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The Swedish-Brazilian Research and Innovation Center (CISB) acts as an international hub for identifying, developing and supporting high-tech R&D projects in a wide range of technology sectors and areas between Brazil and Sweden.


#2 - Brazil-Sweden Corporate Venture Initiative
In September, startups from different Brazilian cities had the opportunity to participate in matchmaking sessions with Saab AB and Saab Aeronáutica Montagens (SAM) and offer their solutions and technologies according to the companies’ challenges and needs. The four startups with the best proposals went to Sweden to continue the dialogue started in Brazil. In this episode, Maria Wänqvist from Saab AB and Alexandre Barbosa from SAM talk about the matchmaking sessions and their expectations with the Brazilian startups. In addition, Flávio França from Media Glass, Paulo Souza from Ubivis, Daniel Damasceno from MSD Sistemas and Flávio Ortigão from Green Energy Ventures, the four entrepreneurs selected to visit Sweden, talk about their experience in Sweden.
21:42 12/03/2019
#1 - Swedish Professor Chair Program
At the launch of the CISB Newsletter, the podcast of the Swedish-Brazilian Research and Innovation Centre, Alessandra Holmo (Managing Director at CISB), Prof Petter Krus (Linköping University - LiU), Prof Dan Henningson (Royal Institute of Technology - KTH), Prof Emilia Villani (Aeronautics Institute of Technology - ITA) and Prof. Carlos Cimini (Federal University of Minas Gerais - UFMG) comment on the Swedish Professor Chair at ITA program. The initiative brought 4 Swedish researchers to the Aeronautics Institute of Technology to create and strengthen long-term strategic collaboration between Sweden and Brazil on relevant research topics within aeronautics sector. Send suggestions or compliments to or
14:34 10/03/2019