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Juice Guru Radio is hosted by Steve Prussack, author of the bestselling books, "Juice Guru: Transform Your Life by Adding One Juice a Day" and "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Juice Fasting." You'll find out how the power and magic of juicing can change your life today. Each episode features special guest leaders in the juicing movement. Visit for more information.


Juicing for Profits
Steve talks with RJ Monae, CEO of Juiced Obsessions. RJ shares how after struggling with health issues and losing her mom, a phrase on a late-night infomercial changed her life. After beginning to juice her vegetables and experiencing the difference in health and well-being, RJ began sharing her juicing wisdom with her loved ones and building a business centered on wellness and juicing before finally becoming a Certified Juice Therapist through Juice Guru Institute. RJ shares what the future holds for her and Juiced Obsessions, what makes a good leader, and the two life lessons she values most.
40:53 12/12/22
The Importance of Gut Health
This week on Juice Guru Radio, Steve chats with wellness expert and health coach Dr. Melissa Mondala. As a result of overcoming her own health issues and recognizing the lack of holistic and preventative disease treatment in the medical world, Dr. Melissa decided to pursue holistic medicine. Dr. Melissa believes that food is medicine and focuses on gut and mental health with her patients. In this episode, she will talk about the mental and physical issues she overcame, the connection between loneliness and mental health, and ways to nourish our bodies for optimal mental and physical health. Dr. Melissa and Steve will also discuss how technology is affecting the way we function and the rising rates of depression and anxiety in our society.
21:44 12/6/22
From Catering to Juice Therapy
On this episode of Juice Guru Radio, Steve talks with Florence Onafuwa, We Yone Kontri Kitchen owner and recent Certified Juice Therapist program graduate. Florence discusses her inspiring mission to share the health benefits of juicing with her loved ones, what she learned in Juice Guru's program and her plans for tying her juice coaching business into her existing catering kitchen. Florence also shares some delicious ideas for adding African fruits and vegetables into recipes that you won't be able to wait to try! This special episode provides a unique look at what a brand-new certified juice therapist learned in the program and how they plan to implement juice therapy.
27:29 12/17/21
Badass Juicing Mom Starts a Juice Revolution
On this episode of Juice Guru Radio, Steve talks with certified juice therapist Evie Kevish. After breastfeeding two children back-to-back, Evie was looking for a healthy way to return to taking care of her body and mind. After discovering the effect juicing had on her energy levels, gut health, and mental well-being, Evie found the Juice Guru Institute, became a certified juice therapist and began sharing her message with women worldwide. Evie shares the struggles she’s been through with social media attacks and the moment she got the call from the Jimmy Kimmel Show that changed her life. Steve and Evie also talk about favorite juice recipes, how changing your palette will change your life, and juggling being a mom and running a successful business.
30:51 12/10/21
Journey with Juicing
On this episode of Juice Guru Radio, Steve talks with special guest Alton Weekes about his journey with juicing. After suffering a heart attack before age 30, Alton knew he needed to make a drastic change if he wanted his life to have an Act 2. He switched to a plant-based diet, lost 100 pounds, and weaned himself off seven heart medications in a year. Inspired by his own success with juicing to consume vegetables, Alton completed Juice Guru's Certified Juice Therapist Program and founded his own juicing business, Cellful Organics. This Navy veteran's odyssey from McDonald's and borderline diabetes with a side of heart disease to invigorated wellness entrepreneur is something you won't want to miss.
29:02 12/3/21
Authentically You to Build Your Wellness Brand
On this episode of Juice Guru Radio, Steve talks with special guest Misty Angelique. Misty is the mastermind behind the beauty brand Authentically Branded. She's a firm believer in the healing powers of juicing and holistic health and has created a product line and coaching program designed to transform women's health and happiness from the inside out. Misty and Steve discuss the power of being authentically yourself, the benefits of juicing, and the four pillars of women's lives that must remain strong to ensure authenticity and success.
28:06 11/22/21
Blast Your Social Media with Chef Babette
On this episode of Juice Guru Radio for entrepreneurs, Steve chats with special guest Babette Davis, a world-class chef and owner of "Stuff I Eat" restaurant in Inglewood, California. Chef Babette shares with us her journey-from a sickly childhood plagued by earaches, bad teeth, digestive issues, and eczema, to discovering the vegan lifestyle at age 40. Babette shares with us the biggest obstacles in building her business, like hosting her restaurant's grand opening at the height of the recession. She also shares her tips on managing social media, advice for new entrepreneurs, and how vegan food, juicing, and raw diets changed her life.
39:37 11/1/21
Why The World Needs You with Michael Mackintosh
On this episode of Juice Guru Radio for entrepreneurs, Steve talks with special guest and long-time friend Michael Mackintosh. Michael shares how he went from lost teenager experimenting with drugs to chocolate-company co-founder to international bestselling author and wellness entrepreneur. Michael shares with us how meditation changed his life, the importance of finding your specialty, and the impact of shifting your mindset to helping others. Michael and Steve also talk about the harmful effects of social media and the positive changes he's made during the pandemic. Mike then teaches us why you should stop paying attention to business gurus and start paying attention to people instead in the quest to build your health or wellness business.
57:22 10/25/21
Lessons from Disney with Andrew Lock
Andrew Lock, author of "Walt Disney's Way", shows you how to use the power of Walt Disney's Way to reach more people and grow your health movement. You'll also find out how to apply Disney strategies to your own growing business.
52:36 10/18/21
The Prosperity Secret with Markus Rothkranz
On this episode of Juice Guru Radio for Entrepreneurs, Steve chats with special guest Markus Rothkranz about the secret to prosperity and happiness. Markus shares his story of being in a helpless rut, devoid of relationships, direction, and health, before rediscovering the secret of happiness. Today, Markus is a health expert, author, artist, film director, and motivational speaker. Markus shares with us his incredible optimism, childlike wonder, and advice on how to view problems in your life as opportunities. Whether it’s juicing, eating a vegan diet, or overcoming cancer, Markus tells us how to find the joy and happiness in these achievements, and find the value in so much more than just financial success. From the time Markus built a replica of the Magic Kingdom that resulted in an invitation to Disney’s animation studios, he’s been on a quest to recapture the magic of childlike passion. And we think he’s found it.
57:33 10/11/21
Know Your Song Well with Prof Spira
In this episode of Juice Guru Radio for Entrepreneurs, we talk with special guest Professor Spira, founder of Mucus Free Life LLC and expert consultant on the Mucusless Diet Healing System. After being introduced to Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless Diet and Healing System while in college studying music, Professor Spira lost 110 pounds and overcame major ailments that had plagued him since childhood. Join us as Professor Spira talks us through his creation of Mucus Free Life, from his interest in playing “business” as a child to his struggle to balance his love of music and entrepreneurship, to his hours of teaching himself all the systems he needed to publish books, launch a website, and promote a transitional, sustainable plant-based diet. Professor Spira shares some hard-won wisdom about building your own business he wishes he had known as a young entrepreneur. We also discuss the importance of being a master of your craft.
64:47 10/4/21
Stay True to Your Passion with Dr. Will Tuttle
On this episode of Juice Guru Radio for entrepreneurs, Steve talks with Firestarter Dr. Will Tuttle. Dr. Tuttle is an award-winning speaker, educator, and musician. He's the author of the best-selling book "The Peace Diet," along with over a dozen others. Dr. Will shares his story, from a college student dabbling in meditation and yoga to a Zen monk. Once Dr. Tuttle embraced a vegan lifestyle, he discovered a new appreciation for his health, animals, and Earth. He's been working to share that message ever since. Dr. Will ruminates on the success of his first book, the importance of finding and minding your inner voice, and expanding our definition of success. He also advises new entrepreneurs on the surprising balance of internal and external work and offers us some comforting words amidst a time of panic and fear.
47:52 9/28/21
Find Your Authentic Voice with Dr. Joel Kahn
Discover how Dr. Joel Kahn became America's #1 heart doctor, inspiring thousands to eat a plant-based diet. You'll learn how to find your authentic voice and reach more people with your message.
43:38 9/26/21
Grow Your Movement with Dr. Joel Fuhrman
On this episode of Juice Guru Radio for entrepreneurs, Steve talks with Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Dr. Fuhrman is a board-certified family physician, best-selling author, and internationally recognized nutrition and natural healing expert. Dr. Fuhrman shares with us his entrepreneurial journey, which grew from exhausted M.D. working 80 hours a week to a world-renowned nutritional healer. Dr. Fuhrman shares his best business decisions, describes how having a passion for helping people fueled his rise to fame, and tells us all about the benefits of a nutritarian diet.
41:23 9/24/21
Nutritious Food is a Human Right!
On this episode of Juice Guru Radio, Steve talks with Noreen Springstead, executive director of WhyHunger, Juice Guru's new charitable partner. Juice Guru believes in WhyHunger's mission that nutritious food is a human right. Noreen tells us about her journey from front desk administrative assistant to executive director at the incredible WhyHunger. She breaks down myths behind the hunger crisis, talks about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected hunger in the US and points out political policies that contribute to hunger. Noreen and Steve also discuss the exciting things they have planned in their new partnership and provide a list of actionable things you can do to get involved.
22:52 3/18/21
Why Juice?
Here is the "skinny" on juicing... find out why and how to get started with juicing! You'll also discover how to create juices that are not only healthy, get you lean and energized... but taste DE-LICI-OUS too!
16:27 10/15/19
How to Juice on a Budget
Find out Juice Guru Steve's TOP THREE TIPS for Juicing on a Budget. Money should not get in the way of your juicing habit. I'll explain how to juice on a shoestring budget.
10:02 8/30/19
All About Juicing
In this episode, Juice Guru Steve Prussack answers questions about how to get started juicing and defines the Juice Guru Method. This protocol can help you get lean, energized, clear the brain fog and lift you from depression.
61:55 8/17/19
Got Mucus? Discover the Healing Power of the Mucus-free Lifestyle!
What is the Mucusless Diet Healing System by Prof. Arnold Ehret and what can it do for you?Here's what you'll find out:* How Prof. Spira lost over 100 lbs. and overcome ailments such as daily headaches, allergies, sleep apnea, and chronic sinus problems through the Mucusless Diet Healing System by Prof. Arnold Ehret?* What is pus and mucus-forming foods and which ones should be avoided?* What often misunderstood and ignored principle about the Mucusless Diet separates it from other "cleanses" or healing diets?
113:21 8/14/19
How to Get Lean Juicing Without Giving Up The Food You Love
Diets are about giving up the foods you love. Juicing can help you get (and stay) lean while still loving your food and avoiding diets once and for all. Find out how with bestselling author Juice Guru Steve Prussack.
06:27 8/10/19
Quick Vegan Meals in 30 Minutes
Megan Sadd, author of the 30 Minute Vegan Dinners and the Creator of Carrots & Flowers, one of the top plant-based cooking channels on Facebook shares with us her advice for people who are just beginning to explore plant-based food and She also explained why eating plant-based doesn't mean sacrificing flavor, time, or satisfaction.
27:18 6/14/19
Building Muscle on a Vegan Diet
Dotsie Bausch, a plant-powered and award-winning athlete shares with us how she overcomes her struggle with severe eating disorders and hindrances when she transitioned to a plant-based diet as an athlete.
33:44 5/31/19
Vegan Mexican Food Made Easy
Celebrity Vegan Chef Eddie Garza is one of the world's top 20 plant-based chef's by Foodable TV shares with us how he struggles with serious weight problems from an early age and how he transitioned to a plant-centric diet which helped him to naturally lose over 150 pounds and reverse his declining health.
23:17 5/24/19
Juicing & Vegan Diet Simplified
Agnes Muljadi is a Los Angeles based entrepreneur, wellness coach, public speaker and vegan ballerina. Known as @artsyagnes on Instagram, Agnes’ plant-based journey began in 2014 shortly after she discovered a rapidly growing tumor on her breast. Within a year subsequent to her diagnosis, Agnes radically changed her diet and lifestyle to begin transforming her health from within.
36:39 5/11/19
Juicing and Essential Oils
Danielle Sade author of The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide shares with us how to revolutionize our life by showing us the simplicity in making our own natural skin care products. She will give us tips on how to save thousands of dollars a year and contribute to a cleaner environment by these natural skin care products.
26:45 5/2/19
Mindset for Juicing and Vegan Eating
Dana Wilde, bestselling author of Train Your Brain and the creator of The Celebrity Formula shares with us why Mindset Matters Most. She also gives some pointers on how to use our mindset on a positive level even though we are raised in a negative environment and also how to move again after having the feeling of being unproductive.
29:39 4/18/19
How to Eat Vegan on a Budget
Olivia Biermann shares the challenges and benefits of a plant-based diet and how she created a successful business reaching over a million followers with her message while following her passion.
18:54 4/12/19
How to Become a Minimalist
Michael Ofei, author of The Minimalist Vegan shares with us how his plant-based lifestyle journey begins and what is the connection between minimalism and veganism as it relates to conscious consumerism.
42:38 4/5/19
Make Your Own Beauty Products
Sunny Subramanian the author of "The Compassionate Chick's Guide to DIY Beauty" shares with us the benefits of making our own vegan beauty products and what are some of her favorite organic ingredients.
20:29 3/21/19
How to Escape from Diets
Carly Pollack, the founder of Nutritional Wisdom, shares with us the definition of Food Freedom and Discipline. She also discusses why every time we say yes to something we are saying no to something else and why we should welcome discomfort.
23:26 3/7/19

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