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How do I leave my 9-5 for my side hustle? How do I make money from my work? Can I build my dream job? Creative Women International is here to help you figure it out. Founder Philiy Page, presents these podcasts having worked in the creative industries for over 24 years, starting as a photojournalist for UK publications such as Marie Claire and The Guardian Newspaper. She moved into BBC documentaries, worked as a feature film production manager, writes and runs the CWI, while also delivering training for Creative Business Start ups internationally for Nesta and the British Council. She is a RSA Fellow and has worked as a teaching Fellow of Entrepreneurship at The University of Bristol. Philiy's book The Business Of Creativity helps female start-ups create a successful career. Philiy shares tips and personal stories, has guests to help you work it all out, and acts like the big sister you never knew you needed. You can find out more about Creative Women International at: where you can sign up to be the first to hear about courses, offers, VIP meet ups and so much more- plus you get some great free downloads to help you with your creative career. If you are a successful creative, get in touch if you would like to feature as a guest.


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Why you need your own definition of success 12:42 04/08/2021
4 ways to boost your confidence 17:17 04/01/2021
3 things to help you cope with fear 17:51 03/25/2021
How to get clients from your website 17:49 03/18/2021
Why your mind is holding you back 22:58 03/11/2021
What to do when you get negative feedback 13:50 03/04/2021