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Watching Holiday Specials and talking about them.


Holiday Special Ep 119: Davey and Goliath Thanksgiving Specials
Davey and Goliath learn a couple of Christian-themed lessons, one is about the Pilgrims...
32:39 12/29/2021
Holiday Special Ep 118: Claymation Comedy of Horrors
Wilshire and his friend Sheldon go searching for Dr. Frankenswine's monster. They may find it, but will they get out alive?
23:46 10/29/2021
Holiday Special Ep 117: The Gift of Winter
Long ago there was no snow in the wintertime and everything was bleak. A group of people decided to see if they could do something about that.
27:10 03/07/2021
Holiday Special Extra Episode 4: Lego Star Wars Holiday Special
Disney+ did a Lego Star Wars Holiday Special. WHAT?? No, it's probably not what you're thinking...
80:09 01/03/2021
Holiday Special Ep 116: Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol
The classic Christmas Carol story where Mr. Magoo portrays Scrooge.
35:18 12/25/2020
Holiday Special Ep 115: Prep and Landing Naughty Vs. Nice
A naughty kid has hacked into the naughty and nice database at the North Pole, and it is up to Wayne and his brother Noel to put things right.
16:32 12/23/2020
Holiday Special Ep 114: Gumby Thanksgiving Shorts
Gumby pops into a couple of history books and shares a couple of adventures with the Pilgrims.
18:54 11/26/2020
Holiday Special Ep 113: Monsters Vs Aliens, Night of the Living Carrots
After dealing with the Mutant Pumpkins, our monster heroes still need to deal with zombie carrots!
14:41 10/31/2020
Holiday Special Ep 112: Michael Jackson's Halloween
Did you know there was a post-humously created Michael Jackson themed Halloween special?
37:54 10/19/2020
Holiday Special Ep 111: A Cranberry Christmas
A property dispute over a lake, er .. a cranberry bog, pits two neighbors at odds. One will stoop to vandalism to get what he wants! Will the Christmas spirit prevail?
22:01 04/05/2020
Holiday Special Ep 110: Frosty Returns
The fourth Frosty special (sort of...) and it packs an environmental message. Um... yay?
28:26 03/24/2020
Holiday Special Ep 109: A Very Brady Christmas
All the Brady kids and their families come home for a big Christmas together!
36:16 12/05/2019
Holiday Special Ep 108: This is America Charlie Brown: The Mayflower Voyagers
The Peanuts gang experience the Mayflower voyage and the first Thanksgiving along with the Pilgrims.
16:08 11/28/2019
Holiday Special Ep 107: Elvira's MTV Halloween Specials
Elvira hosted an evening of MTV videos in 1984 and then again in 1986 interspersed with her typical humor and sass. Are they worth checking out? Are they anything like a holiday special?
25:28 10/31/2019
Holiday Special Ep 106: Monsters vs Aliens Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space
Pumpkins are going mutant in Modesto! Can Susan and the other monsters stop them from stealing an entire towns' worth of candy?
17:37 10/28/2019
Holiday Special Ep 105: Trick or Chomp & Frankenbravo
In this episode I cover a couple of halloween related cartoon episodes.
25:19 10/18/2019
Holiday Special Ep 104: Spooky Bats and Scaredy Cats
A brother and sister out for trick-or-treating get sent on a mission of sorts to deliver invitations to various monsters. Will they overcome fear and exhibit true courage?
23:52 10/03/2019
Holiday Special Ep 103: Santa's Magic Toy Bag
Sherman is an elf that can't seem to do anything right. What will happen when Santa puts him in charge of his magical toy bag?
19:41 01/27/2019
Holiday Special Ep 102: The Night Before Christmas
Santa Claus visits a house and brings presents ... and the tree?
11:17 01/09/2019
Holiday Special Ep 101: Underdog, Simon Says No Thanksgiving
Simon Bar Sinister has an evil plan to take over the city, but the Thanksgiving Day parade is literally in his way. The solution? Travel back in time and keep Thanksgiving from becoming a holiday! Can Underdog save the day?
22:09 11/22/2018
Holiday Special Ep 100: Once Upon a Midnight Scary
It's episode 100! Vincent Price narrates this anthology of three spooky stories.
30:18 10/31/2018
Holiday Special Ep 99: For Better or For Worse - The Good For Nothing
The Patterson family seem to have their hands full with Farley their dog. But is there more to Farley than it seems?
21:17 10/30/2018
Holiday Special Ep 98: Mad, Mad, Mad Monsters
The monsters are all getting together for the marriage of Frankenstein's monster and his bride. Eh, it's not as good as Mad Monster Party.
25:59 10/16/2018
Holiday Special Ep 97: Casper's Halloween Special
Casper the Friendly Ghost wants to go trick or treating, but his ghost/witch friends would rather go around scaring everyone. Can the Casper enjoy Halloween?
26:14 10/15/2018
Holiday Special Ep 96: Bugs Bunny's Howl-oween Special
Bugs Bunny did a Halloween special? Eh, not really. It's another clip-show using WB cartoons.
21:41 10/08/2018
Holiday Special Ep 95: Bugs Bunny's Mother's Day Special
Bugs Bunny and Granny talk a bit about the importance of babies and mothers, but are continually interrupted by ... clips from older WB cartoons!
25:22 05/15/2018
Holiday Special Ep 94: The Jack Rabbit Story, Easter Fever
The Easter Bunny is retiring! And to send him off, we get to see a 1970's style celebrity roast! But can Easter really move on without the Easter Bunny delivering the eggs?
27:42 04/04/2018
Holiday Special Ep 93: Easter Egg Mornin'
The Easter Bunny sure makes great looking colored eggs for Easter! But what if the chickens who lay the eggs started feeling unappreciated? Can he pull off Easter all by himself?
25:54 04/01/2018
Holiday Special Ep 92: Mickey's Christmas Carol
Disney's treatment of A Christmas Carol. Does it hold up?
27:34 12/30/2017
Holiday Special Ep 91: He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special
Christmas comes to Eternia! Will the Christmas spirit be snuffed out by evil? Or can He-Man and She-Ra save the holiday? (You can probably guess the answer...)
26:54 12/29/2017