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TestGuild Automation Testing Podcast

Test Talks is a weekly podcast hosted by Joe Colantonio, which geeks out on all things software test automation. TestTalks covers news found in the testing space, reviews books about automation and speaks with some of the thought leaders in the test automation field. We’ll aim to interview some of today’s most successful and inspiring software engineers and test automation thought leaders.


Let's Talk About Failure Game with Paul Grizzaffi 34:14 09/26/2021
Salesforce Test Automation Strategy with Mala Punyani 29:41 09/19/2021
AltUnity Tester with Ru Cindrea 28:26 09/12/2021
Software Testing and Observability with Abby Bangser 31:13 09/05/2021
Testcontainers: Making Sense of the Software Testing Landscape with Sergei Egorov 35:27 08/29/2021
API Pen Testing with Mateusz Olejarka 29:15 08/22/2021
Tested by Covid with Greg Paskal 27:00 08/15/2021
Top Free Desktop Test Automation Tools 21:05 08/08/2021
Avoiding Common Testing Pitfalls with Ramona Schwering 26:21 08/01/2021
Analyzing Automation Results with Nikita Sidorevich 35:17 07/25/2021
Future of Work with Raj Subrameyer 36:42 07/18/2021
The Basics of Performance Testing with Dave Westerveld 29:06 07/11/2021
Testing Web APIs with Mark Winteringham 24:30 06/27/2021
API Testing using Postman with Kristin Jackvony 28:11 06/20/2021
How Microsoft Uses TestOps with Oren Rubin and Maor Frankel 32:02 06/13/2021
Open-source Stack for RPA with Antti Karjalainen 27:34 06/06/2021
YOU'RE TESTING WHAT? with Gojko Adzic 32:31 05/30/2021
When to choose a low-code automation tool with Diana Oks 29:50 05/23/2021
Formulation Document Examples with Gáspár Nagy & Seb Rose 38:50 05/16/2021
The Benefits of Automating Your API Security Testing with Oliver Moradov 47:06 05/09/2021
Turning 50 (Too Old for Automation?) 02:11 04/25/2021
QA to QE with Lagan Khare 24:43 04/18/2021
Using Your Environment Data for a Better Testing Outcome with Wayne Ariola 26:53 04/11/2021
Pipeline as Code Mohamed Labouardy 30:09 03/28/2021
QA: Masters of AI Neural Networks with Trevor Chandler 34:13 03/21/2021
Automation in the Modern Age using BigTest with Taras Mankovski 27:50 03/14/2021
Chatbot Test Automation with Christoph Boerner 32:38 03/07/2021
AI for Automation Testing and RPA using Aito With Tommi Holmgren 26:13 02/28/2021
Scientifically Optimize Your Processes using AI with Aviram Shotten 26:03 02/21/2021
Agile Engineering Maturity Model with Rudolf Groetz & David Heitzinger 26:32 02/14/2021