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The Upshot is Ultiworld Disc Golf's news and analysis podcast, hosted by Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield. From the business of disc golf to the most compelling competition, The Upshot breaks down the biggest topics in the sport.


Mailbag, Basket Power Rankings
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield answer a variety of mailbag questions this week, from west coast tournaments to Gannon's putting to free tickets. Plus, the guys make their basket power rankings.
54:49 5/24/24
OTB Open Recap, NYC Disc Golf
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield recap the 2024 OTB Open, including some milestone performances from Calvin Heimburg and Ella Hansen. They also interview NYC Disc Golf Association co-founders Alex Hoyle and Alex Bender about their efforts to get a course in the ground in the country's biggest city. Plus: Inside The Circle, #PurseWatch, and Charlie handing Josh a huge L!0:00 OTB Open Recap3:20 Hansen's First Elite Series Win10:30 Pierce & Handley19:15 Heimburg Goes Back to Back23:30 Rathbun & Barela31:10 DGN Coverage39:20 Alex & Alex on NYCDGA44:20 Highland Park & McBeth Foundation1:05:20 Inside the Circle1:16:30 OTB Open Picks & #Pursewatch
80:25 5/21/24
Champions Cup 2025, Sean & Shawn, OTB Open Preview
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield welcome in the Seans -- Sean Jack and Shawn Mercy -- to talk about this weekend's OTB Open and the 2025 Champions Cup, which is headed to Swensen Park in Stockton, CA. The guys talk more about Champions Cup and changes to the DGPT Championship format before previewing OTB Open and making their picks.0:00 Sean Jack & Shawn Mercy3:45 Hosting Champions Cup11:05 1000 Rated Productions13:40 Spectator Goodies & Tickets20:00 Course Changes for OTB Open & Champions Cup31:00 Pierce's Win Odds & Projected Purse34:00 Final Thoughts on OTB Open36:40 Champions Cup's Tortured History50:55 DGPT Championship Format Changes57:15 OTB Open Preview & Picks
70:52 5/16/24
1000-Rated Kristin Tattar Interview
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield welcome in Kristin Tattar on the day she became the first woman to reach the 1000 PDGA rating mark. They talk with 1KT about her journey to 1000 rated, her season so far, her current contract, the criticism of her jump putting, and much more. Plus: Copenhagen Open, LVC, and NYC disc golf!0:00 Tattar Hits 1000 Rated7:10 Kristin Tattar: Rating, Career Goals19:20 Challenges in 202431:40 Contracts & Earnings38:20 Tour Scheduling & Commemorative Discs42:30 Performing at Majors & Worlds51:15 Reactions to Tattar's Interview1:01:00 Copenhagen Open Results & Pursewatch1:04:55 Las Vegas Challenge Results
71:06 5/14/24
DGPT Europe Preview, Juha Kytö, Copenhagen Open
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield get you ready for a new era of European disc golf with a unified DGPT tour. The first DGPT elite event, the Copenhagen Open, is this weekend, with bigger payouts, live coverage, and more spectators than ever. We talk with DGPT Europe Media Director Juha Kytö about the changes and give you a full scope of what to expect this year. Plus: preview and picks for Copenhagen!0:00 Juha Kytö Interview7:40 Ticket Prices, Broadcast, Purse Sizes14:05 Players to Watch & Traveling Europe21:35 Point Series & Prizes, Best Courses26:40 Health & Importance of European DG35:55 DGPT European Tour: The Basics1:00:15 Copenhagen Open Preview1:06:30 Copenhagen Open Picks
73:21 5/9/24
Top 10 Storylines from Dynamic Discs Open
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield break down the top 10 stories from the 2024 Dynamic Discs Open!0:00 Heimburg & Gannon Win14:50 Handley & King Under Pressure20:40 Anderson's Course Record23:15 Weatherman's Strong Showing30:20 Rest of MPO, FPO Foot Faults40:10 Redalen Bails, New DGN Voices46:00 Aggregate Playoff, #Pursewatch & Picks
54:56 5/7/24
Mailbag, DDO Preview
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield open up some listener mail and then preview the Dynamic Discs Open as the tour heads west.0:00 Listener Mail2:30 PDGA Perks & Missing UDisc13:20 Proper Role of Media on Course18:45 Tattar's Forehand, Too Much?26:45 Spectator Rules33:50 DDO Preview & Course Changes44:40 DDO Picks
58:28 5/2/24
Champions Cup Recap, Andrew Presnell
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield interview 2024 Champions Cup winner Andrew Presnell about his first-ever major win (and major top 10!) before discussing the weekend overall, including Eveliina's win, Eagle's tough start, the ongoing ascendance of European players, and more.0:00 Champions Cup Winners8:30 Andrew Presnell Interview11:45 Succeeding at Northwood17:30 Losing his Putter Mid-Round24:35 How to Reliably Hit Gaps30:00 The Win, and the New Swarm Mold40:30 Presnell's Resolve Nets Unexpected Victory54:40 Other MPO Storylines1:06:15 Trivia Question of the Week1:09:00 Salonen leads European Wave1:25:00 Champions Cup Picks Review, #PurseWatch, Hole 18 Review
93:49 4/30/24
DGPT Security, Champions Cup Preview
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield discuss the security threat from the Music City Open before previewing the Champions Cup, where they take a deep dive into player performance at Northwood, make some fun predictions, and lock in their picks.0:00 MCO's Suspension of Play13:30 Champions Cup Preview15:15 Tattar vs Missy, Recent MPO Results28:00 MCO's Poorly Tuned Course32:45 Champions Cup Burning Questions40:10 Surprise Winners, Weather Impacts48:00 Champions Cup Picks
56:44 4/24/24
MCO Recap, Nate Heinold
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield recap the 2024 Music City Open and some fantastic performances from Simon Lizotte and Kristin Tattar. They also interview the TD of Champions Cup, Nate Heinold, about the upcoming event, the latest at the PDGA, and more.0:00 Lizotte's Dominance at MCO13:00 Other Notable MPO Performances20:30 The Tattar vs Handley Battle28:30 Kristin's Mental Edge, #PurseWatch37:20 Nate Heinold Interview39:10 Champions Cup Notes46:35 Ledgestone & WR Jackson51:40 The Worlds Courses59:40 PDGA Summit & DG's Waning Interest1:08:15 NBA/NHL Playoff Picks
75:13 4/23/24
Music City Open Preview
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield tackle a huge 30 Second Rule segment before getting you ready for the Music City Open in Nashville.0:00 Will Eagle Play?6:55 30 Second Rule & #Pursewatch17:35 Creating Good Branding22:40 Hot Button Sports News29:00 Lizotte's Presser33:00 Music City Open Notes43:25 MCO Picks
49:09 4/18/24
Jonesboro REAX
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield let everyone in on the Jonesboro edition of Sunday's subscriber only Rapid Reax show, where they cover how Barela's opening stretch fits in historically, Tattar's dominant performance, and the lackluster statkeeping on the tour. Plus rapid fire subscriber questions and what makes Jonesboro an excellent course?0:00 How Did Barela Pull Off This Win?16:30 AB's Season Start, Historically25:40 MPO Prediction Spice Meter40:00 Tattar's Dominant Performance52:25 Jonesboro's Excellence1:02:00 Rapid Fire Chat Questions
71:42 4/16/24
Jonesboro Open Preview, Brad Pietz
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield get you ready for the 2024 Jonesboro Open, the fifth stop on the Disc Golf Pro Tour. They hit the big storylines, including the #PaulCard, and then talk with TD Brad Pietz about the event. Plus: picks and over/under!The Upshot is presented by Pound Disc Golf.
56:19 4/11/24
By The Numbers
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield break down the latest PDGA Ratings update and talk about some notable players' season stats compared to their performance in the 2023 season.The Upshot is presented by Pound Disc Golf. 
47:37 4/9/24
Stock Picks, 30 Second Rule
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield decide whether to buy, sell, or hold on players after the start of the season. Plus: a 30 second rule and some questionable world rankings.
66:28 4/4/24
Texas States Recap, Epic Start to 2024
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield have a jam-packed show for you today as they break down a thrilling Texas State Disc Golf Championships on the Disc Golf Pro Tour, from record-setting performances in both MPO and FPO to close out the Texas Swing to tight battles down the stretch in the final round. Plus: a new trivia question of the week, #PurseWatch, Hole 18 reviews, April Fools, and plenty more.0:00 Anthony Barela & Exceptional MPO Play21:25 Anniken Steen's Unexpected Win35:25 FPO Stats & Other Tidbits45:00 Trivia Question of the Week48:20 Too Much Texas?56:20 #Pursewatch, April Fools1:05:40 Texas States Picks & Hole 18 Review
74:42 4/2/24
Mailbag, Texas States Preview
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield open up a shipping container full of mail (you can always reach us at before previewing this weekend's next DGPT Elite Series event, the Texas State Championships.0:00 Mailbag!8:05 Exciting Things & Low Stock Buys23:30 Will Disc Golf Grow in 2024?40:00 Texas States Preview52:50 Texas States Picks
63:51 3/29/24
USWDGC Recap, Missy Gannon Interview
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield discuss Missy Gannon's first PDGA Major win at the 2024 US Women's Disc Golf Championship. They talk about Missy's legacy, Eveliina's tough final round, the new Sprinkle Valley course, and more, before Missy joins Charlie for an interview after her win. Plus: #PurseWatch, picks, and a spicy 30 Second Rule.0:00 "Big Money" Missy Does It Again17:05 Sprinkle Valley Course29:20 Missy Gannon Interview35:30 Forehand Throws, Final Round Strategy43:30 Big Paydays & Texas States51:00 State of FPO59:20 30 Second Rule1:05:00 USWDGC Quick Hits1:09:20 #PurseWatch, Picks Recap, Hole 18
76:43 3/26/24
Ohn Dawggins Dominates, USWDGC Preview
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield run down a historic performance from Ohn “Got that Dawg in Her” Scoggins at the Open at Austin before looking ahead to this weekend’s U.S. Women’s Disc Golf Championships.0:00 Scoggins' Record Performance12:20 Tattar, Blomroos, & Gannon23:00 State of FPO After a Month27:20 USWDGC Preview29:50 Course & Weather Forecast32:35 Major Storylines35:20 USWDGC Picks
40:18 3/20/24
Open at Austin MPO Recap, Niklas Anttila
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield recap another weekend of wild action on the DGPT, this week in Austin. They also talk with Niklas Anttila after he became the first Finnish player to win in MPO on the DGPT. Plus: the state of MPO after the first month of the season.0:00 Open at Austin Recap21:45 Niklas Anttila Interview29:10 Team Discmania & Europeans34:40 Weather Delays, Slow Play & More47:20 State of MPO after a Month
65:21 3/20/24
Open at Austin Preview
Charlie Eisenhood gets you ready for this weekend's Open at Austin, highlighting the best moments of the press conference, the concerning weather forecast, and some course changes, before giving you his and Josh Mansfield's picks.0:00 Open at Austin Presser Highlights16:00 Open at Austin Preview20:40 Open at Austin Picks
26:17 3/15/24
WACO Recap, Ratings Update, Microsoft's Joey Taralson
Charlie Eisenhood goes solo this week as co-host Josh Mansfield is out on paternity leave! Charlie breaks down the thrilling action at WACO, goes through the biggest stories of the latest PDGA ratings update, discusses Kristin Tattar's dominance (and variance), and more. Then he's joined by Microsoft Community Product Manager Joey Taralson, who architected the new Microsoft Teams sponsorship of the Preserve. Plus: #PurseWatch and Picks!0:00 WACO Recap10:20 Tattar's Round Ratings14:45 Player Rating Update20:00 More WACO Notes28:50 Microsoft's Joey Taralson34:00 The Sponsorship41:00 Community Response44:10 POTY Predictions46:45 #PurseWatch & Revisiting Picks
51:16 3/12/24
WACO Preview
Charlie Eisenhood gets you ready for the 2024 Waco Annual Charity Open with some clips from the press conference, a breakdown of the new Lake Waco course, and picks!0:00 Tattar Back on Tour, Will Big Jerm retire?7:15 Other Press Conference Nuggets14:15 WACO Preview23:40 WACO Picks
28:59 3/7/24
POTY Odds, PDGA Check-In
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield break down the Player of the Year odds and discuss best bets before welcoming in PDGA Director of Marketing Danny Voss to catch up on a variety of PDGA topics. Plus: a wild 30 Second Rule segment!0:00 Tattar is Back, Slow Play6:45 Results from the Memorial12:45 FPO Player of the Year Odds20:55 MPO Player of the Year Odds28:20 Danny Voss on PDGA Live38:20 PDGA and UDisc41:10 End of the Covid Boom?47:00 Natalie Ryan Settlement53:20 IDGC Update57:30 Biggest Challenges1:02:10 Thoughts on Danny Voss1:08:55 30 Second Rule
81:54 3/5/24
Line in the Sand, 30 Second Rule
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield draw their line in the sand on a variety of topics, from a McBeth win to DGN apps working well.0:00 Line in the Sand9:00 Tattar, Heimburg, Wysocki19:30 Injury Returns: Pierce, McMahon24:50 Salonen, Hansen, McBeth40:00 30 Second Rule
52:44 3/1/24 Recap, Overreactions!
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield discuss the fantastic start to the 2024 pro disc golf season at the Invitational. Then they dig into their overreactions along with a few from UWDG Discord participants. Plus: #PurseWatch and some season-long over/unders.0:00 Invitational Recap12:05 Overreactions: Anthony Barela18:15 Overreactions: Ricky & House of Discs21:25 Overreactions: Allen, Hansen, & European FPO29:45 Overreactions: Trophies, Commentary, & Crush Boys42:10 Listener Overreactions48:35 Purse Watch & Over/Under
54:24 2/27/24
Dylan Cease, Fantasy Draft, Preview
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield get you ready for the start of the 2024 season with a HUGE show! First, they talk with Chicago White Sox starting pitcher Dylan Cease about his collaborations with Paul McBeth on disc golf properties in Florida and Alabama, how baseball mechanics translate to disc golf, and more. Then Jamie Thomas stops in to make 2024 fantasy draft picks with the guys, before Charlie & Josh preview the tour opener at the Invitational.0:00 Dylan Cease, Disc Golf, & Cactus Rock9:20 Baseball & Disc Golf13:40 McCease & Building Courses22:30 Spring Training & Adversity26:25 Contracts & Trade Rumors32:50 Cease's Picks34:15 Fantasy Draft with Jamie Thomas1:01:45 Who Drafted the Best Team?1:22:40 Invitational Preview & DGN App/PDGA Live Updates1:29:30 New PDGA World Rankings & Olympus Course1:37:20 Invitational Picks
106:02 2/23/24
Jomez Changes, All-Star Weekend, UDisc's Steve Hill
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield talk about their top three takeaways from the All-Star Weekend before discussing the changes to post-production coverage of DGPT events in 2024. Then they welcome in UDisc Marketing Director Steve Hill to discuss UDiscLive's departure from scores & stats and the new Growth Report.0:00 All Star Weekend Format5:05 Handley & Ezra's Rise and Allen's Fall10:50 Location Change & DGN 2.017:25 Jomez Coverage Changes27:30 Steve Hill on UDisc's Split with DGPT/PDGA37:40 End Game and Impact on PDGA48:25 UDiscs's Annual Growth Report58:00 Course Development & UDisc's Role1:08:15 New Activity Rounds1:14:30 Concerning Trends
81:03 2/20/24
All-Star Weekend Preview
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield preview the DGPT All-Star Weekend and make their picks in the skills competitions, doubles, and singles matchups.0:00 All-Star Weekend Preview8:10 Breaking Down the Teams18:10 Skills Competition Lineups28:40 Skills Competition Predictions30:40 FPO Doubles & Singles Matchups39:10 MPO Doubles & Singles Matchups
49:45 2/16/24
Jeff Spring Interview
Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield welcome in DGPT CEO & Tour Director Jeff Spring to hear the latest about the Tour's trajectory heading into 2024, including their new Disc Golf Network technical platform and pricing structure. They touch on event growth, spectator numbers, tour profitability, the next five years, and more.0:00 Introduction6:10 DGPT CEO Jeff Spring8:15 New DGN Platform & Pricing15:20 Subscriber Projections18:45 Increasing Spectators24:30 Strategic Shift in Tour Events30:40 In-House Tournament Directors35:25 Transition to PDGA Live46:05 Confidence in New Tech50:25 Data Ownership of Scores & Stats51:50 DGPT Europe & International Expansion56:00 Gender Policy & Competitive Integrity1:01:10 Financial Pressure & Profitability1:05:00 Rethinking the Tour Championship1:09:30 & Title Sponsorships1:11:40 Wishlist for the Pro Tour
96:20 2/13/24

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