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Do you have questions about real estate? Have you ever wondered about how real estate appraisals work? I am a Residential Real Estate Appraiser. I have been appraising homes since 1998. My goal In this podcast is to help you to see real estate and valuations in a new light, and to understand a little more about real estate and valuation. I try to do so in a fun way that encourages you to think about different aspects of real estate in new ways. Thanks for listening! I hope you enjoy my podcast. If you would like to write in with a question or a topic that you would like to hear me discuss, please email me at


Appraisal Tools I Value
In this episode, I share some of the tools I use in the valuation services that I provide, that help me be more productive and professional. 
24:34 4/3/23
How Appraisers Value Non-Buildable Land
Do you have a little piece of land that you'd like to sell to your neighbor? How much is it worth? The answer to that question may not be as easy as you think. In this episode, I explain why and how appraisers value this type of land.
04:05 11/23/22
Is an AVM an Appraisal?
In this Quick Cast episode, I answer the question, is an AVM an Appraisal? 
02:04 10/23/22
Don't Be a Mouse Jiggler
Have you ever heard of a mouse jiggler? Have you ever used one? What does a mouse jiggler have to do with real property appraising or any profession for that matter? One thing is for sure, being a mouse jiggler can hurt us and others. In this episode, I talk about what a mouse jiggler is and how that relates to other work.
17:15 10/9/22
Be Efficient and Raise Your Property Value
Are you a building owner? Do you manage a condo association, coop, or HOA? Have you thought of raising your property value by making your building more efficient? Are you a homeowner or tenant looking to save a little money?  In this episode, I sat down with Tina Larsson of the Folson Group to discuss saving money and raising property value by being more efficient. Check out the Folson Group at I hope you enjoy this episode!   
35:50 5/28/22
Why Can't the Appraiser Give Me a Straight Answer?
Have you ever asked an appraiser how much value an additional bathroom or garage space will add to their home? Or how much will remodeling a kitchen increase their home's value? Did you feel like the appraiser didn't really give you a straight answer? There's a reason for that! I talk about it in this episode. I hope you enjoy it! 
13:19 1/2/22
Why The Appraiser's Market Analysis Should Matter To You
Have you had your home appraised? If so, what does the report indicate about the market trends in the neighborhood of the home being appraised? Why is this so important? I talk about this topic in this episode. I also sit down with Tim Andersen, a USPAP instructor, who sheds some light on the matter. I hope you enjoy this one!
44:28 11/15/21
Housing Bubble-icious
In this hot real estate market, where home prices are increasing at eye-popping rates, do you feel like we are in a housing bubble? How can we tell? In this episode, I sit down with appraiser Jonathan Miller of Miller Samuel, Inc. to talk about housing bubbles.
43:25 10/9/21
Making Cash Flow In Your Sleep! With Guest Willie Mandrell
Are you thinking about investing in real estate to create cash flow? What's the best approach? When is the best time to start? What is the ideal property to purchase?  I sat down with Willie Mandrell, author of the book The Mandrell Company, to find answers to these questions. I hope you benefit from Mr. Mandrell's wisdom and experience in turning real estate into cash flow!
38:23 5/31/21
How Home Staging Can Help Sell Your Home
Are you thinking about selling your home? Have you considered staging it? What is staging, and how can it help you sell your home more quickly, and for potentially more money?  In this episode, I discuss how home staging got its start. I also visit with REALTOR and professional home stager (and cat rescuer), Kara Sciaulino of Lokal Realty, about how staging can benefit a seller, and some tips on making a home more attractive to buyers. You can also find Kara on Instagram at kara_sells_cleveland.  I hope you enjoy this episode!
26:04 4/26/21
Why Price Is Not Always Value
In this hot real estate market, home prices are being bid up to levels that defy logic. That begs the question, what does market value really mean? Is it simply the price someone is willing to pay for a home, or is more involved? I discuss the matter in this episode. I hope you enjoy it!
26:14 3/27/21
Which Comes First...?
At the end of many appraisal observations, aka inspections, a well intentioned homeowner or Realtor will ask me what I think about what the market value of the home is going to be. In this episode, I discuss at what point in the appraisal process the appraiser has developed their opinion of the market value of the property. I hope you enjoy!
17:32 2/28/21
How Does Probate Work?
Are you going through probate, or do you anticipate doing so in the future? How can you make the processes go as smoothly as possible? Can you bypass probate if you have a will? In this episode, I visit with Attorney Jacqueline Roberts, who provides some excellent information that can help make the probate process go as smoothly as possible. I hope you find this information to be beneficial!
29:53 11/22/20
Winning The Bid
Are you in the process of buying a home? Chances are good that you are going to be competing with other buyers. How can you win the bid? In this episode, I visit with a homeowner who shares their story of why they sold their home to their buyer. I also visit with a seasoned REALTOR, Jayme Sandy, who shares tips on how to win the bid. I hope you enjoy this episode! 
44:30 10/24/20
Pricing Your Home Per Square Foot? Let Me Help You!
Are you trying to price your home to sell? Are you basing your value solely on the size of your home? In this episode, I offer you some tips that may help you to fine tune your analysis so that the price per square foot that you use is reflective of the market value of your home. I hope you enjoy this one!
19:43 9/20/20
Housing & the Henry System - Searching For Comps
Are you trying to locate homes that are comparable to yours? In this episode, I talk about things that appraisers look at when determining whether a home is comparable or not. I hope you find this information useful! 
28:20 8/30/20
A Little on Split-Levels
Are you trying to price your split-level home to sell? Did you know that gross living discrepancies are one of the biggest reasons homeowners and real estate agents end up with value issues? How can you avoid value problems and price your split-level home correctly? I will give you some tips in this episode. I hope you find it helpful!
14:49 8/1/20
Space Real Estate Appraisal Terms
With the launching of the two NASA astronauts into space yesterday, I though it would be fitting to also escape the current atmosphere on earth, and have some fun taking space and sci-fi terms, and coming up with made-up definitions for real estate. I hope you're over the moon about this final episode of season two. Enjoy!
12:11 5/31/20
Talking With The Appraiser & Ways They Can Help You
Have you ever wondered what you can talk with the real estate appraiser about, and what you cannot talk about? I discuss it in this episode. I also share five ways appraisers can protect homeowners and real estate agents. I hope you enjoy this episode!
19:50 5/18/20
Home Infestations
Have you ever had an infestation of some kind in your home? Some types of infestation can do a lot of damage to a home, which leads to a loss in value. In this episode, I talk about a number of relatively common home infestations that can do a number on a home's value.
14:37 5/3/20
Now Is Not the Time To Rely On an AVM
Have you ever used an AVM, like Zillow's Zestimate, to determine the market value of your home? Are AVM's really reliable? I talk about it in this episode. I also provide six examples of homes I have appraised in comparison to what Zillow says they are worth. I hope you enjoy this episode. I also hope that you and your family stay safe!
32:33 4/12/20
Coronavirus and Appraisal Inspections
The world, as we know it, is changing rapidly. This is also true with the appraisal profession. How can the homeowner and the appraiser remain relatively safe and still perform an appraisal inspection that can be most beneficial for all? I discuss it in this episode. 
19:54 3/22/20
Is Your Home Interior FHA Compliant?
In this episode, we take a little tour of the interior of a home. Come with me as we perform an FHA appraisal on the interior. See what appraisers look for in an FHA Inspection.
29:37 3/8/20
Is Your Home Exterior FHA Compliant?
Are you getting ready to sell your home? Do you anticipate that one of the potential buyers may be using FHA financing? Are you getting ready to refinance your home using FHA financing? Either way, you'll want to make sure that your home is FHA compliant. In this episode, I discuss some common FHA violations I see on the exterior. I hope you find this episode useful and fun!
34:00 2/21/20
How Zinc Covers You
In this episode, I sit down with Seth Zaremba, owner of Zinc. Zinc is a company that offers insurance for homeowners, renters and business owners. We talk about insurance coverage and things to think about when it comes to coverage. We talk about homes, reproduction vs. replacement insurance, personal property, flood insurance, mold remediation and much more!  There's something for everyone in this episode! In full disclosure, I do not complete commercial appraisals myself, however, I know of great commercial appraisers if you need one in Northeast Ohio! I hope you enjoy this episode.
46:19 2/6/20
You Can Sell Your Home For Any Price
There is no question that anyone can sell their home for any price. However, how probable is it that the homeowner will get what they are asking for? That's what appraiser's have to determine. I talk about it in this episode. I hope you enjoy it!
21:14 1/26/20
Are iBuyers Real Estate Pawn Shops?
Are you considering selling your home to an iBuyer? How do they work? What should you keep in mind before selling to an iBuyer? And what does the song "Pop Goes the Weasel" have to do with the iBuyer business model? Find out in this episode.  I hope you enjoy it!
21:15 1/11/20
10 Ways Home Ownership Is Like Marriage
Marriage and home ownership often go hand in hand. There are many similarities between the two. In this episode, I sit down with my lovely wife, Heather, and we chat about love, life and home ownership. We hope you enjoy!
38:08 12/13/19
What's The Shelf Life of A Real Estate Appraisal?
Have you ever wondered how long a real estate appraisal is good for? I'm often asked this question. I answer it in this episode. I hope you enjoy!
19:04 11/29/19
How Real Estate Appraisal Adjustments Work
Have you ever wondered why adjustments are made on some real estate appraisals? What do they indicate? How do real estate appraisers figure out the amount to adjust, for different home features? I answer these questions in this episode.
29:35 11/16/19