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The New World Pictures Podcast is dedicated to every movie released by New World Pictures.  We talk about the things we loved and the things we hated along with the detailed history of each film's history and production. Founded by the infamous Roger Corman, New World Pictures was responsible for the greatest genre and exploitation films of the 1970's and 1980's.  Remember all those movies that lived proudly in the Action, Horror, Comedy and Sci-Fi isles of the video store?  Titles like Death Race 2000, Hellraiser, Heathers and Piranha.  They were all made by New World Pictures. In addition to talking about the films themselves, we talk with the Writers, Producers and Directors who worked with New World Pictures.


Bonus Episode: Interview with director Brian Trenchard-Smith (DEAD END DRIVE-IN, TURKEY SHOOT)
Our #SciFiJuly Presents #DystopianSummer continues with an interview with DEAD END DRIVE-IN director Brian Trenchard-Smith! From the beginnings with the script to the purchase of the movie by New World Pictures at the Cannes Film Festival, Brian tells us all about the journey of his film, while also telling tales about a few of his other films, including STRIKE OF THE PANTHER and THE MAN FROM HONG KONG! Perhaps fittingly, Brian spoke to us while sitting outside during a heat wave, but that didn't damper his spirits as told us about the importance of having a good mechanic, gave a sweet eulogy to the late, great Grant Page, and described how they shot two stunt sequences for DEAD END DRIVE-IN on the same day.  Don't miss this interview with an exploitation legend!   
49:11 7/15/24
Nearly New World: John Carpenter's Escape From New York
We continue with #SciFiJuly Presents #DystopianSummer with a Nearly New World that is very close to the hearts of (most of) the hosts of this show: John Carpenter's ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. No, this was not released by New World Pictures, but, fret not, we will explain how we fit into our Nearly New World series.  Will the hosts gush about the movie? Yes! Will they offer criticisms? Kind of, a little! They will also discuss  why this movie is so important to (most of) them,  offer their own Letterboxd synopses, and of course, compare the original to ESCAPE FROM L.A.  Will Henry Thomas ever listen to this show after this? Doubtful! But you can listen to every episode and follow along with the #DystopianSummer here:    
53:13 7/9/24
Ep. 124: Dead End Drive In
We kick off #SCI-FI-JULY Presents: Dystopian Summer with one of the all time classic Australian dystopian action films, 1986's DEAD END DRIVE IN.  Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith and starring Ned Manning and Natalie McCurry, DEAD END DRIVE IN has everything you want from a movie set in a dystopian future - crazy car chases, crazier outfits and a drive in movie theater where you can get in, but you can't get out. With a killer soundtrack and a wild set piece, it's hard not to love DEAD END DRIVE IN.  We were so excited to talk about this movie that we had to break away from our usual episode structure.  Why wait for "final questions" when we can ask throughout the episode?  We talk about unconventional workout routines, Marc's love of Pepsi (of course), the evolution of drive-in theater technology, fashion forward hairstyles and blanket issues.  This episode also holds the record for the most times we've said the word, "dystopian" in a single episode. 
79:15 7/3/24
Ep. 123: Angels Hard as They Come
We continue #JuneVROOM with 1971’s ANGELS HARD AS THEY COME, co written and produced by Jonathan Demme and starring Scott Glenn as Long John and Charles Dierkop as the General, two rival Bikers who are at odds over the murder of an innocent woman. Also starring the one and only Gary Busey as Henry, the peace seeking desert Hippie. Join Long Marc, Glasses, and Dome as they reminisce about their first viewing of this film, the pros and cons of ketosis, and dissect the sights and smells of the biker ghost town. For more about the podcast, go to
70:50 6/24/24
Ep. 122: The Great Texas Dynamite Chase
We continue #JuneVROOM with 1976's THE GREAT TEXAS DYNAMITE CHASE starring Claudia Jennings and Jocelyn Jones as two women who decide to go on a crime spree of robbing banks with dynamite! But, is that the best plan for robbing a bank? How harmful is too much grout in a shower? And what exactly are "meats and cheese?" We attempt to answer all these questions, plus, we dissect the sound of a dud piece of dynamite, Erica finds herself turning a corner with this month's selections, Ryan get emotional, and Marc gets personal with a story of childhood dynamite.  Rubs your hands together in excitement for this one and sit down on your bun and listen!
72:51 6/17/24
Nearly New World: Gone in Seconds (1974)
We are kicking off #juneVROOM otherwise known as J. Marc's Joyous June with Gone in 60 Seconds.  Not THAT Gone in 60 Seconds.  The original from 1974 directed by and starring H. B. Halicki (THE JUNKMAN). As is customary with the New World Pictures podcast we take a deep dive into a movie that starts slow and ends with a 40 minute car chase scene that might be one of the best ever filmed.  It's a really great scene.  You should watch it. Erica reveals to Ryan and Marc that her Uncle owned a peculiar car security company who's jingle may or may not have been the inspiration of "Welcome to the Jungle". Marc proclaims to the voice and face of a new generation.  We talk a lot about Long Beach (CA not NY) and the state of LAX in 1974 and we introduce new sponsorship opportunities for Pepsi.  You listening Pepsi?  Be our sponsor.  
56:24 6/12/24
Bonus Episode: Ranking the 70s/80s Marvel Cinematic Universe featuring Tarik Davis
Sadly friends, it’s the end of Marc’s Miserable MARVELous May II, where we celebrate the New World Pictures era of Marvel, and we wanted to send it off with a celebration and ranking of the 1970s and 1980s Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with our special guest - returning from last year's 90s MCU ranking - filmmaker and actor Tarik Davis.   We rank our top 8 from this list of Marvel movie classics:  Spider-Man (1977), Dr. Strange (1978), Captain America and Captain America II: Death Too Soon (1979), Howard the Duck (1986), The Incredible Hulk Returns (1988), The Trial of the Incredible Hulk (1989) and The Punisher (1989). And how we rank these will surprise you!   We also discuss a potential a new nickname for Erica and Tarik's friendship. We talk about the movie selection process of Little Ryan.  And, of course, we talk about that time Marc opened up and PRAISED a Marvel movie!  You won't want to miss this! For more about Tarik, head here: For more about the podcast, go to
108:52 6/5/24
Roger Corman Tribute featuring Allan Arkush, Allan Holzman, and Tony Randel
Roger Corman passed away on May 9, 2024, and we knew we wanted to do something special to commemorate his passing, so we are lucky to be joined by director/editors Allan Arkush (HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD, ROCK 'N' ROLL HIGH SCHOOL), Allan Holzman (FORBIDDEN WORLD), and Tony Randel (HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER 2) to discuss their careers and memories working with Roger. We hope you enjoy this tribute. Hail to the king! 
62:19 5/27/24
Ep. 121: The Punisher featuring Justin Grams
Marc's Miserable MARVELous May II continues with 1989's THE PUNISHER! For this Dolph Lundgren classic, we brought out the big guns with our friend and New World Super Fan Justin Grams! Will Marc withstand the very first Punisher comic book adaptation? Will he finally like a Marvel movie? Anything can happen when you combine producer Robert Mark Kamen (KARATE KID/THE TRANSPORTER) and director Mark Goldblatt (DEAD HEAT)! Justin, Ryan, and Erica will try to keep him entertained with a possible Punisher musical, the lowdown on New World Pictures (Australia) and all the deleted footage from the workprint,, and the ultimate cure for sewer throat! But will he be able to look past the "American accents" of the Australian actors? Listen to find out!   
84:36 5/22/24
Ep. 120: Trial of the Incredible Hulk featuring Tommy Bechtold
In this episode we continue the triumphant return of Marc's Miserable MARVELous May, where we talk about the Marvel movies and TV shows made by New World Pictures. We have return guest Tommy Bechtold from our DEF-CON 4 episode to talk about 1989's TRIAL OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK. Starring Bill Bixby, and Lou Ferrigno, and a special appearance by Rex Smith as Daredevil. Tune in for exclusive scoops, classic sayings, and stories so incredible you have to hear them to believe them.
90:07 5/14/24
Ep. 119: Power Pack featuring Peter Fluet
It's the return of Marc's Miserable MARVELous May where we talk about the Marvel movies and TV shows made by New World Pictures.  We've invited Peter Fluet from Ep. 85: Generation X and Ep. 33: Star Crystal to kick off this special month with the memorable yet hard-to-find TV pilot, Power Pack.  This episode is full of New World Pictures Podcast "firsts".  It's the first Marvel movie or TV show that none of us had seen before.  It's the first movie or TV show we've discussed with a runtime of under 30 minutes, but that didn't stop us for talking about it for a full hour! This episode is a prime example of your hosts and Peter simply having a good time and it shows.  You get it all.  Peter Breaks down the terrifying premise of Power Pack comic book while also creating an account on Letterboxd in real time.  Erica does a bang up horse imitation.  Ryan shares his trials and tribulations with being the new kid at school.  We all share horror stories about trying to make a phone call during the dark ages when homes had one phone, and it was in the kitchen. Plus, you, the listener, get a sneak peak into the our collective upbringings including how proper parents relax after a hard days work. We also talk about Power Pack.
61:41 5/8/24
Ep. 118: Tom Clancy's Op Center
All good things must come to an end, and so we must say goodbye to #AprilSweeps! But not before we have one last hurrah at Tom Clancy's OP CENTER! Or is it Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik's OP CENTER? Don't worry, because your hard-working hosts are going to get to the bottom of it all as they dig in to this mini-series adaptation created by New World Television. They're even bringing in the big guns: Human Resources! Listen as they discuss the difficulties of that first day at work, questionable accents, and the important work of one incredible woman. With actors like Carl Weathers, Harry Hamlin, Kim Cattrall and Wilford Brimley along for the ride, you too may fall in love with the OP CENTER!
86:53 4/30/24
Ep. 117: Georgia Peaches featuring Dunbar Dicks
We continue with #AprilSweeps with a TV movie from the Roger Corman era of New World Pictures!  Long before New World Television existed, Corman produced GEORGIA PEACHES aka FOLLOW THAT CAR for network TV starring the American South, along with country singer Tanya Tucker, Berlin's Terri Nunn, and Battlestar Galactica's Dirk Benedict!  Joining us for this episode is returning guest Dunbar Dicks, an editor and story producer for reality TV show also gives us a tutorial on Southern accents and reveals how many degrees away we are from Tanya Tucker. We also discuss yachts vs. tugboats, jail vs. prison, and pick our least favorite A-Team member! Don't miss this episode, it's more fun that riding a horse through a carnival!  
92:55 4/22/24
Ep. 116: THE GLADIATOR (1986)
It's our 2nd week of #Aprilsweeps where we continue to celebrate the TV movies made by New World Television. This week we immerse ourselves in the exciting/dangerous/sexy?/cigarette 1986 made for TV vigilante-action film THE GLADIATOR (not that GLADIATOR)! Starring Ken Wahl, Nancy Allen, and Robert Culp and surprise (spoiler) appearance by Rick Dees!  Join Marc, Erica, and Ryan as they reminisce about a simpler time when seat belts were optional, Weinerschnitzel went by Der, and soccer refs needed no prior experience or knowledge of the game. Marc teases out a possible fall lineup for NWPP and resurfaces a deep musical cut.
65:49 4/17/24
Ep. 116: The Gladiator
It's our 2nd week of #Aprilsweeps where we continue to celebrate the TV movies made by New World Television. This week we immerse ourselves in the exciting/dangerous/sexy?/cigarette 1986 made for TV vigilante-action film GLADIATOR. Not that Gladiator! Starring Ken Wahl, Nancy Allen, and Robert Culp and surprise (spoiler) appearance by Rick Dees! Join the Marc, Erica, and Ryan as they reminisce about a simpler time when seat belts were optional, Weinerschnitzel went by Der, and soccer refs needed no prior experience or knowledge of the game. Marc teases out a possible fall lineup for NWPP and resurfaces a deep musical cut.  Plus we learn serious impact smoking has on your ability to discern food flavors.  They don't make TV movies like this anymore.
65:49 4/16/24
Ep. 115: False Witness
It's #Aprilsweeps where we celebrate the TV movies made by New World Television.  We're kicking things off with 1989's False Witness starring Phylicia Rashad (The Cosby Show) and Philip Michael Thomas (Miami Vice).  Lynne Jacoby (Phylicia Rashad) is a district attorney investigating the attempted murder of a popular daytime TV talk show host not unlike luminaries like Sally Jessy Raphael.  Bobby Marsh (Philip Michael Thomas), an Assistant District Attorney and Jacoby's lover, joins the investigation and shows the world that not all investigators are good at their job.   What lacks in real suspense is more than made up for with uncomfortable shoulder kissing.  We learn that Marc doesn't recognize the difference between CSI and Law & Order, Erica talks about the many musical roles Philip Michael Thomas was up for, Ryan struggles to pronounce "Phylicia" and we debate which is the best Miami Tourism Board theme song.  You will want to witness this episode.  
77:18 4/9/24
4th Annual Roger Corman Birthday Celebration
It's that time of year when we celebrate the work of director/producer Roger Corman, by watching some of his past work and report it back to each other!  Will Marc, Ryan, and Erica watch the same movie or will they, as they have from the very first Roger Corman Birthday Celebration, not watch the same film? You will have to listen to find out! This episode comes live from the New World cafe, with a smattering of fans there to join the celebration. Happy Birthday, Roger! Thank you for you do and all you have done! 
50:39 4/1/24
Convince Me: Space Jam (1996)
Our sub-series Convince Me returns after a long hiatus to close out #MarchMadness as we say goodbye to the sports movies of New World Pictures. But will the co-host who adores this blend of Looney Tunes and National Basketball Academy star Michael Jordan be able to convince the other co-hosts to love it? You'll have to listen to find out! That's all, folks!
54:03 3/25/24
Ep. 114: Heart
We continue #MarchMadness with 1987's HEART starring Brad Davis (MIDNIGHT EXPRESS), Frances Fisher (UNFORGIVEN) and Steve Buscemi (EVERY OTHER MOVIE YOU LIKE).  At the heart of HEART lies Eddie, a boxer beset by misfortune who seeks the elusive "big win." More than just possessing a formidable right hook, Eddie is distinguished by his immense drive and unwavering heart.  Get it? Like a lot of boxing movies, HEART leads up to a final big fight, but there's a trick.  A mobster has bribed Eddie's promoter, Nicky (Steve Buscemi), and manager, Buddy (Frank Adu) to fix the fight.  If this sounds like THE PRIZE FIGHTER without the comic sensibilities of Tim Conway and Don Knotts you would be right.  Also, there's no musical number in HEART. While Eddie gets himself into fighting shape, we talk about smelling salts, difficult breakups and the value of having a generous vacation policy.  Marc uses the opportunity to talk about another unrelated movie he likes and Erica brings up a new angle for her eventually-to-be-made movie, STEAMIN'.  This episode has something for everyone.
76:40 3/19/24
Ep. 113: Raw Courage
We continue #MarchMadness with a movie that's not exactly about sports per se, but does feature a lot of running which is not just a form of self-torture, as some might think, but a sport! The film is a passion project for actor Ronny Cox, who also co-wrote the movie with his wife Mary, and depicts Cox and two other runners as they become targets of a survivalist militant group in the New Mexico desert!  M. Emmet Walsh leads the group who warns of the terrifying, and wholly unexplained, "crunch" that is coming for us all,   We also discuss Marc's new side podcast and nutrition drink, Erica feels good about a certain life choice, and Ryan gets grossed out by feet! Don't miss this discussion of a rarely discussed New World film!
84:33 3/11/24
Ep. 112: The Prize Fighter
Welcome to our first episode of #MarchMadness where we will talk about all the sports themed movies released by New World Pictures. Kicking off the month is 1979's THE PRIZE FIGHTER, starring funny guys Tim Conway and Don Knotts in their first non-Disney pairing! Join us for this family-friendly comedic romp (sorry kids, no titty count) as we debate such hot topics as carnivals versus fairs, is LITTLE NICKY a good movie, and take a deep dive into the pros and cons of investing in glue. So many things you will love, and perhaps some things you'll agree with us, you hated! All this and more in a sporty episode you will not want to miss!
73:40 3/6/24
Ep. 111: Hell Hunters
We wrap up our celebrated #febWARary with 1988's Hell Hunters directed by Ernst Ritter von Theumer.  Hell Hunters follows a team of Nazi hunters - Maud Adams (Octopussy), Candice Daly (The Young and the Restless), and Romulo Arantes (Blame it on Rio) - as they attempt to stop a former Nazi played by Stewart Granger (King Solomon's Mines) from unleashing a deadly poison that will turn people into zombies.   Take away the Nazi angle and Hell Hunters sounds surprisingly similar to the John Stamos / Gene Simmons masterpiece, "Never Too Young to Die".  If you thought that movie was horny, this movie takes it to a whole new level.  You see, the jungle is so full of life because it's so horny and our team of Nazi hunters spend a lot of time in the jungle.  They also attempt to make sweet, sweet love under a gushing waterfall in what might be the best(?) sex scene we've seen since Crystal Heart. Erica also makes a compelling case that spreadable butter is the ultimate aphrodisiac.  We talk a lot about spreadable butter and unibrow guy and loose airport security during the 1980s.  Like Hell Hunters, this episode goes to a lot of unexpected places. 
77:16 2/26/24
Ep. 110: Breaker Morant
We continue #FebWARary with director Bruce Beresford's BREAKER MORANT, which covers the very well-known (to Americans) Second Boer War. We attempt to offer a small background on the War as we discuss this Academy Award-nominated film, which follows three soldiers court-martialed by their own military. Also, Erica discovers the movie was based on true events (but also, frustratingly, a play), Marc can't stop thinking about AGAINST ALL ODDS, and all three hosts reveal their own personal code. For more about this podcast, including our original t-shirts, head to 
75:46 2/19/24
Nearly New World: Eye of the Eagle (1987)
We return to #FebWARary for a Roger Corman/Cirio Santiago film that New World DIDN'T release, but could have! The film, one of Santiago's many Namsploitation films, is at least filled with action and the debut of Robert Patrick, the eventual T-1000 of James Cameron's T2. We sharpen our gaze towards THE EYE OF THE EAGLE as Ryan takes us on a deep dive of the film's soundtrack, Erica points out the unique costumes, and Marc attempts to remember a single character name.  
45:28 2/12/24
Bonus Episode: Interview with GODZILLA 1985 co-director R.J. Kizer
R.J. Kizer returns to the podcast! A longtime New World Pictures editor, R.J. made his directorial debut with the American scenes that were inserted into GODZILLA 1985, New World's re-edit of Toho's THE RETURN OF GODZILLA.  We discuss how he became involved with the project, what it was like working with Raymond Burr, why GODZILLA 1985 never made it to DVD, as well as why stories about other New World projects like BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS, UP FROM THE DEPTHS, SPACE RAIDERS and even HELLRAISER! This is an in-depth look into the making of a New World film, from working with Roger Corman to working with GODZILLA 1985 producer Tony Randel and the 2nd New World ownership group! Don't miss this amazing conversation with a highly-entertaining New World veteran! 
67:42 2/5/24
Ep. 109: Last Plane Out
We kick off #FebWARary with 1983's Last Plane Out, a semi-fictionalized account of the events that took place days before the Sandinista's removed Anastasio Somoza from power in Nicaragua. It stars Jan-Michael Vincent (Airwolf), Julie Carmen (In the Mouth of Madness) and Mary Crosby whose character shot JR in TV's Dallas. Sounds exciting, right?  Wrong. But, what is exciting is the announcement of our new airline, Air Erica.  It's exactly what NWPPVIP's have been asking for.  Air Erica is putting the "f" back into flying".  And by "f" we mean "fun".  That is unless you brought a chess board because we all know what that leads to. Looking for onboard entertainment?  Each flight features its own DJ (DJ Emergency Exit) spinning beats from takeoff to landing.  The plane doesn't land until the DJ Emergency Exit says so.  What about movies?  Air Erica has you covered.  You can choose from "Ice Pirates" or "Waterworld".  Staying hydrated is important on Air Erica. Not convinced?  Well, bring your cigarettes because on Air Erica every section is a smoking section.  We look forward to seeing you on the next Air Erica flight.  
90:22 1/30/24
Ep. 108: Godzilla 1985 featuring Ali Davis
Finally, Godzilla returns! And this time, he's sleepier than ever!  After 9 years away from the box office, Japanese film studio Toho decided they need to expedite another GODZILLA movie and created 1984's THE RETURN OF GODZILLA. That film ended up in the hands of New World Pictures, who chopped it up and added extra American footage starring none other than Raymond Burr, who appeared in the Americanized version of the original Japanese movie, and the result is GODZILLA 85, a movie only New World could make! We'll discuss alternate ways of dispersing Godzilla, birds, the film's unique marketing strategy, cadmium, and, of course, Dr. Pepper!  Joining us is a returning guest, writer and performer Ali Davis, who brings with her a love of GODZILLA movies and many questions about the film's (surprisingly) confusing plot! Don't miss the discussion of this New World classic. For more episodes, merch, and more, go to  
83:43 1/22/24
Ep. 107: Lady Frankenstein with Chris Iannacone
In this #Monstruary episode we attempt to satisfy all your strange desires with 1971's Lady Frankenstien, directed by former Roger Corman regular Mel Welles (THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS). This spin on a classic tale was shot with an international cast, headlined by former Orson Welles regular Joseph Cotten. It's a real Welles-fest! Joining us in piecing this all together is the electric Chris Iannacone from Get Me Another podcast, you won't want to miss hearing this episode come to life. Follow Get Me Another here: Follow Chris here: For all our episodes, articles, and t-shirts go to 
99:01 1/16/24
2nd Annual Worldies and Our Running Top/Bottom 5 2023 Edition
Are you new to the New World Pictures Podcast?  Well, there's no better place to start than our 2nd Annual Worldies where we hand out awards to the best New World Pictures films we watched in 2023. We invited former guests and NWPPVIPs to help us present these prestigious awards including:  Jean Black (guest on Ep. 79: Torment; follow here) Neumie (NWPP VIP and host of the After These Messages Sketch Comedy Podcast; follow here) Dirk Marshall (guest on Ep. 98: Zombie Nightmare and host of the VH US Podcast; follow VH US here) Kookie Kuckenbaker (NWPP VIP) Erin Dawn (guest on Ep. 81: Reform School Girls, Ep. 97: Breaking All the Rules, and host of the Manic Movie Monday Podcast) Ali Davis (guest on Ep. 75: Up From the Depths, Ep. 96: Cover Girl Models, and author of True Porn Clerk Stories) Ben Jones (NWPP VIP, follow him here) Dunbar Dicks (guest on Ep. 30: Too Hot to Handle; follow him here) We also rank our top 5 from 2023 and, new to the 2nd Annual Worldies, we rank our bottom 5.   A huge thanks to the guests we've had the opportunity to interview on this podcast, our guest presenters, and to all of you, our audience, for listening to the New World Pictures Podcast.  On to 2024!
77:52 1/8/24
Ep. 106: Hellbound: Hellraiser II
On December 23, 1988, New World Pictures released the sequel to one of their greatest hits, thus creating #DIEcember for this podcast a mere 35 years later! We dig into this holiday delight and ask all the important questions, like: what happened to Kirsty's boyfriend Steve? What's the worst smell you can encounter at an airport? And what does Pinhead's version of hell?  Which character from this movie would you want as your roommate? We discuss that and much more in an episode that will hopefully help you celebrate the holiday season the way Clive Barker always intended!   
96:33 12/24/23

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