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On the RP Podcast, Nick and Lori discuss various nutrition and training related topics with both the super accomplished members of RP’s 1:1 coaching team as well as with RP’s amazing athletes, across various sports!


Nick and Mike's Holiday Eating Guide
0:28 Mike’s Thanksgiving plans 3:01 Nick’s Thanksgiving plans 5:31 Holiday eating rules from RP 10:05 Timing holidays for a mass gain phase 14:40 "All in" holiday eating 18:50 Lori used to make wayyyy too many cookies 23:51 Maintenance eating through the holidays 33:58 Fat loss diets fail during holidays  37:45 How to diet during holidays if you must 47:25 Food palatability reward hypothesis 57:18 Trying to fit “normal" food into a diet
62:34 11/27/23
How to Become a Coach pt V
0:27 Why pro athletes are bad at weight training 10:06 Building your brand recap 15:13 In person conduct and networking 30:51 Working with big names 43:37 Cheap is better than free 44:43 Podcast opportunities 52:28 "Public speaking” practice
60:47 11/20/23
Getting Started As A Fitness Coach pt IV
0:30 Olympia thoughts 8:02 Recap of how to start as a coach 9:01 Michigan football controversy 12:03 Building your reputation 21:35 Mike’s new posing song 22:50 Def Jam’s “How To Be A Player” 24:31 Demonstrating knowledge 27:15 Types of content to post 38:46 Scheduling posts and content consistency 44:00 Making genuine content 45:50 How Nick wrote his book  
48:05 11/13/23
Getting Started As A Fitness Coach pt III
RP Diet Coach app   RP Hypertrophy App      0:21 Night time leg training 1:45 Nick solved his hack squat problem 4:26 Dealing with pain in warm ups 6:23 Mentoring vs coaching 10:52 Keep your client documents professional 17:17 What Mike was doing in 1998 19:27 Get good results for your clients 27:10 Word of mouth is still king 31:35 Focusing on struggling clients 34:45 Sharing client results 41:48 Before and afters don’t work on IG anymore
51:35 11/6/23
Getting Started As A Fitness Coach pt II
1:02 Nick loves the show timestamps 2:43 Be a better coach review 4:10 Under promise over deliver 10:46 Why Nick loves Chick-fil-a 12:49 Focus on high quality service 18:00 How having less clients might be better 20:30 Does capitalism screw people over 22:25 What happened to Liver King 24:54 Your promise vs level of product 34:24 How to under promise and over deliver 38:45 Dealing with rude clients 52:02 More credentials are better
63:23 10/30/23
Getting Started As A Fitness Coach And Building Your Brand
0:45 Nick was supposed to be in 300 2:13 Mike’s story about short people lying 7:22 Mike doesn’t judge people because he's weird 9:42 Mike can’t wait to get a colonoscopy 14:04 How to get started as a coach 16:55 Israetel Shaw 2024 24:55 Common sense practices 30:40 Nick’s Illuminati CEO group 36:19 Making the client happy 41:48 Don’t take things personally 44:15 Nick had to learn to “let it go” 56:30 Nick is illogical about Michigan football 1:02:03 Learning and improving skill sets 1:08:18 How to prioritise your time
74:09 10/23/23
Gym Etiquette Part II
0:30 The one exercise that hurts the most 2:31 Filming at the gym 7:44 Filming in public in general 11:55 Don’t read or worry about comments 19:29 What can gyms do about filming 27:39 Filming leads to better technique 31:42 How Mike deals with being on camera  34:50 Hoggin multiple machines 42:45 Gym bags 48:45 Sweating on equipment
52:36 10/16/23
The Do's And Don'ts of Gym Etiquette
0:29 Whats it like being Dr. Mike 2:43 Taylor Swift fans watching football 4:37 Conspiracy theories 10:42 Gym etiquette 13:15 Talking during sets 17:32 When Dr. Mike and Nick joked too far 20:34 Getting offended too easily 25:35 Learn to  take a joke  32:14 Be okay with gym chaos 39:10 Gym after work chaos 40:38 How to work in 49:08 Music in the gym 50:23 Body odor 54:47 Overdoing cologne 56:20 Rack your weights 1:01:48 Wiping down equipment 1:10:55 Unsolicited advice 1:13:55 Shirtlessness at the gym 1:18:10 Vacation gym training 1:20:10 Inappropriate Outfits
85:05 10/9/23
How To Train Kids Pt. II
0:27 Working on vacation 2:58 Training kids recap 8:18 Smith machine throws explained 10:46 Ab training for sport 13:58 Progression for children 22:15 Technique reinforcement for kids 28:13 Growth hormone 29:19 Buying equipment for kids 32:56 Vacations, weekends, deloads 35:45 How to make kids hate exercise 42:43 Eating and sleep and soreness 44:57 Most important things teach kids 51:37 Seeing kids competitive side
53:12 10/2/23
How To Train Kids
0:46 London trip and awful accents 2:46 Moose hunting in Canada 4:36 Cross country volunteering 5:34 Training kids 8:41 Weight training stunts growth? 10:51 Injury concerns 11:41 Don’t force them to train 21:03 How old to start training 26:26 Fighting with kids about nutrition 28:17 What does child programming look like 34:44 Mike’s parent censoring Forest Gump 36:56 Kids have lots of growth hormone 39:39 How to progress kids
44:40 9/25/23
Injury vs Pain - How to Comeback from an Injury
1:33 Working on labor day 3:06 Pain and injury recap 6:04 Pain is weakness leaving the body & motivational sayings 14:05 What to do when feeling pain 22:50 What to do when pain doesn’t subside 26:03 When to take time off 33:15 Trying to come back fast from injury is the wrong mindset 38:34 The Tren Twins and teens on drugs 42:11 Training one arm if the other is injured 45:56 Training lighter after injury and BFR training 48:00 Nick is traveling to his homeland 50:45 When to see a doctor 58:47 What can doctors actually do for you 1:03:00 Sports medicine doctors 1:11:54 Mike asks chat gpt about injury recovery
81:57 9/18/23
Pain vs Injury - How to Tell the Difference
0:27 Mike is a mean YT fitness celebrity 3:42 Nick discovers Fairlife milk 6:04 Being popular in school 11:07 What is pain exactly 15:40 What is injury 21:29 Pain and injury relationship 26:22 Pain without injury 31:39 How to tell good or bad pain 41:00 Pain during work sets 46:10 What to do if you are possibly injured 59:16 Lifting lighter 1:01:15 Changing exercises 1:04:15 ROM modulation
69:38 9/11/23
Should You Train While Sick?
0:20 Nick and Mike’s rap career 2:42 Week 1 leg training 4:01 Damage vs growth 8:52 Determining growth in studies 12:53 Training while hurt or sick 17:03 Good health and body composition 20:16 Are you actually sick? 30:25 What to do if   you are really sick 34:24 Nick’s sick anger 39:08 Getting back to training 47:07 When to scrap a mesocycle 52:29 Recommendations on contest prep
58:22 9/4/23
What Is The "Best" Exercise
0:27 Diet and training updates 5:57 The best exercise 10:19 Variation factors 15:35 Context 19:04 Training changes with experience 25:55 What makes an exercise better 33:16 Program design 35:10 Stimulus To Fatigue Ratio 44:42 Fatigue factors 51:10 Fat loss vs muscle gain exercises 53:04 How to choose the exercise 59:39 Nick and Mike’s fav exercises
69:50 8/28/23
All About Protein Powder
0:27 Mike’s post show recovery 2:10 Nick’s kids cheat meals 4:25 Mike’s cheat meal rules 8:30 Protein powder intro 9:58 Whey protein explained 16:40 Casein vs whey before bed 18:05 Nick’s casein pudding 22:03 Casein explained 29:30 Lactose intolerance 32:00 Beef protein powder 34:40 Vegan and soy protein 38:43 Nick’s kids genetics and young bodybuilding 47:13 Protein summary 49:11 Gross eating
53:18 8/21/23
All About Deloads
0:30 Intro to deloads 1:13 How deloads were incorporated into RP 6:18 “I don’t do deloads” 8:35 Taking time off on your own terms 10:43 Technical definition of deload 15:12 Why bring down fatigue 19:33 How often to deload 23:50 Fatigue indicators 25:40 Special supplements affect on fatigue 33:05 Goggins doesn’t understand recovery 36:37 What does a deload look like 42:36 Feeling worse after deload
52:07 8/14/23
All About Protein Bars
0:51 Protein bar taste test video 2:57 Protein bars ranked, snickers 6:50 MetRx 7:52 Anabar 11:52 Ways of ranking protein bars 17:30 Calorie to protein ratio 19:54 Sugar alcohols explained 25:30 Keto ice cream trend 28:24 Carb vs fat amount 32:51 Price matters 34:06 Built puff bar 39:58 How filling the bars are 43:50 More fat than protein 46:50 Gatorade protein bar
49:23 8/7/23
Get More Out Of Your Training: How To Boost Your Motivation
1:20 Visiting Pittsburg 3:40 Living in Detroit 6:19 First meal after dieting 10:41 Eating at Outback in NYC 12:55 Nick and Mike are picky eaters 15:00 Nick's favorite cheat meal 22:15 Cheesecake Factory caloric insanity 30:10 Nanomachines 32:09 Motivation to train after a show 36:49 Motivation usually means adherence 40:06 Six adherence constructs 40:39 Inspiration 45:50 Types of goals 52:19 Intention 58:50 Best monopoly strategy 1:03:21 Discipline 1:07:06 Habit 1:14:54 Passion
87:39 7/31/23
Post Diet Blues - What to do next?
1:25 Mike is two weeks out from show 2:29 Post show training 5:45 Post diet rebound 14:12 Rebound hunger 17:21 Haunted house story 21:26 Sympathetic parasympathetic 25:49 How can we make the transition better 30:09 Levels to cheat foods 32:42 Protein bars explained 36:05 Fresh fruit hack 40:40 Reducing diet fatigue 46:28 Dieting gets easier with experience 51:01 Asian foods and desserts 57:27 Mesocycle length after a diet 1:01:20 Muscle rebound after a diet
66:46 7/24/23
Nick Shaw Wins His IFBB Pro Card
0:18 Nick is a pro! 6:13 Jumping in an extra show 12:42 Nicks show experience 15:11 900 grams carbs eating 17:41 How did Nick relax 20:57 Friday carbs and fluids 24:30 The tanning experience 31:45 Show day  36:38 Pump up and on stage 41:50 Finals 47:54 Results 56:00 Post show  59:23 Post show cheat meal 1:01:57 Plan moving forward
74:43 7/17/23
Steroids - The Ultimate Shortcut?
0:20 Nick's upcoming show 0:40 Cumulative fatigue 5:08 Steroids aren't a shortcut 7:29 Mike's first drug experience  11:51 Nick thought drugs were only for degenerates 18:39 Defining steroids 21:08 How steroids work 26:15 Likely results 31:19 Females and steroids 34:34 Side effects 40:17 Psychological side effects 46:06 Why steroids are awful 48:52 "The burden" 1:00:00 Genetics role in steroids
64:38 7/10/23
Semaglutide - Wonder Drug
1:09 Semaglutide intro 3:16 Nick's first impressions 5:45 Hunger levels 9:50 GLP-1 science explained 16:20 How it works 18:21 Cravings solved 20:57 Why/how should you take it 28:25 Hunger after coming off the drug 32:56 Individual response differences 36:10 How does it feel  38:00 Possible downsides 44:42 Potential abuse issues 47:47 Getting sick on certain food choices 49:50 Alcohol use on Semaglutide 53:03 Sleep Effects 58:48 Gen 5 and Gen 6 drugs 1:05:30 Obesity epidemic is ending
67:33 7/3/23
Achieving Diet Success With 2023 Transformation Challenge Winner Megan
0:50 Megan transformation winner 3:34 What did she learn from her first challenge 6:41 Holding back for better results 10:25 Pontzer paradox 14:47 Why Megan likes lifting now better than running 19:21 Managing diet with her lifestyle 23:35 What are her "secrets" to winning 32:25 Her lifting and steps 34:35 Go to foods and meal prep 37:35 Nick is a casein pudding fiend 39:45 Did she struggle with hunger 42:13 Any cheating? 46:24 How is maintenance going 50:51 How to deal with unpredictability
55:33 6/26/23
How To Eat To Gain The Most Muscle
0:30 Bodybuilding sucks 3:18 Nutrition For Muscle Growth 4:24 Defining Your Goal 8:10 Gaining fat problem 10:10 Gaintaining 14:41 Rate of weight gain 19:00 How to deal with looking fat 26:50 New RP products for gaining muscle 28:42 What should your surplus be 30:10 Cheat meals 35:55 Reframing your thinking 40:37 Increasing calories after dieting 45:16 How do you decide what macros to add 48:16 Mass season 51:18 Can you mini cut forever 54:00 Semiglutide
59:48 6/19/23
How To Build An AMAZING Muscle Growth Program
0:33 Would you make love to your clone 2:01 Jetsons vision of the future 4:23 Last podcast recap 5:35 Only train what you want to get bigger 9:37 What should females train 17:32 Training frequencies 26:56 How to arrange your muscle groups in your training 34:50 Nick's genetics gifts 36:20 Is an arm day worth it 39:29 Children's sports getting intense 43:45 Why compound lifts are so great 46:46 Exercise choice within the week 49:46 Mesocycle length 54:19 When to deload
64:48 6/12/23
How To Grow Muscle And Get Jacked
0:34 Dr. Mike's degree 3:15 Best way to combine diet and training 4:55 Why you should do a needs analysis 11:44 Establishing time horizons 14:55 How much muscle can you gain in a year 20:35 Nick's 25lb high school weight gain 23:44 How much fat vs muscle gain 25:47 How often should you be lifting 30:07 Chose your plan correctly 40:16 Pick the sure thing
44:51 6/5/23
All About The RP Hypertrophy App
1:15 Nick gets a ticket 4:31 RP hypertrophy app 6:43 Why its not strength training 9:00 Who the app is for 14:27 App works on computer too 16:29 How the app was tested 19:06 Beta release 26:22 The movie "Air" 29:21 Why are athletes paid so much 37:27 How to make a program in the app 44:45 Figuring out Reps in Reserve 50:20 Nick's app experience 52:52 Rest timers 1:06:05 Mike's fav part of the app
71:02 5/29/23
Hypertrophy 102- How To Train For MOST Muscle Growth
Sign up to get exclusive first access to the RP Hypertrophy App:   0:00 Intro 0:45 Hypertrophy 101 recap 3:05 Hypertrophy app release 4:18 How to pick exercises 5:45 What's good technique 8:43 How much load 14:55 How to judge reps in reserve 19:11 Recovering for the next workout 23:23 Heavy compound lifts or machines 25:03 How do you progress 28:37 Why do we deload
35:01 5/22/23
Hypertrophy 101- What ACTUALLY Causes Muscle Growth?
Sign up to get exclusive first access to the RP Hypertrophy App:   0:00 Intro 1:02 Simplifying muscle building 3:27 SRA explained 4:36 Stimulators of hypertrophy explained 11:01 Tension  15:25 Lifting too light or heavy 20:28 Repetition Ranges  23:46 Using bands on machines 25:48 Lengthen Partials explained 30:38 Metabolites 32:52 The pump 34:47 Jacked guys not using full ROM 38:10 Damage
43:44 5/15/23
What ACTUALLY Causes Obesity?
1:03 Mother talk 5:15 Parenting 9:14 Obesity introduction 12:41 Obesity in America 16:03 What causes obesity 19:03 What decisions cause obesity 24:12 Genetics role in obesity 26:18 Stress and eating 33:39 Convenience of food 39:30 Ozempic 45:45 Activity levels 49:35 How to reduce obesity 54:25 How to eat healthy and cheap 59:39 Pharmaceutical revolution 1:03:55 Getting sick of junk food 1:09:06 Discovering healthy foods 1:16:05 Dogs being food obsessed
78:42 5/8/23

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