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Top Old Economy Stocks that are Soaring in 2024
It’s not just tech stocks that are breaking out this year. Even companies that are over 100 years old are making new highs. (0:20) - Where Should You Be Looking To Find Value In Energy Stocks? (5:15) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks For Your Portfolio (22:30) - Episode Roundup: FANG, EOG, SLB, XOM, CVX, TTE 
26:30 6/13/24
The Cheapest AI Stocks to Buy Now
All stocks have pullbacks and the AI stocks will too. Which should value investors keep on their watch lists? (0:30) - Are There Value Opportunities In AI Stocks Still? (5:40) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks For Your Watchlist (23:00) - Episode Roundup: MOD, ETN, GOOGL, MSFT, SMCI
26:06 5/31/24
Long-Term Stock Investors: When Do You Sell?
It’s easy to buy, and even easy to hold, but when do you sell a stock that you’ve held for years? (0:30) - How Do You Know When To Sell Your Long-Term Investment? (5:30) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks For Buy and Hold (28:00) - Episode Roundup: AAPL, SBUX, DIS, SQ, TSLA
30:41 5/24/24
Warren Buffett’s Best Tips from the 2024 Berkshire Annual Meeting
Lessons on compounding, books to read, how AI will impact the economy, and the deficit. And Tracey’s stock picks too.   (0:30) - Breaking Down The Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting (5:30) - Top Takeaways From Warren Buffett (17:10) - Stocks To Keep On Your Watchlist: Invest Like Buffett (34:00) - Episode Roundup: GOOGL, SONY, UNP, V, MA 
38:08 5/16/24
The Best Dirt-Cheap Stocks to Buy Now
These 5 stocks are Zacks Strong Buys and have the top Style Scores for value. What more could you want? (0:20) - Finding Zacks #1 Ranked Stocks That Are Still Value Stocks (4:45) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks (21:00) - Episode Roundup: NOA, KBH, MHO, SUZ, JD  
23:36 5/3/24
Why Berkshire Hathaway Should Be in the Magnificent 7
Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is now in the Top 7 stocks in the S&P 500. Let’s give it its due. (1:00) - Can Value Investors Gain Exposure Into The Magnificent 7? (5:45) - Tracey’s Top Picks To Keep On Your Radar (26:00) - Episode Roundup: BRK.B, GOOGL, SHW, MAS, AWI
30:38 4/25/24
How to Find Stocks with Moats
Warren Buffett likes to buy companies that have moats. Where do you find them? (0:30) - Finding Strong Investments With A Competitive Edge In Their Industries (4:45) - Top Stock Picks With Moats: Tracey’s Watchlist (34:00) - Episode Roundup: AMZN, NFLX, NVDA, URI, HEES, SHW, CTAS, BA, VLO
37:24 4/19/24
Value Investors: Screen with the PEG Ratio
This is one of Tracey’s favorite value stock screens. (0:30) - Finding Strong Investments Using The PEG Ratio (5:40) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks (18:20) - Episode Roundup: JD, OC, RCL, TM, PPC
20:19 4/15/24
3 Biggest Value Investing Mistakes
Even Warren Buffett has made these mistakes. Here’s how to get back on track. (0:30) - Learning from Warren Buffett’s Mistakes (11:10) - Stocks To Keep On Your Watchlist (26:00) - Episode Roundup: IBM, AMZN, CVX, BAC, AAPL
28:07 4/5/24
5 Popular Stocks on Sale: Values or Traps?
Not every stock is rallying in 2024. These 5 are on sale. Should you dive in? (0:30) - Finding Popular Stocks That Are On Sale (6:45) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks: Creating A Strong Watch List (29:10) - Episode Roundup: PANW, LULU, TSLA, NKE, SBUX
33:07 3/28/24
5 Top Small Cap Stocks with Growth and Value
Why settle for only cheap small cap stocks? You can get growth too with this innovative screen. (0:15) - Finding Value Stocks Among Small Cap With Growth: Stock Screener (6:10) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks For Your Watchlist (23:20) - Episode Roundup: ATRO, AVD, MATV, QUAD, SNCR
26:07 3/15/24
How to Screen for Strong Buy Value Stocks in 2024
After a mesmerizing rally to start 2024, is it too late to buy the hottest stocks? (0:30) - Finding Value Stocks Amid A Stock Market Rally (9:15) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks: Creating A Strong Watchlist (27:40) - Episode Roundup: AEO, AMWD, SUN, TAP, QSR   
32:05 3/8/24
Alphabet is on Sale: Will Buffett Buy Shares?
Berkshire Hathaway already owns two of the Magnificent 7 stocks in its stock portfolio. Will it buy a third? (0:30) - Should You Buy More of The Magnificent 7? (8:00) - If Warren Buffett Buys Apple, Should You Buy Too? (32:00) - Episode Roundup: AAPL, GOOGL, BRK.B
36:49 3/1/24
Buffett Sticks with Energy Stocks: Should You?
Wall Street ignored energy stocks in 2023 and is doing so again in 2024. But Buffett is not. (0:45) - Should You Follow Warren Buffett's Investment Strategy? (10:00) - What Has Berkshire Hathaway Been Buying and Selling? (30:00) - Episode Roundup: OXY, CVX, APA, TTE, FANG 
34:07 2/22/24
5 Years Later: Lessons from Buy and Hold Investing
What if you bought 5 value stocks with growth that also paid dividends in 2018 and held them for 5 years? (1:00) - How Successful Would You Be If You Bought These Stocks In 2018? (10:35) - 5 Year Performance of 5 Strong Value Stocks (29:00) - Episode Roundup: PGR, R, EWBC, INTC, HPE
32:41 2/15/24
Berkshire Hathaway Stock Hits New Highs: What Does it Mean?
It’s not just big tech which is hitting new all-time highs. Warren Buffett’s big industrial giant is too. (0:30) - Should You Be Adding Berkshire Hathaway To Your Portfolio As It Hits All-Time Highs? (5:55) - Breaking Down The Performance of The Berkshire Hathaway Stock: What Is Pushing It Higher? (21:10) - Episode Roundup: BRK.B, CVX, OXY, UNP, FAST, SHW
24:46 2/8/24
5 Value Stock Buying Opportunities
These stocks are cheap and have the top Zacks Rank of Strong Buy. (0:45) - Finding Value Amid A Growth Market: Screener Criteria  (5:15) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks For Your Watchlist (19:00) - Episode Roundup: SCS, MTW, AEO, GBX, HMC
22:48 2/1/24
Should You Quit Value Investing?
Growth stocks are hitting new highs again while value lags. Is it time to join the party? (0:45) - Should You Continue To Buy Like A Value Investor? (8:10) - Finding Strong Tech Stocks On Sale: Tracey’s Top Stock Picks (21:15) - Episode Roundup: DELL, SIMO, ZM, NTAP, IBM
23:44 1/25/24
5 Outstanding Small Cap Value Stocks
How to screen for top small cap value stocks, which also have growth. (0:30) - Finding Small Cap Value Stocks For Your Portfolio In 2024 (7:15) - Tracey Top Stock Picks For Your Watchlist (18:35) - Episode Roundup: PBPB, XPER, VIRC, NVRY, HOUS
21:40 1/18/24
5 Top Classic Value Stocks for 2024
Start out the year with the best cheap stocks with the top Zacks Rank and Style scores. (0:30) - Finding True Classic Value Stocks For 2024: Stock Screen Criteria  (7:45) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks For Your Watchilist (20:10) - Episode Roundup: DLX, KT, LBRT, KAR, TM
23:41 1/11/24
Screening for Stocks on Sale
Looking for top value stocks to end the year? Here’s a simple screen.  (0:45) - Where Should Value Investors Be Looking To Buy Heading Into 2024?  (5:00) - Screening For Top Value Stocks: Stock Screen Criteria (9:15) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks (19:55) - Episode Roundup: URI, AEO, CMTL, DTC, EAT, OSK
24:35 12/14/23
Energy Stocks: Deep Value or Traps?
Energy stocks have slumped again. Time to buy or is it a trap? (1:05) - Where Are The Value Stocks Heading Into 2024? (14:45) - Tracey’s Top Picks To Keep On Your Watchlist (34:15) - Episode Roundup: XOM, BKR, PXD
38:19 12/7/23
Value Investors: How to Find Great Cheap Companies
There are plenty of cheap companies around, but how do you find the great ones? 2 methods.  (0:30) - Rest In Peace Charlie Munger (4:15) - You Know It When You See It: Finding Strong Value Companies (10:30) - PEG Ratio Stock Screener: Breaking Down The Criteria (13:30) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks (21:00) - Episode Roundup: GM, PYPL, EOG, TM, LZ
23:25 11/30/23
5 Cheap Strong Buy Bank Stocks in 2023
Are you ready to look at the community banks again? (1:00) - Can You Find Good Investments In The Banking Industry? (7:45) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks: Creating A Strong Watchlist (25:00) - Episode Roundup: CZWI, FINW, FRBA, NECB, OPBK
29:18 11/16/23
5 Classic Value Stocks That Also Have Growth
There are plenty of value stocks in 2023, but how many also have earnings growth? (1:00) - Finding Small Cap Value Stocks For Your Portfolio (10:30) - Stock Screener Criteria (14:50) - Tracey’s Top Stocks Picks (33:45) - WFC, TOL. SKX, JD, PAGS, PHM, LCUT, DB, IWM
36:26 11/10/23
How to Find the Next Stock Winners
The stock winners of the last decade may not be the winners of the next 10 years. How do you find the “next” Apple? (1:00) - Finding The Next Industry Heading Into A Bull Market (7:20) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks: Where Should You Be Looking Right Now? (31:00) - Episode Roundup: V, NFLX, BAC, XOM, CVX, VRT, DFIN
34:19 11/2/23
3 Value Stock Screens: Which One is Best?
One stock screen may not be enough to find the top cheap stocks. Thankfully, Zacks has dozens to choose from. (0:45) - Finding Opportunities From Beaten Down Stocks (5:10) - Using Stock Screeners To Create A Strong Watchlist (27:30) - Episode Roundup: R, SCS, HURN, JPM, AEO, SKX
28:56 10/20/23
The Banks: Value Stocks or Traps?
Bank stocks have sold off over the last month as treasuries have spiked. Are they deals? (0:45) - Is Now A Good Time To Start Investing In The Banking Industry? (5:15) - Finding Strong Value Stocks Among The Traps: Tracey’s Top Stock Picks (28:30) Episode Roundup: OZK, BAC, PNC, CMA, WSBC
21:47 10/6/23
5 Top Value Stocks That Will Pay You Real Cash
Cheap and you earn income, what’s not to like? (0:30) - Finding Strong Value Stocks That Pay Dividends (5:30) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks (20:40) - Episode Roundup: MAN, SCS, WHR, ETD, GES
24:41 9/28/23
The Easy Way to Become a Landlord
Here’s how you can own data centers, shopping malls and hotels with little cash. (1:00) - Should You Be Investing Into Real Estate Through A REIT? (5:15) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks: How To Find The Strongest REITs (24:45) - Episode Roundup: EQIX, PSA, SPG, PK, ABNB, PLYA
28:06 9/22/23

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