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Creating a successful SaaS marketing strategy is like mixing the perfect cocktail. What are the right ingredients? How do you mix it all together to ensure people order another round? On SaaS Half Full - the only show serving B2B SaaS Marketers - host/bartender Lindsey Groepper shares a cocktail with top marketing leaders who are crafting unique strategies for success. Care to join us for a drink?


What To Do When Your Best Clients Change Jobs, with Trinity Nguyen
Most SaaS revenue leaders would agree that former clients (”Gems”) make amazing second clients. But, how can you track job changers and operationalize an outreach program at scale? Trinity Nguyen, VP of Marketing at UserGems, joins this episode to discuss this underutilized revenue stream and walks through how to identify Gems and create a program designed to target this critical group. Connect with Trinity: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia:
24:23 3/7/24
The New Corporate Narrative That Buyers Demand, with Lindsey Groepper
Gen Y and millennials — who value purpose and meaning when choosing SaaS vendors — comprise most of today’s B2B decision-makers. So why are you still pushing narratives centered on products and features? Today's modern corporate narrative has evolved from CEO-driven, corporate talk tracks to more personal, human-centered narratives to form connections with a new generation of buyers. Join Lindsey Groepper, President of BLASTmedia, as she unpacks the current demands of the modern corporate narrative and how to evolve yours to build trust and establish connection. Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia:
12:31 2/22/24
Surviving a New CEO Transition with Paige O’Neill
You’re a SaaS CMO and received the news that you are getting a new CEO. Super! Super? Super, right?! In this episode, Paige O’Neill, CMO of Seismic, shares her story of transitioning to a new CEO with her previous role. From what the first meeting should entail to the pressures of balancing old and new, Paige gives an honest account of what she learned in the transition and the two years that followed. Bottom line? A new CEO means starting over, which can simultaneously be insanely positive and challenging as the incumbent CMO. Connect with Paige: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia:
28:22 2/7/24
Marketing’s Vital Role in Customer Expansion with Karen Budell
For most SaaS organizations, the customer success function has two players - the CS lead and the salesperson. But in this episode, Karen Budell, CMO of Totango, talks through a “three-legged stool” approach, with marketing as an equal leg. She believes the three functions should work together to develop and execute customer expansion campaigns, driving more revenue from existing accounts. Which, in a down market, is much less costly and time-consuming than securing new logos. Connect with Karen: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia:
27:02 1/24/24
It’s a Crapshoot: Category Creation & Positioning with April Dunford
In this episode, our host speaks with author and positioning expert April Dunford about the realities of creating a category and defining positioning to win in SaaS. Drawing from years of data and experience consulting SaaS companies, April surfaces the signals indicative of a positioning problem, pinpoints where product demos go wrong, and gets candid about VCs and startups’ illusions about category creation. Connect with April: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia:
37:07 1/10/24
The Art & Science of Freemiums & Free Trials with Krish Ramineni
SaaS marketers know we’ve entered the era of the self-serve buyer, where prospects expect price transparency and free trials. While this might not work for complex enterprise deals, there are lessons to be taken from a PLG motion that most SaaS orgs should employ. Krish Ramineni, Co-founder and CEO at, dishes on how to execute a free trial successfully, what it takes to offer a freemium product, and shares his personal story on ignoring his investors’ advice to stay away from a PLG model. Connect with Krish: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia:
36:03 12/27/23
What Biden’s Order on AI Means for Marketers with Conor Bronsdon
With Biden’s recent executive order addressing the safe and secure development and use of AI, data privacy is even more mind top of mind for SaaS marketers. In this episode, Conor Bronsdon, Director of Marketing & Communications at LinearB, breaks down the order, discusses the new privacy demands on marketers, and how to build buyer trust in today’s AI economy. Connect with Conor: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia:
31:09 12/13/23
The Fame and Flops in Creating Memorable Brands, with Melissa Rosenthal
SaaS marketers understand the importance of a strong brand, but are you clear in your strategic narrative today? If “efficiency” is driving your narrative, this episode is for you (because, spoiler alert, “efficiency” ain’t it.) In this episode, Melissa Rosenthal, Chief Creative Officer at ClickUp, unpacks the elements needed to create a memorable brand in the face of new market demands and how to measure effectiveness. Plus, she's brave enough to talk about one of her biggest brand fails and what was learned from the experience. Connect with Melissa: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia:
32:06 11/29/23
Why It’s Time to Axe “Enterprise Marketing” with Sarah Emmott
Whether you have added enterprise selling into a PLG motion or have always focused on the segment, SaaS marketers understand the different pain points and nuances of prospecting to the enterprise. But, should you literally market to “the enterprise?” According to Sarah Emmott, Head of Brand for Work Management at Atlassian, the answer is no. In this conversation, Sarah unpacks how enterprise prospects actually search for solutions and explains why ditching the term “enterprise” in your marketing efforts is the way forward for maximum influence. Connect with Sarah: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia:
28:56 11/15/23
Navigating Audience Data for Early-Stage Marketers with Ryan Sonnenberg
Are you an early-stage B2B SaaS marketer, or maybe you’re a seasoned marketer but have limited resources to uncover the audience data you need to succeed? In this episode of SaaS Half Full, Lindsey sits down with Ryan Sonnenberg, Director of Marketing at SavvyMoney, as he spills the tea on how B2B SaaS marketers are leaving valuable audience data on the table and what tools early-stage marketers can use to help them in their audience identification journey. Connect with Ryan: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia:
25:15 10/20/23
How Modern PR Can Support an ABM Program with Lindsey Groepper
PR and ABM…say what? Yes, there is a modern PR approach where these two strategies work together, adding more value to your PR investment. Our host, Lindsey Groepper, forgoes a guest this week to share her thoughts on this topic, including how to align your ABM targets with thought leadership efforts to create direct touchpoints with the individual prospects your BDRs are targeting. Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia:
14:00 10/4/23
Taking Marketing Risks in a Strained Economy with Emily Montgomery
If you’re a SaaS marketer who tends to be risk-averse, the last 12 months have not been your friend. Market volatility and “doing more with less” do not pair well with taking chances, but Emily Montgomery, VP of Professional Services at Xplor, believes there are still opportunities to take calculated risks…and it starts with a mindset shift. Listen in as we explore how to “experiment and learn” to create a culture of risk among your marketing org and the channels most ripe for experimentation. Connect with Guest: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia:
27:08 9/21/23
Threads, Mastodon, X, and More: A Look at Social Mayhem with Karri Carlson
It's been a minute since the social media industry has been in the spotlight, but the past six months have been poppin' off. Between the launch of Threads and Twitter rebranding to X, there's a wealth of new info to digest if social media falls under your purview (in-house or via an agency partner). In this episode, Karri Carlson, VP of Operations at LeadTail, updates us on the platform changes that matter, new platforms emerging (like Mastodon), and the trend of "atomizing" social into niche communities with their own set of rules and community standards. Connect with Guest: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia:
34:37 9/7/23
Bot Rising: AI’s Volume, Velocity & Variety with Pete Housley and Amanda (Elam) Cole
By now, we get it: AI is here to stay and makes marketing more efficient. But, what fears do marketers have around AI, how do you responsibly feed the board’s appetite for AI, and to what level do marketing leaders need to understand the technology? In this episode, we’re joined by Pete Housley, CMO at Unbounce, and Amanda (Elam) Cole, CMO at Bloomreach, to dig into these questions. Listen in for a deeper understanding of the seemingly unlimited opportunities of the technology and also the potential pitfalls. Connect with Pete: Connect with Amanda: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia:
38:28 8/9/23
CMOs Speak: CEOs Are Undervaluing Brand
What do CMOs wish more CEOs understood about marketing? It’s the big question we ask our guests at the end of each episode, and through the first half of the year, many answers came back to one core topic - CEOs not valuing brand enough. In this episode, we’re bringing you a compilation of our guests’ answers and biggest wish: that more CEOs understood not everything in marketing can be measured. Check out the full episodes for all of the guests featured in this episode: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia: 
07:47 7/26/23
Throwback Episode - Adding Growth Marketing to a PLG Brand with Rachel Hepworth
PLG companies are in the spotlight again, being examined by media and analysts for their staying power in a recession. So, we’re pulling an episode off the top shelf this week which tackles PLG. Rachel Hepworth is now Head of Marketing at Notion, a PLG brand, but when this episode first aired, she was their Co-Marketing Lead. When Rachel started her role at Notion, a PLG company, the brand had been primarily (and successfully) built through community and content, existing without a growth-marketing function. As Notion was moving into more enterprise and complex sales, Rachel was tasked with starting from the ground floor, including scaling up a tech stack and data team. Listen in as Rachel walks through how to develop a growth engine inside a PLG company and how brand and demand can work seamlessly together. Connect with Rachel: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia: 
28:45 7/12/23
Crushing It in the B2B Creator Economy with Ali Fazal
Our circle of influence has fundamentally changed. Whereas we used to follow brands, we now follow people. While B2C companies were quick to invest in online influencers, B2B marketers are finally vibin’ with the creator economy. In this episode, Ali Fazal, VP of Marketing at GRIN, digs into how B2B brands should think about influencer marketing (spoiler alert: it has little to do with follower count), explores the most impactful channels, and gives advice on the possible value exchanges between B2B brands and creators. Connect with Ali: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia: 
36:18 6/28/23
The Elusiveness of Inclusive Marketing with Sarah Reynolds
Hey guys! Nope, scratch that. Hey friends! While most SaaS marketers agree on the importance of inclusive marketing, achieving inclusivity is still a work in progress. In this episode, Sarah Reynolds, CMO of HiBob, discusses the importance of establishing an authentic culture of inclusivity, details common oversights, and dives into the beautiful fabric that makes today’s diverse customer base. Oh yeah, and something about a little brand called Bud Light. Connect with Guest: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia: 
36:11 6/14/23
The Growing Bench of CMO Free Agents with Nirosha Methananda
We’re gonna need a bigger bench. The list of available SaaS CMOs is growing, with many finding themselves free agents for the first time, involuntarily. In this episode, Lindsey connects with Nirosha Methananda, a senior marketing leader on the bench, about what she’s learned during her transition period. From digging into learning and community to investing in an executive coach (bye-bye ego!) and her personal brand, Nirosha is far from wallowing in her circumstances. She rounds out the episode by providing her take on the future of full-time work and where she sees the CMO market heading. Connect with Guest: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia: 
29:02 5/31/23
Back to Basics: Escaping Today’s Marketing Inferno with Bhaskar Roy
Looking back on 2021 and early 2022, it was heaven for many marketers. Big budgets, sky-high valuations, and VC dollars are pouring in. Today? “Do more with less” has become the most-hated phrase among SaaS marketers. Bhaskar Roy, Head of Marketing at Workato, urges marketers to get back to the basics to climb out of the abyss. From obsessing again over org-wide customer success efforts to creating “frame breaking” content that goes against the grain, Bhaskar shares what he believes can have a max impact for marketers in today's challenging economy. Connect with Guest: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia:
30:33 5/17/23
The Art & Science Behind Pricing & Packaging with Dan Balcauski
Who is in charge of pricing decisions at your SaaS org? For nearly 60% of companies, it’s the CEO or an opinion-filled decision amongst the entire C-suite. But who should own it? Dan Balcauski, the founder of Product Tranquility, answers the question in this episode, breaking down the art and science of SaaS product pricing and packaging (two very different elements) and advocating for marketers to focus more on the “who” and “how” they charge instead of the price itself (the “what”). Connect with Guest: LinkedinLink Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia:
36:01 5/3/23
Quit Pointing Fingers: It's About Brand & Demand Balance with Palmer Houchins
"Do more with less" is this year's most-hated phrase for marketers. And for brand marketers, this means a direct hit to budgets responsible for a company's reputation. On this episode of SaaS Half Full, Lindsey talks with Palmer Houchins, Head of Marketing at G2, about the lopsided finger-pointing that often happens between demand and brand teams, especially in a recession when short-term ROI is king. Grab a drink and join the discussion as Palmer dives into what CMOs often get wrong about their thinking regarding brand spend, how to intertwine brand and demand to create balance, and shares his opinions on creating a founder brand. Connect with Palmer: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia: 
33:51 4/19/23
The Great Divide Between Corp Comms & Marketing with Grace Williams
Gone are the days of internal-only communication. Every internal message is now at the risk of being shared externally, creating more pressure to skilfully craft statements surrounding economic, societal, or company impact events (RIFs, outage, data breach, etc.). As a result, the role of Corporate Communications has never been more in demand and vital to a company's long-term reputation. So, why does the function still report to marketing, a department typically focused on short-term tactics for direct ROI? In this episode, Grace Williams, SVP of BLASTmedia, shares her opinion and makes the case for Chief Communications Officers and other high-level corp comm leaders reporting directly to the CEO. Connect with Grace: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia:
27:24 4/5/23
Why Hidden Pricing is Enemy #1 with Allyson Havener
Despite data supporting the case for creating a more self-serve buying process, many SaaS revenue teams are still operating in a way that is legit the opposite of what today's buyer wants. New report data from more than 2,000 B2B tech buyers reveals what self-serve looks like in practice - and it's transparent pricing, free demos, and no freakin' cold calls. Listen as Lindsey speaks with Allyson Havener, VP of Marketing at TrustRadius, about the report's results and how it's changing the course for SaaS go-to-market teams. Connect with Allyson: Learn more about TrustRadius: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia:
30:50 3/22/23
What You Can Learn From a B2B Mystery Shopper with Gracey Cantalupo
Who here is guilty of building and running a marketing and sales playbook, then delaying changing it because it took so damn long to implement? Often, the paralysis is due to not knowing where to start.  Gracey Cantalupo, CMO at MentorcliQ, says to begin with being a good buyer first and go back to the start - which can be done in a couple of not-so-time-intensive steps. In this episode, listen as she and Lindsey Groepper discuss how hiring someone to walk your virtual storefront (yes, a mystery shopper!) and actually being on a software buying committee can be worth its weight in gold. Connect with Gracey: Learn more about MentorcliQ: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia:
28:33 3/8/23
Investment Vibe Check: Two VCs Discuss
This special Fireside Chat edition brings together two SaaS VCs to discuss the current investment landscape vibe. Tackling everything from the technologies they are bullish on to the importance of burn efficiency in defining financial health, the current sitch is both conservative and optimistic. Sara Omohundro, Principal at Elevate Ventures, and David Kerr, Managing Director of Allos Ventures, are two experienced SaaS investors who joined Lindsey in-office for an agency discussion. Tune in to hear the unscripted conversation from the boots on the ground in SaaS investing. Connect with Sara: Connect with David: Learn more about Allos Ventures: Learn more about Elevate Ventures: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia:
34:56 2/22/23
What Marketers Can Learn from Netflix with Jennifer Griffin Smith
Media companies like Netflix create content to make money, plain and simple. If it doesn't perform, it isn't renewed or promoted. With this idea in mind, why are B2B marketers creating video content without expecting performance? Jennifer Griffin Smith, CMO of Brightcove, wants marketers to think and act more like a media company. In this episode, Jennifer explains how a successful video strategy isn't contained to large companies with high-production capabilities, the role of user (customer) generated content, and why she believes B2B has a place on TikTok. Are you ready to think more like Netflix? Press play.  Connect with Jennifer: Learn more about Brightcove:  Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia:
29:45 2/8/23
The Subjectivity of SaaS M&A, with Thomas Smale
When looking to exit through acquisition, what makes one SaaS company stand out from the others? The answer is...nothing definitively. It's all subjective, according to Thomas Smale, CEO and Founder of FE International, an M&A advisory firm. In this episode, Thomas and Lindsey discuss the benefits and drawbacks of a strong founder brand, common mistakes he sees companies make when positioning for an exit (like cutting the wrong expenses), and the "analysis paralysis" that prevents buyers from making an offer. Connect with Thomas: Learn more about FE International: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia:
35:17 1/11/23
Back That SaaS Up—Recapping 2022
What a ride 2022 has been! Another year with fantastic guests has come to an end, but we’re not closing out the season until we review our most downloaded episodes. We’ve talked about gaining alignment with your C-suite, how to get the most out of your PR agency relationship, when to sell your SaaS business, and even how to make your brand un-bland. Whether you’ve listened to the full episodes or not, enjoy this recap of 2022’s best, and feel free to revisit the conversations in the archives. Connect with Lindsey:  Learn more about BLASTmedia:
10:21 12/28/22
What’s Up 2023? MarTech Predictions with Kazuki Ohta, Treasure Data
It’s that time of year again! Marketing industry predictions are one of our favorite topics, and we’re sticking with the tradition. To share 2023 B2B SaaS marketing predictions, we have Kazuki Ohta, CEO and Co-founder of Treasure Data, a leading customer data platform. In this episode, Kaz and Lindsey discuss predictions like the rise of Chief Customer Officers, what will replace cookie-driven strategies, and the trend of proactive data governance. Tune in to hear Kaz unpack all of his predictions for 2023. Connect with Kazuki Ohta: Learn more about Treasure Data: Connect with Lindsey: Learn more about BLASTmedia:
26:11 12/14/22

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