ben Simmons make an immediate impact on the Nets? We discuss. Also, what's next for the Lakers & who will be their next head coach? 1:30: NBA Play-in tournament; Is the format good? 5:46: Did the pandemic force the NBA to change its playoff format? 12:05: Can the Brooklyn Nets run the table?  19:56: Will James Harden redeem himself with the 76ers? 21:51: Bucks still the favorite in the East? 22:50: Grizzlies & Warriors' title chances 25:42: Lebron misses playoffs again + Lakers Future 29:23: LA Lakers FIRE Frank Vogel
34:47 04/12/2022
Kansas Wins it All + Lakers Eliminated From Playoff Contention
Bob & Jeff recap the NCAA Tournament, including Duke & Coach K in the Final Four & recap the Lakers' disappointing regular season 1:49: Recapping the NCAA tournament; Kansas wins it all 9:20: North Carolina's Run & Hubert Davis' first year as head coach 13:00: Duke vs UNC + Coach K's final run ends in the Final Four 25:23: Lakers eliminated from playoff contention + LeBron's age 31:00: Nets looming over the Eastern Conference  37:00: Storytime with Bob
40:35 04/07/2022
Evaluating John Calipari + Final Four Picks
Bob & Jeff breakdown the NCAA tournament, including their Final Four picks, and could John Calipari be heading to the NBA? We discuss 1:24: Grading the tournament so far 3:36: St. Peters Goes Down vs Carolina 4:13: Duke vs Carolina 6:17: Villanova's Justin Moore tears Achilles 9:04: Kansas vs Villanova 10:10: Gonzaga goes down, Bob unsure about Chet Holmgren 12:03: Coach K and Duke enter the spotlight 16:33: Evaluating Kentucky Head Coach John Calipari, Could he go to NBA? 22:32: Final Four Picks
25:31 03/29/2022
Coach K Final Run + Are Celtics Destined for No 1 Seed
Bob & Gary recap Coach K's Duke run & the NCAA tournament. Also, are the Celtics destined to take over the East? 1:42: Coach K's final run 4:58: Did Coach K miss out by not coaching in the NBA? 11:50: Favorites to win the NCAA tournament 18:50: How deep will St. Peter's go? 22:49: Why Gary didn't expect the NCAA tournament to be this interesting 31:08: Officiating in the NCAA 33:46: Why Celtics are hovering over the #1 seed in the East 38:02: Are people still counting out the Nets & the Lakers? 40:00: Barring injuries, should the Celtics be a favorite to win the East? 44:42: Is losing Steph Curry for a couple of weeks going to cause problems for the Warriors seeding in the Western Conference?
51:23 03/23/2022
KG Night + Is Ray Allen Next?
Bob & Gary recap KG Night at TD Garden, which included a surprise appearance from Ray Allen. Is Ray next?
37:16 03/15/2022
Are The Celtics Title Contenders? + Coach K Cameron Farewell
Bob, Jeff, and Gary discuss if the Boston Celtics can win it all. Plus, can the Brooklyn Nets turn around their season? And they react to Coach K's Cameron Farewell 1:21: Should Celtics fans have realistic championship hopes? 3:57: C's success starts with Marcus Smart 5:50: Jayson Tatum possesses a rare range of skill 11:04: Robert Williams changes Boston's ceiling 12:21: C's missing 1 piece + The Eastern Conference landscape 19:08: Can the Brooklyn Nets figure it out?/Kevin Durant's greatness 26:27: Russell Westbrook defends family; speak out about criticism 31:49: Spurs' Gregg Popovich ties Don Nelson for NBA career wins record 35:44: Coach K's Cameron farewell
43:58 03/09/2022
Is Ja Morant the Best Show in Basketball? + The Harden Embiid Duo
Bob, Jeff, and Gary discuss how the James Harden and Joel Embiid duo has looked through two games & why Ja Morant could be the best show in Basketball, the final March for Coach K, and more 1:42: Early returns of James Harden w/76ers 3:47: How the Nets will look in the playoffs 7:56: Can the Suns suffice without Chris Paul? 9:38: Is Ja Morant the next Allen Iverson?14:20: Ja Morant vs Zion Williamson 17:38: Coach K's final run w/Duke 27:58: Wilt Chamberlain's 100-point game was 60 years ago
32:29 03/03/2022