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Creating and maintaining a magical culture in any organization takes dedication and commitment. Dan Cockerell, a 27-year Disney veteran and retired Vice President of the Magic Kingdom, and host Jody Maberry share stories and insight to help you build the mindset you need to develop a strong organizational culture. Come Rain or Shine will equip any leader with the tools to influence the weather in your kingdom for years to come.


What Is Holding You Back
"You can't always control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond to it and how you kind of take it in, and that's all on you." Episode Highlights 02:26 Courage and discipline are key to growth. 04:51 Change mindset, find motivation, or make change. 07:43 Attitude and choices determine control and confidence. 12:52 Start doing, make it real, change. 13:24 Transition from sedentary to active lifestyle. Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - What is Holding You Back? Any time someone tells me they wish something was different in their life I ask, “what is holding you back?” Is it fear, self-doubt, or the comfort of familiarity? During this episode, Jody and I talk about taking ownership and being proactive in our lives. We all have worries, concerns, and dreams, and too often often we let fear hold us back from taking action. It is imperative that we break free from the limitations we impose on ourselves. There are many common roadblocks: job dissatisfaction, wanting to lose weight, fears of public speaking, or concerns about children's safety. We can all relate. The first step in overcoming your unique barriers is acknowledging their existence. Once we recognize what is holding us back, we have the power to make a change. No matter how small of a change you start with, it can have a significant impact in the long run. As I reflect on my own experiences, I’ve realized the importance of facing challenges head-on. Having courage and discipline to tackle what's holding you back can lead to great things, but it takes sacrifice. My father, Lee, often says, "Get on it!" Don't let problems control you. Take that first step, no matter how small, and soon you'll gain momentum and start moving in the right direction. Even if the situation worsens, you have control and can find a solution. We often know what's holding us back but choose to walk around with it, avoiding the necessary actions. It's time to break free from that pattern. Take responsibility for your life. Blaming external factors leaves us feeling powerless. Recognizing that we have choices and can influence outcomes is liberating. Changing habits and routines is challenging, but essential. It may be tough initially, but as you gain control over your choices, your self-confidence will soar. Admit what's holding you back, take responsibility, and start small. Every action counts. Don't deny yourself the joy and growth that comes from overcoming challenges. Listen to this episode for more on ways Jody and I have broken habits so those barriers no longer hold us back.  
15:13 11/30/23
Pay Attention to the Person In Front of You
“You create your own luck.' When you engage in conversations with strangers, you never know what it may turn into - a pleasant conversation, a business opportunity, or even a friendship." Episode Highlights 01:27 Pay attention to people for effective leadership, communication, and relationship building. 04:43 Nonverbals are a powerful way to communicate, including in unintended ways 06:48 Interactions can lead to unexpected opportunities and relationship 11:29 Listening with intent helps uncover new connections and opportunities. 12:40 Being present earns respect. 17:43 Eliminating distractions for focused quality time with family and at work. Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Pay Attention to the Person In Front of You Paying attention is a powerful tool in your leadership toolkit. It shows respect, builds trust, and opens doors to unexpected opportunities. It's a behavior that can make a significant difference in leadership and relationship-building. Being present and fully focused on the person in front of you is key. Being present and engaging with the people around me is something I actively work on, even during his travels. Whether it's the organizer of the event or a stranger at a dinner. Take a moment to acknowledge someone, ask questions, listen, and pay attention. If you want to effectively pay attention, there a few tactics that help avoid distraction. Create an environment where you can fully engage without interruptions. Ask questions. The more you inquire, the deeper the connection becomes. Be genuinely interested. Be eager to learn about the people you interact with and their experiences. Reset when entering a room. Focus on the present moment, leaving behind any distractions from the past. The power of paying attention goes beyond just building relationships. It contributes to trust, rapport, and, ultimately, success. When leaders prioritize paying attention, it creates an environment where people feel valued and connected. I remember once walking with Bob Iger, where Bob's undivided attention made me feel like the most important person in the world. Leaders who pay attention create powerful connections. Remember that paying attention is not limited to personal relationships. It also applies to the workplace. Distractions can hinder collaboration and productivity. Set aside time for focused conversations with teammates, leaving devices and distractions behind. Take a moment to consciously practice these tactics and see the impact it has on your relationships, both at work and in your personal life. Embrace the power of paying attention and watch your relationships and success grow.
19:23 11/23/23
Take Responsibility
“Sometimes I look around and say, why am I in this situation? It makes me take a step back to say, “ What did you do to get yourself in this situation? What could you have done to not be in this situation?” Episode Highlights [00:03:58] Take responsibility for hiring, then address issues or remove employees.. [00:10:54] Ownership mindset leads to remarkable acts of responsibility and trust-building.. [00:14:44]  Leaders encourage employees to take risks and assume responsibility for the guest experience [00:16:47] Take initiative to improve customer experience. [00:19:13] Embrace the things that make you unique and stand out confidently. Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Take Responsibility Taking responsibility is the key to success, both in business and in life. Every outcome can be traced back to one's decisions, and it's crucial to own up to it, no matter how tough it may be. Organizations with top-notch service and ownership, like Disney and Marriott, can transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary ones Creating a culture where people take responsibility impacts much more than just the guest experience. It's about teamwork and how employees can elevate the customer experience by going the extra mile and owning up to the company's standard. Leaders can foster a culture of ownership and empower their team to take responsibility. It's all about inspiring and guiding others to make decisions that align with the organization's values and goals. A fantastic book full of wisdom on ownership and leadership is "Extreme Ownership" by Jocko Wieneck. There is no doubt that it will ignite your passion for unlocking your full potential as a leader. Make sure to listen to this episode of "Come Rain or Shine" to discover the magic of extreme ownership and its potential to transform your business. It's not just a podcast; it's a blueprint for success. 
19:42 11/16/23
Change Your Environment to Change Your Mindset
“We’re just so busy and distracted, things come in and out. We just don't take time to say, wow, that's a nice thing. I'm creating a little memory for myself right now." – Dan Cockerell Episode Highlights [00:02:19] Saying yes to opportunities and changing environments can be refreshing and inspiring. [00:05:07] Meditation is challenging but worthwhile. Be present and appreciate the little things. [00:09:15] Outdoor trip to Bryce Canyon. Refreshing and inspiring. [00:11:14] Effective meetings occur when they are held while doing related tasks. Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Change Your Environment to Change Your Mindset  There come times in life when we feel stuck in a rut, lack energy, or struggle to see things from a new perspective. We've all been there. One way to break free from these patterns is to change your environment. Jody and I took the time to talk about our recent hiking trip to Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park. Stepping out of our regular routines and immersing ourselves in nature had a profound impact on our mindset. Getting away from your usual surroundings allow you to disconnect and gain a fresh perspective. The change in environment, combined with the opportunity to have unstructured time, ignites creativity and will recharge your energy. Another way to reshape your mindset is by embracing new experiences and saying "yes" to opportunities that come your way. Jody really helped me remember why we need to spend more time practicing mindfulness and appreciating the little things. By slowing down, observing nature, and being fully present in the moment, we can find joy in the simple beauty around us. Doing this is a powerful reminder to prioritize our surroundings and not always rush towards the next goal. If you're feeling stuck or in need of a mindset shift, consider changing your environment. It doesn't have to be a grand trip to a national park. A simple change of scenery can make a difference. Take the time to explore a new place, immerse yourself in nature, or even connect with different people. By breaking free from your routine, you open yourself up to new ideas and perspectives. Remember, it's not about rushing to get things done or reaching the next goal. It's about being present in the moment, appreciating the beauty around you, and allowing your mind to recharge and refocus.
13:33 11/9/23
The Four Elements of Team Productivity
"Talent times Relationships plus expectations plus reward and recognition equals the productivity of a team." Episode Highlights [00:03:02] Gallup's 4 measurements of team productivity. [00:06:22] Giving gratitude and recognition reinforces positive behavior and improves productivity. [00:08:42] Clarify expectations and communicate with your team for improved productivity. [00:12:45] Assess team morale, identify need for friendship [00:15:39] Discuss expectations, recognize team, gather feedback, clarify actions, follow-up. [00:16:40] Use feedback to improve leadership for better results Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - The Four Elements of Team Productivity There are four key elements that contribute to successful team productivity. During this conversation, Jody and I talk about the importance of setting clear expectations, building strong relationships, implementing effective reward and recognition systems, and ensuring the right talent is in the right roles within a team. There are also four powerful questions I share that you can ask your team to assess your leadership and drive better results. Four Elements Clear Expectations: Ensure your team knows what is expected of them, when to reach out for guidance, and the level of autonomy they have in decision-making. Strong Relationships: Take the time to get to know your team members personally, understand their communication preferences, career aspirations, and passions. Reward and Recognition: Find ways to reward and recognize the achievements of your team members to inspire continued dedication and excellence. Talent Alignment: Understanding your team members' natural talents and passions, and aligning them with their responsibilities, will unleash their potential. This is a must-listen episode for anyone looking to take their team's productivity to the next level. By leveraging these four elements—talent, relationships, expectations, and reward and recognition—you can unlock a team's full potential and achieve exceptional results. Take it a step further by asking questions and gathering feedback. That’s how you can identify areas for improvement and make the necessary adjustments to enhance team productivity.
18:53 11/2/23
Connecting with Customers through Storytelling
“If you don't keep their interest, they walk away. So I really learned really quickly how to keep that interest. And that was through storytelling.” Episode Highlights [00:01:22] Passion for storytelling through moving around. [00:04:30] Transitioned from working for Disney to writing for nonprofits and training small business leaders [00:10:14] Inspiration from Disney's use of stories, failures, and four key challenges (safety, courtesy, show efficiency). [00:14:42] Storytelling creates respect and enhances effectiveness. [00:16:30] Own your story; be universal and specific. [00:22:10] Training nonprofits on storytelling. Connect with Alice Visit Alice’s Website Order the book Tell Your Story Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Connecting With Customers Through Storytelling Alice Fairfax's passion for storytelling was ignited at a young age.  Her father's military background resulted in frequent moves and the need to adapt to new environments. As a means of connecting with others in unfamiliar settings, Alice discovered the power of storytelling. She recognized that she was able to establish relationships by sharing her own tales and listening to others' experiences. Whether it's sharing a tale about your day or engaging an audience on a grand stage, storytelling builds connections and deeper relationships. Alice found her interest in storytelling amplified through theater and acting. It became the perfect outlet for her to dig even deeper into storytelling by bringing characters and narratives to life. As a performer at Disney, Alice focused on audience interactive storytelling. That means she was often inviting individuals to become part of the story. This technique ensured engagement, enabling her to maintain interest even in challenging conditions. For businesses, this highlights the significance of actively involving customers, clients, and employees in their narratives to generate a deeper connection. Alice has started to support small business owners with storytelling across various platforms, from presentations to social media. Her book, "Tell Your Story," offers practical tools and techniques to craft compelling narratives that resonate with your ideal audience. It's a valuable resource for anyone looking to translate their story effectively and authentically. Storytelling remains a powerful tool in our increasingly disconnected world. It has the potential to bridge gaps, evoke emotions, educate, and inspire. Stay tuned for Alice's book release in November and remember to embrace the magic of storytelling in your personal and professional endeavors.
26:17 10/26/23
The Art and Science of Customer Service
“It's not just about the people, but also the systems and processes in place. When art and science come together, magic happens.” -Dan Cockerell Leadership and culture are the driving forces when it comes to creating exceptional customer experiences. Smart organizations know the value of a well-designed plan for their business. They can't just open shop without a clear vision. It requires a savvy combination of the art and science of customer service. Two great examples of well-designed customer service experiences are Athleta and Banana Republic. They've trained their employees to go the extra mile, offering options like checking other stores' inventory for your desired size. It's all part of a well thought out process in their customer experience plan. No matter how great of a plan you come up with, consistency is key. It's not just about hiring good people, but about creating a culture where everyone delivers exceptional customer service. For example, when you walk into Athleta or Banana Republic, you know you'll receive top-notch service, no matter who's working. Everyone is trained so that customers get a predictable experience. Culture plays a vital role in customer service. It's about how things are done around here. As a leader, you set the tone for your organization. Define the experience you want to create, plan it out, and make sure it's consistently delivered. Ask yourself: What is the service experience that you want to create? How are you going to communicate it to your employees? How are you going to create checklists and processes to make sure It is done over and over and over again? Whether you're a business owner, a department manager, or even an HR representative, think about the service experience you want to offer. Remember, customer service is both an art and a science. Plan it, communicate it, and create processes to ensure it's executed flawlessly. Your customers will thank you through their loyalty. Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -  Episode Highlights [00:02:11] Reflecting on leadership tactics for businesses. [00:04:40] Brands with exceptional service. [00:07:25] Find your culture, create great service, learn from experiences. [00:10:42] Employee training for better customer interactions. [00:15:25] Pay attention to the customer journey and touchpoint map.  
18:29 10/19/23
The Nike Manifesto
“Many organizations today are focused on whether or not people are following the process. They ask ‘Did you send the report?’ versus ‘what results are you getting?’." It is hard to deny the power of leadership and culture on organizational success. During this conversation with Jody Mayberry we discuss the release of a the major movies, Barbie and Oppenheimer, and share our perspectives on their impact.  That leads to a much bigger discussion around the movie "Air” and its reference to a Nike manifesto. The movie “Air” tells the story of Phil Knight, the CEO of Nike in the 80s, and the groundbreaking decision to create Air Jordans. What caught my attention the most was Phil Knight's Nike manifesto. This is a set of principles guiding the company's success. There were a number of key points I pulled from the manifesto. The most notable thing is the authenticity and practicality in which they were created and implemented In addition to the manifesto, this movie does a fantastic job reiterating the importance of memorable points for team decision-making. Some of the manifesto points include being on the offense all the time and prioritizing perfect results over perfect processes. Make sure to listen to this episode as we talk about how a powerful manifesto can shape a company's culture and drive its success. Whether you're a business leader or an aspiring entrepreneur, the lessons we pull  from Phil Knight's Nike manifesto are sure to inspire you. Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Episode Highlights [00:02:50] Nike's groundbreaking success with Air Jordans. [00:03:48] Phil Knight's manifesto guided company decisions. [00:07:35] Focus on results, not process; challenge norms. [00:12:41] Park ranger questions bureaucratic process, tests system. [00:15:16] "Disney Magic Bands: Battery-powered sensors at auto plaza." [00:17:01] Follow rules, live off land, find path [00:19:49] Deal with mistakes, don't wait or fear.
22:17 10/12/23
Manage Like a Mother
"We need to give women the confidence that they can do it, and then educate men about what women can bring to the table" - Valerie Cockerell  Inspired by her mother's regrets and the desire to share her own insights, Valerie Cockerell set out to write a book that would provide practical advice on leadership. She noticed that while many resources discussed leadership theories, there was a lack of actionable steps. Valerie aimed to bridge this gap, offering tangible guidance to help people navigate their own leadership journeys. What was most crucial to Valerie was the realization that she had taken breaks in her career, whether due to relocating or prioritizing her family. These experiences shaped her perspective and added depth to the wisdom she wanted to share with others. As Valerie reflects on her career and accomplishments, she talks about how she wishes she had known certain things earlier in her professional journey. One of the biggest being the importance of focusing on the basics. This includes  things such as setting expectations, providing proper training, offering feedback, and effective time management. In a complex and challenging world, focusing on these basics can prevent us from feeling overwhelmed. Just like in tennis, where going back to basics helps improve overall performance, the same principle applies to leadership. During our conversation, Valerie mentions a study that found having more women in a group increases the collective IQ and leads to more effective collaboration. She shares more about reason women make such a notable impact in organizations. Three justifications include that women are often better listeners, more open to constructive criticism, and possess emotional intelligence. By working towards gender parity, we can benefit everyone in the workplace and create a more inclusive and productive environment. Take a listen to this incredible converation with Valerie. You can also join in the conversation on social media using the hashtag #ManageLikeAMother and share your own stories about the powerful influence of mothers. And of course, make sure to order Valerie's book, "Manage Like a Mother," available on Amazon. Connect with Valerie: Order the book - Manage Like a Mother LinkedIn - Connect with Valerie Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -  Episode Highlights [00:03:48] Focusing on basics improves performance and eases complexity. [00:08:10] Reflect on your mother's actions to lead better. [00:10:59] Women have better collaboration and emotional intelligence. [00:15:15] Men need to educate themselves, be self-aware, and invite and value feedback for improvement in order to be true allies. [00:20:23] Moms manage crises and provide helpful insights. [00:24:02] Resilient mom overcomes challenges, learns to drive. [00:25:09] 72-year-old woman learns to drive, still drives at 91.
30:02 10/5/23
Creating a Life of Excellence
The essence of truth is not what someone says, it's what they do. Behavior never lies. Every day, prepare yourself to be the person that someone else may need. - Richard Flint Richard Flint, the CEO of Richard Flint International, joins to share his extraordinary life story. Our conversation dives deep into Richard's personal turning points, the importance of confronting challenges, and the power of personal growth. His journey has been one of incredible highs and lows, from  challenges he faced from even the earliest years of his upbringing to the success of becoming a renowned public speaker Richard's story begins with a difficult childhood. He was born to a mother who didn't want him, then was adopted by a mother who also didn't fully accept him. Growing up, Richard faced constant criticism and was told he would never amount to anything. At 16, he was abruptly kicked out of his home by his adoptive mother, leading him to contemplate suicide. However, Richard found the strength to persevere, refusing to let his circumstances define him. One of the key turning points in Richard's life occurred when he realized that he didn't need to prove himself to his mother. Her abandonment freed him from the chains of seeking validation from others. Richard discovered the importance of self-belief, learning that he was capable of creating the life he desired. This experience fueled Richard's passion to help others recognize their potential and embrace their brilliance. Richard's journey also provides valuable insights into effective leadership. He emphasizes the importance of communication and confrontation in a leadership role. True leaders, he asserts, do not shy away from difficult conversations but rather address them head-on. It is through these confrontations that growth and progress are achieved, both individually and within an organization. For the past 35 years, Richard has dedicated his life to sharing his research and insights with people all around the world. Through his work, he aims to inspire individuals to strive for exceptionalism beyond average or greatness. Richard encourages others to embrace belief, trust, and faith in oneself, propelling them towards a life that is better, smarter, and more purposeful. Richard Flint's story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of personal growth. From a troubled upbringing to becoming a renowned speaker, his journey is filled with valuable lessons for everyone seeking to overcome adversity. This episode of  "Come Rain or Shine" is an inspiring reminder that even in the darkest moments, we have the capacity to rise above and create the life we desire. Connect with Richard: Richard on LinkedIn Richard on YouTube Richard on Twitter Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Episode Highlights 00:01:16 - Richard's Background 00:05:47 - Finding Freedom 00:06:38 - Richard's Mission 00:09:05 - The Importance of Honesty 00:12:45 - Balancing Commitment and Conviction 00:15:10 - Types of Workers: Sponges, Spectators, and Camels 00:18:00 - Challenges of Spectators and Camels 00:20:36 - Lack of Leadership and Respect
27:52 9/28/23
The Art of Effective Communication
"What can I do today that my future self will thank me for 20 years from now?"— Ray Edwards In this episode of "Come Rain or Shine," I have an incredible conversation with Ray Edwards, a renowned copywriter and author. Ray opens up about his journey that has been filled with both success and setbacks. His resilience in the face of adversity is truly inspiring. Throughout our conversation, Ray shares about his career successes, lifechanging medical news, his latest book, and the valuable lessons he has learned along the way. Ray's passion for radio broadcasting began at a young age and ultimately led him to a successful career spanning over 30 years. However, he made a pivotal decision to transition into the world of copywriting online. With the ability to harness the power of words and persuasion, Ray became highly sought after and worked with influential figures like Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield. In 2011, Ray received a life-altering diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. Initially keeping it hidden, he eventually had to face the reality and challenges it presented. As his health declined rapidly during the pandemic, Ray found himself in a dark place, questioning his beliefs and struggling to find solace in the methods that had once motivated him. It was during this low point that Ray made a profound decision to change his perspective and take ownership of his circumstances. He realized that reality couldn't be altered, but his response to it could. Drawing on his expertise as a copywriter, he wrote a sales letter to himself titled, "Read this or die a failure." This powerful letter became a catalyst for Ray's personal transformation. Throughout our conversation, Ray emphasized the importance of reevaluating our beliefs and finding better ones when faced with adversity. He challenged the conventional sources of motivation that had failed him and encouraged listeners to seek meaningful change within themselves. Ray notes that true transformation occurs when we change our response to circumstances rather than trying to change the circumstances themselves. Ray Edward's story is one of resilience, introspection, and personal growth. His ability to turn his darkest moments into opportunities for self-reflection and change is truly remarkable. His latest book, "Read this or Die," encapsulates his journey and serves as an inspiring call-to-action for those facing their own trials. If you're in need of a fresh perspective, this episode with Ray is a must-listen. Connect with Ray Edwards Order the Book Read This or Die Ray Edwards Website Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Episode Highlights [00:02:09] Radio career, Parkinson's diagnosis, mental struggle, transformation [00:10:58] Humans tend to get caught up in the current of life. Remember to take action [00:12:43] Doing things now that future you appreciates. [00:17:54] Using empathy to help with the pain, pressure, and comments. [00:19:33] Open-mindedness and listening bring peace to disagreements [00:23:30] useful beliefs and appreciate life.
27:33 9/21/23
Achieving Success Through Effective Execution
The key to successful execution is having focus, clarity, alignment, and accountability. These four things will help you get your strategies executed. - Patrick Thean Identifying core values, achieving clarity, and fostering accountability is undeniably important within organizations. My conversation with Patrick Thean, an expert in helping CEOs and teams overcome barriers to success, emphasizes their significance. Those things should not merely be words on a wall but rather true behavioral patterns that are believed in and practiced. As shared in Jim Collins' book, "Good to Great," there is a need for a small set of core values to avoid excessive bureaucracy and processes. We talk about the way companies can have practical implementation of core values on a daily basis. Patrick shares the ways he utilizes them within his own company, Rhythm Systems. Core values like "go the second mile" and "keep smart" are ingrained into their everyday language and actions. Clarity and effective communication are also keys to effective execution. At Walt Disney World there is a high level of focus on creating magical memories. This focus empowers employees to think about their purpose before executing their role. Clarity within an organization not only helps in goal-setting but also in holding people accountable. Patrick also debunks the notion that accountability is merely about punishment. It is actually about ensuring that the organization's objectives are achieved and addressing issues collectively rather than covering them up. We talk about the "gift of red" feedback. That emphasizes the significance of providing early feedback on unacceptable performance or issues to allow for timely resolution. Throughout our conversation, Patrick emphasizes the importance of empathy, repetition, and self-awareness in effectively executing strategies. There are always going to be challenges with maintaining focus, alignment with other teams, and the accountability of both individuals and teams. Planning and organization are among the crucial factors in avoiding unnecessary interruptions and disruptions in workflow. Make sure to listen to this conversation Patrick Thean to learn more about the secrets to achieving business success through effective execution. There is no doubt that you will hear strategies that can really work for you. Connect with Patrick Order the Book, Rhythm Visit Patrick's Website Patrick on LinkedIn Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Episode Highlights 00:01:08 - Patrick's Background 00:03:10 - Lack of Execution 00:05:51 - Focus and Execution at Disney 00:09:02 - Clarity, Accountability, and Setting Goals 00:16:27 - Creating a Culture of Transparency 00:19:47 - Using Core Values in Daily Language 00:21:14 - Effective Communication and Accountability 00:25:39 - The Importance of Collaboration and Rhythm 00:26:30 - The Challenges of Sharing Ideas 00:27:23 - The Importance of Self-Awareness and Compartmentalization 00:32:55 - Transforming Status Meetings into Adjustment Meetings 00:33:40 - The Value of Strategic Thinking and Planning  
36:23 9/14/23
The Freedom of Doing Something Different
Just change your mind and do something differently. Changing your beliefs and assumptions can lead to different results in your life. - Dan Cockerell During our time in California, my wife Valerie and I took a 20-mile hike. I relished the challenge, but as the miles accumulated, so did the discomfort. My body protested, my mind amplified the pain, and I found myself questioning why I had put myself in this situation. However, a phrase started to resonate with me: pain is temporary. Over and over, I repeated it. The more I said it I noticed that my mindset began to shift. Each step became less a hardship and more a triumph. I stopped focusing on the immediate discomfort and started enjoying the scenery, the weather, the company. I realized that just changing my thoughts had a profound effect on my experience. This has since become a guiding principle for me. Pain is temporary. However, the lessons you learn and the experiences you have are permanent. Shifting your mindset isn't easy and it certainly does not happen overnight. The the learning, the growth, the joy that come from the temporary discomfort make it worth it. Do not dismiss the power of positive mindset and the profound impact it can have on our experiences. Many time we limit our own personal growth by holding on to existing beliefs and assumptions. Emergencies and challenges aren't always expected, but it is smart to have a plan to guide you through them. This is the same for our personal and professional life. Be proactive when planning the direction you want your business to go and be prepared to adapt to new opportunities. Make sure to listen to this conversation between Jody and I, especially if you are navigating a bit of discomfort in life. We talk about the power of mindset and beliefs and the ways they can help you overcome challenges and create new opportunities. Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Episode Highlights 00:01:26 - Mindset and Dealing with Pain 00:04:57 - Magical Vacation Planner and Hiking 00:08:26 - Changing Beliefs and Mindset Shifts 00:10:26 - Focusing on the United States Market 00:12:15 - Taking Action and Finding Solutions 00:13:27 - Changing Mindsets and Being Proactive 00:14:42 - The Power of Action and Learning 00:16:03 - Changing Habits and Creating Success 00:18:15 - Addressing Worries and Overcoming Challenges
21:11 9/7/23
The Transformative Power of Authentic Human Connections
Technology may bring us closer in some ways, but nothing can replace the depth and significance of real, in-person human connection. - Judd Shaw Human connection has been a crucial aspect of survival throughout history. Over the last few years there was a stark reminder of the importance of authentic relationships. Today I welcome Judd Shaw, CEO of Judd Shaw Injury Law, who shares his insights on the transformative power of authentic human connections. During the COVID-19 pandemic Judd went from running a successful law firm to experiencing emotional and professional struggles. In all that was going well there was a pull telling him that something was missing. This sense of unfulfillment sparked a journey that led Judd to a new passion project - understanding and fostering human connection. Like many, he had been living in a world veiled by technological advancements, where authentic relationships were often overshadowed by a flood of digital interactions. Now, he knows the importance of finding a sense of belonging and connecting with others who accept us for who we are. Social media has lead to unhealthy comparisons, which is why it is crucial to define our own success and prioritize genuine connections over superficial ones. There are a few ways you can make more meaningful connections. spending quality time with family without distractions being fully present in conversations being accessible and approachable as a leader Technology is evolving faster than humans, and it's crucial to get back to our roots and prioritize authentic connections for a better future. Measure the connection with yourself and ensure authenticity and alignment with your core values. By reconnecting with oneself, it becomes easier to build connections with others and create a better world for oneself and others. Connect with Judd: Judd Shaw Website Get the Book Sterling and Nugget the Dragon Listen to Working the Wow Podcast Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Episode Highlights 00:01:32 - Judd's Story and the Power of Connection, 00:03:57 - The Impact of Technology on Connection, 00:07:29 - Loneliness as an Epidemic, 00:11:24 - The Need for Connection and Belonging, 00:14:48 - Finding Authentic Connections, 00:17:14 - Creating Meaningful Connections, 00:19:33 - The Power of Genuine Interactions, 00:20:15 - Connecting with Yourself, 00:21:26 - Taking Action and Appreciating Connection
22:27 8/31/23
Achieving Success Through Accountability and Clear Expectations
  Holding people accountable and setting clear expectations brings value to any role. - Mark Manukas Mark learned early on in his naval career about the power of accountability and clear expectations. During his four years at the Naval Academy he encountered a number of surprises. The most impactful things are the ones he still talks about today;  hard work, focus on ethics, and the sense of relief and accomplishment upon graduation. Mark and Gaurav Bhatnagar, Founder of Co Creation Partners, co-authored the book "Unfear: Transform Your Business to Create Breakthrough Performance and Well Being". The book was written to help leaders understand how fear impacts organizational culture. They aim to change leaders' relationship with fear to promote positive transformation and well-being. Take a moment to reflect on your organization's culture and identify any areas where fear may be hindering performance and well-being. Consider how you can start addressing these issues within your own team or organization. Reach out to Mark at or visit Connect with Mark & Co Creation Partners Order the Book Unfear: Transform Your Business to Create Breakthrough Performance and Well Being Co-Creation Partners Website Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -  Episode Highlights 00:01:20 - Naval Academy Experience 00:03:49 - Co Creation Partners 00:08:11 - Book Purpose 00:09:08 - Evaluating Culture 00:12:37 - Accountability and Clear Expectations 00:12:57 - The Path of Unfear 00:13:26 - Working with Different Industries 00:14:21 - Contact Information and Collaboration
16:35 8/24/23
The Value of Prioritizing Employee Fulfillment
As a leader of any organization, it's really important that we work every day to become unnecessary. - Chris Meroff Chris Meroff’s journey is what has shaped him into a strategic leader that helps others recognize the value of prioritizing employee fulfillment. His story is both inspiring and enlightening. As a college dropout with no clear path in life, Chris found himself working in his parents' consulting business for K-12 education, despite having no prior knowledge of the field. After 15 grueling years, Chris decided to branch off and launch a similar venture in Texas, one of the largest markets in the country. Despite facing multiple setbacks, his relentless determination led to the flourishing of a successful business with 75 employees within four years. However, Chris realized that his achievement did not bring him the fulfillment he expected. His belief that leadership required him to exude confidence and strength left him feeling isolated and emotionally drained when an invaluable employee resigned. That moment shaped Chris' view on the importance of empathy and vulnerability in leadership. The next thing he knew he has to do was a transform his approach to employee fulfillment. Make sure to share this episode of Come Rain or Shine with your colleagues and friends who need to hear this message about the impact of leadership on employee fulfillment. Connect with Chris Meroff Chris Meroff's Website: Order the Book: Align: Four Simple Steps for Leaders to Create Employee Fulfillment Chris on LinkedIn Chris on Instagram Chris on Facebook Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Episode Highlights 00:01:37 - Chris's Background 00:06:17 - The Need for Empathy and Vulnerability 00:08:25 - Becoming Unnecessary as a Leader 00:09:25 - Step 1: Focus on Culture 00:13:33 - Defining Culture and Guiding Principles 00:14:35 - Prioritizing Time and Resources 00:16:14 - Aligning Talent with Tasks 00:17:24 - Creating a Success Plan 00:19:24 - The Value of Investing in Employees
25:33 8/17/23
People Matter and They Should Know It
"People really want to know that they have value. We can bring that to them in leadership positions, leadership roles." I had a pretty cool experience a couple months ago and I made a note of it because I knew it would be a great podcast topic. The story really reinforces something we've talked about before. It's the idea that people matter and they need to know they matter. Whether that is in companies, employees, family members or friends, people really want to know that they have value. During a trip to Atlanta, my wife, Valerie, and I stayed with our friends Rick and Vicky. Rick is semi retired now, but he's a guy he can never stop. He always has to be doing something. It just so happened that the night before we arrived Rick stepped in to volunteer at a local homeless shelter. They have a rotation where they need men to go spend the night at a homeless shelter and manage it. They are there to keep order, make sure everything's okay, people are safe, et cetera. During his shift, a man approached him with a request to be quizzed for his driver's license exam. Despite not owning a car, the man simply wanted to prove to himself that he could achieve something. This simple but powerful interaction has stuck with me since. It highlighted the human desire for validation and accomplishment. It serves as a great reminder that leaders can cultivate this feeling of value in their team members, regardless of their role or status. One of the best ways to build relationships is by taking an interest in others' achievements and supporting them, both in personal and professional settings. Genuine empathy, kindness, and understanding in leadership roles goes a long way. By truly listening, being present, and offering guidance, leaders can create a positive and supportive environment that fosters growth and achievement. Take a listen to this episode then apply the lessons Jody and I share in your own life to create a positive impact on others. Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Episode Highlights 00:01:08 - Story of Rick at the Homeless Shelter 00:04:16 - Bringing Value to Others 00:06:17 - Examples of Showing Others They Matter 00:09:46 - Everyone Matters 00:12:24 - The Power of Curiosity and Connection 00:13:17 - The Fear of Vulnerability 00:14:11 - The Importance of Professionalism 00:16:13 - The Impact of Leadership Actions 00:17:54 - Cultivating a Culture of Value
19:47 8/10/23
Transforming Leadership through Accountability
  "Clarity is key. It gets rid of confusion, frustration, and stress. Clear expectations empower your team to deliver great results." Mac McNeil is an army veteran and banking professional that brings a unique perspective to the significance of accountability and clear expectations in leadership. Mac's extensive background in psychological operations during Desert Storm gives a new perspective to leadership conversations. Throughout the conversation, Mac emphasizes the need to set clear expectations and grant permission for teams to hold leaders accountable. He shares personal experiences from his executive role in Bank of America. While he was there he implemented a leadership philosophy centered around excellence, doing things the right way, and accountability. Mac also highlights the role of storytelling in leadership. He shares some great examples of this with anecdotes from his book, My Great Aunt Edna: The Golden Girl of Leadership. In this episode, you will: Uncover the leadership lessons gleaned from both military and banking sectors Discover how psychological operations mold human behavior in military environments Delve into the exceptional leadership principles embodied by Mac McNeil's Great Aunt Edna Realize the vital role of accountability and clear expectations in leadership dynamics Learn about fostering a culture of excellence, responsibility, and integrity He emphasizes the value of holding others accountable and addressing performance issues directly, even though it may be uncomfortable for young leaders. This episode is perfect for current and aspiring leaders that want to gain insights on fostering a culture of accountability and improving leadership effectiveness. Conncect with Mac Mac's LinkedIn Get the Book My Great Aunt EDNA Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Episode Highlights 00:00:44 - Mac's Background 00:02:05 - Memorable Moments from Desert Storm 00:04:06 - Psychological Operations in the Army 00:08:22 - My Great Aunt Edna, the Golden Girl of Leadership 00:12:20 - Importance of Accountability and Credibility 00:13:55 - Clear Expectations and Planning Work 00:15:41 - Being Accountable as a Leader 00:16:59 - Creating a Safe Environment for Feedback 00:19:11 - Miles Davis and Leadership 00:24:11 - Herbie Hancock's "Rocket" 00:24:23 - Book Recommendation - "My Great Aunt EDNA: The Golden Girl Leadership",
26:14 8/3/23
Building a Unified Culture Among Employees and Partners
"Customers don't care about organizational structure, they just want a great experience." Matt Purdy joins for a conversation on the importance of fostering a sense of belonging and unity among all employees and partners. He shares his experience integrating outsourced operational areas with the internal culture and values as Director of Career Services at Murray State University. Many of the university's operational areas, including dining services and grounds crews, were outsourced to third parties, resulting in distinct reporting structures. Despite this, Matt was astute enough to recognize that these employees contributed significantly to the university's public image. For Matt, the distinction between who was technically a university employee and who was not, held little importance to the customers. Instead, he believed in the collective responsibility of all workers to create a wholesome customer experience. This posed an interesting question for him: how could he foster a sense of belonging and unity among all employees, yet respect their distinctive operational structures. Listen to this episode as we break down the walls that divide and unite employees and partners. When there is a shared goal of delivering exceptional experiences then you will have a much easier time integrating diverse stakeholders. This conversation sheds even more light on the value of incorporating all stakeholders into the organizational culture and creating a shared purpose. Connect with Matt: Murray State University LinkedIn Matthew Purdy Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Episode Highlights 00:00:55 - Matt's Background 00:04:14 - Matt's Question 00:07:08 - Epcot Example 00:13:48 - Building Relationships 00:13:45 - Dining Provider Feedback 00:14:36 - Onboarding Experience for Third Parties 00:16:46 - Everyone as a Recruiter 00:18:08 - Matrix Organization at Disney 00:23:09 - Inclusivity for Third-Party Employees 00:26:13 - Planning for the Future 00:26:40 - Importance of Social Experience
28:16 7/27/23
Touch Hearts Through Storytelling
"We might not have control in politics, but we have control in our own lives." Amy Newmark's journey to storytelling started when she was just a child, with an insatiable curiosity for languages. Her fascination with communication took her from studying several languages in high school, to majoring in Portuguese at Harvard, and finally on a life-changing trip to Brazil. Amy's early career saw her leveraging her language skills in the business world, as a telecommunications analyst for a market research firm. She later pivoted to Wall Street, then ran a hedge fund, and found herself working at a telecom startup. Amy's diverse experiences armed her with invaluable insights into the power of storytelling and its role in personal growth. One day, at a casual barbecue, destiny presented Amy with the opportunity to acquire Chicken Soup for the Soul. Despite the challenging economic climate, Amy and her husband took the leap. They weathered the storm, and their perseverance paid off. Today, Chicken Soup for the Soul is more than just a book series; it's a robust platform that uses storytelling to inspire and transform lives. Each chapter of Amy's life provided her with unique insights into the transformative power of narratives. Having published over 190 books under the Chicken Soup for the Soul banner, Amy clearly knows how to touch hearts through powerful storytelling. Take a listen to out conversation to hear how an unexpected twist of fate would not only transform her own life but also empower countless individuals seeking personal growth and transformation. Visit the Chicken Soup for the Soul website to explore their collection of books, including the latest releases and bestsellers. Resources About Amy Newmark Order Chicken Soup for the Soul books Find a Red Box kiosk Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Episode Highlights 00:01:18 - Amy's Background, 00:04:31 - Buying Chicken Soup for the Soul, 00:08:15 - Process of Creating New Books, 00:11:07 - Transitioning the Brand, 00:14:02 - Learning from Chicken Soup for the Soul, 00:15:28 - Taking Control of Your Life, 00:16:41 - Learning from Life's Challenges, 00:17:24 - Tips for Running a Business, 00:21:19 - Tips for Being an Author,
25:24 7/20/23
Build Flourishing Organizations
"The more you live in hiddenness and darkness, it doesn't actually protect you or your spouse. It actually puts a wedge between you." Matt Lesser is an experienced business leader with a passion for fostering engaged and productive workplaces. Matt's journey began in a family-owned oil distribution company, where he quickly learned the importance of effective leadership and intentionality in the workplace. Having rebuilt the business from the ground up, Matt moved into private equity, working with organizations worldwide to identify investment opportunities. His journey hasn't always been smooth sailing though. Matt shares about some of his darker days and the power of therapy on his ability to get up and move forward. His unique insights have been put together into two books, Unsatisfied: When Less is More and the soon-to-be-released Unengaged: Building Flourishing Organizations. During our conversation Matt shares his knowledge on creating intentional workplace cultures that drive fulfillment and success. He shares the solution to building flourishing organizations through effective leadership and engagement. In this episode, you will be able to: Discover strategies for building thriving organizations through impactful leadership and engagement. Uncover the significance of pinpointing your life's purpose and how it can drive success. Learn how to foster an engaging company culture by hiring team members who embody your values. Explore the crucial elements of clarity, capability, motivation, and alignment in cultivating productive work environments. Realize the power of intentionality and the impact of taking incremental steps toward achieving your goals. Do you want to cultivate a thriving workplace that fosters fulfillment and success? If you would like enhance your leadership skills to create an engaged and productive team then make sure to take a listen to this episode. Learn how to intentionally create workplace cultures that drive satisfaction and achievement, and discover the keys to employee motivation and engagement. There is no better time to unlock the potential of a fulfilled and successful team.   Connect with Matthew Order the Book: Unsatisfied: When Less is More Uniquely Normal Website Surgeon General Report on Loneliness Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Episode Highlights 00:02:29 - Matt Lesser's Background, 00:06:32 - Private Equity and Leadership, 00:08:25 - Unengaged and Unsatisfied, 00:11:03 - Loneliness and Disconnection, 00:12:57 - Rock Bottom and the Power of Therapy 00:19:01 - Reflection and Vulnerability 00:20:10 - The Importance of Human Connection 00:22:45 - Living with Intentionality 00:25:01 - Hiring for Culture Fit vs. Skill Set 00:25:33 - Discovering Your Calling 00:27:28 - Taking the First Step 00:28:45 - Matt Lesser's Upcoming Book
30:11 7/13/23
Crafting Your Strategic Plan for Success
"If you want to change culture, you have to change the systems." John Losey is a sought-after coach and consultant that guides leaders in the entrepreneurial community. He is a thought partner and advisor for senior leadership, often working alongside the C-Suite as their outside support. With two decades of experience in organizations of various sizes - from small businesses to large corporations, John has acquired invaluable insights about the importance of having a clear purpose and mission in strategic planning. He recently authored the book 'The Pottery Panda: The Art of Intentional Progress', which is a unique business fable about this very subject. During this episode, you will: Discover the key elements of successful strategic planning for any organization Uncover the crucial role of purpose and mission in guiding your strategic planning process Learn the balance between visionary thinking and practical implementation in strategic planning Hear about the Pottery Panda tale and how storytelling can enhance your approach to strategic planning Realize the importance of community input and feedback in achieving strategic planning success During this conversation John does a great job of explaining why it is important to ensure your organization has a clear purpose and mission before starting the strategic planning process. If you want to avoid zigzagging down the wrong path make sure to take a listen. Remember that if you want to change culture, you must change the systems in place within your organization. If you want to change your environment, then reach out to Magical Vacation Planner. They will help you take a vacation that will give you the rest needed to support your professional plan. Give them a call at 407-442-2694 or use the link on my website.  Connect with John The Pottery Panda Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Episode Highlights 00:01:34 - John's background 00:04:07 - Diving into strategic planning 00:06:15 - The Pottery Panda book 00:10:53 - Key concepts from the book 00:13:27 - Shifting Mindset to Focus on Success 00:14:48 - Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking 00:15:56 - Wisdom of Looking at the Opening 00:18:29 - Pottery Panda and Strategic Planning
22:48 7/6/23
Empowering Women through Philanthropy
"We all have the responsibility to leave the world a little bit better than we found it." Wendy Steele is a passionate advocate for women’s involvement in philanthropy and the mastermind behind Impact 100 Global. With a background in economics and banking, she has a keen understanding of the importance of financial empowerment and independence for women. During our conversation she talks about realizing that outdated ideas about philanthropy were keeping many women from making a difference in their communities, so she set out to change that. As the founder and CEO of Impact 100 Global, Wendy has helped the organization collectively grant over $123 million during its first 20 years. She works to empower women to pool their resources together and make an impact on the causes they care about. Her forward-thinking approach to giving is truly transformative. During this episode, Wendy helps us: Discover the power of impactful giving specifically for women and its potential to change lives Uncover the unique approach of Impact 100 and how pooling resources leads to significant grants Explore the process of breaking down barriers in philanthropy for women and fostering inclusivity Dive into the five key focus areas of Impact 100's grant giving and why they matter Delve into exclusive insights from the book "Invitations to Impact" and how it can inspire community transformation If you or a woman you know has been feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the barriers preventing you from making a difference in the world through philanthropy, then you are not alone. Thankfully, Wendy does a great job of showing that there are ways to break through these barriers and achieve meaningful philanthropy. Take a listen and make sure to share this episode with someone else who is looking to make an impact through philanthropy. A great way to celebrate your impact is through a vacation. Make sure to connect with Magical Vacation Planner. They will provide the guidance needed so you can focus on enjoying your trip. 407-442-0257. Connect with Wendy Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Episode Highlights 00:01:39 - Wendy's Background 00:05:36 - Impact 100 Model 00:09:19 - Examples of Impact Projects 00:15:26 - The Importance of Ownership in Impact 00:16:50 - Making a Difference No Matter How Small 00:18:02 - Generosity and Impact 00:21:03 - Invitation to Impact Book 00:23:42 - Impact 100 and Getting Involved
26:31 6/29/23
Your Attitude Creates Opportunity
"When things are going bad in the moment, they're usually almost never as bad as you think they are." Jody Maberry is back to talk about the importance of facing life's uncertainties with courage and positivity. Jody has learned that embracing change and being open-minded are key to personal growth and success. Too much time is spent trying to control every outcome, or constantly seeking reassurance from others. In reality, these actions only perpetuate your anxiety. The more you resist uncertainty, the more it persists.  It's time to embrace the unknown and shift your focus to what is within your control - your thoughts and actions. Instead of dwelling on the worst-case scenario, train your mind to find the positive in any situation. Challenge yourself to try new things and take calculated risks. It is so important that we overcome preconceived notions and experiencing things for ourselves. Jody gives a great example of this by sharing about his experience in Kuwait. Remember, uncertainty is a natural part of life, and with a positive mindset, you can not only survive but thrive in it. In this episode, we discuss the:  art of thriving amid uncertainty and sustaining a positive mindset  influence of attitude and perspective in carving out opportunities  life-changing capacity of travel in dismantling stereotypes and prejudices  essentiality of experience for cultivating areas of expertise  skill of preserving perspective while also giving attention to details in trying times If you're feeling stuck in uncertainty and overwhelmed by negative thoughts, know that you are not alone. But also remember that being open-minded and having a positive attitude can lead to new opportunities in life. One great way to experience new places is by partnering with Magical Vacation Planner. They offer stress-free vacation planning so you can focus on enjoying the trip. You can get in touch with them by calling 407-442-0257. "We create our own luck." Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -  
16:41 6/22/23
Creating a Culture too Good to Quit
"If you are creating a culture of trust, it means you listen more than you speak." April Whitson has developed cutting-edge programs to create a culture employees won't want to quit. During our conversation she does a great job of explaining the value of diverse experiences in your career to prepare for future leadership roles. She is a leader that firmly believes that HR professionals should act as business partners, understanding the financial impacts and the entire operation of the company.   April is a high-energy speaker who has coached hundreds of leaders throughout her 25+ years as an HR professional. During our conversation she shares how she navigated a career path that wasn't always linear. Her lessons have shaped who she has become now and why she encourages her team to have the courage to speak up. It is important that we all have difficult conversations when needed. It is even better when there are leaders like April that let their employees know that they will always have their back. Through my own experience I know this is necessary to establish an amazing culture that employees don't want to leave. One way of challenging yourself to look beyond the traditional way of climbing the corporate ladder is through the concept of switching ladders. April uses this approach to career development by getting people to consider changing ladders, not just climbing up the same one. It's a great way to gain different experiences and skills. During our conversation, you will also hear: the indispensable contribution of HR as strong business allies in promoting diversity within the workplace the keys to establishing a positive corporate culture for robust employee engagement and loyalty how to sharpen your communication skills to strengthen bonds between leaders and team members the art of combining assertiveness with humility to maximize your leadership potential ways to implement a long-term strategy to sustain employee retention while nurturing their overall well-being April has a clear drive to touch more lives and provide leaders the tools to create a better work environment. She is now excitedly working on her book to share her insights and experiences. Make sure connect with April on LinkedIn and grab her free resource below. You should also check out ABB, the technology company April works for, to learn more about their products and services. One way to retain people is to make sure they take time for themselves. Next time you or someone you know is wanting to plan their vacation make sure to connect with Magical Vacation Planner at 407- Connect with April: Website - April Whitson Free Retention Checklist -The Stay Challenge LinkedIn - April Whitson Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Episode Highlights 00:01:20 - April's Story 00:06:29 - The Role of HR 00:10:37 - Getting Diverse Experiences 00:12:15 - Diverse Experience and Open-mindedness 00:13:48 - Recruiting Challenges 00:18:42 - Open and Constructive Communication 00:22:38 - Overcoming Resistance 00:25:08 - Decision Making as a Leader 00:27:29 - Different Approaches to Decision Making 00:28:30 - Understanding Why Employees Stay 00:30:15 - Taking Control of Employee Retention 
33:27 6/15/23
Building Relationships Through Shared Experiences
"Hospitality is friendship with a purpose." Hospitality industry veteran, Andy McNeill, knows the importance of emotional connection and creating relationships with clients for business success. When organizations focus on hiring the right people who value good service and coach them on the little extra steps it makes a big difference. For as long as he can remember, Andy McNeill has had a heart for hospitality. After 30 years of working in the industry specialized in serving others, he has helped thousands of organizations build stronger relationships through shared human experiences. Andy is a successful entrepreneur and founder of AMI, a global Hospitality and Marketing Firm that elevates the corporate meetings experience to the next level. During our conversation he explains how hospitality can be applied to any business, regardless of the industry, and offers great tips on how to do so. One of the biggest factors is recognizing the importance of emotional connections. A study even shows that 70% of purchasing decisions are emotional, which is why emotional deposits can help build long-lasting relationships with clients. During our conversation, you will also discover how to: Develop a culture of hospitality through strategic hiring and cultivated responsibility Strengthen emotional bonds with clients, fostering business growth and success Recognize subtle elements that have a profound impact on overall client satisfaction Integrate hospitality-driven behaviors into daily routines, showing genuine appreciation for clients Embrace a client-focused mindset, directing business decisions to cater to their needs Andy has helped thousands of businesses and Fortune 500 Companies travel to unique, once-in-a-lifetime destinations. AMI operates in 100+ countries and works on a global scale with some of the world's top brands including Salesforce, Mars Candy Bar, PepsiCo, Pfizer, and  CVS Health. Andy is the host of the Destination Everywhere Podcast where he and his co-host, Todd Bludworth, give unique travel tips and destination insights from around the world. By putting the client's needs first and executing on those little details that matter most, businesses can differentiate themselves and create memorable client experiences. One business I know of that excels at hospitality is Magical Vacation Planner. Make sure to connect with the agents of Magical Vacation Planner for your next trip. You can reach them at 407-442-0257 or using the link on my website. Connect with Andy: LinkedIn - Andy Mcneill LinkedIn - AMI Global Meetings Instagram - American Meetings Inc  Podcast - Destinations Everywhere Podcast Facebook - Destination Everywhere Podcast Instagram - Destination Everywhere Podcast Book - The Everywhere Book Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -  Episode Highlights 00:01:01 - Applying Hospitality to Any Business 00:05:15 - The Importance of Emotional Deposits 00:08:32 - Building a Culture of Accountability 00:11:48 - Ultimate Moment of Truth 00:12:30 - Building a culture of hospitality 00:14:03 - The difference between being friendly and being hospitable 00:15:18 - Tips for living a hospitality mindset every day 00:17:26 - About AMI
19:46 6/8/23
Vitality Hacks to Energize Your Life
"Systems and strategies help you raise your vim, vigor and passion for what you do." David Lindsay, a dedicated athlete and former fighter, discovered the importance of vitality to improve his energy levels throughout his sports career. He found that those lessons also extended to his personal and professional life. By creating routines and rituals to snap into action, working in short, intense chunks, and tapping into the power of posture and music all contribute he was able to increase vitality. David's journey to understanding the significance of vim, vigor, and passion in everyday life has led him to develop his five-step system to help others elevate their energy and focus, resulting in improved performance in various aspects of their lives. Take a listen to this episode to hear: David's 5-step method to revitalize yourself and achieve incredible energy levels the significance of nurturing positive connections with your staff for successful leadership insights into fostering an open-minded and trustworthy team environment the knowledge needed for identifying trustworthy collaborators in today's competitive market Many professionals just go through life like they are running on fumes. David uses his expertise in vitality and energy to reveal the steps to improve your energy levels. Don't miss out on the truth that could change your life, and make sure to share this episode with someone else. Another way to improve your vitality is through a vacation. Make sure to connect with Magical Vacation Planner. They will provide the guidance that will allow you to save your energy for your trip. 407-442-0257. Connect with David LinkedIn Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Episode Highlights 00:02:30 - Vitality 00:05:31 - Coaching Mentality 00:08:12 - Energy and Recovery 00:11:21 - Five Steps to Improve Vitality 00:13:02 - Five Steps Towards Improved Vitality 00:14:07 - The Zingarnic Effect 00:15:33 - The Importance of Napping 00:17:03 - Tapping and Evolving 00:26:26 - Introduction to the Podcast  
27:34 6/1/23
Transforming Theme Park Hospitality
"Recognizing that everything related to hospitality and guest experience can just keep going up is foundational to when looking at your own guest experience and hospitality strategy." As an 18-year-old working at Cedar Point, Josh Liebman had an encounter with a coworker that ultimately shaped the way he approached hospitality and guest experience in the attraction industry. The coworker insisted that visitors should be treated as guests, not customers. That realization not only shifted his perspective, but it has stuck with Josh throughout his career. As he worked for world-renowned attractions like Disney and Universal, he learned the importance of exceeding expectations and providing guests with unforgettable experiences. Now, as a consultant and thought leader, Josh is committed to instilling a hospitality mindset in the industry, ensuring that every guest feels valued and leaves with a lasting impression. During this conversation we dive into: the vital role guest experience and hospitality play in the attractions industry an employee mentality geared towards providing unmatched hospitality experiences the part leadership takes in developing the full potential of hospitality within your organization the importance of investing in training initiatives for improved customer service standards continual development and refinement within the rapidly-evolving hospitality industry Make sure to listen to this episode as Josh uncovers the real significance of hospitality in elevating guest experiences and shows us how to cultivate a team mindset. The best way to start is by embracing a culture of excellence and pursue continual development within the rapidly-evolving hospitality industry. Say goodbye to ineffective training programs and hello to happy guests and glowing reviews. And if you are looking for a top notch travel experience, make sure to connect with the agents of Magical Vacation Planner at 407-442-0257. They are a great example of a hospitality business providing guest service excellence. Connect with Josh Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Episode Highlights: 00:04:11 - Mindset of Hospitality 00:08:53 - Training Employees 00:10:48 - Respect for Employees 00:12:07 - The Importance of Training Employees 00:14:12 - Improving Guest Experience 00:15:22 - Living Job Descriptions 00:17:02 - Learning from Mistakes 00:18:04 - Writing a Book
22:17 5/25/23
Building Authority and Thought Leadership
"The speed of trust is dramatically accelerated when you lead as a thought leader with something to teach rather than a company with something to sell." Rusty Shelton, founder of Zilker Media, joins this episode to share insights on how entrepreneurs can establish personal authority and thought leadership. He shares his journey in the media industry and how he started Zilker Media to help companies build personal authority. One of the key ways he has been successful building trust with clients and employees is by prioritizing personal branding and thought leadership alongside company marketing. There is a lot of significance to creating content that focuses on impact, not ego, in order to establish competitive differentiation. Rusty explains that in today's digital age, personality-driven communication is critical to attracting customers. It is important that businesses are creating a unique and memorable experience that resonates with the audience and communicates the brand's mission and values. One way to continue to nurture your audience and earn their trust is by building an email list and sharing valuable information regularly.   In this episode you will learn how to: Transform into an influential leader and acknowledged authority in your field Cultivate a prominent personal brand with a powerful digital footprint Create extraordinary experiences that endear your brand to your customers Foster authentic relationships by weaving emotion and truth into marketing tales Adopt storytelling methods for a more engaging and effective marketing strategy Make sure to listen to this episode to hear more about how Rusty overcame the struggle of growing his PR firm by shifting to building thought leadership for businesses. This episode is perfect for anyone that wants to learn how to build an authority advantage and be perceived as a mission-driven thought leader with something to teach, not just a company with something to sell. Connect with Rusty: Get the Book: The Authority Advantage Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Episode Highlights 00:04:31 - Building an Authority Advantage 00:09:39 - Marketing for Individuals 00:11:54 - Authenticity and Trust 00:14:13 - Impactful Content Creation 00:12:50 - The Importance of Authenticity in Branding 00:14:06 - Overdelivering is Critical 00:15:28 - Owning Your Name as a Piece of Digital Real Estate 00:17:37 - Building Trust through Authority by Association 00:25:25 - Marketing in the Age of AI 00:28:11 - The Importance of Being Memorable 00:29:25 - Nurturing Your Audience 00:30:09 - The Power of Referrals 00:35:27 - The Authority Advantage  
38:24 5/18/23
Finding Purpose in Laughter
"The one thing you can do that separates you from everyone else is talk about your life." After years of corporate hustle and hard work, Shereen Kassam left it all behind in pursuit of a good laugh.  Inspired by her parents' tireless pursuit of the American Dream, Shereen initially followed a traditional career path.  She was working with renowned companies such as Deloitte, Amazon, and Disney Parks and Resorts. However, an impulsive visit to a comedy show ignited a passion that she couldn't ignore. Despite initial resistance from her family and the pressures of being a comedian of color, Shereen discovered her authentic voice and purpose on stage. During our conversation, Shereen shares valuable insights into embracing risk, resilience, and pursuing one's passions. As we recorded she shared that she is on the brink of fulfilling her dream of making people laugh at the Orlando Fringe Festival. As excited as she is, she is transparent in her continuous work to overcome her own fears, the high expectations of her family, and the toxicity of social media. During our conversation you will: Discover ways to follow your passion and find purpose beyond traditional corporate jobs Learn how to challenge stereotypes and barriers faced by comedians of color in the industry Unlock the secrets to embracing your creative and authentic voice in comedy writing and performing Uncover the path to transitioning from a first-time comedian to a full-time professional artist Master the art of maintaining harmony between your personal life, public image, and handling social media criticism This episode offers an abundance of inspiration for comedians and anyone considering a professional change. Make sure to share it with anyone else that could use reminders about the value of taking risks and the healing power of laughter. Or use it as motivation for anyone seeking a more fulfilling career path. And if you need a break from it all make sure to reach out to Magical Vacation Planner. They will help you find an escape that will undoubtedly connect you with your passions. You can call them at 407-442-0257, or use the MVP link on my website. Connect with Shereen: Connect with Dan: About Dan - Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Episode Highlights:  00:01:11 - Shereen's Background  00:04:26 - Realizing Something was Missing  00:06:16 - Starting Out in Comedy  00:08:42 - Life as a Professional Entertainer  00:11:26 - Accepting a Career in Comedy  00:12:28 - The Orlando Fringe Festival  00:13:11 - Connecting with Shereen  00:13:46 - Pursuing What You Want
15:48 5/11/23

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