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Comic Book Club is a LIVE weekly talk show about comic books, every Tuesday night at 7pm ET! Hosted by Justin Tyler, Pete LePage, and Alex Zalben, we welcome the best guests from the world of comics and comedy every week!


The Stack: Fantastic Four, Rorschach And More 39:09 09/15/2021
Comic Book Club: Scott Zakarian And Don Jeanes 52:29 09/15/2021
The Stack: Black Manta, Ka-Zar And More 30:10 09/08/2021
Comic Book Club: Dave Scheidt And Miranda Harmon 83:29 09/08/2021
The Stack: Batman Fear State, Dark Ages And More 48:04 09/01/2021
Comic Book Club: Eric Powell And Trung Le Nguyen 79:39 09/01/2021
The Stack: King Spawn, Superman vs Lobo And More 69:23 08/25/2021
Comic Book Club: J.H. Williams III, W. Haden Blackman And Shane Berryhill 88:33 08/25/2021
Comic Book Club: Mark Crilley And Chad Sell 96:54 08/18/2021
The Stack: Kang The Conqueror, Killer Queens And More 54:00 08/18/2021
The Stack: Batman '89, Defenders And More 34:26 08/11/2021
Comic Book Club: Kyle Higgins, Nandor Fox Shaffer, And Sal Crivelli 108:43 08/11/2021
Comic Book Club Bonus: The Suicide Squad 43:42 08/06/2021
The Stack: American Vampire, Suicide Squad And More 37:32 08/04/2021
Comic Book Club: Alex Schumacher And John Luzar 61:30 08/04/2021
The Stack: Superman Son Of Kal-El, Amazing Fantasy And More 62:03 07/28/2021
Comic Book Club: Ira Marcks And Jeffrey Brown 81:41 07/28/2021
The Stack: Superman And The Authority, Moon Knight And More 50:33 07/21/2021
Comic Book Club: André Darlington And Bret Macris 76:26 07/21/2021
The Stack: Sinister War, Wonder Woman And More 45:35 07/14/2021
Comic Book Club: J.K. Woodward And Ray Fawkes 77:35 07/14/2021
The Stack: X-Men, Masters Of The Universe, And More 52:48 07/07/2021
Comic Book Club: Tori Sharp And James Albon 63:14 07/07/2021
The Stack: The United States of Captain America, Infinite Frontier Secret Files And More 29:03 06/30/2021
Comic Book Club: Jordan Morris, Tony Cliff And Ramzee 74:11 06/30/2021
The Stack: Infinite Frontier, Gamma Flight And More 44:11 06/23/2021
Comic Book Club: Dave Baker And Nicole Goux 73:46 06/23/2021
The Stack: Venom, Supergirl And More 58:51 06/16/2021
Comic Book Club: Julio Anta And Dani Hedlund 82:42 06/16/2021
The Stack: Far Sector, X-Men And More 30:32 06/09/2021