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Motor Trade Radio, powered by MOTORS, is your weekly podcast for all things automotive. If you work in the car retailing sector, we are committed to bringing you the latest headlines impacting the franchised, independent and car supermarket sectors, as well as #AllTheChatterThatMatters with your hosts Philip Nothard and Curtis Hutchinson. Also, look out for our weekday special interviews with dealer group and carmaker bosses, industry analysts and thought leaders. Catch Motor Trade Radio "live" on-demand on your podcast feed!


Motor Trade Radio E24 S10. SUPPLIER SPECIAL with Maarten Bekkers founder of AutoChat on how his business is using AI to help dealers automate elements of their customer contact to achieve better resu
NEW POD ALERT! Don't miss our latest Motor Trade Radio Supplier Special with Maarten Bekkers, Founder of AutoChat. Maarten joins Curtis and Philip to talk about how his business is using AI technology to help dealers automate elements of their customer contact and achieve better results with less manual effort. Already used by dealer groups across Europe, Maarten tells us about how this cutting-edge tech is being rolled out in the UK and how car retailers are improving customer satisfaction through automating some of their lead management processes.
28:28 4/22/24
Motor Trade Radio E23 S10. Inchcape snapped up by Group1. Used EV vs ICE price parity. Dealer anti agency feelings grows. Peter Waddell and Big Motoring World latest
HEADLINES POD! All the week’s big car retailing stories on the Motor Trade Radio podcast, powered by MOTORS. 📢 Inchcape to exit UK dealer sector following sale of retailing business to Group 1 📢 Are used electric cars finally reaching price parity with ICE, INDICATA says they are 📢 cap hpi encourages independent dealers to stock EVs 📢 Dealers signal growing anti-agency sentiment amid manufacturer u-turns 📢 Greenhous group launches prestige multi-marque used car business Plus Maarten Bekkers, founder of AutoChat, on how dealers can use AI to improve customer satisfaction. Plus #AllTheChatterThatMatters with your co-hosts Curtis and Philip  
40:20 4/20/24
Motor Trade Radio E22 S10. Dealers ‘happier’ than 6 months ago, finds NFDA poll. Used car finance to take a dip in 2024. Keyloop buys ATG. Peter Vardy COO James Brearley in conversation.
All the big stories on @Motortraderadio, powered by @motorscouk. 🙂 Dealers happier than 6 months ago @RMI_NFDA 📢 @KeyloopAuto acquires ATG 📉 Used finance to take a hit 🚢 Ports turning into ‘car parks’ as EVs pile up 🎙️ @PeterVardy COO James Brearley  
46:03 4/13/24
Motor Trade Radio 10th April 2024 special with James Brearley, COO at Peter Vardy E21 S10
MID WEEK SPECIAL! We're delighted to welcome James Brearley, @PeterVardy COO, to the @Motortraderadio podcast powered by @motorscouk. James provides an update on his first 12 months at the group and shares his views on how the sector performed in Q1
35:17 4/10/24
Motor Trade Radio 6 April 2024: We discuss March's new and used car market trends, plus full industry headlines roundup E20 S10
📢The full lowdown on March's new & used market trends on this week's pod, powered by @motorscouk! Also making the news. 🚗Tesla & BYD global sales fall 🚘AutoNation considering Inchcape? 🚗Motorpoint bounces back in Q4 🚘MBO for Dicksons of Inverness
29:54 4/6/24
Motor Trade Radio 30th March Easter Weekend 'OEM themed' special and [M]enable Moment's E19 S10
EASTER POD! Lots of OEM headlines to discuss on Motor Trade Radio, powered by @motorscouk. 🐣Hyundai to cut UK dealer partners 🐣Ford pulls back on agency 🐣Omoda's UK dealer plans 🐣Mini & BMW top for brand loyalty @JudgeService 🐣@cap_hpi March used trends  
44:13 3/30/24
Motor Trade Radio March 2024 used valuations special with Jeremy Yea, Senior Valuations Editor, cap hpi, E18 S10
📢POD ALERT We've got the full lowdown on @cap_hpi March and Q1 used car valuation trends on our special weekday Motor Trade Radio podcast, powered by @motorscouk. Join us in conversation with Jeremy Yea for key trends across fuel, sector and age.
18:43 3/26/24
Motor Trade Radio 23rd of March industry headlines E17 S10
The week's big stories on @Motortraderadio, powered by @motorscouk. ➡️SHOCK: Buyers like dealers! ➡️Finance & dealer websites ➡️FCA probe latest ➡️Fleets thumb down for agency ➡️Arnold Clark expands with BYD ➡️Multi-brand EV importer looks for dealers  
38:05 3/23/24
Motor Trade Radio mid-week special interview with Steve Young, Managing Director of ICDP - March 2024
We've just caught up with industry guru Steve Young of ICDP for a special weekday pod powered by @motorscouk. Lots of topics are up for debate, including Cazoo's pivot, the rollout of Chinese EV brands, and why some OEMs are pausing agency.
26:01 3/19/24
Motor Trade Radio 16th of March industry headlines and [M]enable Moment's E15 S10
Plenty to chat about on this week’s Motor Trade Radio podcast, powered by MOTORS. With headlines from Car Dealer, The Times, Motor Trade News, Motor Finance, Mail Online and FT. 📢Big Motoring World boss Peter Waddell fuming as used car supermarket says he’s taken a leave of absence 🏆Cox launches the annual Barbara Cox Woman of the Year Award 🚗Audi’s the latest brand to pull back from agency, but is it a temporary move? ⚡️Electric car ranges reportedly ‘fall by a third in real-world conditions’ 🚘How Dacia’s low price Spring EV could place downward pressure on fleet EV pricing ⚡️Volkswagen considers partnerships to produce more affordable EVs 💷JudgeService data shows car buyers are satisfied with their finance buying experience, despite the FCA probe ⚡️“We don’t want your electric cars”, says used car dealers 💡PLUS Menable Moment with our mental wealth guru Stephen Whitton And #AllTheChatterThatMatters with your co-hosts Curtis and Philip
43:52 3/16/24
Motor Trade Radio 9th of March industry headlines E14 S10
📰A rollercoaster ride through the week's headlines on @Motortraderadio, powered by @motorscouk! 📢Cazoo morphs into a marketplace! 🚗Feb new car & van regs up ⚡️New post-Covid low for used EV prices 🚘Vertu reports stable used car prices 👉FCA vs Gap
42:29 3/9/24
Motor Trade Radio 4th March 2024 special with Chris Ashton-Green, CEO and Founder of Regit.Cars, E13 S10
🎙️NEW WEEKDAY POD ALERT🎙️ Dealer aftersales are the focus for our latest interview pod, powered by MOTORS. Phil and Curtis are in conversation with Regit.Cars founder Chris Ashton-Green who shares his insight on OEM retention strategies and success stories.   In a wide ranging chat Chris reveals which OEMs are leading the way in promoting aftersales retention, the challenges and opportunities facing new entrant EV brands and how Sky's smart advertising is changing the way aftersales services can be marketed.   #AllTheChatterThatMatters on Motor Trade Radio.
33:54 3/4/24
Motor Trade Radio 2nd of March industry headlines and [M]enable Moment's E12 S10
Catch the news on @Motortraderadio powered by @motorscouk! 🚗Feb used values from @DerrenM_cap_hpi ❌JLR ditches agency plans 🚘Suzuki boss on ‘complacent dealers’ 🚗Top car buyer pain points ⚡️Buyers favour hybrids over EVs @stephenwhitton
40:42 3/2/24
Motor Trade Radio February 2024 used valuations special with Derren Martin, cap hpi's Director of Valuations, E11 S10
📢USED VALUES POD📢We've just caught up with @DerrenM_cap_hpi for a sneak preview of how @cap_hpi's trade values increased by 0.7% in February! Lots of moving parts by vehicle age and fuel type. "Live" now on @Motortraderadio powered by @motorscouk!
20:15 2/26/24
Motor Trade Radio 24th of February 2024 industry headlines E10 S10
📢All the big car retailing stories on @Motortraderadio powered by @motorscouk. 🚗Auction activity up in January ⚡️Vauxhall to build EV vans in Luton 🚘Dacia debuts UK’s cheapest EV 🔎Genesis searches for more dealers 🛻Pickup tax U-Turn
33:40 2/24/24
Motor Trade Radio 17th of February 2024 industry headlines and 'LIVE' [M]enable Moment's E09 S10
THREE acquisitions to discuss on this week's pod, powered by @motorscouk! 🚗 @carwowuk buys Auto Express & EVO owner 🚘 @dmkeithgroup buys Colin Appleyard 🚗 @PlatinumMotor buys Pebley Beach 📢GAP & @TheFCA update ⚡️EV discounting 🎙️@stephenwhitton  
42:53 2/17/24
Motor Trade Radio 10th of February 2024 industry headlines E08 S10
🎙️Streaming now on @Motortraderadio, powered by @MOTORS. 🚘Strong start for new car regs 📈Used car sales up in 2023 ⚡️House of Lords calls for EV incentives 🚗Buyers rejecting EVs for petrol & hybrid models finds @JudgeService 📢And Martin Lewis!
46:20 2/10/24
Motor Trade Radio 3rd of February 2024 industry headlines and [M]enable Moment's E07 S10
Headlines aplenty this week PLUS a breaking news story as we were recording! Powered by @motorscouk 🎙️January used retail price trends 🎙️Inchcape for sale 🎙️Volvo stops Polestar funding 🎙️Group 1 to cut UK staff, impact 🎙️Motorpoint profit warning 🎙️FCA & GAP 🎙️@stephenwhitton  
44:52 2/3/24
Motor Trade Radio 31 January 2024 special with Mike Allen, MD, Cambria Private Capital, E06 S10
Check out our special weekday podcast interview with Mike Allen, managing director of Cambria Private Capital., Mike will be familiar to many listeners as one of the UK's most respected industry analysts. Since September 2023, he's been heading up the new start-up investment arm of Cambria Automobiles, and he joins Curtis and Phil for an update on the business and how it's supporting the next generation of start-ups, fintechs and mobility specialists serving the dealer community. He also shares how Cambria Automobiles is ideally placed to test out the latest tech and services ahead of wider market rollouts.  #AllTheChatterThatMatters on the Motor Trade Radio podcast powered by MOTORS.
24:54 1/31/24
Motor Trade Radio 27th of January 2024 industry headlines & cap hpi extract E05 S10
🎙️Another news packed pod on @Motortraderadio powered by @motorscouk.   🚗@DerrenM_cap_hpi on Jan used values  🔎Buyers using more search websites  ⚡️NFDA fears for EV sales  🚘2024's first dealer acquisition  🚗Europe's biggest seller named 
40:20 1/27/24
Motor Trade Radio January 2024 used valuations special with Derren Martin, cap hpi's Director of Valuations, E04 S10
🚨POD ALERT🚨 We've just caught up with @cap_hpi's @DerrenM_cap_hpi for his analysis of January's trade values. With a headline dip of just -0.1% (3yr/60K) there's plenty of moving parts to discuss with EVs still the weakest fuel. All this & more powered by @MOTORS!
25:06 1/26/24
Motor Trade Radio 20th of January 2024 industry headlines and [M]enable Moment's E03 S10
All the big stories on @Motortraderadio, powered by MOTORS.  🔎FCA clampdown – another PPI?  📉New car finance down in year to Nov  📈Salary sacrifice sales take-off  🙂Sherwoods ends Sunday trading   🚗@HBurghToyota sold to employees  @stephenwhitton  
42:13 1/20/24
Motor Trade Radio 13th of January 2024 industry headlines E02 S10
🚨LATEST POD! Check out the week's headlines, powered by @motorscouk.  📈New car and van regs up in 2023   🚗Cox forecasts 2024 new & used sales growth  ⚡️Kia EV vans in 2025  📝Fisker to sign up dealers  🚘Two new brands from China in Q2  
38:42 1/13/24
Motor Trade Radio 6th of January 2024 industry headlines and [M]enable Moment's E01 S10
🚨POD ALERT🚨 We're back with the latest headlines, powered by @motorscouk.   ⚡️BYD EV sales overtake Tesla   🏭BYD plant for Europe, as Chery considers the UK!  🚘@JudgeService reveals what will prompt buyers to switch to new brands  🧙‍♂️ Wellbeing @stephenwhitton  
40:29 1/6/24
Motor Trade Radio 23rd December 2023 industry headlines and [M]enable Moment's E77 season 9
It's the final pod of 2023 (E77!), powered by @motorscouk... still plenty to talk about!  🎙️@DerrenM_cap_hpi on Dec's values  📉Cazoo's "limited liquidity" warning  🚗Lookers job cuts  ⚡️Audi pulls back on EVs  🧙‍♂️@stephenwhitton   🎅HAPPY XMAS EVERYBODY!  
39:25 12/23/23
Motor Trade Radio December 2023 used valuations special with Derren Martin, cap hpi's Director of Valuations, E76 S9
NEW POD! Catch our weekday special @Motortraderadio episode, powered by @motorscouk. We're joined by @DerrenM_cap_hpi for his analysis of what drove December's 2.1% dip in trade values (by age, fuel & segment) and his forecast for January
26:53 12/22/23
Motor Trade Radio 16th December 2023 industry headlines episode 75 season 9
🎙️No sign of things slowing down at @motortraderadio, powered by @motorscouk!  🛑MotoNovo pulls FindAndFundMyCar  🚗Sytner buys Rybrook sites  📈Dealers prep for post-Xmas bounce  ⚡️ZEV Mandate won't boost EV demand @JudgeService   🚘Insurance hikes hit sales    
26:38 12/16/23
Motor Trade Radio 9th December 2023 industry headlines and [M]enable Moment's episode 74 season 9
📢NEW POD Catch #AllTheChatterThatMatters on @Motortraderadio powered by @motorscouk.   🚗Nov regs returns to pre-pandemic level  🛻Van regs up  🚘Agency ‘underestimates’ value of dealers   ⛔️EV tariffs axed  🏢Changes at Lookers  🧙‍♂️@stephenwhitton  
39:22 12/9/23
Motor Trade Radio mid-week special interview with Steve Young, Managing Director of ICDP - December 2023
🚨New weekday episode alert, powered by @motorscouk.   Industry guru Steve Young joins us to talk about: 🚗Top 50 Euro Dealers ⚡️Agency & EVs 🛍️Mall outlets reconsidered 🚘Can franchised groups run supermarkets?
27:02 12/6/23
Motor Trade Radio 2nd December 2023 industry headlines, plus exclusive interview with Motors on recent rebrand E72 S9
WEEKEND POD! Mega busy show this week, powered by @motorscouk.  🎙️@philljones and @LucyTugby drop in to talk about rebrand & @UKmotorshow sponsorship  🎙️@cap_hpi's @DerrenM_cap_hpi on Nov values  📢@specialistcars1 award shout-out  📰Latest news!  
44:31 12/2/23

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