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Your hosts, Blake, Sal and Mark, bring you an entertaining podcast covering wrestling, sports and more since 2013. With guests from around the world and a rotating studio panel, discussion is loud, funny and intelligent but most importantly fun and unpredictable.


Episode 507: The Montreal Giants
The guys are after a crazy week and it's a bit of a format buster. There is some wrestling talk as Mark has epic rants about Tony Khan and Mercedes Mone and Sal questions if the Uncle Howdy gimmick will bomb. But also Blake solves last week's Samoan Mystery, Blake and Sal talk about the Deal or No Deal Island season finale, Mark gets rightly accused of trashing a co host when the three of them weren't together, Blake gives his thoughts on the New York Giants' 100th season celebration jerseys and there is a new round of Immaculate Grid. All that and more craziness. Enjoy the show!
81:21 5/18/24
Episode 507 Preview: Unexpected TK Rant
Mark unleashed an unexpected rant at Tony Khan this week. Hear more tomorrow!
00:51 5/17/24
Episode 506: The Samoan Mystery
It’s a new day but the same crazy team. The guys are in rare form as they catch up on life including Sal’s side of FaceTime convo with Sting at C2E2 and then while Mark was dealing with technical issues Blake reviews Girls5Eva, Thank You, Good Night: The Jon Bon Jovi Story and WWE Next Gen and him and Sal discuss the Utah NHL hockey club. Then once the tech issues get fixed, things get unhinged as they talk about Trick Williams as NXT Champion, the WWE Backlash France crowd, The New Bloodline, The New Elite and much more. It’s a crazy ride but fun so sit back and enjoy.
92:55 5/11/24
Episode 506 Preview: Epic Khan Mustache
The guys have a good time with Shad Khan's epic mustache and acting skills. Hear more on Saturday!
00:24 5/10/24
2024 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions Game Round 2
It's time for the second round (a little late due to the NHL scheduling) and Leandra is out to a commanding lead after the first round of games. Can the guys catch up and who did all them think are making the Conference Finals? Find out right now!
13:37 5/6/24
VIDEO: Important Announcement from Blake
Blake addresses the future of Clerks Minute and officially announces his retirement from Movies By Minute podcasting.
09:53 5/3/24
Episode 505: Con Season Begins
Blake & Mark begin the 2024 Con season at McCormick Place in the heart of Chicago, Illinois on April 27, 2024. Recorded while walking back to the car, the guys take you through the day including meet and greets with Sting, Cristo Fernández, Ricky Starks and Danhausen plus other odds and ends including how Blake completely surprised Sal. Enjoy the show! Full Coverage over at Blake & Sal At The Cons
24:25 5/3/24
Pucks & Polishes Episode 40: Getting More Time
Your favorite couple returns to discuss life over the last couple of months including both sides of Blake's cancer experience. It's a real conversation going through everything that have been through from diagnosis to surgery to chemo and everything in between. It's not all serious, as Mandy talks about her last Peloton trip in February, quick review of Jersey Boys and Shrek: The Musical and much more fun conversation. Enjoy the show!
98:07 4/26/24
2024 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions Game Round 1
The playoffs are about to begin and Blake and Sal bring back Mike and reigning 2023 Champion Leandra from Rocky Horror Minute and new to panel Tim from RandomChatter to predict each series and start this year's game. Will Leandra defend her crowd? Will Mike actually be correct about his picks at all? Will Blake or Sal ever will this game again? And is there newcomer luck in the air for Tim? Join us and find out together!
22:42 4/20/24
Episode 504: Pepperoni Private (Special Guest: Jon Parker)
The guys are back with Jon Parker to preview AEW Dynasty, at least the matches they have at the time of recording, and have a heated debate over the CM Punk/Jack Perry video airing on Dynamite. Plus discussion on Rhea Ripley's injury, Jon Moxley winning the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, the Bloodline storyline and much more. It's a long crazy show but is definitely a must listen. Enjoy the show!
132:08 4/19/24
Episode 504 Preview: Heel/Face Alignment Confusion
Jon is really confused by who the faces and heels are in the Young Bucks/FTR match at #AEW Dynasty. Hear more tomorrow!
00:40 4/18/24
Episode 503: In A New Era!
The guys are back after a crazy Wrestlemania week to look back at Cody Rhodes finally finishing his story ending Roman Reigns’ championship reign, Sami Zayn ending Gunther’s record setting Intercontinental Championship reign, Blake marking out for Bayley’s title win and much more. Plus Blake runs through all the shows he watched throughout the week and NXT and HOF talk. Enjoy the show!
98:58 4/12/24
Episode 503 Preview Video #2: Bayley Mark Moment
Blake completely marks out for Bayley after she wins at Wrestlemania. Hear more tomorrow!
00:46 4/11/24
Episode 503 Video Preview #1: Sal's Issues with Samantha Irving
Sal has alot of issues with Samantha Irving's emotional announcement of Cody Rhodes' championship.
00:25 4/10/24
Episode 502: A Possible Philly Riot (Special Guest: Mandy Reilly)
The guys are back to preview the craziest WWE weekend of the year, Wrestlemania weekend. With special guest Mandy they break down the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2024, NXT Stand & Deliver and finally both nights of Wrestlemania XL with a debate on if Cody Rhodes will finish his story by beating Roman Reigns and all the theories in between. It's a marathon show but everything is covered plus more. Enjoy the show!
150:53 4/5/24
Episode 502 Video Preview #4: The Avengers Theory
Blake gives his full theory on how the main events of Wrestlemania will go. Hear more including a full preview of the weekend on today's show!
01:57 4/5/24
Episode 502 Video Preview #3: Reality Show Plotlines
Mandy gives her reasoning on why The Pride (Bobby Lashley & The Street Profits) were added to the Wrestlemania card at the last minute.
01:13 4/4/24
Episode 502: Video Preview #2: Sal's Tag Team Title Solution
Sal gives his thoughts on who should win the WWE Raw & Smackdown Tag Team Championship during the ladder match.
00:26 4/4/24
Episode 502 Preview Video #1: Roxanne Hot Take
Mandy has a hot take about Roxanne Perez going her title match at NXT Stand & Deliver.
00:43 4/3/24
Episode 501: Jon Loves Violence (Special Guest: Jon Parker)
In a special bonus edition of the show, Jon Parker from Bat Minute joins Blake & Mark to look at all the wrestling shows happening Wrestlemania weekend in Philadelphia, at the The Collective, WrestleCon, ROH Supercard of Honor and more! It's a fun crazy conversation that goes all over the place talking about their love and history with wrestlers on shows and just how Speedball Mike Bailey is going to pull off being at two shows at the same time. Enjoy the show!
105:20 4/3/24
Episode 501 Preview Video #2: What is Yoshihiko?
Jon explains Yoshihiko to Mark and his reaction is amazing. Hear more tomorrow on a special show!
00:43 4/2/24
Episode 501 Preview Video #1: Blue Kane?!?
Jon explains and sells Blake and Mark on the Matt Cardona vs. Blue Kane match at Joey Janela's Spring Break 8.
01:46 4/1/24
Episode 500: BS500 (LIVE SHOW)
Blake, Sal and Mark celebrate their 500th show and 11 year anniversary with voicemails and a nice game of Wrestling Immaculate Grid and much much more. It's a fun show so enjoy and thank you for all the support!
115:35 3/29/24
Episode 500: BS500 (LIVE SHOW-Full Video)
Blake, Sal and Mark celebrate their 500th show and 11 year anniversary with voicemails and a nice game of Wrestling Immaculate Grid and much much more. It's a fun show so enjoy and thank you for all the support!
115:35 3/29/24
Episode 500 Preview Video: Rich Fann's Amazing Words
Rich Fann had great things to say about the guys during Show 500. Hear the whole show tomorrow!
00:31 3/28/24
Episode 499: Not Worth The Mone
As the guys get closer to a live 500th show next week, the guys discuss El Hijo del Vikingo's injury leading to vacating the AAA Mega World Championship after 833 days, WWE working with GCW, Mercedes Mone's debut at AEW Big Business and more. Then have an in depth, with clips, discussion about The Rock and Cody Rhodes promos from the last few weeks, including Sal's real time reaction to Cody's promo from Monday's Raw. It's a fun time so enjoy the show and join us Wednesday at 12pm CT/1pm ET for a live lunch hour 500th show celebration!
80:46 3/22/24
Episode 499 Preview Video #3: Sal Reacts to LDS!
Sal reacts to Cody Rhodes' promo from Monday's Raw! Hear more on today's show.
00:14 3/22/24
Episode 499 Preview Video #2: Heel Drew > Heel Rock
Blake compares The Rock to Drew McIntyre. Hear more tomorrow!
00:13 3/21/24
Episode 499 Preview Video #1: Reaction to Mercedes Mone's AEW Contract
The guys react to the reports of Mercedes Mone's #AEW contract.
00:17 3/20/24
Episode 498: The Banker is The Yacht
After a month apart, the guys are back together recording earlier in the day than normal which means things are fun and crazy. After Blake checks in with the audience on his health, Sal talks about seeing Harry Potter and The Cursed Child on Broadway, Blake reviews Mean Girls and Love & WWE: Bianca & Montez and the guys put over the unexpected fun that is Deal or No Deal Island. Then they get into the bizarre RFK Jr. maybe picking Aaron Rodgers to be on his independent ticket as Vice President. Finally they get into the wrestling world, discussing major stories like The Rock & Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins becoming official for Wrestlemania Night 1, if Drew McIntyre is the best heel in wrestling right now, Prime center ring sponsorship, Sting's retirement match, Will Ospreay, Kazuchika Okada and Mercedes Mone joining AEW and much more. And then as they about to end the show, they discuss the breaking news that TikTok could be banned in the United States in six months. It's a fun time so sit back and enjoy the show!
102:57 3/15/24

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