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Mindy Diamond on Independence for Financial Advisors

Independence offers a great deal of freedom and flexibility, but it’s not for all financial advisors. This show explores the space and other options to help advisors assess what’s right for them, their clients and their businesses.


Orion’s Founder Eric Clarke on How Advisors Can Innovate, Disrupt and Win
The outgoing CEO of the wealthtech powerhouse shares his journey from the founding of Orion, the firm’s growth over the years, and perspectives on the future of wealth management, technology and AI, and much more.
60:45 9/28/23
Summit Trail’s Jack Petersen on How Their Blockbuster Break Created a $16B Firm Designed to Serve the Unique Needs of UHNW Clients
The Barclays breakaway discusses his 2015 landmark leap with 5 partners, 3 offices, and $3B in AUM, plus shares why he feels UHNW clients are best served in independence, what they do to drive extraordinary growth, and much more.
60:34 9/21/23
Wells Fargo’s Barry Sommers on Transforming the Wealth Management Experience
Rare access to one of the top-of-the-food-chain leaders who discusses the direction of Wells, how it compares to its peers, the value to HNW and UHNW clients, a perspective on recruiting and the ideal advisor type, the future of the industry, and much more.
57:52 9/14/23
Financial Advisor Economics: From Transition and Beyond
In an active recruiting environment, advisors are eager to understand where deals are at and where they’re headed. Beyond a transition deal, how can advisors monetize their business over time – thinking about the short-, mid- and long-term – whether they are in an employee or independent model?
29:44 9/7/23
A Bank Advisor’s Breakaway Success Story: From $180mm to $600mm+
Evan Mayer started in the bank channel and, over time, came to the realization that he could do more to support his clients and grow the business in the independent model. Evan proved that by growing more than 3x in just 4 years.
47:41 8/24/23
The Next Big Thing: Private Equity Disrupting the Landscape for the Best Teams
Private equity firms are showing an enhanced interest in wirehouse breakaways, investing directly in these teams on day one. Learn what’s driving this new trend, which teams are most appealing, how it will impact movement, and more.
42:53 8/17/23
From $80mm to $1B: How Authenticity and Humor Helped to Drive an Ex-Wirehouse Advisor’s Growth
Marc Horner discusses how his leap to independence allowed him to think and act more creatively, connect with clients and prospects on a new level, and ultimately grow his business in ways he could not in the wirehouse world.
49:26 8/10/23
The Breakaway Process: A Transition Expert Shares Advice on Going Independent
Caitlin Douglas, the head of transition services at Dynasty, shares the details about transitioning to independence. What advisors need to know about the supported independence model, tips on preparing for a move, key milestones, and much more.
45:22 8/3/23
A 37-Year Merrill Lifer Shares Why Even Long-Tenured Advisors Can Benefit by Forgoing CTP and Breaking Away
As a former Merrill ACTM chairperson, Andy Ferguson had an acute view of the changes taking place at the firm. He shares how that influenced his decision to opt for independence over Merrill’s retire-in-place program CTP and more.
52:05 7/27/23
Ric Edelman on the Future of Your Wealth Management Practice
One of the most influential people in the financial planning and investment management profession discusses what fueled his firm’s growth, the importance of financial education, the value of embracing technology, and more.
54:51 7/20/23
Innovative Ways the Best Independent Firms Fuel Growth: A Special Industry Update
Independence allows advisors to create an unlimited menu of innovative value-add services for their clients. Employee advisors are finding ways to get in on the action. Learn specific examples of the various services offered by some of the industry’s leading independent firms.
37:34 7/13/23
Driving Organic Growth: Practical Marketing Tips for Advisors from FiComm’s Megan Carpenter
Growing a sustainable wealth management business relies on attracting new clients while engaging current ones. The leader of the award-winning integrated marketing firm shares advice on what it takes to impact organic growth via marketing.
57:04 6/29/23
A $6.8B William Blair Advisor on Finding the Benefits of Independence as an Employee
Craig Savage shares his journey from Goldman Sachs to Credit Suisse, why joining William Blair ultimately won out over launching an RIA, how finding the right culture has enhanced his team’s growth, and more.
53:33 6/22/23
Independent Again: The Founding Partners of $18B+ IEQ Capital on Growth, Culture, and the Luminous Leap
Alan Zafran and Eric Harrison, 2 of the 3 Co-CEOs and Founding Partners of IEQ Capital, discuss making 2 leaps to independence from Merrill to Luminous then First Republic to IEQ and share their journey and formula for growth they mastered along the way.
75:05 6/15/23
What a Move to Independence is Really Like: $1.75B ex-Merrill Advisor Shares His Perspective
R. Scott Bills considered himself a Merrill Lifer. But as the firm changed and the desire to build a brand and better serve their clients grew stronger, he and his team decided to make the leap to independence, launching Nilsine Partners.
64:39 6/8/23
Growth Through Media and Innovative Solutions: How Ross Gerber’s $2.2B Firm Found a Resounding Voice in Independence
The co-founder of Gerber Kawasaki weighs in on everything from what it takes to build a $2.2B mega-RIA and the power of freedom in the independent space, on to crypto, digitization, and ETFs, plus Elon Musk and Tesla.
56:49 6/1/23
Considering a Move? Here’s What You Need to Know: A Special Industry Update
What does an advisor need to know when embarking upon due diligence? In the second of this 2-part series, Mindy Diamond and Jason Diamond provide the key steps to a strategic process with focused outcomes.
41:22 5/25/23
Questions Every Advisor Should Ask Before Considering a Move: A Special Industry Update
What is it that advisors need to be aware of before jumping into due diligence? In the first of a 2-part series, Mindy Diamond and Louis Diamond share advice on the threshold questions to ask yourself before taking meetings or calls.
38:41 5/18/23
Valuation Expert FP Transitions: On M&A, Growth, and Maximizing Enterprise Value
CEO Brad Bueermann discusses key aspects of M&A and succession, the most important factors around multiples, valuations, and maximizing enterprise value, the future of M&A, and much more.
63:46 5/11/23
From Merrill Resident Director to Breakaway: How the Freedom to Innovate Fostered 2x Growth
Amir Monsefi describes “conflicts of interest” with the ability to serve clients and grow the business at Merrill. The former RD shares how building their own RIA allowed them the freedom to innovate and remove conflicts.
59:53 5/4/23
From Product-Driven to Client-Driven: An Independent Advisor’s 3x Revenue Growth Story
Matt Blocki left the insurance broker dealer world to build independent firm Equilibrium Wealth, allowing him to step away from being “product-driven” and focus instead on being “client-driven.” Hear how he tripled his revenue as a result.
50:48 4/27/23
OCIO Pioneer Jonathan Hirtle on Building a $20B RIA the Organic Way
The industry legend shares a glimpse of life back-in-the-day at Goldman Sachs, his early leap to independence, plus his prescription for the incredible organic growth at Hirtle, Callahan & Co., the impact of the OCIO model, and much more.
61:11 4/20/23
The Banking Crisis: Its Impact on Advisor Movement and the Wealth Management Landscape—A Special Industry Update
Mindy Diamond and Louis Diamond share perspectives from their unique vantage point on the impact of the banking crisis on advisor movement, their clients, and the wealth management industry at large.
29:55 4/13/23
From Insurance Broker Dealer to the RIA World: The Evolution of an Independent Practice
David Pulcini of SixPoint Financial Partners discusses the value of being a student of the industry and how that helped him to pave a new path from insurance broker dealer to independent broker dealer, and ultimately on to hybrid RIA, RFG Advisory.
43:27 4/6/23
Building Enterprise Value: A Coach’s Advice for Advisors and Teams
Ray Sclafani of ClientWise discusses the key areas that employee advisors and independent business owners can impact to influence sustainable growth, enhance client relationships, and ultimately build “exit” value.
66:13 3/30/23
From Cold-Calling to $500mm Breakaway: A Former Merrill Advisor’s Team-Based Approach to Growth
Rory O'Hara founder of Ausperity Private Wealth discusses his journey from cold-calling trainee at Merrill, to building a business managing $500mm in client assets, to making the leap to independence as a young team.
57:50 3/23/23
Financing Independence: A Lender’s Perspective on Breakaway Transitions, M&A and Succession
James Hughes of Live Oak Bank discusses debt financing for prospective breakaway advisors looking to de-risk a leap to independence or payoff a note balance, or business owners seeking funds for acquisitions or succession planning.
46:48 3/16/23
Two $10mm Teams Leave the Wirehouse World in One Week: An Industry Update on Advisor Transitions
What is the relevance of two $10mm teams leaving Merrill within one week’s time? Mindy Diamond and Louis Diamond answer that question, sharing case studies on the moves citing unique drivers and more.
31:23 3/9/23
Advisor Transition Report: An Update on Advisor Movement Over the Course of 2022
Louis Diamond and Jason Diamond discuss the findings of the latest Financial Advisor Transition Report for 2022, featuring data on financial advisor movement, transition deals, and case studies.
46:41 3/2/23
20X Growth in 10 Years: A $20B RIA on Embracing the Value of Private Equity and Interdependence
Michael Nathanson of The Colony Group discusses how interdependence fostered the growth of the RIA, equity partner Focus Financial, and their unique culture, curated services, and acquisition strategy.
68:25 2/23/23