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The Jack and Nikki Show

Jack Logar and Nikki are both proud West Virginia natives. Jack's lifelong love for broadcasting began in the abandoned coal mining town of Point Mountain, where the elevation allowed him to pick up signals from distant radio stations. Jack's unguarded, homegrown style makes for a "warts and all" approach to radio that keeps him unique among his peers. Nikki returned home to West Virginia after broadcasting on stations in Ohio, Mississippi and New York. Her passion for radio is exceeded only by her love for chocolate, coffee and cookies.Relive your favorite moments or get caught up on all the hilarity from the week with WVAQ's dynamic morning duo.


Irrational Fears, A Moral Dilemma and The Most Popular TV Shows of All Time 28:49 06/07/2021
Overzealous Parents, Glitter Bombs and What's Wrong with Huntington 29:02 05/31/2021
More West Virginia Drunk Stats and Obvious Things You Learned Surprisingly Late In Life 29:40 05/24/2021
Talking To Yourself, Marital Suspicions and The 2021 Cicada Situation 31:33 05/17/2021
Perceived Threats, Shared Underpants and a Cereal Debate 29:25 05/10/2021
Social Media Oppression, Dog Dreams and West Virginia's Multiple Marriage Problem 30:59 05/03/2021
West Virginia Drunk Statistics and The Boy Who Had A Crush 31:16 04/26/2021
Unpopular Opinions, Self Cleaning Underpants and Cleveland Karen 32:45 04/19/2021
Falling In Love, Analyzing Dr. Phil and Why You Look Like A Liar 28:33 04/12/2021
Best Pick Up Lines According To Women, A Naked Mystery and Life After Covid 27:56 04/05/2021
Drunk News, Shower Thoughts and A Rude West Virginians Survey 28:46 03/29/2021
Ridiculous Tantrums, Abandoning The Drive-Thru and The Customer Is Always Right 29:08 03/22/2021
Signs You're From West Virginia, A Tik Tok Sea Shanty and The "Other Day" Debate 28:31 03/15/2021
Wedding Cake Assault, A Shoplifter Dilemma and Domesticating Bigfoot 31:49 03/08/2021
Dishonest Daters, Singing Dogs and What Are You Hiding 31:17 03/01/2021
Vegetarian Dating, Naked Friends and The Monongah Incident 30:38 02/22/2021
Buyer's Remorse, Fake Internet Videos and Safe Sexting 31:24 02/15/2021
Cooking In Your Dishwasher, Strange New Car Options and The Future of Music 29:28 02/08/2021
Stolen Valor, Tik Tok Idiocy and The Friends Theory 28:24 02/01/2021
Relationship Exit Interviews, Unique Punishments and Cringey Pick Up Lines 29:11 01/25/2021
Food Transgressions, The Worst Thing You Can Say and Naked in the News! 29:01 01/18/2021
Predicting Divorce, Dealing With Tantrums and A Moral Dilemma 31:49 01/11/2021
Eavesdropping On A Liar, Attraction Killers and Rude West Virginians 31:16 01/04/2021
The Kangaroo Lady of Weston, Work Drama and Bras For Men 29:01 12/28/2020
Jack and Nikki's Christmas Spectacular 27:05 12/21/2020
The Sexiest Chore, Fart Pants and West Virginia's #1 Phobia 30:46 12/14/2020
Dating App Lies, Underpants Talk and A Woman That Looks Like Her Dad In A Wig 28:23 12/07/2020
Cursing Birds, The Tattooed Teacher and The Pullout Mystery 29:25 11/30/2020
Living In A Surveillance State, You Be The Judge and Naked in the News! 30:46 11/23/2020
Beard Baiting, Fake Nudity and Why Pooping Is No Excuse For Law Breaking 29:03 11/16/2020