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On the HealthChangers podcast, presented by Cambia Health Solutions, we share real stories of health care transformation, from those who are experiencing it and those helping to make health care more personalized. We aim to step back and see real people's stories at a personal level. We dive deep into specific health care topics, from the problems that health innovators are solving, to personal consumer stories and new technologies, and everything in between. In 2018 and 2019, HealthChangers Podcast was recognized as a finalist for best podcast in PR News’ Platinum Awards and a 2019 PR Daily Content Marketing Award for Brand Journalism.


How Ronald McDonald House Charities Intermountain Area provides skilled behavioral health support to families when they need it most 38:38 05/23/2022
Kirk Anderson and Steven Kassakian on How Interoperability and Accessible Data Empowers Patients and Providers 41:19 06/24/2021
Eyes on the XPRIZE: Cambia’s Dr. Amy Khan on the Newest Innovations in COVID-19 Testing 14:22 03/11/2021
The Power of Communication: Carey Candrian on Improving Health Equity in How LGBT Seniors Experience Care 26:55 03/08/2021
Hair Cuts and Heart Health, Engaging Barbers as Advocates for Community Health 44:43 02/18/2021
Echo Health Ventures’ Karim Botros on Innovation Competitions and their Role in the “Renaissance of Health Care” 24:52 01/28/2021
Mark Ganz, Re-Imagining and Reshaping Health Care 46:34 12/15/2020
A Mini-Series on The New Reality of Caregiving During the Pandemic Part IV 30:25 12/08/2020
A Mini-Series on The New Reality of Caregiving During the Pandemic Part III 33:27 09/29/2020
A Mini-Series on The New Reality of Caregiving During the Pandemic Part II 30:32 08/06/2020
Dr. Naomi Fried on Fostering a Culture of Authentic Innovation During a Pandemic 31:39 07/06/2020
A Mini-Series on The New Reality of Caregiving During the Pandemic 22:56 06/16/2020
Stoller Wine Group on Innovating and Caring for Employees in the Midst of a Pandemic 29:38 05/29/2020
Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center on the Front Lines of Community Health 34:05 05/13/2020
Amazon Alexa Diabetes Challenge - Cambia Grove Pop-up Podcast 08:10 05/02/2020
How Health Startup Upfront Healthcare Quickly Responded to Help People Navigate their Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic 32:57 04/30/2020
COVID-19 Puts Spotlight on Recognizing, Thanking and Supporting Caregivers 26:52 04/08/2020
Oregon Food Bank Helps Community During COVID-19 Pandemic 22:46 03/31/2020
Fan Favorites: For the Good of the Community 16:34 02/22/2020
Health and Technology Pioneer, Susannah Fox, On Why Sharing is the Future of Health Care 25:25 01/22/2020
Lessons Learned from Being a Family Caregiver 05:29 12/16/2019
Empowering Patients Through Interoperability 24:40 11/12/2019
Supporting Caregivers in Partnership With ARCHANGELS 06:29 11/01/2019
The Importance of Design in Humanizing Technology 12:53 10/18/2019
Hackathon Inspires Young Coders to get Involved with Health Care Transformation 20:07 10/09/2019
Utah's Thriving Health Care Innovation Economy 24:48 08/07/2019
Healthy Food, Healthy Communities 22:40 06/18/2019
Good Health is Good for Business 17:32 06/10/2019
Tackling the Opioid Epidemic 22:21 04/25/2019
HealthChangers Podcast Celebrates Health Care Transformation for Second Anniversary 13:59 04/09/2019