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We are the official podcast of IndianaHQ. Our mission and goal is simple: we want to bring in-depth analysis and coverage for Indiana University sports to as many fans as possible across a multitude of modern platforms. "The Hoosier Sound" was founded in 2017 by Noah Freeman and Matt Lukens who had a passion for all IU sports. The guys wanted to give listeners analysis of programs such as Indiana basketball, Indiana football, Indiana soccer, Indiana women's basketball, Indiana baseball, Indiana swim and dive, and more. We also do a daily IU sports news roundup called "Hoosier Sound-Off."


The NIL Era- What Has Worked, What Hasn't, and How Can NIL Improve? [258] 61:36 08/14/2022
50 Days to Football- Answering Burning Questions about IUFB. What's New? [257] 72:20 08/14/2022
Making Your Layups: Previewing the Seven Other Matchups on IUBB's Non-Conference Schedule [256] 57:34 08/14/2022
WHO is Trying to Join the B1G? Also, IUBB Will Face UNC and Xavier. [255] 41:40 07/02/2022
Let's Talk IUBB's Shooting. What's a Reasonable Goal? Also, IU's Tough Big Ten Draw [254] 43:32 06/23/2022
"I'm Back." Trayce Jackson-Davis RETURNS to Indiana. What Can IUBB Achieve Next Year? [253] 60:34 05/21/2022
Drafting IUBB's 2022-23 Roster and Discussing Jordan Geronimo's Return [252] 46:42 05/05/2022
MALIK RENEAU COMMITS TO IU! Mike Woodson adds ANOTHER 5-star Recruit [251] 61:17 04/19/2022
Race Thompson Announces Return, TJD Declares While Maintaining Eligibility [250] 40:33 04/15/2022
WAY-Too-Early IUBB and College Basketball Predictions for 2022-23 [248] 76:04 04/08/2022
Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes- IUBB Begins Reshaping Program for Next Season [248] 77:32 03/30/2022
That's a Wrap: Looking Back at IUBB's 2021-22 Season. What's Next? [247] 71:52 03/23/2022
Indiana Beats Wyoming, Looks Ahead to Saint Mary's in Round of 64 [246] 58:54 03/17/2022
LIVE Selection Sunday Watchalong- Reaction to IUBB's Seed, Matchup, and More! [244] 55:19 03/13/2022
Indiana Beats Michigan in Stunning Big Ten Tournament Comeback. Time to Dance? [244] 66:28 03/11/2022
Special Guest! Delphi Bracketology's Brian Tonsoni Joins to Analyze IUBB's Tourney Chances [243] 58:51 03/09/2022
Bubble Bout in Bloomington- Indiana Takes on Rutgers for a Chance to Dance [242] 63:40 03/02/2022
Finding the Positive- How Can IUBB End Their Skid and Make the NCAA Tournament? [241] 58:05 02/24/2022
Unhappy Valentine's Day- No Love for the IUBB Offense (or Big Ten Officiating) [240] 64:12 02/15/2022
A Nightmare Week for IUBB- Where does Indiana Go from Here? [239] 63:16 02/12/2022
Feeling Good into February! Indiana is at 16-5, with Illinois Next [238] 54:52 02/03/2022
An 18-Point Loss to Unranked Michigan? How will IU Respond? [237] 51:48 02/03/2022
BONUS PODCAST ALERT- Indiana beats No. 4 Purdue! [236] 43:43 02/03/2022
Indiana Attempts to Snap Two Long Skids to B1G Rivals [235] 59:24 01/19/2022
Trey Galloway, Trimming the Turnovers, and Two Triumphs! [234] 66:37 01/12/2022
A Reality Check: Indiana Falls to Penn State...What Now? [233] 49:18 01/05/2022
The Crossroads Classic is Over, and COVID-19 Continues Disrupting College Basketball [231] 52:01 12/22/2021
Best IUFB Recruiting Class Ever! Also, First Checkpoint for IUBB [230] 69:41 12/16/2021
A New Offensive Coordinator, and Will IU Break Its Kohl Center Curse? [229] 47:16 12/08/2021
IU Falls to Syracuse, Prepares for Big Ten Play [228] 58:41 12/03/2021