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The Flip

The Flip is an editorial-style podcast exploring contextually relevant insights from entrepreneurs and investors changing the status quo in Africa. The name The Flip comes from the opportunity to flip the script – question some of the pervasive narratives on entrepreneurship, challenge the ubiquity of Silicon Valley thought leadership, and champion the entrepreneurs building a future inspired by Africa. Produced and hosted by Johannesburg-based entrepreneur and American expat Justin Norman. Sayo Folawiyo is the executive producer and b-mic.


Sabi: Platforming Trade in Africa 20:22 06/27/2022
The Ownership Economy 30:47 02/17/2022
The Creator Economy 38:48 02/10/2022
From Farm to Table 36:37 11/25/2021
Building a Healthier Africa 45:44 11/18/2021
Making Borders Matter Less - A Conversation with Dare Okoudjou 44:03 11/11/2021
Problem Solving for Fragmented Retail 41:47 11/04/2021
Journey to the Last Mile 40:27 10/28/2021
Africa Stack 33:33 10/21/2021
Follow the Money, Part Two 31:09 10/14/2021
Follow the Money 33:20 10/07/2021
Introducing The Flip Season Three 07:10 09/30/2021
Middlemen as a Service - A Retrospective with Sayo Folawiyo and Justin Norman 20:07 03/18/2021
Accessible and Affordable EdTech with Eneza Education's Wambura Kimunyu 25:57 03/11/2021
Mass-Market Media with StarNews Mobile's Guy Kamgaing 27:31 03/04/2021
The Case for Crypto with Bundle's Yele Bademosi 40:55 02/25/2021
Digitizing Community Banking with Kwara's Cynthia Wandia 46:04 02/18/2021
Fintech for Cash-First Markets with Nomanini's Vahid Monadjem 42:11 02/11/2021
Technology for Informal Trade with MarketForce 360's Tesh Mbaabu 29:54 02/04/2021
Building a Savings Culture with PiggyVest's Odunayo Eweniyi 29:12 01/28/2021
Insurance-as-a-Service with Lami's Jihan Abass 21:51 01/21/2021
Digitizing Healthcare with Helium Health's Goke Olubusi 23:59 01/14/2021
Inside the Stripe Acquisition of Paystack with Shola Akinlade & Matt Henderson 28:19 12/03/2020
Smart People Should Build Things - On Recruiting and the Global Competition for Top Talent 31:32 10/01/2020
Much Ado About the Media 44:27 09/24/2020
Connecting the Dots - Japanese Corporates and African Tech 23:14 09/17/2020
Telcos, PalmPay, and the Future of Mobile Financial Services 30:48 09/10/2020
Building for Purpose - China-Africa Tech 31:01 09/03/2020
A Fintech Exit - Inside the MFS Africa Acquisition of Beyonic 38:59 08/27/2020
From Idea to Exit - A Startup Fundraising Journey 35:14 08/20/2020