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How do I leave my 9-5 for my side hustle? How do I make money from my work? Can I build my dream job? Creative Women International is here to help you figure it out. Founder Philiy Page, presents these podcasts having worked in the creative industries for over 24 years, starting as a photojournalist for UK publications such as Marie Claire and The Guardian Newspaper. She moved into BBC documentaries, worked as a feature film production manager, writes and runs the CWI, while also delivering training for Creative Business Start ups internationally for Nesta and the British Council. She is a RSA Fellow and has worked as a teaching Fellow of Entrepreneurship at The University of Bristol. Philiy's book The Business Of Creativity helps female start-ups create a successful career. Philiy shares tips and personal stories, has guests to help you work it all out, and acts like the big sister you never knew you needed. You can find out more about Creative Women International at: where you can sign up to be the first to hear about courses, offers, VIP meet ups and so much more- plus you get some great free downloads to help you with your creative career. If you are a successful creative, get in touch if you would like to feature as a guest.


Pivot rather than passion
Haven't found your passion? Feeling overwhelmed? Don't panic, a pivot is better than chasing your passion. In this episode I explain why, how to figure out what is or isn't working and where to go next to find clients and customers you love. For more hints and tips sign up for love notes from me at
11:54 11/4/21
Why cheap clients can be the most expensive
How do you find clients and customers you love? Why do you always get to work with difficult people? If these are questions that you have asked yourself this episode is for you. Not all clients and customers are created equal, and I share how you can find ones that you love to work with and who love you back as well. Come and join my email list where I share special offers, secret tips and more.
11:58 10/14/21
How to avoid this pricing mistake
Pricing mistakes can be costly. You end up losing money, time and energy when in fact you need all of those things right now. This pricing mistake is one that I see repeated again and again by creatives. I talk through why it is such a big mistake, what it actually does for your business or career, and what you can do instead. Want more help with your pricing? I have a new course called Rise Up Pricing to help you with pricing, imposter syndrome, confidence, negotiation, getting a raise and more. Head to
17:43 9/30/21
Why you need to give yourself permission to be successful
How to become successful can feel like a maze. You take wrong turns and think you have it all figured out when you hit a dead end. But what if I told you that you might be the person holding you back? What would change if you gave yourself permission to be successful? I talk through why you need to do it, what it will do for your business or career, and how to start today. Want more help? Join my free challenge to earn an extra $1000 in 30 days. Click the link to join. Starts in October.
14:57 9/23/21
Finding your super power
The secret of success isn't always obvious, but one of the most important things you can do is find your super power. This is going to help you save time, keep your sanity and build a team to support you, so that you only do what lights you up. To help you more I have a challenge for you to earn $1000 in 30 days. Sign up for free here:  
16:52 9/16/21
3 ways to get more clients and customers
Getting more clients and customers doesn't have to be complicated. I share three ways that you can find new clients and customers using what you have right now. Whether you are starting out or trying to grow your business this is for you. If you want a fun way to learn how to get more income join the 1000 in 30 days challenge starting soon. Sign up here it's free
19:58 9/9/21
Why you are the key to your success
How to find success is something all creatives battle with. You try pr, online marketing and networking but struggle to make sales. In fact the key to success is you! I explain why this is so important and the three ways that you need to use your own value to reach success. Join the $1000 in 30 days challenge. Sign up here:
16:13 8/26/21
Easy steps to build an online course
Have you wanted to build an online course, but don't know how? Building an online course doesn't need to be complicated. In this episode I share how you can do it in 30 days and actually get paid as you build it. Plus you'll gather raving fans to help you sell it when it's ready. Come join me for a challenge this October. Learn how to make $1000 in 30 days.
21:15 8/12/21
Why you need to own your dream
How do you make your dreams come true? How can you achieve big goals? If you have ever wondered how to start or pivot this is for you. Sometimes a simple act can change everything. I share what this act is, and why it not only helps you, but also allows others to help you reach your dream faster. Come and join the 1000 in 30 days challenge.  
16:53 8/5/21
Take a break before you break
Think you need a vacation? This one is for you. I talk about why you need to take a break, the reasons it can help you business and what saying no more often actually means. I also share my own story of breakdown and why it is so important it doesn't happen to you. You can read more about it in my book The Business Of Creativity by Philiy Page. 
17:03 7/29/21
3 steps to easy sales
Want to know how to make sales? Want to know how to make it easy even if you're selling yourself? Over the decades that I have been working as a creative freelancer I have learnt how to make sales fun. There are three things that are going to make it really easy for you which I share in this episode. No more feeling like a used car sales person I promise! Join me to learn sales in the $1000 in 30 challenge. Link in bio on Instagram
15:26 7/15/21
3 steps to stop your clients setting the price
Ever had a new client come in and say that they Googled a price for what you offer? Or that their friend told them you should cost X amount? When a new client tries to set the price for your commission or service, take this as a wonderful opportunity! I explain how you can turn this round to your advantage and make a stronger client relationship in the process. Want to get paid more? Grab the free guide  
14:23 7/8/21
Two things you need to earn more
You might be thinking about raising your prices, but aren't sure how to do it. Or else you are starting out and have no idea what to charge. In this episode I explain why you need these two things in order to earn more, and how they were the things that made the biggest change in my earning power. To help you further there is a guide you can grab at
16:45 7/1/21
How to sell with email
Your email list is one of the most important parts of your business. Don't have one yet? I'll explain how to get one and what to do with it in this episode. Selling to your email list needs a certain technique, but the results can be rewarding for both you and your customers. Listen to find out more. Free guide
22:46 6/24/21
3 ways to increase your chance of success
Knowing how to achieve success can feel like a hidden door. You do all the marketing, side hustles and still you don't feel like you have achieve success. I break down the three things that you should be focussing on so that you don't get overwhelmed. And I have a freebie for you. Go to
17:52 6/17/21
How I found happiness and what you need to know
Happiness and finding it can feel like two different things. In this podcast I talk honestly about my own journey to find it, the science behind why it is so hard to hold on to it, and what you can do to cultivate happiness into your own life.  For more tips buy a copy of my book The Business Of Creativity by Philiy Page  
15:39 6/10/21
3 big myths around self doubt
Self doubt can be crippling. It can stop you achieving your goals or taking risks. There are 3 big myths around self doubt that I want to help you understand and why they might be the key to you taking messy action towards your dreams. For more tips and how I over came my own self doubt grab my book The Business Of Creativity
18:01 6/3/21
How to start a part time business
Starting a part time business might be a great way to test out an idea, or turn your side hustle into a reality. In this episode I talk about the things you need to think about, and the things you don't. Why it isn't a huge risk and how you can start with only 20 minutes a day. For more help I have a gift head to
14:25 5/27/21
Pricing mistakes and how to avoid them
Pricing your goods or services can feel like a dark art. You need to be right for your ideal clients and customers, but also have profit and development for yourself. I explain some of the common pricing mistakes people make at all stages of business and how you can avoid them. There is a free guide to help you at
20:03 5/20/21
Why you need to start now
You might be wondering how to start a business, or turn your side hustle full time. Maybe you are waiting for the right moment or worry that you need to learn one more thing before you hit send. This episode is for you. I spent years waiting for the perfect moment, and I want to share why you need to start now. For more tips and help head to
14:19 5/13/21
3 steps to evergreen products
You might be wondering what evergreen products are, but I want you to think about creating them to protect your business and career. They are also known as passive income streams but so much more than that. In this episode I talk you through how to make them without starting from scratch, ways to put them out into the world and how they can protect you for the future. For more tips grab a copy of The Business Of Creativity.
13:30 5/6/21
How to get your dream job
You might have a side hustle or be dreaming of a way to leave your 9-5. Or you have started a career but wish you were doing something else. I want to show you that it is possible to get your dream job even without any contacts to that industry. I have done this for over two decades and share my top tips for getting the job of your dreams. For more help grab my free goal setting course at
25:51 4/29/21
Why it's never too late
You might be thinking of staring a new business, or wanting to get that dream client or job. But self doubt creeps in and you wonder if you are too old to try, too young to try or don't have the right kind of skill set. I'm here to show you that it is never too late, why this has been my daily mantra and how to make it work for you. Life can be big my friend but sometimes it isn't long. I want you to step into the life you want and love the time you have. To read more about my own journey and tips to help you succeed, grab a copy of The Business Of Creativity by me Philiy Page    
16:19 4/22/21
How to ditch your money mindset patterns
This has been one of the hardest things for me to do, but the most transformative. Understanding why you behave the way you do around selling and pricing is going to help you charge what you are worth, negotiate better and build a life you love. In this episode I share how to start doing it and for more help you can sign up to the success path course at
16:13 4/15/21
Why you need your own definition of success
Having your own definition of success will help you to reach big goals faster, build up your confidence, make better networking connections and support systems. Too often we forget to take a pause and really think about what success looks like for us. In this episode I explain why it is important, how to do it, and why you might be chasing someone else's version of success. For more help grab a copy of The Business Of Creativity By Philiy Page
12:42 4/8/21
4 ways to boost your confidence
Feeling unconfident, suffering with imposter syndrome or procrastination? This episode is for you. As someone who has been chronically shy most of her life, I have learnt ways over the decades to become more confident. It has allowed me to appear on live television, appear in front of millions and put myself out there again and again. For more tips on how to become confident grab a copy of The Business Of Creativity by Philiy Page.
17:17 4/1/21
3 things to help you cope with fear
Fear of success? Fear of failure? Fear of being behind? I have experienced them all and share tips to cope with it, why fear is actually your BF and ways that you can use it to your advantage. Fear doesn't need to be fearful! For more help grab a copy of The Business Of Creativity by Philiy Page from all online bookshops.
17:51 3/25/21
How to get clients from your website
You might think that having a website is all that you need to get new clients and customers. But have you thought about how they use your website rather than you? In this episode I explain how to make your website work for your ideal client and customers and how to get them to make a purchase from you. You don't need any fancy tools and it is something that you can fix straight away. For more tips grab a copy of The Business Of Creativity to set up your own successful business and career.
17:49 3/18/21
Why your mind is holding you back
Have you struggled to reach the goals that you set, or else find that procrastination and imposter syndrome strikes when you are trying to build your dreams? Then this episode is for you. We are amazing creatures but sometimes our own mind might be the thing that is holding us back. I share why this is and what you can do about it. For more tips head over to
22:58 3/11/21
What to do when you get negative feedback
Negative feedback can feel like a punch to the stomach, or else it can be fuel to get you closer towards your goals. In this episode I explain the science behind how we listen to negative feedback, what we can do instead, and why it's all in the delivery. For detailed help with this and more grab a copy of The Business Of Creativity to build a career and life you love.
13:50 3/4/21

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