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The Better Finance Podcast

The EY Better Finance Podcast explores the changing dynamics of the business world and what it means for finance leaders of today and tomorrow. Hosted by EY’s Myles Corson, this series offers insights from leaders on key topics affecting the world of corporate finance.


How can diverse experience enhance the career path to being a successful CFO? 30:30 07/02/2021
How agile forecasting and planning is evolving the role of finance 35:39 05/04/2021
Tomorrow’s CFO and the finance skills of the future 31:11 03/09/2021
Closing the ESG gap in corporate reporting 39:01 02/11/2021
How technology and managed services are transforming lease accounting 25:23 12/14/2020
How will ESG performance shape your future? 24:27 11/20/2020
How are political and economic disruptions impacting the tax landscape? 26:04 10/28/2020
How artificial intelligence is disrupting the finance function 21:25 06/10/2020
Blockchain continued: The evolution of a transformative technology 26:27 03/21/2020
When Great Technology Meets Great Finance Professionals 27:14 08/29/2019
Communicating long-term value: investor-driven trends in corporate reporting 18:13 07/23/2019
The emerging role of finance in purpose-led organizations 20:28 06/21/2019
How can finance enable better business decisions? 23:46 05/02/2019
Digital transformation: the role of the CFO 19:45 03/25/2019
Better Insight, Better Decisions: How Emerging Tech is Evolving the Finance Function 27:17 12/07/2018
Digital Transformation: Building the Finance Leader of the Future 17:11 10/19/2018
Data-Driven Finance: From Insight to Action 29:21 09/24/2018
Automation, Integration and Modern Finance 15:19 06/27/2018
Innovation Powers Reporting of the Future 14:23 05/30/2018
Artificial Intelligence in the Working World 19:10 04/13/2018
Startups, New Tech and the Strategic CFO 22:22 03/20/2018
The Future of Financial Reporting 25:04 01/12/2018
Corporate Reporting in an Age of Disruption 16:29 12/07/2017
Transformation and Innovation in Tax 16:32 11/06/2017
Digital Disruption's Impact on the Talent Pool 17:14 10/04/2017
Financial Reporting: Navigating Today’s Reporting Demands 21:24 09/01/2017
Blockchain: The Technology Reshaping Finances and Transforming Transactions 15:35 08/01/2017
Finance 4.0: The Changing Role of Finance in the New Economy 12:19 06/19/2017