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Welcome to To 50 and Beyond! Where aging is made joyful, confident, and alcohol-free! Your host, Lori Massicot, is a Certified Life and Recovery Coach who is on a mission to bring you weekly insightful and fun episodes every Tuesday. You will laugh, learn, and get inspired as Lori and her incredible guests share real solutions that ELEVATE your mindset, self-care, and habits and behaviors to age with joy, excitement, and freedom from alcohol. Join Lori's weekly email community to get additional tools and resources to help you age alcohol-free by visiting I'm grateful to you for listening. Peace ✌🏼 Disclaimer: The To 50 and Beyond podcast and its content is not meant to substitute medical advice or treatment. To 50 and Beyond is to be listened to strictly for motivational and educational purposes only. Guests of the To 50 and Beyond podcast are available to ask questions and seek help on their respective channels provided in each episode. If you see an "E" next to the episode, that means there is explicit language inside - please listen accordingly.


Mindset is Everything with Coach Joe Oniwor 53:14 09/21/2021
Life After Addiction with Melissa Kreutz 51:14 09/14/2021
Living in Your Truth with Martha Beck 34:45 09/07/2021
Bonus: You Are Not the Only One 14:26 08/30/2021
Healing Through Nutrition with Lindsey Beveridge 39:17 08/03/2021
The One About Self-Care 32:24 07/27/2021
Empowering Your Menopause with Dr. Christiane Northrup 57:52 07/20/2021
Boundaries Are Self-Love with Megan Logan 41:21 07/13/2021
Seek the Joy YOU Deserve with Shannon Kaiser 47:24 07/06/2021
Socializing Without Drinking Alcohol 45:07 06/29/2021
Self-Love vs. Self-Care with Paul Fishman 43:27 06/22/2021
The Sweetness of Doing Nothing 27:27 06/15/2021
Life Before and After Getting Sober with Clare Pooley 62:18 06/08/2021
An Integrative Approach to Recovery with Dr. Dawn Bantel 40:44 06/01/2021
How to Bounce Back from Burnout with Cait Donovan 44:21 05/25/2021
Take Charge of Your Health with Joan Lunden 54:55 05/18/2021
The JOY of Traveling Alcohol-Free 39:26 05/11/2021
A Conversation About Aging with Michelle Spieler 46:30 05/04/2021
Bonus: Other People's Opinions 18:50 04/29/2021
Being Sober Is Cool with Kim Bellas 33:41 04/27/2021
From Relapse to Recovery with Pamela Devenport 47:18 04/20/2021
Coming To Terms With Sobriety 34:13 04/13/2021
Aging Sober with Jean McCarthy 56:56 04/06/2021
The Gifts of Being a Highly Sensitive Person with Mel Collins 37:45 03/30/2021
From Limiting Belief's to Personal Transformation with Cody Kreutz 36:41 03/23/2021
Celebrate Sobriety Without Drinking 35:53 03/16/2021
Bonus: Tiny Habits for Tiny Wins 21:25 03/11/2021
Simplicity with Courtney Carver 40:36 03/09/2021
The Beauty of Connection in Aging and Sobriety 38:13 03/04/2021
The True Cost of Drinking with Linda Parmar 39:12 02/23/2021