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Welcome to The Mom Force Podcast! We know that parenting is the hardest job in the world, and we’ve got you covered! Vanessa Quigley, mother of 7 and co-founder of the Internet’s favorite photo book company Chatbooks, hosts this refreshing take on all things mom as she chats with parenting experts to answer some of our toughest parenting questions. And check out our Facebook group — the #momforce by Chatbooks — to see the power of women supporting women. That’s the MomForce!


How Spending 1,000 Hours Outside Can Change Your Life with Ginny Yurich
Ginny Yurich, a mom of 5 in Michigan, is the creator of a global movement known as 1,000 Hours Outside. The goal is to balance the average 1,000+ hours a child spends in front of a screen per year with 1,000 hours of unstructured outdoor play. After a tricky start to motherhood, Ginny decided she wanted to try something new with her young kids. A friend invited her to take part in “nature days”. After a year of gathering together with friends and letting their kids play outside, Ginny realized they had spent more than 1,000 hours together. After looking back on the year and the changes she had seen not only in her kids but also in herself, she knew she was onto something. She coined the slogan, “1,000 Hours Outside: A movement for those who want a slower childhood and a fuller life”. Now her outdoor curriculum has been used around the globe and she is sent personal success stories on a daily basis. In this episode, Ginny tells Vanessa what life is like right now for her family, and what to do about video games!  Free 1,000 Hours Outside trackers Follow @1000hoursoutside 
63:06 09/06/2022
Creating a House of Learning with LaNesha Tabb (Encore)
LaNesha Tabb is the founder of @apron_education and author of Unpack Your Impact. She has more than 16 years of teaching experience and is trailblazing a new curriculum for teachers, parents, and students to learn about diversity and inclusion. She shares with Vanessa the responsibility parents have to “disrupt the default” and consciously teach their children how to be anti-racist. In LaNesha’s words she tells us all how we can, “Stop being weird about race”.    Vanessa’s home school episode: LaNesha’s guide for talking about racism: Unpack your impact: Read like a rockstar:  
48:21 08/23/2022
Vanessa Quigley and Her Sisters Share Their Best Parenting Secrets On Hygiene, School Lunches, Babysitters, and More!
Vanessa is joined by her sisters for this special throwback episode. We take a walk down memory lane and share the best tips and tricks from Season 1 with the sisters. Between the 5 of them, they have 31 children! Each sister brings a different parenting style to the table and shares what has worked best for them. In this episode, they cover family campouts, allowance, kid's birthday parties, babysitting, and hygiene.  If you want to hear more from the sisters in Season 4 join our MomForce Facebook Group and weigh in on the discussion! We are so happy you are here! Download the Chatbooks app and use PODCAST20 for 20%. Happy Chatbooking!  Babysitting episode 1 & episode 2  FREE babysitting printable 
21:13 08/02/2022
Laughter is the Best Medicine with Lisa Clark (Encore)
Lisa is the mother of 5 and a talented actress, radio and podcast host, author, and comedian and I'm so grateful that we've become good friends over the years because she can always make me laugh. But I've also learned so many important life lessons from her. In this episode we chat about lots of good stuff including the important role humor has played in her family especially as they faced difficult times, including her husband Christopher's 4 year battle with ALS. Christopher passed away in June of 2020 just a few months before we recorded this interview. I was so impressed with her perspective and strength then, but as I've watched her over the past 2 years I continue to be amazed at how she's able to find joy and purpose and even humor while still working through grief and healing with her family. Lisa is one of my heroes and I'm so excited for you to learn from her.  Watch the viral Real Mom video  Follow Lisa on Instagram 
49:09 07/05/2022
Traveling with Kids with Jessica Gee of The Bucket List Family (Encore)
Since recording this episode with Jessica Gee in November of 2019 a lot has changed for The Bucket List Family – and the world. As professional travelers things slowed down in a major way when the coronavirus restrictions were put in place. The Gee family settled into their family home in Hawaii and have since developed The Bucket List Family Cartoon and a line of merch - debuting their famous backpack.  Currently, the family is back to traveling and creating YouTube videos – as of now - they have visited 86 countries! In this interview, Jessica Gee shares how they handle the long flights with kids, the best snacks to travel with, and some of the best places to visit as a family! One thing I appreciate about The Bucket List Family is their dedication to documenting their experiences together. Whether they are swimming with whales or just hanging out in the kitchen at home they have videos and photos to show for it! You're going to love this chat about why that is so important and what made them decide to sell everything and travel the world in the first place! Follow The Bucket List Family on Instagram and YouTube  Use MOMFORCE20 for 20% off your next Chatbooks purchase!
33:28 06/14/2022
How Venus Morris Griffin Created a Beautiful Life Amid Unthinkable Betrayal and Heartache
Venus Morris Griffin bravely shares her harrowing life story and experiences for this last episode of season 3 of the podcast. I want to offer a trigger warning for all listeners – we will be discussing the abuse that Venus endured throughout her 20-year marriage to her first husband. Today she is the mother of 7 and a very successful realtor in Georgia. While facing betrayal, abuse, infertility, addiction, mental health crises, and so much more Venus was able to create a beautiful life.  I first heard Venus' story when Instagram creator and author, Brandon Stanton, of Humans of New York, shared a 13-post feature about her. Venus worked two jobs and got herself to college after growing up in a violent home with a mom who was an addict. While at college she dated and married Tripp Morris and started their family together. Although there were signs of abuse during their engagement, things really began to unravel 20-years later when she received a phone call from a prostitute. Her husband's double life was uncovered and he was sentenced to 45-years in prison, leaving Venus in tremendous amounts of debt and with a nursing baby. In our conversation, Venus shares what she felt in that moment of betrayal and how her faith and determination helped her to not only survive but thrive!   Follow Venus on Instagram  Subscribe to the podcast here 
52:31 05/24/2022
How to Cope with Stress and Anxiety with Dr. Lisa Damour (Encore)
Psychologist and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Lisa Damour is joining Vanessa and her sister Shelly on The MomForce Podcast to talk about stress and anxiety. To begin the episode she outlines when anxiety is at normal levels in our kids and when it is time to step in and get help. Dr. Damour gives practical tips and tricks on how we can help our kids and ourselves cope with strong feelings. She also explains what negative coping strategies look like and what to replace them with. Give it a listen and check out her award-winning books Untangled and Under Pressure  
30:53 05/17/2022
Positive Discipline with Ralphie Jacobs of Simply On Purpose (Encore)
Since recording this episode for Season 1 of The MomForce Podcast, Ralphie Jacobs of Simply on Purpose has grown her following to more than 400k on Instagram and continues to teach live workshops and courses for parents. In today’s episode, Ralphie and Vanessa tackle tough parenting questions about disciplining toddlers (and teenagers) and how modeling good behavior for our children helps them better understand expectations. Ralphie reminds us that it’s never too late to make positive changes and that sleep can do wonders for toddlers and teenagers alike! 
30:50 05/04/2022
Designing a Beautiful Life with Shea McGee (Encore)
Since the original release of this episode in 2020, Shea McGee has released her second book, had her design series on Netflix renewed for a third season, and had a sweet baby girl join the McGee family. So how did a girl who went to school in Public Relations end up creating Studio McGee? Shea joins Vanessa Quigley to talk about how she built her brand, alongside her husband Syd, while trying to balance life with two small kids. Use code PODCAST20 for 20% off your next purchase from Chatbooks!  
44:39 04/26/2022
The Secret Sauce to Family Relationships with Camila McConaughey
Camila McConaughey is an entrepreneur, model, designer, and philanthropist. She came to the United States from Brazil at 15-years-old and found work as a house cleaner and waitress. Years later she was able to break into the modeling industry. Today she is married to Matthew McConaughey and living in Austin, Texas where they are raising their three children. In this episode of The MomForce Podcast, Camila and Vanessa Quigley talk about family dynamics and what it really takes to make a marriage work. Camila shares insights into her parenting style and if she and Matthew will be going for baby #4!  Follow Camila McConaughey on Instagram and check out her online community at  
48:37 03/29/2022
How to Raise Critical Thinkers and Compassionate Leaders with Sharon Says So
Sharon McMahon of the @sharonsaysso Instagram account is a former high school government and law teacher that has been called “America’s Government Teacher”. She began building her "Governerds" community while sharing bipartisan facts about how the U.S. government works in preparation for the 2020 presidential election. In this episode of The MomForce Podcast, Sharon and Vanessa Quigley talk about the current events in Ukraine and how to discuss them with our kids. Listen to this episode for Sharon’s tips on how to raise kids to be critical thinkers in the fast-paced world of 24/7 news and technology. Plus, what action she is taking with her own children to make sure that they are good citizens and leaders.  Follow Sharon Says so on Instagram and check out
46:46 03/09/2022
Pro Tips for Editing Your Life (and Camera Roll!) with The Home Edit
Experts at creating order out of chaos, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of The Home Edit have shot to stardom thanks to their trademark rainbow organization, successful Netflix series, and powerhouse roster of Hollywood clients. The business partners and best friends have authored two books together that detail their process for organizing homes and from there, they have built out teams across the country that can be hired to help conquer the mess. Clutter and carpool are an inevitable part of being a mom but Clea & Joanna from The Home Edit promise they have systems to keep everything in order. Listen to this episode to hear what their homes really look like and why we all need to adapt their “low bar lifestyle” motto.    Follow The Home Edit on Instagram and check out 
47:03 02/02/2022
Karalynne Call of @just.ingredients Teaches Why We Must Nourish Our Minds and Bodies
Karalynne Call of @just.ingredients and mom of 6 kids, teaches us why we must nourish our minds and bodies. 15 years ago Karalynne found herself in the depths of severe depression. After attempting suicide she knew she needed to find help. Karalynne began her journey of healing through trial and error and plenty of research. Today, as a certified nutritionist, she has helped thousands of families swap out everyday ingredients in their homes to live a more balanced and non-toxic lifestyle. Karalynne tells Vanessa Quigley why living this way should be the top priority for every family.   Follow Karalynne on Instagram and check out
44:53 01/06/2022
Design Icon Julia Marcum of Chris Loves Julia Shares Life and Renovation Advice on The MomForce Podcast
Design icon Julia Marcum of Chris Loves Julia shares some incredible words of wisdom with Vanessa Quigley on how to make your home a place you love. For the past 12+ years, Julia and her husband Chris have been renovating homes and sharing their process with the world on their blog and Instagram accounts. During the conversation, Julia gets real about the things you don’t see on Instagram. You’ll love hearing her candid opinion in this episode!  Follow Julia on Instagram and check out
56:18 11/30/2021
Actor and Artist Lea Michele Talks Pregnancy, PCOS and Parenthood On The MomForce Podcast
Actress and singer Lea Michele made her first appearance on Broadway before she had even completed elementary school. From there she starred in countless musicals and landed her most well-known role as Rachel Berry on the hit show Glee. This past year Lea’s life changed completely when she gave birth to her baby boy Ever. Her road to motherhood was filled with heartache and setbacks. During her conversation with Chatbooks co-founder Vanessa Quigley, Lea opens up about her struggles with PCOS and infertility and why no one really knew what she was going through. Listen to this episode to hear Lea share her real and honest experiences on The MomForce Podcast. 
55:13 11/02/2021
Building Body Image Resilience with Lexie Kite Ph.D. of Beauty Redefined
Lexie Kite Ph.D. of Beauty Redefined joins Vanessa for an empowering conversation about body image resilience. Lexie, and her twin sister Lindsay, co-wrote More Than a Body and co-founded the nonprofit organization Beauty Redefined. In this episode, Vanessa talks candidly about her own body image setbacks and how to build body image resilience on a daily basis. Lexie shares tips on raising daughters of all ages and what messages they need to hear. The Kite sisters have been spreading their, “Your body is an instrument, not an ornament” message for more than 10 years. They are leading experts when it comes to body image resilience and media literacy. Listen for some life-changing wisdom!
55:17 10/04/2021
TikTok Influencer Heidi D’Amelio On Social Media and Teens
The D’Amelio family experienced overnight stardom thanks to dance videos on TikTok. Charli D’Amelio began posting dance routines to the app when she was just 15-years-old in 2019, she quickly became the most followed account on the social media platform. Soon her older sister Dixie joined in on the fun, and now the D’Amelio family has a combined following of more than 200 million. As the mom of Dixie and Charli, Heidi D’Amelio has been called the reigning first lady of TikTok. In this episode of The MomForce Podcast brought to you by Chatbooks, Heidi shares her honest thoughts on raising kids in our social media-obsessed society. She also talks about her dedication to being a present but not overbearing parent and what she does when someone goes after her daughters. Follow @heididamelio      Watch The D’Amelio Show on Hulu  Listen to Marc and Heidi: The Other D’Amelios
42:28 09/07/2021
Vanessa's Favorite Tips From Season 2 Of The MomForce Podcast
No one has all of the answers when it comes to parenting, but we have had some incredible aha moments during Season 2 of The MomForce podcast. From design questions with Shea McGee, to life on the big screen with Melissa Joan Hart. We are excited to share some of our favorite words of wisdom from our guests this past season.  Kendra Adachi @thelazygenius  “Our culture is obsessed with being real, but we've been using the wrong measuring stick. Usually when people say, oh, you're so real, it's when I am showing the messy parts of my life. You know, that I yelled at a kid or that my house is a mess or that I burned food or something like that. Because we all relate to that. And so those things are important because they're part of life. But I think there has been a bit of an idolization of not caring that unless you are sort of a mess, you're not being vulnerable. You're not actually being real. If you are showered and you have on a bold lip and you got stuff done today and you tell people that, well, then you're just fake. But both things are real and both things exist in the same person often. We don't need to conflate messiness and vulnerability or cleanliness or orderliness or whatever it is. That separates us from each other.” Gretchen Rubin @gretchenrubin  Research shows and I think common experience confirms that about 50% of happiness is hardwired. Some people are Tiggers and some people are Eyores and that's pretty much hardwired. Then like 10% to 20% is life circumstances, like age, health, wealth, occupation, and marital status. And then all the rest is very much a function of both conscious thoughts and actions. And a lot of times when I hear parents saying to me, like I wanted to help my child be happier when I talked to them, what I realized is you're an eight on the one to 10 scale. You're a Tigger. And you got a kid who's a five on the one to 10 scale. They're an Eyore. And you're not going to turn them into an eight. They are who they are. It's like, you get what you get and you don't get upset.” LaNesha Tabb @apron_education  "My number one tip for teaching children about diversity is - stop being weird about it. It's totally okay to notice differences and appreciate them. That would look like if your child notices the color of someone's skin or that their hair is different. Don't shush them, lean into it and say, their skin looks that way because they have a different amount of melanin or people have different kinds of hair and that's okay. So the more you aren't weird about it as a parent, the more your children will learn to be open and accepting." Jennifer Borget @jenniferborget  “I think with social media, we have this expectation that all of your work needs to be on display. You know, if you do the work, we want receipts, but that doesn't need to be the case. I think a lot of the work is a personal thing and it's a lifelong thing.”  Renae Ingles @renaeingles  “If you are a parent and you are sitting in that room and you have just received an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis, it is not doomsday. I know that it feels like it right now, but it's not, I am two years into this autism journey and it is a tough, wonderful roller coaster that has so many more rewards than you could ever imagine.”  Lisa Clark @yourfunnyvalentine  “I choked up when we were filming and I said the line, “My family life is insane and I want to hold onto every single freaking stupid, stressful, beautiful moment”. Because you really want to imprint those moments on your heart forever.”  Melissa Joan Hart @melissajoanhart  “I actually got really great advice. When my 14 year old was entering sixth grade, we were having so much trouble getting him to do his homework and we went to see a family therapist who gave us some really great advice. She said, he is going through a time right now where he doesn't know if he's a little boy or a big boy and he doesn't know what he wants to be. So it is your job to just treat him like a little boy, you should not be treating him like he's an 18 year old or even a 16 year old. You treat him like he's your little baby boy. And ever since I did that, it really changed our dynamic.” Andrea Hanneman @earthyandy  "The most common misconception about plant-based eating would be that you need to change your social life. When I first changed, I kept it a secret. What I learned is that no one really cares what you're eating. You can choose to eat fried chicken, and I might choose to eat an apple. At the end of the day, no one really cares.”  Jennifer Anderson @kidseatincolor  “You're gonna be thinking, “oh my gosh, they're going to die because they only have two bites of food!”. We have to take a step back and think, you know what? It's not our job to be in charge of the size or shape of our child. It's not our job to get them to swallow certain foods. It's our job to put the food on the table, to provide a consistent meal routine for them, to sit with them and to provide a calm eating environment.” Shea McGee @studiomcgee “I always have had a pretty easy time listening to my heart and knowing if I don't feel good about something. Every time I didn't listen to that, something would go wrong. I would take on a client that I feel like, oh, I'm not sure if this is going to be a good fit, then I find out it's not going to be a good fit or every time I think, maybe my kid isn't ready for this activity and I do it anyway -then I find out why. I think that the same goes for design. If I'm not feeling good about something or I'm not head over heels for something. I don't buy it. Don’t buy something just because the internet tells you that you should. I say wait, take a second. I think it's a skill that you develop over time. Syd and I have gotten better at trusting our gut over the years.”  Jamie Kern Lima @jamiekernlima “I asked Meg Whitman, have you ever worried about body stuff? Does that affect you at all? And there was a long pause and then she just looked at me and said no. She goes, no, something has to give. She said, I have really focused on raising my kids and building my career. So my house does not look the way Martha Stewart’s might. And I just don't worry about body image issues. It hit me for a minute and there's a famous quote that, anything we spend time on comes at the price of something else. Anything, and that's true of our time or our energy. And it hit me that, Oh my goodness, how many minutes slash hours slash days slash years of my life, have I wasted worrying about things that don't serve me or the world. Like when I think about ridiculous things. Like what size I fit into, or what diet I'm going to try, or how I don't want to go to a high school reunion because I don't fit into anything. Just little thoughts like that, that we have. And what a waste of time they are. Imagine balling up all of that time together. It was a huge aha moment for me. I really encourage everyone to do an inventory of the way we use our thoughts and our energy, because it's often in a way that doesn't serve us.” Listen to the full MomForce Podcast episode for more tips from our incredible Season 2 guests and get ready for Season 3 kicking off September 2021! 
24:08 07/13/2021
Jamie Kern Lima of IT Cosmetics Talks About Her Journey from Waitress to Billionaire Makeup Mogul on The MomForce Podcast
How did Jamie Kern Lima go from waiting tables at Denny’s to selling her cosmetics company for more than a billion dollars? Driven by the desire to create makeup products that would help with rosacea — a lifelong skin condition she was frustrated by — Jamie knew she had to make her products stand out. After appearing on national television without any makeup, along with real women as models, Jamie continued to grow IT Cosmetics until it was ultimately bought by L’Oreal for 1.2 billion dollars. Jamie stopped by The MomForce Podcast to talk about the ups and downs of her career and share how she found the confidence to believe in herself. To purchase a copy of Jamie’s book “Believe It”: Follow Jamie Kern Lima IG: @Jamiekernlima Follow Jamie Kern Lima on FB @JamieKernLimaPage
25:07 06/08/2021
Celebrating our Differences with Jennifer Borget
Cherish every single day. That is what Dallas based photographer and blogger Jennifer Borget strives to do as a homeschooling mom of 3. In this episode Jennifer opens up about race and diversity and her journey as a Black woman married to a White police officer raising a multiracial family.  She shares great resources and insights for all of us to learn from.    Link to Jennifer’s blog:   Eye-opening posts about race and racism:   16 Best Diversity and Inclusion Books for Kids: Find Jennifer on Instagram
33:59 05/18/2021
The Journey of Raising a Special Needs Child with Renae Ingles
FIND. YOUR. PEOPLE. This was the number one tip from this episode’s MomForce guest, Renae Ingles, as she discussed her family’s journey with their son who was diagnosed with autism at two-years-old. Renae Ingles is a retired athlete, wife to NBA player Joe Ingles (go Jazz!), and a mother of three. Her life may appear picture perfect, but Renae is quick to open up about the highs and lows that she faces on a daily basis within her family of 5. She has become a passionate spokesperson for autism awareness, research, and education since her son, Jacob, was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder a couple of years ago. In this episode Renae clears up some common myths about autism and shares advice for anyone that might be facing a new diagnosis. Find Renae on Instagram. Kulture City:
39:26 04/27/2021
Naming What Matters with Kendra Adachi of @thelazygenius
When it comes to finding out what is important to you in your life, the first step is to name what matters. Kendra Adachi, New York Times bestselling author of The Lazy Genius Way, shares how this mantra has changed how she lives her life. She is a podcaster, mom, author and creator of a life-changing chicken recipe (seriously, you need to check it out), and she joins Vanessa on The MomForce Podcast to discuss how you can be your own lazy genius. Kendra shares stories of how she has overcome her perfectionist tendencies and how making and building connections with other people ultimately is what she has named as what matters most.   SHOW NOTES: Find Kendra on Instagram and her website.   Change-your-life chicken:   Kendra’s book: The Lazy Genius Collective   The MomForce Facebook Group
59:27 03/30/2021
Happiness and the Human Experience with Gretchen Rubin
Happiness is part of the human experience, and today’s guest never tires of exploring the many facets of emotion and happiness. Gretchen Rubin, author of The Four Tendencies, has devoted her career and writing to understanding how humans respond to their expectations. In this episode of The MomForce Podcast, she explains that people’s responses to outer and inner expectations determines which of the four tendencies (upholder, questioner, obliger, or rebel) they have.   SHOW NOTES: The Four Tendencies Quiz Gretchen’s favorite parenting books:  How To Talk So That Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk Siblings Without Rivalry
43:37 03/02/2021
Creating a House of Learning with LaNesha Tabb
Home is the first place a child begins to learn, and the role a parent plays in their children’s education has changed dramatically since the global pandemic began. LaNesha Tabb of @apron_education and author of Unpack Your Impact is an educator and mother who is trailblazing a new curriculum for teachers, parents and students to learn about diversity, inclusion and cultivating important conversations. She shares with Vanessa the responsibility parents have to “disrupt the default” and consciously teach their children how to be anti-racist. In Lanesha’s words she tells us all how we can, “Stop being weird about race”. Additionally, LaNesha is a kindergarten teacher with 20 years of experience and she shares her number one tip for helping children learn at home.    Vanessa’s home school episode: LaNesha’s guide for talking about racism: Unpack your impact: Read like a rockstar:
47:33 02/02/2021
Choosing Plants Over Processed with Andrea Hannemann of @earthyandy
Sick of hearing "new year, new you"? Instead of New Year's resolutions, follow Andrea Hannemann in her pursuit of lifelong health habits. She lives by her mantra "plant over processed" and shares how you can do it, too! Download the Chatbooks app and use code PODCAST20 for 20% off your next Chatbook product.
41:59 01/12/2021
Take the Stress Out of Picky Eating with Jennifer Anderson of
Picky eaters are stressful! Jennifer Anderson of Kids Eat In Color has a mission to help parents feel confident feeding their families. Through her website and courses, she offers parents insights into family mealtime - especially with picky eaters! Jennifer joins Vanessa to talk through her best tips and tricks for fulfilling family meals.  Thank you for being here! Download the Chatbooks app and use promo code PODCAST20 for 20% off your next Chatbooks purchase!
51:21 12/08/2020
Family Holiday Fun with Melissa Joan Hart and Lifetime
Vanessa Quigley sits down with Melissa Joan Hart, of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Clarissa Explains it All fame, to talk about where her career has taken her since her teenage years on TV. Melissa is now a mother of three and shares her experience with parenting and what has helped her the most while raising her boys. She also shares some behind-the-scenes secrets from the set of her latest film, Dear Christmas! We are so happy you are here! Download the Chatbooks app and use code promo code: PODCAST20 for 20% off your next Chatbooks purchase.
42:31 11/24/2020
Give the Gift of Connection
Finding the perfect gift can be hard, especially for those closest to you. Vanessa Quigley, Chatbooks co-founder and mother of 7, reflects on past episodes with guests Shea McGee, Dr. Tina Bryson and Jordan Page, and shares their tips and tricks on how they strengthen their most important relationships.  Thanks for being here! Download the Chatbooks app and use code PODCAST20 for 20% off your next Chatbook purchase!
16:17 11/11/2020
Designing a Beautiful Life with Shea McGee
How did a girl who went to school in Public Relations end up starting a design brand, writing a book, and collaborating with Target on a line of furniture and decor? Shea McGee of Studio McGee joins Vanessa to talk about how she built her brand, what it is like to star in her own Netflix series, and what is next for her and the Studio McGee brand!  Thank you for being here! Download the Chatbooks app and use code PODCAST20 for 20% off your next Chatbook product!
44:59 10/13/2020
Laughter is the Best Medicine with Lisa Valentine Clark
Laughter is the best medicine and Lisa Clark, the original “Real Mom” of Chatbooks viral video fame, is here to prove it! She is a successful actress, author, and radio show host that has faced incredible difficulties this past year. Lisa shares how good humor helped guide her through the diagnosis and recent passing of her husband, Christopher Clark. To see more from Lisa follow her on Instagram.  Thanks for being here! Download the Chatbooks app and use code: PODCAST20 for 20% off your next purchase. 
48:33 09/15/2020