Show cover of Mindy Diamond on Independence: A Podcast for Financial Advisors

Mindy Diamond on Independence: A Podcast for Financial Advisors

Independence offers a great deal of freedom and flexibility, but it’s not for all financial advisors. This show explores the space and other options to help advisors assess what’s right for them, their clients and their businesses.


Industry Legend Ron Carson on What it Really Takes to Build a $20B Enterprise 58:46 01/12/2022
2021’s 10 Most Valuable Lessons from Advisors and Business Owners 36:30 01/05/2022
Industry Update on 2022: 11 Trends Destined to Impact Advisors and Their Businesses 33:17 12/15/2021
Barron’s Hall of Famer and Hightower Trailblazer Richard Saperstein: On Rising from Crisis, Team Building and the Real Value of a Business 51:27 12/08/2021
Wall Street Meets Main Street: How RBC Wealth Management Combines a Global Approach with a Regional Feel 59:14 12/01/2021
Creating Continuity: A UBS Breakaway on Building a Virtual Multi-Family Office 47:56 11/17/2021
A Culture of Choice: Why Raymond James Rocks the Regional Space and Advisor Recruiting 55:30 11/09/2021
Industry Update on Merrill’s Project Thunder: Too Little Too Late? 25:51 11/03/2021
Regional Culture, Global Capabilities: Stifel’s $400B Success Story 52:21 10/28/2021
Motivated by the Long Game: Why a UBS Breakaway Left a Deal Behind for Independence with Summit Financial 52:49 10/19/2021
A Losing Battle at Merrill: Why a Former Leader Left the Herd for Independence–the Value of Culture and the “Intoxicating” Effects of Freedom 55:51 10/12/2021
Third Gen UBS Breakaway Finds Sanctuary: $150mm in Assets and a Long Runway to Grow 42:54 10/06/2021
Industry Update on Recruiting: Should you go for the forgivable loan? 31:01 09/30/2021
Why a $5B UBS Breakaway Team Set Out to Build the “Boutique Firm of the Future” 53:35 09/23/2021
Industry Guru Bob Veres on Achieving Excellence and Building the Advisory Firm of the Future 49:59 09/17/2021
Ask the Breakaways: 3 Advisors Answer Your Questions About Making the Leap 72:45 09/09/2021
An “Industry Outsider” Shows What’s Possible When Building a Financial Planning Firm from the Ground Up 45:04 08/26/2021
Better Together or Apart: A Breakaway Advisor Shares Why He and His Team Chose Separate Paths 45:42 08/19/2021
How CPA Referrals Drove a Former Lincoln Financial Independent Group to $12B in Just 5 Years 46:26 08/12/2021
How an ex-Wells Fargo Team Turned a “Paper Tablecloth” Vision into 3X Revenue and $8.5B in Assets in 5 Years 62:22 08/05/2021
Industry Update on Partnerships: 10 Questions to Help Identify if You’re Still Right for Each Other 48:27 07/29/2021
A Growth Story 87 Years in the Making: Why Boutique Firm William Blair is an Attractive Home for Top Advisors 48:06 07/22/2021
Breaking Up: A Former $750mm UBS Advisor’s “Split” for Independence 44:38 07/15/2021
Solving for Freedom, Control & Succession: How the Next Gen of a $330mm UBS Team Forged a Path to Independence 52:27 07/08/2021
Industry Update: A Powerful Strategy to Accelerate Growth for Financial Advisors 34:35 06/24/2021
A Northwestern Mutual Advisor’s “Jerry Maguire-Style” Breakaway Story 41:27 06/17/2021
From Bigger to Better: How a Former Smith Barney Superstar Found Her Competitive Advantage in Independence 52:37 06/09/2021
From Start-Up to $31B Behemoth RIA: The Catalysts Behind the Growth of Mega-Firm Cerity Partners 42:56 06/03/2021
Disrupting the Landscape: How a $12B+ Multi-Family Office is Making Waves Amongst Advisors and Their Clients 50:14 05/27/2021
$1.2B ex-UBS Advisor on Independence and the Value of “Controlling Your Own Ship” 41:59 05/20/2021