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KickStart Your Edge: Play to Win Leadership

The KickStart Your Edge Play to Win Leadership Podcast is where we’ve flipped the script with our groundbreaking modus operandi to bring you real, relevant, relatable tactics and techniques to master your Play to Win mindset. Whether you are leading yourself, leading others, or leading the business, your mindset makes or breaks you. Talk about a superpower; it’s time to iron your cape! Welcome to the Edge, where playing not to lose is not an option.


Episode 511: Shocking! Engagement is Down, Yet Again.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know the importance of mission, purpose, vision, and values in everyday conversations. You can’t motivate people by saying “we need to hit a number…” Engagement continues to take a hit in the workforce. 
12:09 5/20/24
Episode 510: Various Types of Organizational Cultures Create Different Results
From collaborative wonderlands to innovation hotbeds, and from customer-centric paradises to results-focused utopias, we'll be exploring the vast array of cultures that shape the business landscape. It's like stepping into a kaleidoscope of possibilities, where every hue represents a unique flavor of organizational dynamism. With a description like that, how can you NOT listen?
12:16 4/29/24
Episode 509: Is Your Organization Living Its Purpose, Mission, and Values?
How well do you know your organization's grand vision and purpose? Are you living and breathing it, or is it gathering dust on a forgotten shelf? Are you walking your talk turning those visions into action-packed realities? So, buckle up, folks, and let's journey deep into the heart of the components of an organization's culture. It's time to ignite the fire within and paint the world with our purpose!
12:24 4/22/24
Episode 508: Understanding Culture in the Workplace: Language, Behavior, Systems, and Ways of Working
From the language we speak to the quirky behaviors we share, and even the systems we use, it all contributes to the unique flavor of an organization's culture. We'll take you on a journey through the colorful components of workplace dynamics, exploring how shared values and ways of working can shape the very essence of a company. 
11:42 4/15/24
Episode 507: Capitalism is great, just don’t be an ….
In this episode we share the best one-liner overheard at Orangetheory Fitness that highlights the need for companies to care more about the people in order to have people care more about the company. Organizations are missing the boat by not focusing on the most important secret weapon (people) to hit their goals (profit). Join us as we deconstruct it all.  
13:41 4/8/24
Episode 506: Iowa and LSU Elite 8 Lessons on Playing to Win
Join us on this episode as we delve into the intense showdown between Iowa and LSU in the women's March Madness Elite 8 game. Leaning on her Play to Win mindset, discover how the top player, Caitlin Clark, overcame past controversies and focused on the present moment to play to win.  The article referenced in this episode can be found here.
09:42 4/3/24
Episode 505: Your Biggest Asset Or Your Biggest Ass-ache?
Strengths are such an asset, until they aren’t. Situational awareness is crucial in using your strengths effectively. Consider the context and people involved to choose the most appropriate strength for the situation. When overdone, your strength can actually get in your way. Together, we uncover the keys to effective leadership and harness the superpower of situational strengths.   
15:40 4/1/24
Episode 504: Real Talk: How We Used CliftonStrengths™ to Win Over The Boss’ Boss
Feeling like your team's brilliant ideas need to be getting the traction they deserve? This episode dives into how CliftonStrengths™ can unlock your leadership potential and elevate your team's impact.  We'll share a powerful story of a leadership team using CliftonStrengths™ to identify individual and collective strengths, tailor their approach to their leader's strengths, and ultimately deliver a winning presentation that secured buy-in for their ideas from “the boss”. Tune in and discover how YOU can unlock your team's hidden potential and achieve lasting success!
11:01 3/25/24
Episode 503: Building a First Team: The Key to Organizational Success
In this episode, we dive into the crucial concepts of one team versus first team mentality. We'll explore the staggering ripple effect of a first team mentality and how it can create a more focused and successful organization. We've worked with teams from California to Kuwait, and we've seen firsthand the power of a first-team approach. If you're ready to break down silos and build a more collaborative team, this episode is for you!
11:35 3/18/24
Episode 502: The Illusion of Knowing: "Fixed Mindset Around Growth Mindset: Can It Exist?"
Let's jump into the realm of mindset exploration: Can one be shackled by a fixed mindset when grappling with the notion of a growth mindset? Picture this: we're on a ride of recounting our escapades at a recent leadership summit, where diverse viewpoints on this very topic ignited impactful conversations. Join us as we unravel the significance of embracing a growth mindset while transcending mere intellectual awareness. Strap in for an adventure where the mind expands and perspectives collide.
11:52 3/11/24
Episode 501: Unleash the Unexpected: What Happens When You Dare to Say "Yes"
Do you want more possibilities in your life? If so, embrace the mantra of “We’re open.” Join us as we delve into the power of "yes" and explore the secrets of highly open people (us). This episode is packed with actionable insights and inspiring stories to unlock your full potential and experience extraordinary things.
11:54 3/4/24
Episode 431: Four Types of Fear
Our brains naturally crave predictability and certainty, which can lead to stress and anxiety when fear comes up.  There are four types of fear and once we learn to navigate the unknown and find the possibilities it brings we can stop giving excuses and start going for our goals.  Time to become fearless.
20:09 8/7/23
Episode 430: Being Fearless. Your leadership Edge
We dove deep into the power of fearlessness and how it connects to self-awareness. Being fearless means challenging our own belief systems and being mindful of our thoughts. It's about taking action and choosing who we want to be, even when fear tries to hold us back.
13:57 7/31/23
Episode 429: Change: Are You Resistant?
Change happens. All. The. Time. We dive into the importance of focusing on making a difference instead of dwelling on what's not working or feeling like a victim. Mastering change in an organization is a sign of true leadership.
12:35 7/24/23
Episode 428: Find Your Passion
When you start to respect yourself and find your passion, the impact you make grows tenfold. Hulu’s The Bear, Season 2, is filled with self-respect, passion, and really making a difference. Are you finding purpose in your work? What kind of impact could you be making? Learn a lesson from Richie. Because he’s wearing suits now.
11:09 7/17/23
Episode 427: How Do You Define Freedom?
Last week the US celebrated Independence Day, which is all about Freedom. What’s your perspective on Freedom? Some believe that more freedoms are being offered, while others feel they're being taken away. What's the difference between independence and freedom? What does freedom mean to you? How important is autonomy? Join Jenn and Karen as they ask the questions that will have you reflecting on what it all means to you.
11:50 7/11/23
Episode 426: I Like, I Like, I Wonder.
A great exercise that helps generate your creativity and imagination is: I like… I like… I wonder…. Stop your black and white thinking and start to get curious. I wonder what might be possible. Learn all the details in this short episode.
09:28 6/26/23
Episode 425: Going Above and Beyond
Setting a goal isn’t enough. Goals aren’t about the results, they are about the experience. Are you just checking the boxes to get by or are you going above and beyond? When you step up your game, how do you influence others? It’s time to go the extra mile.
11:09 6/19/23
Episode 424: Who’s In Your Foxhole?
Small minds and weak people kill dreams. Who is in your foxhole (aka: inner circle)? How do they help you grow and stretch and keep you focused on where you say you want to go? It’s time to evaluate your selection process.
15:46 6/12/23
Episode 423: Keep the Mental Lab Open
It only takes one second to make a decision. Time to challenge your thinking and make sure it is a dialogue instead of a monologue. Your mental game can win out over the emotional game in the moment.
13:05 6/5/23
Episode 422: Indulging In Emotion
If you aren’t getting any traction, growth, or movement – you might want to look at what emotions are keeping you stuck. Overwhelm, confusion, and comfort are reasons why we don’t get the momentum that we need. It’s time to stop playing small and go after what we want in life.
11:59 5/29/23
Episode 421: Trust is About Two Things
When we work with teams, the teams who have a high degree of trust perform better. Work moves faster, the results are better, and people are more engaged. There are two components of trust that will have you question, which one is more important to me?
12:35 5/22/23
Episode 420: Taking Responsibility For Your Results
Do you like the results you have in your life? If the answer is ‘yes’, say thank you to yourself. If the answer is ‘no’, time to get it in gear. Once we start to take 100% responsibility for the results we have, it all can fall into place. We share the ‘secret’ for getting what you want.
10:48 5/15/23
Episode 419: If Last Month Was A Dessert
Rocky road ice-cream, a burnt crème brulee? If you had to describe last month as a dessert, what would it be? This metaphor can give you insight into what you need more of and what you need less of. 
09:58 5/8/23
Episode 418: Using Our Strengths
Strength-based leadership is where ebb, flow and ease can be found. Your natural talents are the ones you should gravitate to for any situation. We got real with the SHRM NJ chapter and it's all about finding your own solutions through your strengths.
12:55 5/1/23
Episode 417: T-FAR™ and the Brain
Your brain is always offering up thoughts. So. Many. Thoughts. What might change if you took 30 days and paid attention to your thoughts?  We give you the 5 questions to ask yourself so you can rewire your thinking and choose the thoughts that work for you. The Big Brain Experiment starts May 1st:  
09:38 4/24/23
Episode 416: 5 Keys to Improve Your Brain
Imagine who you could be as a leader if you had the right amount of sleep, proper nutrition, exercised regularly, increased your novelty, and had a regular mindfulness practice. We think you’d be even MORE effective.  Connect it with Emotional Intelligence and two words come to mind: Game Changer.
09:22 4/17/23
Episode 415: Finding Your Focus
What is the noise in your head that is distracting you? How are you managing attention fatigue? Zoom in and find your focus. Focus is about managing your brain and narrowing in on what’s important. Check out our latest episode. The Big Brain Experiment starts May 1st: 
09:46 4/10/23
Episode 414: Busting Your Own Bracket
It’s madness. Where are you the Cinderella story in your own life? So often, people rank up, classify us, seed us, and it can either have us playing to win or playing not to lose. Where have you busted your own bracket in life? When have you shocked the world?
11:11 4/3/23
Episode 413: Our Manuals for Others
So many things come with a manual, an instruction book, or tips. People don’t. When you have manuals on how people SHOULD behave, you are giving your power away. In fact, when frustrated based on what someone else does, you will create the exact same results for yourself. Listen up and let go of the “should”.  
14:05 3/27/23

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