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Life well loved | The pet health and wellbeing podcast

The pet health and wellbeing podcast by Bella & Duke. Adventure into the world of pet ownership with us as we sniff out expert knowledge from behaviorists, nutritionists and veterinary professionals as we explore everything from pet food, training, pet health and everything you need to consider to do right by your pet. We'll also welcome Bella & Duke customers to tell us about their lives with their pets and what they do to give their pets the healthy, happy and long lives that they deserve.


The importance of nutrition with Ben Sweeney
In the latest episode of the Life Well Loved podcast, we’re talking to Vidivet founder Ben Sweeney about the important role nutrition plays in our pet’s health.    With years of hands-on experience as a vet under his belt, Ben founded Vidivet in 2020 so that pet-parents could receive personalised, expert advice on their pet’s health, (and to settle lots of worried minds too).  
25:47 5/9/24
Impact of diet on behaviour with Nikki
In this episode of the Life well loved podcast we're chatting with with our guest Nikki, the founder of Positive Steps Dog Training. Nikki, a qualified dog trainer and behaviourist, shares her expertise on how diet influences behaviour and the remarkable transformations she's witnessed in her clients' dogs, especially after transitioning to raw diets. From her background in canine behaviour to overcoming fussiness in dogs during training and feeding, Nikki provides invaluable insights into nurturing the bond between dogs and their owners.
25:29 4/12/24
Pinks Crufts journey #poweredbybellaandduke
In this episode of the Life well loved podcast we're chatting to Nerys who will be attending Crufts this year with her dog Pink. Listen to this episode as Nerys shares her knowledge and experience with dogs and chats about Pink's journey to the worlds greatest dog show. 
23:29 3/5/24
Pet relationships with Emma
In this episode of the Life well loved podcast we're chatting with Emma, who is currently undertaking a Bachelor's degree in Animal Welfare and Behaviour and has a degree in Feline Behaviour. Listen to the latest episode to find out how Emma shows her 19 cats she loves them and how their diet can play a part in their relationship.
33:37 2/12/24
Life with a senior dog with Elizabeth Wass
In this episode of the Life well loved podcast we're chatting with  Elizabeth, pet-parent to Belle, the 11 year old yellow Labrador. With elbow dysplasia, arthritis and an underactive thyroid to contend with, it's fair to say Belle has experienced her challenges, but she's not letting any of that slow her down! Listen to the latest episode to find out exactly what Belle's secret is to a long, happy life.  Read our other customer stories here
21:25 1/24/24
Rescuing Dexter with Kim Lengling
Kim is passionate about rescuing. And she's on a mission to showcase the love and joy that pets can bring to our lives. In this episode, she shares the story of her rescue dog, Dexter, and discusses the challenges and misconceptions around rescuing too.
23:11 1/5/24
Can your pets have Christmas dinner? With Jude McCoy
The festive season can be a dangerous time for pets, with an abundance of food around the house that may pose a threat. Jude McCoy - our Canine Nutritional Advisor - shares her top tips on how you can safely enjoy the festive season with your furry friend.
28:38 12/22/23
Is Raw pet food safe? RawSAFE with Dr Brendan Clarke
Dr Brendan Clarke joins the podcast this week to discuss all things RawSAFE accreditation and what it means for our pets.
23:59 8/7/23
Health & Happiness 2023
We have run our annual Health & Happiness survey, speaking to 1,399 dog owners, 212 cat owners and 33 cat and dog owners to concretely understand the beneficial impact its customers have seen since switching to a raw diet for their pets. Check out with episode with James and our CEO, Mark Scott, to find out more on the results.
20:53 7/31/23
Fueling like an athlete with Johanna Konta
In this episode we are joined by former British no. 1 tennis player - Johanna Konta.  Johanna is a long time customer of Bella & Duke for her pups Bono, Sidney & Gimzo. She joins James for a chat on all things nutrition, pet ownership and fuelling your body like an athlete and how that can also apply to our pups!
21:23 7/4/23
The power of online communities: Jude on The Pack
Jude is our in-house community manager and all round superstar. She has been working at Bella & Duke for years and has recently become qualified as a canine nutritionist. Jude and her group of moderators run our online Facebook group ‘The Pack’ , an extremely engaged online community with nearly 30k members. They help and advise pet owners with any issues they may have - customers or not.
21:16 5/10/23
Let's talk CATS with Justin the Kitty Boss
Justin is on a mission to get a million more cats adopted! To do that he teaches the easy way to have a cat! People often think cat ownership is difficult, costly and time consuming. Justin is keen to bust those myths and tell us about his cat's journey on Bella & Duke.   
35:24 5/10/23
Therapy Dogs Nationwide with Leisl de Lafontaine
In this episode we speak to Leisl de Lafontaine about all things Therapy Dogs Nationwide.  Therapy Dogs Nationwide is a national charity where visiting volunteers take their own dogs into establishments to provide comfort, distraction, and stimulation. They visit places such as schools, hospice, and prisons. They are one of the few animal charities in the UK who support raw feeding.  In 2023, Bella & Duke have partnered with TDN to support the work they do in the community.    
21:13 4/4/23
Dodgy tums with Dr Conor Brady
Pets and dodgy tums. If you’re a pet owner, chances are at some point you’ve dealt with them having an upset stomach. In this episode, Dr Conor Brady touches on diarrhoea diets, fasting, using stews, electrolytes, how to conduct an elimination diet properly, a bit on probiotics (the difference between soil and others and when to use).
35:01 4/4/23
Taking the sting out of leaving with Caroline Spencer Dip.AdvCanBhv
Separation anxiety is an extremely prevalent problem for pets and pet parents often find it a real struggle to address. Hear from Canine Behaviourist, Caroline Spencer on what separation anxiety is, why it happens & her tried and tested method to ‘take the sting out of leaving’.
27:28 3/15/23
Paddy the fussy chihuahua
Meet Steph, and her Chihuahua Paddy. From a very young age Paddy suffered from multiple health issues due to his fussiness. Absolutely nothing would encourage Paddy to eat and his owner Steph was at a loss, until they found Bella & Duke. This is their story…
20:00 3/15/23
Routine health checks to consider for your pet with Dr Brendan Clarke
Dr Brendan Clarke, Vet & Chief Veterinary Consultant at Bella & Duke discussses healthy pets. He talks through some routine health checks to consider for your pet, drawing on his background in conventional medicine and alternative therapies including homeopathy, acupuncture, herbs and nutritional support for companion animals.  
21:48 2/6/23
A journey to better health Mischa, Slinky & Flo.
Mischa has a dachshund called Slinky, and a spaniel pup called Flo. Slinky has suffered from both allergies and IVDD, and ,Mishcha was at a loss until she found raw feeding. She's been feeding Bella & Duke for several years, and has been an active member of the community, taking part in the feeding board trial. This is their story...
19:09 1/24/23
The best vs the rest...Should I feed my dog raw or kibble?
The pet food industry is huge- with various options available to pet owners- dry kibble, tinned wet food, raw pet food and it can be confusing for pet owners to really understand what is best for their pet.    Chief Nutritional Officer (CNO) from Bella & Duke , Rowan Sanderson is here to discuss the differences between a common choice for pet owners (kibble) and growing in popularity raw pet food, with advice for pet owners when considering what works for their pet.   
29:32 1/24/23
The story of Bella & Duke with CEO and Co-Founder Mark Scott
At Bella & Duke, we care deeply that our pets have always been right by us. That’s why we champion pet health and well-being, challenging the status quo so that pet-centred, species-appropriate nutrition becomes the natural choice for every pet owner. We came to be in honour of 4 deeply loved family dogs; Morpheus, Trinity, Barney and Gus. Their shared love of family walks in the woods is how our founders Tony and Mark met. Hear more about our story in this touching episode with our CEO and Co-Founder Mark Scott. 
21:03 1/24/23
How to measure your puppy’s growth
Rowan Sanderson sits down with Dr. Brendan Clarke to explain how to use a measuring stick to track your puppy’s growth. This is a key tip that will help you determine when it’s time to make the switch from puppy food to adult food. There comes a point when a puppy reaches the peak of growth. At this stage, their nutritional needs change. If you continue to feed them “puppy levels” of food, you’ll end up with an obese dog. Watch as Brendan demonstrates his simple but efficient method to determine precisely when your dog has reached its adult size.
10:13 11/18/21
My Dog Has Eaten Something Toxic!
Rowan Sanderson sits down with Dr. Brendan Clarke to discuss what to do if your dog or cat accidentally ingests one of the following seven toxic items: Chicken bones Chocolate Grapes Ibuprofen Paracetamol Onions Garlic They cover what it is about each of these seven that makes them toxic to our pets, and also address why one of these items is actually beneficial to your dog or cat when consumed only in small amounts.
29:52 9/9/21
Kennel Cough | Everything You Need To Know
Rowan Sanderson sits down with Dr. Brendan Clarke to discuss the difference between kennel cough and whooping cough, or Bordetella and how to treat a dog who is experiencing mild coughing fits. Listen in as Brendan explains how to tell whether you need to take your dog to the vet or to let the cough pass after a few days with the help of natural remedies. In particular, he discusses how to offer your dog honey to soothe a sore throat and echinacea to support their immune system.
11:24 8/26/21
How To Speak To Your Vet About Raw
Rowan Sanderson sits down with Dr. Brendan Clarke to empower you with the facts you need to know if you have made the decision to feed your dog or cat raw. Most vets have been taught to focus on medicine over nutrition. This is one of the reasons that the magic of raw feeding is often underappreciated in the veterinary industry. But, as Brendan says, “Nutrition is the first step to health.” Prevention should always take precedence over cure. Build a bridge with your vet to help them open their eyes to this fact. After all, your vet only wants the best for your pet.
18:11 8/5/21
Grain Free Pet Food Causes Heart Disease? | Definitive Expert Answers
Rowan Sanderson sits down with Dr. Brendan Clarke to shatter the myth that grain-free dog food causes heart disease. In fact, grain-free dog food has nothing to do whatsoever with heart disease. The simple matter is that your dog is a carnivore and cannot adequately digest grains and related foods. Listen in as Rowan and Brendan address the three primary factors that people need to understand concerning this issue—including ingredients used to replace grain in grain-free foods, lack of taurine, and the types of heart disease people generally talk about with regards to this myth.
21:21 7/29/21
Why Does My Dog Eat Poo? | Understanding Coprophagia
Why does my dog eat poo? Rowan Sanderson sits down with Dr. Brendan Clarke of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society (RFVS) and Co-Host of Raw Pet Medics to discuss all you need to know about the common Coprophagia, commonly known as eating poo.  Dogs can be led by zoopharmacognosy, which is the ability in animals to smell good nutrients anywhere even in poop. But sometimes, they are driven by flavour in additives found in commercially processed foods that don’t get digested and come out with the same attractive scents as the food.  It is important to feed your dog with a varied diet to make sure it’s getting enough nutrients to avoid it seeking them in its environment. Apart from keeping your environment clean and pick up after other dogs, there are other nutritional steps you can take to protect your dog from eating poop. Listen in to this episode to learn what they are and much more!
20:30 6/3/21
Bone Broth For Dogs & Cats | How To Unlock The Benefits
Rowan Sanderson sits down with Dr. Brendan Clarke of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society (RFVS) and Co-Host of Raw Pet Medics to discuss all you need to know about bone broth. Listen in as Brendan lists the many benefits of bone broth to your dog or cat and how you can make some right at home. He also explains when and how to feed bone broth to your pet, whether they are suffering from diarrhea or transitioning onto a raw diet. Finally, Rowan and Brendan go into the science of bone broth, describing the value of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and how you can make sure that you tailor your bone broth recipe around your particular pet’s needs and preferences.
24:04 5/20/21
Apple Cider Vinegar For Dogs | Amazing Benefits and How To Use
Rowan Sanderson sits down with Dr. Brendan Clarke, Co-Host of Raw Pet Medics and member of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society (RFVS) to discuss all you need to know about apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is widely available, and is relatively inexpensive; but Brendan recommends sticking to an organic product that is not reconstituted with acetic acid or has had the apples sprayed with chemicals to deter pests or keep them from growing molds or shield them from various diseases. Listen in as Rowan explains exactly what apple cider vinegar it is and what to look for in a product depending whether you intend to apply it topically or to ingest it. He then describes the main benefits of apple cider vinegar and his recommendations for using it topically on your dog.
21:08 5/13/21
Life Biohacks with Tony Wrighton - Podcast 85
Mark Scott sits down with author, podcaster, and television and radio broadcaster Tony Wrighton on his passion for taking life to the next level through alternative sources of energy. At one point in his life, Tony contracted an unidentified tropical virus. Doctors were at a loss as to what it was or how he could be treated. This drove Tony to seek out unconventional solutions, in this case, tapping. Ten minutes into his first session with an emotional freedom therapist specializing in chronic fatigue, Tony knew that he was going to be okay. Following this experience, Tony learned about biohacking through Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Radio podcast, and from there he was thrust into an exciting quest for unorthodox strategies and solutions for long-term health and wellness. Listen in as Mark and Tony discuss such topics as low-histamine diets, NLP, and Tony’s very own podcast on “energy, vitality, motivation”, Zestology.
31:28 8/27/20
Podcast 70 - Mythbuster 11 – The Top 5 Myths About Raw Dog Food
In this Mythbuster, Mark, our CEO & Rowan, our Chief Nutritional Officer, bust some myths around reasons not to try raw and reasons to stop feeding raw. Another way to look at this Mythbuster is the top 5 reasons you can feel great about feeding raw food to your dog In this week’s Mythbuster, Mark and Rowan bust 5 myths around reasons many don’t try raw dog food or stop feeding raw.
11:55 3/6/20