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The Dude Grows Show brings you marijuana grow knowledge, news, and culture. Every episode is packed with information on teaching you how to grow marijuana indoors and out.


Is Cannabis Mainstream Now?! 61:02 09/24/2021
You've Got Budrot? Here Is What You Should Do Next 54:06 09/23/2021
Drugs Won The War On Drugs: 1000's Of Companies Getting Rid Of Drug Tests 56:28 09/22/2021
How To Not Get Root Rot & What Root Rot Is 43:49 09/21/2021
Is Your Garden Infected With Hop Latent Viroid Like 90% Of CA Facilities 62:28 09/21/2021
Foxtailing In Flower: What Causes It And What To Do About It 69:44 09/16/2021
The Cannabis Entourage Effect: How Terpenes Change Your High 58:51 09/15/2021
Why You Should Use Essential Oils For IPM. What You Need To Know 45:40 09/14/2021
Tommy Chong: Cannabis Activist Breaking The Stoner Stereotype 51:41 09/14/2021
CBD Vs. THC For Pets! What You Need To Know 50:08 09/10/2021
How To Setup Your Environment In a Perpetual Autoflower Grow 57:26 09/09/2021
How AI & Robotics Are Trying To Take Over Weed 55:53 09/08/2021
GROWMAU5 Is Back!!! With Horticultural Lighting Group?!?!? 50:41 09/07/2021
KNOW YOUR BREEDER SERIES: Eazy Daze Cultivators, Easy To Grow Potent Strains 41:35 09/07/2021
The Best Ways To Control Humidity In The Garden 45:45 09/07/2021
New Study Showing Cannabis' Positive Effect On Nausea 50:14 09/07/2021
KNOW YOUR BREEDER SERIES: Pacific NW Roots Dank Organic Regenerative Cannabis 45:27 08/28/2021
How To Flush Your Plants Growing Outdoors 56:24 08/27/2021
Why Instagram Is Discriminating Against Cannabis Users & Brands 59:19 08/26/2021
The Best Strains To Grow As A New Grower In 2021 54:59 08/25/2021
What Makes You Feel Alive & The Legendary Tegridy License Plate 59:40 08/24/2021
KNOW YOUR BREEDER SERIES: Seattle Chronic Seeds, Probiotic, Terpene Rich THC & CBD Seeds 54:19 08/21/2021
Do Organics Change How A Plant Will Look, Grow & Taste? 47:51 08/20/2021
Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes?!?! 55:16 08/19/2021
The Best Way To Dry & Cure Your Flowers For The Best Smell & Taste 53:27 08/17/2021
Marijuana Travel & Weed Friendly Hotels & Restaurants 50:40 08/17/2021
KNOW YOUR BREEDER: Exotic Mike From Exotic Genetix 31:01 08/17/2021
Organic Cannabis The Easy Way With Scott From Nectar For The Gods 57:26 08/17/2021
Drying & Curing Off Grid, Getting Rid Of Powdery Mildew, & Drying In The Desert 57:57 08/17/2021
KNOW YOUR BREEDER: Weed Should Taste Good 47:22 08/07/2021