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The English We Speak

Every week, we look at a different everyday English phrase or piece of slang in this fun three-minute programme. From BBC World Service


If you don't know what's going to happen next, you have to guess.
01:56 09/26/2022
Ins and outs
Learn about a new expression and why Feifei gets a shock!
02:13 09/20/2022
Yes and no
Not all answers in life are 'yes' or 'no'. Learn why with this phrase.
02:10 09/13/2022
Eat your words
Learn a phrase about being wrong.
02:29 09/13/2022
Bug someone
Sometimes people or things just annoy you. Learn a phrase about this.
02:14 09/13/2022
Learn an informal expression about doing things without planning.
02:19 08/23/2022
A random phrase
02:19 08/22/2022
Do you find something disgusting? Use this word to describe it.
02:06 08/16/2022
Smash it
Learn a phrase to give encouragement
02:20 08/09/2022
A doddle
Is this phrase easy to learn?
01:38 08/02/2022
It’s now or never
Learn how to use ‘it’s now or never’
02:04 07/26/2022
Happy days
Learn a phrase to use when you hear good news.
02:06 07/19/2022
Double down
Learn a phrase about extra effort.
02:00 07/12/2022
Game face
Learn an expression about determination.
02:10 07/05/2022
Bitten by the bug
Learn a phrase about becoming interested and excited in doing something.
02:09 06/28/2022
It escapes me
A phrase about forgetting something
02:07 06/21/2022
Starting a new job means becoming familiar with new duties!
01:53 06/13/2022
Thereby hangs a tale
When there is more to say....
02:12 06/06/2022
The royal treatment
Are you ready to feel like a king or a queen?
02:14 05/31/2022
Tell me about it
Sometimes people say something that you can’t help but agree with. Learn a new phrase.
02:53 05/24/2022
Creatively bankrupt
Do you ever feel like your creativity just vanishes? Here's a phrase for that situation.
02:58 05/17/2022
As if
A phrase to use when someone says something that is ridiculous or blatantly untrue.
03:03 05/10/2022
Bad hair day
How are you looking today? Could you be having a bad hair day?
01:54 05/04/2022
'Ish' - The English We Speak
Make the English you speak sound more natural
02:46 05/03/2022
Promises, promises
Learn a new expression about not believing someone’s promises.
02:12 04/19/2022
Not see hide nor hair
Sometimes it’s impossible to find someone. Here's a phrase to use in this situation.
02:07 04/12/2022
A curate's egg
Learn an odd expression which means something is a little good but mainly bad
02:19 04/05/2022
That'll be the day
Learn a phrase about things that are unlikely to happen.
02:29 03/29/2022
Gathering dust
What’s gathering dust in your house?
02:28 03/22/2022
Easier said than done
Talking about doing things can be easy, but doing them can be a bit more complicated.
02:12 03/15/2022