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The Blake and Sal Show (with Mark)

Your hosts, Blake, Sal and Mark, bring you an entertaining podcast covering wrestling, sports and more since 2013. With guests from around the world and a rotating studio panel, discussion is loud, funny and intelligent but most importantly fun and unpredictable.


Episode 436: No Selling Fireballs (Special Guest: Tom Colohue)
Blake and Mark are joined by Tom Colohue from Nick & Tom's International Adventure for a wrestling new catch up from the last two weeks. The conversation ranges from Malakai Black taking mental health break, Teddy Long on Twitter, AEW Grand Slam discussion including Jon Moxley becoming the AEW World Champion, Saraya debuting, The Acclaimed became AEW Tag Team Championship and more. Then they turn the page to WWE to discuss who the White Rabbit might be, the debut of Candice LaRae, Damage CTRL, Sami Zayn & The Bloodline, The Judgement, Extreme Rules actually feeling "extreme" and much much more. Sit back and enjoy the show!
84:00 09/30/2022
Archives: The Lost BMR Episodes (Special Guest: Kyle Palkowski)
With Blake being sick, he decided to give everyone the week off and put together special archive episode for everyone. These are the "lost episodes" of Boy Meets Retrocast which are Blake and Kyle's retrospective of the ABC T.G.I.F. lineup and their Christmas special covering Girl Meets Home For The Holidays. Enjoy the show!
144:12 09/23/2022
Episode 435: Black, Gold & BDSM on Raw (Special Guest: Mandy Reilly)
Blake & Mark are here with Mandy this week as they continue to discuss the aftermath of the AEW drama with CM Punk and The Elite. Then they discuss various WWE notes including Damage CTRL winning the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships, Dominick Mysterio in The Judgement Day, praise for Kevin Owens and Johnny Gargano and more. Finally after a discuss about the PWI 500, they get into the one year anniversary of NXT 2.0, a look back at the year and looking forward ahead to the new black and gold NXT. All that and much more, enjoy the show!
83:27 09/16/2022
Episode 434: All Elite Chaos (Special Guest: Zack Heydorn)
After what turned into a crazy wrestling weekend, the top story is CM Punk and The Elite coming out AEW All Out post show scrums, so Blake and Mark open the show playing audio from the scrum and then bring on Zack Heydorn to talk about the suspensions and they think will happen next. Afterward they get into the Effy's Big Gay Brunch, WWE Clash of the Castle, Braun Strowman's return and the breaking news that Pat McAfee will not on Smackdown full time for the fall, NXT World Collide and AEW All Out and some other major news items. It's a jam packed show so enjoy!
83:36 09/09/2022
Episode 433: The Ghosts of Championship's Past (Special Guest: Jon Parker)
Blake and Mark are back with special guest host Jon Parker to talk about a crazy Labor Day weekend of wrestling. After talking about the results of the NJPW G1, they talk about GCW Homecoming, the Mox/Gage Title vs. Career Match at Fight Club and then preview GCW The Art of Wars Games II and Effy's Big Gay Brunch 5. Then the attention turns to NXT to discuss NXT UK closing down and the formation of NXT Europe and then break down and preview NXT Worlds Collide. From they discuss WWE as how Paul Levesque is doing running the show, all the returns and rumors, then preview WWE Clash At The Castle including a long talk on whether Drew McIntyre should beat Roman Reigns and should the Bloodline still be a thing two years later. Finally they jump to AEW to talk about all the back stage craziness, thoughts about Jon Moxley vs. CM Punk and then preview AEW All Out despite not having an official main event at time of recording. It's a marathon but alot of fun so sit back and enjoy!
135:39 09/02/2022
Archives: Saturday Morning Flashback (Special Guest: Tim Nydell)
The guys are taking the week to enjoy the summer so we are going back into the archives to August 19, 2015. In honor of Saturday Morning Rewind coming to an end, here's Blake's conversation with Tim Nydell about his experience at the 2015 D23 Expo. Enjoy the show!
19:08 08/26/2022
Episode 432: Catching Blake's Typos (Special Guests: Mandy Reilly & Nadine Chayka)
It's that time of the year again, the return of Who Wants To Be A Bitcoin Millionaire? This year Mandy is in the hot seat and special guest Nadine is helping her throughout the show. As always Sal is our master of ceremonies and things as always gets messed but of course are a lot of fun. Did Mandy win the game and become this year's Bitcoin Millionaire? Tune in, find out and enjoy the show!
52:03 08/19/2022
At The Cons: C2E2 2022
Blake takes you to the McCormick Place in Chicago, IL for C2E2 2022. He talks about the massive show floor and what spots he visited and takes you to the following panels, Creating for Star Wars: Playing in a Galaxy far, far, away… & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reunion Panel. Enjoy the show!
130:50 08/12/2022
Episode 431: Summer Wrestling Under New Management
As summer vacation approaches, Blake and Mark sit down by themselves for a recap of a crazy week in wrestling. First they discuss Summerslam with the return of Bayley (to Blake's delight) and the main roster debuts of Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky, the story of Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and a tractor, Logan Paul looking good in the ring and much more. Then they discuss the overall feeling of change on WWE programming since the creative team change up. Finally they get into Ric Flair's Last Match and the difference in reaction to people who actually watched it and those who just heard about it. Enjoy the show and stay tuned at the end for an update of our summer plans!
95:24 08/05/2022
Episode 430: The Ultimate Changing Landscape (Special Guest: Mandy Reilly)
It’s Summerslam week and that’s not even the most important thing to talk about as Mandy sits in for Sal who is chasing Gritty around Dirty Philly. First the topic of the week, they discuss Vince McMahon’s retirement and play reaction audio from the PW Torch. They get into the details that led to the retirement and then talk about the change of creative and that leads to a lengthy discussion about what has been going wrong, making NXT make into a real developmental, who the new stars are and where are they coming from and more. Next they get into ROH Death Before Dishonor, Claudio Castagnoli winning the ROH Championship and the aftermath with Jonathan Gresham and of course the epic FTR-Briscoes match. Then they discuss the Ricky Starks/Danhausen/Hook/Powerhouse Hobbs FTW segment, check in on the NJPW G1 and then discuss the Ric Flair’s Last Match PPV. Finally they break down and preview WWE Summerslam and Mark leaves Blake and Mandy speechless with his main event prediction. It’s a long one but a really fun one, so enjoy the show!
106:56 07/29/2022
Pucks & Polishes Episode 33: I Know I Am Panel (FanExpo Chicago 2022)
Mandy is on stage at FanExpo Chicago 2022 on July 9, 2022 with Mark, Amy Kleinhans & Becky Staring to discuss I Know I Am. They discuss the story behind the book, the illustrations and Mandy breaks the news about the release of the book in Spanish, to Amy's surprise. Enjoy the show!
46:42 07/22/2022
At The Cons: FanExpo Chicago Day 2
Blake, Mark, Kyle and Mandy are here to bring you coverage from their second day at FanExpo Chicago on July 9, 2022. They go through the day including their experiences from their panels, Blake's exciting story meeting Kevin Smith, audio of Mandy and Captain America reading I Know I Am in the family zone and Kyle's report of the panels, Cinema's Best of The Worst and Superheroes & Cinema. Enjoy the show everyone!
152:50 07/16/2022
Episode 429: The Mid-Term Wrestling Report (FanExpo Chicago 2022)
Blake and Mark bring Mandy onto the show to talk about the ups and downs of the wrestling scene at FanExpo Chicago 2022 on July 9, 2022. The conversation jumps around from breaking down the WWE & AEW women's division, addressing the newest Vince McMahon Wall Street Journal report, how injuries are effecting both companies, Blake's pick for the winner of the NJPW G1 Climax and much much more. Enjoy the show!
46:05 07/15/2022
At The Cons: FanExpo Chicago Day 1
Blake and Mark bring you coverage from FanExpo Chicago on July 8, 2022. First Mark discusses his meet and greet and photo op with Carl Weathers. Then together they set up, discuss and play audio from the following panels: Some of My Favorite People Are Bounty Hunters: A Conversation with Carl Weathers, Snips and Skyguy: A Clone Wars Reunion & Snoochie Boochies: A Conversation with The Cast of Clerks. Enjoy the show and come back next week for more coverage of FanExpo Chicago 2022.
151:48 07/09/2022
Episode 428: Saving Energy
The guys are back together before Blake and Mark get ready for FanExpo Chicago to go through some news and notes from a slow holiday week. First they talk about the breaking Baker Mayfield trade news, Big Brother's premiere and the Clerks III trailer. Then the show turns to wrestling as they discuss Liv Morgan, to everyone's surprise, becoming Money in the Bank winner and the Smackdown Women's Champion, Theory's strange push, NXT Great American Bash and much more. It's a shorter show than normal but still alot of fun. Enjoy and see you in Chicago tomorrow!
57:40 07/08/2022
Episode 427: Shota is All That (Special Guests: Rich Fann & Mandy Reilly)
The guys are here despite sickness with special guest Rich Fann and surprise guest Mandy to look back at AEWxNJPW Forbidden Door, preview WWE Money in the Bank, discuss John Cena's 20th anniversary celebration and more. Rich was in attendance at the United Center for Forbidden Door so we get his in person reactions plus notes from the Tony Khan media call and also Mandy continues to have issues with the WWE women's division. All that and much more. Enjoy the show!
74:03 07/01/2022
Wrestling Room Episode 16: Forbidden Go Home
Blake and Mark are here to discuss the wild night at the UW Panther Arena discussing AEW Dynamite, AEW Rampage and the various AEW Dark: Evolution matches. Everything is covered in detail including discussing the crowd reactions, the point where Blake completely marked out and much much more. Enjoy the show!
70:08 06/25/2022
At The Cons: Whinny City Pony Con 2022 (Day 3)
Kyle, Matt and Andi bring you cover from Whinny City Pony Con 2022. Day 3 (from 6/5/22) coverage includes audio from the following panel: Convention Storytime and much more to wrap up the convention. Enjoy the show!
124:22 06/25/2022
Episode 426: As Whelmed As Expected (Special Guests: Kelly Wells & Mandy Reilly)
This weekend is AEWxNJPW Forbidden Door and the guys are back together with Kelly Wells from PW Torch to preview it. But first they also have Mandy on the show to go through all the wrestling news they missed during the last few weeks including Vince McMahon "stepping away" from being WWE CEO/Chairman, the passings of Dave Hebner & Tim White, Jeff Hardy's DUI, Sasha Bank's reported release and more. Enjoy the show everyone!
82:27 06/24/2022
At The Cons: Whinny City Pony Con 2022 (Day 2)
Kyle, Matt and Andi bring you cover from Whinny City Pony Con 2022. Day 2 (from 6/4/22) coverage includes audio from the following panels: Riffing Rainbow Live!, Hooves Line is it Anyway?, Introducing Worthwhile Events and more. Enjoy the show!
231:47 06/18/2022
Episode 425: Fun With Hockey Pronunciations (Special Guest: Mike Donovan)
Blake and Sal bring Mike on to bring back one of their favorite shows of the year, previewing the NHL Awards. Note that this was recorded before any award were announced and they may have missed one but still they had fun and and as always it's an enjoyable listen. Enjoy the show!
30:57 06/17/2022
2022 Stanley Cup Predictions Game Episode 4
It's time for the Stanley Cup Finals and it's also the final round in the game Blake, Sal, Mike, Leandra and Scotty are playing. Will the Tampa Bay Lightning continue building their dynasty? Can the Colorado Avalanche continue their insane playoff dominance? Find out what the team thinks. Enjoy the show and enjoy the finals!
11:31 06/13/2022
At The Cons: Whinny City Pony Con 2022 (Day 1)
Kyle, Matt and Andi bring you cover from Whinny City Pony Con 2022. Day 1 (from 6/3/22) coverage includes audio from the following panels: Guest of Honor Q&A, Comics with Tony Fleecs, The Medicine of My Little Pony and Con Chair Chat and more. Enjoy the show!
257:46 06/11/2022
Episode 424: Personal Musical Past (Special Guest: Jon Parker)
Blake brings Jon Parker on the show in celebration of Sunday's 75th Tony Awards to discuss shows they have seen, soundtracks they love and more. It's a fun talk and a break from the norm. Enjoy the show!
67:23 06/10/2022
Episode 423: NXT Has Alot of Crime (Special Guest: Kelly Wells)
The guys are back together and have Kelly Wells with them to look back at AEW Double or Nothing, including the MJF drama, CM Punk winning the AEW Championship and more. Then they preview NXT: In Your House, WWE Hell In A Cell and look at the NJPW Dominion card for far. It's a fun show with alot of ranting but a good time is also had. Enjoy the show!
102:19 06/03/2022
2022 Stanley Cup Predictions Game Episode 3
It's time for the Conference Finals as Blake, Sal, Mike, Leandra and Scotty are here to see who is going to battle for the Stanley Cup, the Tampa Bay Lightning, New York Rangers, Colorado Avalanche or the Edmonton Oilers. That and there is a new leader going into this round! Enjoy the show!
13:44 05/31/2022
Episode 422: The Wizard & The Man In The Mask (Special Guest: Jon Parker)
Blake & Mark are here with Jon Parker, while Sal is galivanting around Boston, to do a full breakdown and preview of AEW Double or Nothing. But first they talk about Ric Flair's Last Match, the aftermath of Sasha Banks & Naomi walking out on Raw and The Usos winning the WWE Unified Tag Team Championship. Also they discuss the breaking news about WWE moving Money in the Bank from Allegiant Stadium to the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Enjoy the show everyone!
98:25 05/27/2022
Pucks & Polishes Episode 32: Behind A Book Launch
Your favorite married couple is back and it's celebration time. They sit down and discuss the book launch party that was thrown at Kendra Scott at the Corners of Brookfield through Orangehat Publishing for Mandy's celebration book I Know I Am. In the discussion they go through the process to get to the event, the amazing people who helped throughout the night and tell some fun stories. Also hear the audio of the Q&A that took place and also the first ever reading of the book. Enjoy the show! ...Buy the book now:
45:07 05/20/2022
2022 Stanley Cup Predictions Game Episode 2
After a crazy first round, Blake, Sal, Mike, Leandra and Scotty are back to preview the Stanley Cup Semi Finals. Who will make it to the conference finals? That and the results from the last round. Enjoy the show!
16:49 05/17/2022
Episode 421: Cudahy is the Long Island of Wisconsin (Special Guest: Mandy Reilly)
Mandy steps into the host seat for Sal as her and the guys discuss Cody Rhodes' run so far in WWE, Roman Reigns possibly going part time, Ronda Rousey being new Smackdown Women's Champion, Lacey Evans' presentation, Hookhausen, the Owen Hart Foundation tournaments and much much more. Enjoy the show!
69:54 05/13/2022