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All The Things ADHD

A Podcast with Lee and Aimée


S4 E27: The Summer Of Self-Acceptance 66:33 05/13/2022
S4 E25: Friendship is Magic when you have Assistive Devices like Twitter 65:01 04/29/2022
S4 E24: Boredom, or We Can Be Such A-Holes Sometimes 74:03 04/22/2022
S4 E23: Crazy Advice for Neurotypical People 58:49 04/15/2022
S4 E24: I AM WORTH IT DAMN IT AND SO ARE YOU 74:03 04/08/2022
S4 E21: The Sh*t Sandwich 73:41 04/01/2022
S4 E20: Y U ALWAYS TRY 2 B PERFECT? 69:02 03/25/2022
S4 E19: SPRING FEVER, ADHD STYLE 72:28 03/18/2022
S4 E18: Wait, What Were We Talking About? 18:38 03/11/2022
S4 E17: Wait, What Was I Doing? Or, Our Working Memory SUCKS 44:56 03/04/2022
S4 E16: Internalized Ableism or, Why It’s Easier to Hurt Ourselves Than Risk Being Hurt By Others 57:04 02/25/2022
S4 E15: Decisions, the Time Knife, and ADHD 54:26 02/18/2022
S4 E14: Spaces and Places and People and Being Ourselves 55:02 02/11/2022
S4 E13: What if, wait for it, we didn’t have to fundamentally change who we are to be successful? 42:57 02/04/2022
S4 E12: Hope Your Holiday Was Better Than Ours 65:28 01/28/2022
S4 E11: A Holiday Wish For You 04:36 12/17/2021
S4 E10: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other… 48:42 12/10/2021
S4 E9: Can I Finish? CAN I FINISH? 76:57 12/03/2021
S4 E8: The One Where I Am Someone Else’s Holiday Memory 42:54 11/26/2021
S4 E7: Surviving the Holidays 50:47 11/19/2021
S4 E6: When We (Inevitably) Fall 48:42 11/12/2021
S4 E5: The Neurodivergent Hangover 60:25 11/05/2021
S4 E4: Two Educators Walked Into A Productive Discussion... 45:45 10/29/2021
S4 E3: NO WE ARE NOT ALL A LITTLE ADHD 47:27 10/22/2021
S4 E2: Back in the Saddle 41:56 10/15/2021
S4 E1: The (Not) Post-Pandemic, Back To The (Not) Real World Episode 54:13 10/08/2021
S3 E18: The One Where Lee Has a Breakdown 78:56 07/23/2021
S3 E17: Making Relationships Work 40:33 07/16/2021
S3 E16: Loving Someone with ADHD 24:45 07/09/2021