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IN CLEAR FOCUS is a weekly podcast offering fresh perspectives on marketing and advertising from experienced practitioners and notable thought leaders. With topics relevant to B2C and B2B marketers, we discuss strategy, branding, media, creative, and analytics. And there's a monthly book club featuring exclusive interviews with authors and discounts on featured titles. Level up your marketing with IN CLEAR FOCUS. New episodes every Tuesday, wherever you listen to podcasts.


In Clear Focus: MyTelescope - Share of Search Analysis
IN CLEAR FOCUS: Carl Klevbo, lead analyst at MyTelescope, explains how and why share of search has emerged as an accessible way to measure brand awareness and forecast market dynamics. We discuss the origins of share of search, its benefits over conventional research methods, and the correlation between brands’ share of search and market share. Carl provides examples of share of search in action and how the MyTelescope SaaS platform is supporting agency strategists and account planners.
31:01 12/5/23
In Clear Focus: Buyer Persona Institute with Jim Kraus
IN CLEAR FOCUS: Guest Jim Kraus is the President of the Buyer Persona Institute. In this episode, Jim explains the concept of Buyer Personas and unpacks the significance of buying insights for high-consideration purchase decisions. Jim walks listeners through the qualitative research process originated by the Buyer Persona Institute, known as the Five Rings of Insight, and describes case studies illustrating how profiles and Buyer Personas can make B2C and B2B marketing more effective. ​  
32:31 11/28/23
In Clear Focus: Stop Asking for Logos with Alex Santiago
IN CLEAR FOCUS: Award-winning creative strategist Alex Santiago discusses his experiences with the 4A's Multicultural Advertising Internship Program, becoming a creative director at Publix Supermarkets, and establishing his own agency. Alex's approach to strategy focuses on human connections, captured in his book, "Stop Asking For Logos," which offers insights for entrepreneurs and creative professionals seeking to navigate the complexities of integrated marketing with empathy and clarity.  
29:54 11/21/23
In Clear Focus: From Marginal To Mainstream with Helen Edwards
IN CLEAR FOCUS: Marketing Week columnist and brand strategist Helen Edwards is the author of "From Marginal To Mainstream." Helen discusses why marginal behaviors, practiced by small population segments, differ from trends and how they can drive product innovation and category growth. Helen also offers strategies for identifying behaviors that have mainstream potential. Listeners receive a 25 percent discount on "From Marginal To Mainstream" at use promo code BIGEYE25 at checkout.  
30:08 11/14/23
In Clear Focus: Future Cultures with Scott Smith and Susan Cox-Smith
IN CLEAR FOCUS: Scott Smith and Susan Cox-Smith of strategic foresight consultancy Changeist are co-authors of "Future Cultures: How To Build A Future-Ready Organization Through Leadership." Scott and Susan explain the practice of strategic foresight and how to be better prepared for a range of potential futures by embracing creative thinking and innovative methodologies. Listeners receive a 25 percent discount on "Future Cultures" at by using the promo code BIGEYE25 at checkout.  
35:17 11/7/23
In Clear Focus: with Mark Stouse
IN CLEAR FOCUS: Seasoned marketing executive and serial entrepreneur Mark Stouse discusses the importance of analytics and having a single source of truth for informed business decision-making. Mark explains how his platform,, aids businesses in tracking progress and making strategic decisions supported by artificial intelligence. Mark also reflects on the critical differences between being data-driven and analytics-led, sharing leadership insights from his forthcoming book.  
34:12 10/31/23
In Clear Focus: Connected Packaging with Jenny Stanley
IN CLEAR FOCUS: The first episode of our 13th season examines connected packaging with Jenny Stanley of Appetite Creative. Jenny explains how smart packaging bridges the gap between physical and digital commerce, enabling CPG brands to engage with consumers in innovative ways. We discuss how connected packaging provides invaluable data to improve marketing strategies and supply chain processes. Plus, new creative possibilities for brands and smart packaging's role in sustainability messaging.
30:43 10/24/23
In Clear Focus: Hispanic Heritage Month Special
IN CLEAR FOCUS: Marking the final episode of this season, Bigeye insights intern Miguel Zarzuela hosts the podcast, examining the complexities of US Hispanic identity. Miguel explores the history of Hispanic Heritage Month and engages in lively conversation with special guests Dr. Antoinette Perez, Andrea Diaz, and Romulo Zuzunaga. Hear how to avoid common stereotypes and misconceptions, and learn how brands can authentically market to and connect with the diverse US Hispanic community.
28:38 10/17/23
In Clear Focus: Pairzon with Lewis Rothkopf
IN CLEAR FOCUS: This week's guest is programmatic media expert Lewis Rothkopf, CRO at Pairzon. Without relying on third-party cookies, Pairzon's customer data platform facilitates precise audience targeting for omnichannel, DTC, and physical retailers. Lewis explains the importance of first-party data and how Pairzon's platform tracks consumer actions after ad exposure. We also discuss the role that machine learning and AI play in Pairzon, illustrated by real-world examples and case studies.    
35:03 10/10/23
In Clear Focus: Content Marketing Strategy with Robert Rose
IN CLEAR FOCUS: Robert Rose is the author of "Content Marketing Strategy," October's Bigeye Book Club selection. In this episode, Robert explains why coordinated communication and well-managed operations are key to establishing a successful content marketing strategy. We discuss the value of thinking like a media company, team structure, and outsourcing. Listeners receive a 25 percent discount on "Content Marketing Strategy" at by using the promo code BIGEYE25 at checkout.  
35:56 10/3/23
In Clear Focus: AI Strategy for Sales and Marketing (Encore)
IN CLEAR FOCUS: Guest Katie King is the author of "AI Strategy for Sales and Marketing." In this encore episode, Katie offers practical advice on how agencies can leverage AI, providing case studies illustrating how AI in marketing is impacting several different industry sectors, plus a practical framework for managing the introduction of AI tools. Listeners receive a 25 percent discount on "AI Strategy for Sales and Marketing" at by using the promo code BIGEYE25 at checkout.
32:20 9/26/23
In Clear Focus: GoodQues with Holland Martini and Maria Vorovich
IN CLEAR FOCUS: Market research innovators Holland Martini and Maria Vorovich, the co-founders of GoodQues, discuss why they're on a mission to humanize research data. Learn how their unorthodox methods yield emotionally intelligent insights, the benefits of conducting taste tests in bars, and how using storytelling makes data more 'sticky.' Holland and Maria also address the role of AI in research and discuss examples where techniques drawn from psychotherapy yielded deeper consumer insights.  
35:11 9/19/23
In Clear Focus: Who’s A Good Dog? with Jessica Pierce, Ph.D.
IN CLEAR FOCUS: Bioethicist Dr. Jessica Pierce joins us to discuss her newest book, “Who's A Good Dog?” Our conversation addresses US dog ownership and pet care marketing, the trend of humanizing pets, and the ethical considerations it raises. Dr. Pierce also introduces us to three 'C's that she believes are essential for a fulfilling human-dog relationship: Collaboration, Curiosity, and Compassion. A must-listen episode for all dog owners and anyone responsible for pet product marketing.
32:02 9/12/23
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00:32 9/5/23
In Clear Focus: Let Me Explain Black Again with Pepper Miller
IN CLEAR FOCUS: A thought-provoking discussion with Pepper Miller, author of "Let Me Explain Black Again," about Black Americans' lived experiences. Pepper sheds light on some of the historical misunderstandings about Black consumers and common missteps in multicultural marketing. Pepper also explains the growing influence of Black Millennials and the shift in societal consciousness surrounding race, calling for more accurate, respectful representations of the Black community in advertising.
30:41 9/5/23
In Clear Focus: Bigeye 2023 US Pet Owners Study (Encore)
IN CLEAR FOCUS: Dr. Andrea Laurent-Simpson of SMU discusses Bigeye's 2023 US Pet Owners Study, revealing that 97 percent consider their pets family members. Hear how owners derive personal happiness and emotional support from having pets, and why the data reflects consumers' desire for healthier lifestyles, holistic well-being, and the growing number of child-free or involuntarily childless individuals who treat their pets as family. Download the full report at  
31:30 8/29/23
In Clear Focus: From Viewability to Attention with Lumen Research
IN CLEAR FOCUS: As advertising grapples with the challenge of capturing and holding viewers' attention, Lumen Research has emerged as an industry leader, providing innovative solutions to help brands develop effective creative and plan media more efficiently. Bill Forelli, Lumen's VP of Sales for North America, explains the components of Lumen Research's suite of attention measurement, targeting, and activation tools and discusses the impact they can have on clients' campaign performance.
31:32 8/22/23
In Clear Focus: Brand Love with Lydia Michael
IN CLEAR FOCUS: This week's guest is Lydia Michael, CEO of multicultural marketing consultancy Blended Collective. Lydia discusses her new book, Brand Love, explaining the eight stages of brand love, the importance of incorporating emotional and rational drivers, and the power of multisensory marketing. We also examine how brands like Warby Parker and Trader Joe's cultivate meaningful customer relationships. For a 25 percent discount on Brand Love, use promo code BIGEYE25 at  
32:17 8/15/23
In Clear Focus: Demystifying Marketing Mix Modeling
IN CLEAR FOCUS: Greg Dolan of Keen Decision Systems joins us to demystify Marketing Mix Modeling. Greg explains how Keen's AI-driven model offers real-time insights and simulations, facilitating financial optimization and long-term brand value creation. Greg emphasizes the need for continuity in marketing, citing case studies that illustrate how going dark can result in loss of profitable demand. Learn how MMM supports decision-making with Keen's predictive and prescriptive planning outputs.  
26:08 8/8/23
In Clear Focus: Bigeye Property Marketing
IN CLEAR FOCUS: With 43 million rental units in the US, it's crucial to stand out from the crowd. Bigeye's Tom Mahoney and Rhett Withey discuss property marketing strategies for today's competitive housing market and share insights about building successful multi-family and student housing brands. Learn about Bigeye's 4-step process for creating distinctive property brands, including logo creation, designing color palettes, and drawing inspiration from nature and neighborhood elements.
26:25 8/1/23
In Clear Focus: Brand Strategy In Three Steps with Jay Mandel
IN CLEAR FOCUS: An interview with Jay Mandel, author of Brand Strategy in Three Steps: A Purpose-Driven Approach to Branding, Bigeye's featured book for July. Jay discusses how, after leaving corporate America, he spent five years teaching, consulting, and coaching - and why he wanted to reflect on his experiences in this book. Blending marketing principles with personal insights, and guided by candor, curiosity, and collaboration, Jay explains how to adopt a more meaningful marketing mindset. 
30:10 7/25/23
In Clear Focus: Marketing Sustainability
IN CLEAR FOCUS: Experts in sustainable development, retail, innovation, and consumer behavior explore the challenges and opportunities for marketing sustainability. We discuss topics including the shift to a purpose-driven economy, the advertising industry's impact on carbon emissions, and ways in which brand marketers can influence eco-friendly consumer choices with verifiable claims. To receive a 25 percent discount on books published by Kogan Page, use promo code BIGEYE25 at  
33:55 7/18/23
In Clear Focus: Brainsights with Kevin Keane
IN CLEAR FOCUS: Brainsights' CEO Kevin Keane discusses leveraging consumer brain data for creative effectiveness and optimizing brand integrations through salience, storytelling, and support. Based on consumer research, Kevin also reveals new data on the power of audio branding and explains how brands can imbue fresh meaning with the strategic use of sonic assets to support memory activation. We also discuss the roles of extrinsic and intrinsic attention and the future of insights and data.  
30:41 7/11/23
In Clear Focus: Build A Better Business Book with Josh Bernoff
IN CLEAR FOCUS: Josh Bernoff, author of "Build a Better Business Book," shares insights about writing and publishing successful business books. Josh offers tips for planning, outlining chapters, and eliminating writer's block. He discusses co-authoring, ghostwriting, and publishing models. Josh also provides expert advice on promotion and timing marketing efforts effectively. For readers and aspiring authors alike, this is a rare opportunity to hear from an accomplished industry insider.   
41:08 7/4/23
In Clear Focus: The Solutionists with Solitaire Townsend
IN CLEAR FOCUS: Solitaire Townsend, co-founder of change agency Futerra, joins us to discuss her book, The Solutionists: How Businesses Can Fix The Future. Solitaire shares insights about creating effective sustainability marketing and offers guidance on communications using a practical framework based on psychographics. We also explore a new green claims directive and the role of social media creators in promoting sustainability. Use promo code BIGEYE25 for a 25% discount at  
36:00 6/27/23
In Clear Focus: Assemblage with Dr. Emmanuel Probst
IN CLEAR FOCUS: Dr. Emmanuel Probst, Global Lead, Brand Thought-Leadership at Ipsos, discusses his book, Assemblage: The Art and Science of Brand Transformation. Emmanuel explains why, to be successful, brands need to focus on three dimensions: shaping expectations, harnessing context, and demonstrating empathy. We also discuss contextual brand tracking and how understanding the occasions that drive the choice of one brand over another can be more beneficial than analyzing the competitive set.  
33:15 6/20/23
In Clear Focus: Artificial Intelligence in Marketing
IN CLEAR FOCUS: Exploring the rapid adoption of Artificial Intelligence in marketing, we revisit conversations with recent guests, including Katie King, Renee Hartmann, Nick Wolny, Dave Kaye, Paul Sloane, Rohit Bhargava, and Martin Oxley. Conversations examine the ways in which AI is being used in sales and marketing, retail, consumer research, translation, and content creation with relevant examples and case studies. Links to the books mentioned in this episode are provided in the transcript.  
30:52 6/13/23
In Clear Focus: Bamboozled with Richard Bambrick
IN CLEAR FOCUS: A discussion about evidence-based marketing with Richard Bambrick, founder of Bamboozled, a UK-based research agency. Richard shares the importance of testing distinctive brand assets and a four-stage process for doing so. He also explains his approach to measuring brand health and how it differs from traditional awareness tracking. Plus, we learn about Bamboozled's focus on action-oriented insights and how they can help brands make better-informed marketing decisions.  
29:29 6/6/23
In Clear Focus: Martin Oxley of buzzback
IN CLEAR FOCUS: Martin Oxley, Managing Director of buzzback, discusses the evolving landscape of consumer research. Martin talks about the importance of understanding emotions in decision-making, the role of AI in research, and global collaborations in the industry. He also shares his personal experiences working with clients such as BMW, L'Oreal, and Verizon. Stay tuned to hear how his playlist was inspired by Dolly Parton and the key lessons he has learned throughout his career in this field.  
32:43 5/30/23
In Clear Focus: Better Brand Health with Jenni Romaniuk (Part 2)
IN CLEAR FOCUS: Jenni Romaniuk is the International Associate Director of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science at the University of South Australia. In the second part of our podcast interview about Jenni's new book, Better Brand Health, we dive deeper into Category Entry Points (CEPs), the 7Ws Framework, and metrics, including mental market share, mental penetration, network size, and share of mind. Hear Jenni unpack key concepts for understanding and improving brand health.
26:47 5/23/23