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Do you have questions about real estate? Have you ever wondered about how real estate appraisals work? I am a Residential Real Estate Appraiser. I have been appraising homes since 1998. My goal In this podcast is to help you to see real estate and valuations in a new light, and to understand a little more about real estate and valuation. I try to do so in a fun way that encourages you to think about different aspects of real estate in new ways. Thanks for listening! I hope you enjoy my podcast. If you would like to write in with a question or a topic that you would like to hear me discuss, please email me at


Why Can't the Appraiser Give Me a Straight Answer? 13:19 01/02/2022
Why The Appraiser's Market Analysis Should Matter To You 44:28 11/15/2021
Housing Bubble-icious 43:25 10/09/2021
Making Cash Flow In Your Sleep! With Guest Willie Mandrell 38:23 05/31/2021
How Home Staging Can Help Sell Your Home 26:04 04/26/2021
Why Price Is Not Always Value 26:14 03/27/2021
Which Comes First...? 17:32 02/28/2021
How Does Probate Work? 29:53 11/22/2020
Winning The Bid 44:30 10/24/2020
Pricing Your Home Per Square Foot? Let Me Help You! 19:43 09/20/2020
Housing & the Henry System - Searching For Comps 28:20 08/30/2020
A Little on Split-Levels 14:49 08/01/2020
Space Real Estate Appraisal Terms 12:11 05/31/2020
Talking With The Appraiser & Ways They Can Help You 19:50 05/18/2020
Home Infestations 14:37 05/03/2020
Now Is Not the Time To Rely On an AVM 32:33 04/12/2020
Coronavirus and Appraisal Inspections 19:54 03/22/2020
Is Your Home Interior FHA Compliant? 29:37 03/08/2020
Is Your Home Exterior FHA Compliant? 34:00 02/21/2020
How Zinc Covers You 46:19 02/06/2020
You Can Sell Your Home For Any Price 21:14 01/26/2020
Are iBuyers Real Estate Pawn Shops? 21:15 01/11/2020
10 Ways Home Ownership Is Like Marriage 38:08 12/13/2019
What's The Shelf Life of A Real Estate Appraisal? 19:04 11/29/2019
How Real Estate Appraisal Adjustments Work 29:35 11/16/2019
If the Appraised Value Is Lower Than You Anticipated 22:38 11/03/2019
Minting Pennies & Making Home Improvements, Does It Make Cents? 21:59 10/19/2019
The Rubik's Cube & Appraising 18:24 10/18/2019
Home & Appraisal Inspections 22:11 10/16/2019
Housing & Carnivals 13:12 10/16/2019