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From Betrayal To Breakthrough

The betrayal of a family member, partner, friend, etc. can create physical, mental and emotional challenges. If left unhealed, it impacts us personally and professionally. The From Betrayal to Breakthrough podcast shares insights from the best therapists, coaches, healers, thought leaders and everyday people, combined with the findings of a recent Ph.D. study on betrayal to help you move forward and heal...once and for all.


261: From Suffering to Happiness in All Relationships w/ Sharon Valenti 27:41 06/27/2022
260: A Dose of Dr. Debi: Preventing Self Sabotage 11:11 06/20/2022
259: Like a Phoenix From the Flames w/ Zoe Thompson 30:46 06/13/2022
258: A Dose of Dr. Debi: How Changing Your Perspective Can Change Your Life 09:39 06/06/2022
257: How Shame/Guilt is Our Betrayer w/ Dr. Lois Hollis 37:18 05/30/2022
256: A Dose of Dr. Debi: Declare It to Make Sure You Do It 08:05 05/23/2022
255: Reading Your Way to Healing w/ Dr. Danny Brassell 25:11 05/16/2022
254: A Dose of Dr. Debi: How Your Stress is Impacting You 10:13 05/09/2022
253: From Chaos to Clarity - Unlocking Your True Self w/ Sandy Vo 31:22 05/02/2022
252: A Dose of Dr. Debi: Top Sleep Strategies During Stressful Times 09:33 04/25/2022
251: Creating a Lifestyle You Love with Elizabeth Tripp 28:56 04/18/2022
250: Getting Back to the True Nature of Who You Are w/ Sara Schulting Kranz 33:59 04/11/2022
249: Hypnotherapy to Let Go and Move into Your New Chapter w/ Elena Mosaner 32:34 04/04/2022
248: A Dose of Dr. Debi: Are You Managing Symptoms or Getting to the Root Cause? 35:35 03/28/2022
247: How to Be the Hero of Your Life w/ J. Scott MacMillan 35:35 03/21/2022
246: A Dose of Dr. Debi: Rebuilding Trust with PBT Lead Coach Michelle 22:41 03/14/2022
245: Through the Storm of Early Trauma w/ Byrdy Lynn Kelley 29:53 03/07/2022
244: Why Aren't We Getting Well? w/ Sinclair Kennally 29:27 02/28/2022
243: How to Release Emotions That Are Causing Physical Pain w/ Dr. Serena Sterling 31:40 02/21/2022
242: How to Not Let Criticism Damage Your Relationships w/ Dr. Jessica Higgins 34:53 02/14/2022
241: Building Intimacy and Trust After Betrayal w/ Jennifer Lehr 33:48 02/07/2022
240: Solo: A Dose of Dr. Debi: Getting Messy in Order to Transform 10:53 01/31/2022
239: A Dose of Dr. Debi: PBT Lead Coach Talks About Building Trust 22:12 01/28/2022
238 Solo: A Dose of Dr. Debi: What's the ROI on Your Questions? 12:18 01/24/2022
237 Solo: A Dose of Dr. Debi: Are You Willing to Heal? 10:16 01/21/2022
236 Solo: A Dose of Dr. Debi: Don't Let That Unhealed Betrayal Hold You Back in Your Work, Health and Relationships 06:52 01/17/2022
235: Overcoming Estrogen Dominance When Your Body Betrays You 34:16 10/18/2021
234 Solo: A Dose of Dr. Debi: Stop Sabotaging Yourself 12:30 10/15/2021
233: Once You Have You, You Have Everything 28:06 10/11/2021
232 Solo: A Dose of Dr. Debi: Getting Unstuck Through Honoring 08:02 10/08/2021