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Stall Seven

Stall Seven delivers insight and analysis about the on- and off-the-field happenings in the American Ultimate Disc League. Hosted by Chris McGlynn and Ian Toner.


Stall Seven: Recapping a Wild AUDL Week 1 83:06 06/10/2021
Stall Seven: AUDL Season Preview & Picks Contest 66:57 06/03/2021
Stall Seven: New-Look Empire, AUDL Hall of Fame, Audi Field 51:17 06/01/2021
Stall Seven: Chicago's Big Signings, Ottawa's Jeremy Hill 81:05 04/16/2021
Stall Seven: Antoine Davis, Potential 2021 Season 64:39 01/21/2021
Stall Seven: AUDL Season Canceled, Anti-Racism Panel 63:24 06/30/2020
Stall Seven: Coronavirus Update and Potential Return to Play 51:59 06/04/2020
Stall Seven: Chris Kocher, Ben Sadok, Best Players Not in the League 97:35 04/08/2020
Stall Seven: Coronavirus, Dom Leggio, Matt Smith 55:08 03/24/2020
Stall Seven: AUDL Expansion, Matt Rehder, Kurt Gibson 42:35 01/10/2020
Stall Seven: Championship Weekend Recap, Ben Jagt, MVP Debate 58:43 08/16/2019
Stall Seven: How We Got to the Final Four, Abe Coffin, Championship Weekend Preview 66:59 08/04/2019
Stall Seven: Playoff Time, Cameron Brock, Midwest Madness 48:26 07/12/2019
Stall Seven: Before and After Week 12, Jack Williams, and Stretch Run Speculation 66:07 06/27/2019
Stall Seven: All-Star Reactions, Tim DeByl and Playoff Races Heating Up 54:28 06/13/2019
Stall Seven: All-Star Mock Draft & Biggest Snubs 64:59 06/01/2019
Stall Seven: How the Mighty Have Fallen, Pawel Janas, Sachin Raina 60:25 05/17/2019
Stall Seven: Recapping Weeks 3-4, Andrew Roney, More Burning Questions 51:26 05/01/2019
Stall Seven: Opening Pulls, Travis Dunn, Early Season Burning Questions 56:01 04/18/2019
Stall Seven: Roster Updates, Bryan Jones, 2019 Predictions 72:12 03/29/2019
Stall Seven: New AUDL Podcast, KPS, Preseason Stocks 78:13 03/11/2019
Stall Seven: A New AUDL Podcast 00:57 03/08/2019
AUDL Roundup: Cascades Cup, DC Breeze v. Raleigh Flyers 54:14 04/20/2017
AUDL Roundup: Early Season Trends, San Jose's Tyler Grant, Buy Or Sell 60:03 04/13/2017
AUDL Roundup: 2017 Season Preview 43:36 03/30/2017
AUDL Roundup: Offseason Update, Cross-Coast Challenge 42:08 01/17/2017
AUDL Roundup: 2016 Season Wrap, MVP Chatter 55:50 08/18/2016
AUDL Roundup: Championship Weekend Recap 52:05 08/07/2016
AUDL Roundup: Championship Weekend Preview 45:29 08/05/2016
AUDL Roundup: Divisional Finals, Powell Suspension 34:54 07/29/2016