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Art Restart

Host Pier Carlo Talenti interviews artists who are shaking up the status quo to learn how they are reinventing their fields and building a new landscape for the arts.


"Don't be ashy!" -- Performance artist Ayo Janeen Jackson pivoted her dance career to honor and care for the Black body through art as well as business. 22:49 08/01/2022
Actor and artistic director Gregg Mozgala uses theater to put the disabled body on display with unassailable authenticity. 24:49 07/18/2022
Multidisciplinary artist Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya on how she protects her explorer's spirit and invites strangers to join her in her discoveries 25:31 07/05/2022
Lear deBessonet and Clyde Valentín galvanize community artmaking to achieve local and national healing 26:26 06/20/2022
Dancer Lauren Edson and musician Andrew Stensaas co-created and co-lead Boise’s LED, where dance and music are just two elements of numerous artistic adventures. 26:57 06/07/2022
Composer Brittany J. Green cultivates community and a deep listening practice 26:13 05/23/2022
ChristinaMaria Patiño Xochitlzihuatl Houle decolonizes the interview itself! 28:10 05/09/2022
For Artistic Director Jacob Padrón, a radical change at his theater is an opportunity for collective reimagining 27:00 04/25/2022
Landscape architect Daniel Woodroffe tells stories of joy and ingenuity through his urban landscapes. 27:00 04/11/2022
Fashion designer Nyla Hasan on code-flexing and playing the long game 25:19 03/28/2022
Violinist and composer Earl Maneein brings Paganini chops to heavy metal and punk, slaying all the way 28:04 03/14/2022
Amelia Winger-Bearskin on why AI needs artists as a guiding force 25:36 02/28/2022
Muralist Troy Summerell on taking an artistic leap of faith and joy, haters be damned 23:40 02/14/2022
Interlochen’s Director of Music, Enrique Márquez, shapes the next generation of leaders through music. 24:48 01/31/2022
Dancer Valencia James urges artists of all stripes to dream and scheme with techies. 24:52 01/24/2022
Composer Sahba Aminikia proves that a musical education is part of a spiritual education. 28:04 01/03/2022
José Ome Navarrete Mazatl 24:26 12/14/2021
Evan Weissman 24:55 12/01/2021
Danielle Villasana 26:49 11/15/2021
Noelle Scaggs 24:03 11/01/2021
christopher oscar peña 28:25 10/19/2021
Frank Horvat 25:47 10/04/2021
Martine Kei Green-Rogers 26:10 09/20/2021
Rulan Tangen 25:02 09/06/2021
Stephen McKinley Henderson 27:35 08/23/2021
Tara Rynders 26:17 08/09/2021
Hannah Drake 27:12 07/26/2021
Carlton Turner 27:23 07/12/2021
Snehal Desai 27:30 06/28/2021
Narsiso Martinez 25:07 06/14/2021