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Welcome to "What Up, Cuz?" A podcast that dissects the minutia of the mundane and the triviality of the extraordinary. Two cousins; Kasey Williams and Tyler Williams, on separate journeys' that intersect with each other come together to discuss their respective past, present, and (hopefully) future. "What Up, Cuz?" also features guests and friends of the cousin's Williams'.


What Up, Cuz? 248: Who Messed Up the Sugar Bowl?
Kasey and Tyler hurdle; live band performances, Steven Tyler, Woody and Wesley, LĪVE, Powder, and more home movies
81:15 9/6/23
What Up, Cuz? 247: Yeunìq
Kasey and Tyler relate; dentists, names going extinct, and Tyler meeting his second cousin
64:04 8/30/23
What Up, Cuz? 246: String Slappin'
Kasey and Tyler toke on; Stoicism, middle school, meteor showers, kittens, and Tyler's dab experience
68:47 8/23/23
What Up, Cuz? 245: Pee-Wee
Kasey and Tyler say the secret word about Pee-Wee Herman and Paul Reubens
105:01 8/16/23
What Up, Cuz? 244: Vickie Victoria
Kasey and Tyler compare; being mistaken for a girl, Victoria, Johnny Cash, celebrity musician mugshots, Amadeus, WFRR, and Sinéad O'Connor
73:49 8/9/23
What Up, Cuz? 243: Upstate Ohio
Kasey and Tyler survive; Indiana Jones, the Kaizen Method, the old trailer, and Beau is Afraid
59:17 8/2/23
What Up, Cuz? 242: Amalgamation Abomination
Kasey and Tyler submerge on; stealing bits, AI "art", The Haiku Trail, the Grimace, MSG Sphere, and the Titan submarine
72:44 7/26/23
What Up, Cuz? 241: Brodie Knob
Kasey and Tyler gamble on; country artists, mohawks, the lottery, stripper poles, and The Flash
58:55 7/19/23
What Up, Cuz? 240: Chicken Breast Twice Removed
Kasey and Tyler jam on; guitars, Willie Nelson, cell phone media, Haikus, and motivation
68:39 7/5/23
What Up, Cuz? 239: Pizza Party of the Soul
Kasey and Tyler look to the sky about; Extreme Cheapskates, Tyler's 12-string guitar, Preston the cat finds a chipmunk, and Ron Trzcinski
82:53 6/28/23
What Up, Cuz? 238: A Little Past Lately
Kasey and Tyler dodge bullets on; Tina Turner, HBO, The Day the Music Died, The Swell Season, and Tao talk
86:10 6/21/23
What Up, Cuz? 237: Eminem-Man
Kasey and Matt wake up to; David Bowie's health scare, New Year's Eve, family trip to Chicago, and Kasey's Mom's birthday
68:52 6/14/23
What Up, Cuz? 236: You Know Kilgore?
Kasey and Matt celebrate; WUC 10 year anniversary, Matt goes to NYC, Milf Manor, Halloween 2022, and Kasey goes to Europe
64:39 2/22/23
What Up, Cuz? 235: Dang
Kasey and Matt stop frontin', Matt's Dad's generator, Funko Pop Brains, TikTok, being wrong, and Monsters on the Mountain
64:16 2/8/23
What Up, Cuz? 234: Livin' The Dream
Kasey and Matt linger about; accurate information, Matt's moviegoing incident, Kasey and the ticket taker, and Great Clips
63:50 2/1/23
What Up, Cuz? 233: Mad On It
Kasey and Tyler shin kick; Fire of Love, Sexy Beast, electric toothbrushes, Van Gogh, cat videos, and Kid Nation
56:58 10/19/22
What Up, Cuz? 232: Haitian Haggle
Kasey and Tyler are deep with; foaming hand soap, turning 40, and Kasey takes a cruise to the edge
79:53 8/3/22
What Up, Cuz? 231: Eat This, Mother Earth
Kasey and Tyler churn; Tyler getting an ice cream cone at BK, Clerks 3, skinny dipping, and Crazy Shakes
75:56 7/20/22
What Up, Cuz? 230: New York Strangers
Kasey and Matt irrigate; Kasey's ear blockage, Matt's trip to NYC, and Tiny Tim
58:06 6/15/22
What Up, Cuz? 229: Master Snapper
Kasey and Matt snap on; finger snaps, Matt at the movies, Martin Barre, The Swell Season, 80 Proof
59:38 6/8/22
What Up, Cuz? 228: Albuquerque
Kasey is driving solo as he takes a road trip to see "Weird Al" Yankovic
58:19 5/25/22
What Up, Cuz? 227: Sub-Pump
Kasey and Matt devour; Matt's basement, Rescue Heroes, Kasey fixing a windshield wiper, and how to let go of possessions
67:21 3/23/22
What Up, Cuz? 226: Sag Bros.
Kasey and Matt masticate; Dad jokes, being the younger sibling, family reunions, why people have kids, and sex ed
66:07 3/16/22
What Up, Cuz? 225: Angry Spoon
Kasey and Matt infantilize; Bloody Mary, Heritage USA, Pigeons Playing Ping-Pong, Sal and Chris, The Room, Meat Loaf
71:30 2/16/22
What Up, Cuz? 224: Braingasm
Kasey and Matt study; smelly friends, Two Cities Pizza, The Bengals, back cracking, moisturizing, and being over the hill
53:19 1/26/22
What Up, Cuz? 223: Hammock Life
Kasey and Matt infiltrate; American Movie, Shovels & Rope, getting a new cat, Louis CK, and Bear in the Big Blue House
58:34 1/12/22
What Up, Cuz? 222: Stand For The Flag
Kasey and Matt matriculate; Kasey sees The Monkees, Matt sees Genesis, Matt goes to Churchill Downs
74:38 1/5/22
What Up, Cuz? 221: Geriatric MMA
Kasey and Matt manipulate; Tubi and Pluto, Crohn's Disease, colostomy bags, and old people fights
58:04 12/16/21
What Up, Cuz? 220: Candy Tax
Kasey and Matt expurgate; Halloween 2021, Belfast, and Matt's first girlfriend
60:21 11/17/21
What Up, Cuz? 219: Upper Class White Trash
Kasey and Matt explore; Kasey shaves, Matt's birthday, Dear Evan Hansen, Matt's "Halloween Kills" experience
61:27 11/4/21

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