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Test Talks is a weekly podcast hosted by Joe Colantonio, which geeks out on all things software test automation. TestTalks covers news found in the testing space, reviews books about automation and speaks with some of the thought leaders in the test automation field. We’ll aim to interview some of today’s most successful and inspiring software engineers and test automation thought leaders.


Security Test Methodology for Testers with Mike Spanbauer
I think testers should be involved in security testing. So in this episode I will share a session that Mike Spanbauer, Customer Architecture & Field CTO, Security at Juniper Networks, gave at the last Secure Guild online conference on Developing a Security Test Methodology. Discover the four pieces that make up his approach and some essential tips for implementing your own. Do you want to hear more about security testing? OR would you rather have a separate podcast dedicated to security? Let me know at
36:45 10/03/2022
Testing for Good with Nikolay Advolodkin
Want to learn more about automation testing and contribute to a good cause simultaneously? In this episode, Nikolay Advolodkin, founder of UltimateQA and a Sr Solutions Architect at Sauce Labs, shares all about his event Testing For Good. Discover what’s new in open-source automation, trends based on data from Sauce labs, what is the Testing For Good event, and much more.
27:48 09/25/2022
Accelerating Large Scale Digital Transformation with Dilhan Manawadu
You can learn a lot from other companies that have successfully undergone a digital transformation. In this episode, Dilhan Manawadu, Ph.D., Director of Software Quality Engineering & Development Platform, shares real-world tips from his experience at Sysco. Discover how to accelerate your large-scale digital transformation with automated test data, environment management, and more!
36:09 09/18/2022
Call for Speakers and Guild Courses
Want to share your test automation expertise with the world, or are you looking for some free testing mini-courses? In this episode, Joe Colantonio, founder of the Test Guild, shares how to apply to be a speaker at the 2023 automation guild ( Also, get a sneak peek into some free mini-course available on the TestGuild platform, like Selenium 4 with Simon Stewart, AI + Automation with Shannon Lee, Accessibility Testing: Using Cypress w/Pragati Sharma, Performance Exploration For Testers w/MarkTomlinson, qTest demo and more. 
26:38 09/11/2022
What Automation Technology to Use with Sneha Viswalingam and Carlos Kidman
Are you having difficulty deciding what test automation technology to use for you and your team? In this episode, Sneha Viswalingam and Carlos Kidman share their approach to selecting tools. Discover how important it is to have a strategy before choosing a framework for your team, build vs. buy,  how to evaluate an automation framework, python, and more! 
39:55 09/04/2022
Timeless Technique for Test Automation with Marcus Thomas
Is there still value in keyword-driven approaches to automation? In this episode, Marcus Thomas, founder of Quart Consulting, shares his experience helping hundreds of folks with their automation testing frameworks. Discover why we loved WinRunner, how to leverage time-tested techniques for automation, why a developer-heavy approach to automation is not always the best way, and how to use eFAST to create and execute automated tests quickly.
32:01 08/28/2022
Managing Test Environments like a Navy Seal with Josh Thurman
Are shared environments holding your testing team back? In this episode, Josh Thurman, co-founder of Uffizzi and former Navy Seal, will share an open-source solution to solve your test and dev environment issues. Discover how on-demand environments are a game changer for testing efficiency, how to get started, tips and techniques, and more. Also, be sure to register for our upcoming webinar with Josh to see all this in action:    
27:28 08/21/2022
The Value of Using Native Test Frameworks with Jaswanth Manigundan
Mobile app testing has many similarities to the web, but some aspects are different. In this episode, Jaswanth Manigundan, a Lead QA Automation Engineer shares his personal experience with mobile app testing and why he prefers native frameworks. Discover the most popular mobile native automation frameworks and the pros and cons of specific frameworks, as well as how you can get started with your mobile app testing journey.
28:43 08/15/2022
SmartDriver Let AI Do the Heavy Lifting with Chris Navrides
Want to quickly see a free way to add AI to your Selenium, Cypress, or automation tests? In this episode, Chris Navride, founder of Dev-Tools.AI, shares how to write tests with visual AI using their open-source library that extends existing test frameworks. Discover how to integrate with your framework, find elements without digging through the page source, teach the bot, and much more.
31:15 08/07/2022
Email and SMS Workflow Testing with Jack Lawrence and Brooks Nelson
Do you have an automation test that requires you to test the sending emails and create user accounts workflows? How about testing SMS? In this episode, Jack Lawrence, a cofounder of Mailinator, and Brooks Nelson, the head of Mailinator's Business Development, will share how to test your email delivery systems without risking sending them to a real-life audience. Discover how to use the Mailinator API to send emails and to send and receive SMS to test code at the development and QA Testing stages, using frameworks like Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, Puppeteer, and more.
28:40 07/31/2022
Test Before Merge. Not After with Sorin Dumitrescu and Shani Shoham
Want to know how to solve the problem of “but it works on my machine”? In this episode, Sorin Dumitrescu and Shani Shoham share how to create full-stack production-like replicas on any cloud. Discover how to reduce the complexity of managing environments and enable your developers and testers to get back to building great products rather than worrying about flaky environments.
35:50 07/24/2022
The Allure of TestOps with Ruslan Akhmetzianov and Andrey Ryoo
Want to know how to level up your product quality control and boost your QA and development? In this episode, Ruslan Akhmetzianov, a DevRel lead at Qameta, and Andrey Ryoo, a DevOps expert at Qameta, share ways to succeed with TestOps. Discover what TestOps is, prerequisites for building TestOps, tools, and processes, buying vs. building a solution, and much more. Listen up!
38:58 07/17/2022
Behavior Driven API Testing with Ido Cohn
How awesome would it be to release your software fast and with confidence? In this episode, Ido Cohn, Co-Founder & CEO of Loadmill, shares how to easily create the tests required for continuous delivery by analyzing user behavior. Discover how to leverage production-based API tests to generate more real user flow tests, increase test coverage and reduce hours of testing cycles. Listen up!
25:55 07/10/2022
Fake Data in Testing with Chiara Colombi
Creating test data that looks, acts, and feels just like your production data is a challenge. In this episode, Chiara Colombi, a Manager at, shares why your test is only as good as your data. Discover how to create the most realistic data possible that mimics what your users use in production. Listen now to find out the current state of issues with using production data or building test data in-house for testers.
27:50 07/03/2022
Data Science For Testers with Laveena Ramchandani
As testers, we’re always looking for ways to improve our process and increase effectiveness. One area you may not have explored yet is data science. In this episode Laveena Ramchandani, an experienced Testing Consultant, will be explain how to test data models. Discover how to create, test and analyze a model. Listen in to hear how data science can help you in many ways, from designing better test cases to identifying potential areas for improvement in your product.
25:51 06/26/2022
Smart Data Testing for Big Data with Bill Hayduk
Need to Automate and analyze your Data Validation & ETL Testing? In this episode, Bill Hayduk, the founder of RTTS, will share how to dramatically increase your data validation coverage. Discover the importance of having an intelligent data testing solution, leveraging analytics to optimize your critical data, and improving your data quality at speed.
28:58 06/19/2022
Api Testing and Mock Servers with Pricilla Bilavendran
Do you need to Test APIs with third-party dependencies and not know how to start testing? Discover what Mock Servers are! Why you would use them, and real-world examples of how to take advantage of them. In this episode, Pricilla Bilavendran, an experienced Test Engineer, shares her experience with Mock Servers and other automation awesomeness.
30:28 06/12/2022
Mobile App Testing Powered by Robots with Eden Full Goh
Have you ever seen or used robot-powered mobile testing? Discover how Mobot’s mechanical robots automate app tests that are impossible via emulators, eliminate manual testing, get products out faster, and improve app quality. In this episode, Eden Full Goh, the Founder, and CEO of MoboT, shares how this automation technology is the missing link to your automation testing plan. Listen in to hear more about the future of mobile testing.
34:51 06/05/2022
Episode 400 Celebration with Special Guests
Welcome to the 400th TestGuild (formerly TestTalks) Automation podcast. You’re in for a special treat as we catch up with some of our most popular past speakers. Listen in to discover our guests’ latest actionable tips, tools, techniques, and best practices for automation in 2022. Thank you to all our listeners for helping make the podcast a perennial success with over 1.2 million downloads.
51:15 05/29/2022
Contract Testing with Lewis Prescott
Wondering how to get started with API Contract Testing? In this episode, Lewis Prescott, an experienced QA Lead specializing in API testing, will explain. Discover what contract testing is, why it’s needed, test tools, and other API testing awesomeness. Listen up!
25:50 05/22/2022
What is Quality Engineering with Dan Belcher
What's the difference between quality assurance and quality engineering? In this episode, Dan Belcher, a co-founder of mabl, shares how many organizations are adopting quality engineering in tandem with DevOps as their QA teams turn to automation and collaboration to streamline their quality strategy. Discover quality engineering, why it's needed, testing skills in demand, and much more.
29:15 05/15/2022
Maintaining your test automation with Trisha Chetani
Why is the maintenance of test automation so complex? In this episode, Trisha Chetani, a software tester, and automation enthusiast, shares insights to help you based on an upcoming article she is writing on this very topic. Listen up! Discover how to maintain the test automation code, common mistakes to avoid, etc.
28:07 05/08/2022
Every Experience Matters Report with Marcus Merrell
With modern software development there are more nuanced ways of interacting with our users. But they’re also a challenge for the developers and testers tasked with maintaining and testing the complex underlying code. In this episode Marcus Merrell Vice President of Technology Strategy at Sauce Labs shared why user experience matters. Discover effective ways to utilize automated to help test your users experience. Also, listen in to learn some key insights taken from Sauce Labs' latest Every Experience Matters Report.
37:45 05/01/2022
Transforming the Way You Test Your ERP w/Pankaj Goel
After spending his career helping thousands of clients migrate, implement, and test ERPs, Pankaj realized that existing automation tools weren’t good enough. In this episode Pankaj Goel, co-founder of Opkey, will share his story of creating a tool that’s robust enough to automate all ERP testing needs, yet simple enough for any business user to use. Discover how to approach ERP automation, along with some cutting edge techniques that will transform the way you approach automation testing.
32:42 04/24/2022
Virtualization in Test with Grigori Trofimov
As a tester, it can be frustrating when you have limited access to real data and live services in your test environment. In this episode, Grigori Trofimov, a Solution Architect at Parasoft, discusses service virtualization and how it can help you. Discover the primary benefit of using service virtualization during software testing, common uses for service virtualization, potential drawbacks and much more.
28:59 04/11/2022
The Three Test Automation Game Changers with Annalisa Camarillo and Amin Vidur
There are many ways a team's test automation project can fail. In this episode, Annalisa Camarillo, CMO for AVO, and Vidur Amin, the CEO of AVO, share the three test automation game-changers that can turn around any failing automation effort. Discover the three challenges, team readiness, choosing the right tools, selecting the best test approach, and how to overcome them. Listen up.
36:37 04/03/2022
Modern Integration Testing with Kevin Wittek
Want to know why modern integration testing is so important? Unit testing is OK, but without proper integration testing, especially if you work with external resources like databases and other services, you might not know how your application will behave once deployed to the actual production environment. In this episode, Kevin Wittek, a Software Engineer at AtomicJar and co-maintainer of test containers, shares why these often-overlooked testing areas are critical. Listen up to discover what test containers are, infrastructure as code, chaos engineering, and much more.
29:41 03/27/2022
Testsigma No code Open Source Test Automation with Rukmangada Kandyala
Are you looking for an open-source automation platform that all your team members can use? In this episode, Rukmangada Kandyala, Founder and CEO of Testsigma, will share why they open-sourced their solution, and how it addresses the needs of modern Dev/QA teams. Discover why current test automation practices are broken, minimize script creation and maintenance, and free up your teams to focus on value delivery instead of building and maintaining scripts and frameworks.
29:12 03/21/2022
The Complete Software Tester with Kristin Jackvony
Wouldn't it be cool to have a go-to guide covering all software testing areas? In this episode, Kristin Jackvony, the Principal Engineer for Quality at Paylocity, the creator of the blog "Think Like a Tester," shares all about her new book  "The Complete Software Tester: Concepts, Skills, and Strategies for High-Quality Testing." The book covers diverse topics for those new to testing and experienced testers who want to fill in knowledge gaps. Listen in to discover tips around manual exploratory testing, API testing, security testing, getting started with test automation, performance testing, and more.
28:28 03/13/2022
Testing Cloud with Parasar Saha
Want to know why a Testing Cloud is a key to faster software delivery with higher quality? In this episode, Parasar Saha, CEO of Digy4, shares his vision for the most effective testing solution. Discover what is a testing cloud, the four pillars of a Testing Cloud, challenges implementing, and how this approach is a game-changer.
28:05 03/06/2022