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The Erudus Podcast is the one stop shop for foodservice industry news and features focused around the most exciting events on the food calendar. Brought to you by the UK's leading food data services company.


Organic September (Mark Machin - SOIL Association Foodservice Development Manager)
Organic September is here and Andrew talks to Mark Machin from the SOIL Association, the UK's largest Organic certification body, about what it means to eat and drink Organic at every step in the food supply chain through the certifications available. They also explore the economic impact to producers, caterers and consumers for producing and consuming Organic food, is it more expensive to eat organic?   News Blasts: National Hospitality Day Single Use Cutlery Ban in England   Other Links:
55:22 09/06/2021
National Burger Day (Ben Martin - Cut+Grind Burgers)
In this episode, Andrew speaks with Ben Martin, the Chef Director of Cut+Grind Burgers and winner of the 2018 National Burger Awards in observance of National Burger Day. Andrew and Ben drill down into what makes an award-winning burger by exploring each individual component of the burger crafting experience. They also discuss the new menu development process at Cut+Grind and Ben shares his National Burger Awards experiences. News Blasts: Hospitality Not Included in Isolation Exception Sysco Consolidates its Five UK Wholesalers Under One Group  
78:35 08/02/2021
Ice Cream Month (David Baker - Styles Ice Cream)
As we hit the height of summer we celebrate Ice Cream Month by talking to David Baker, owner of Styles Ice Cream. David tells Andrew all about the ice cream making process, how his winning recipe was discovered by accident, Styles commitment to lowering their carbon footprint through the use of solar power, and much much more. News Blasts: - Labour Crisis in the Food Industry - Worlds First Fully Recycled Plastic Bottle
77:30 07/05/2021
Food Safety Week (John Kukoly - BRCGS & Sue Swinbourne - Erudus)
For Food Safety Week, Andrew and Victoria talk to John Kuckoly, the Director of Certification Programs for BRCGS and Erudus' own Head of Technical Services, Sue Swinbourne, about the importance of food safety throughout the entire supply chain. News Blast: - Mandatory Calorie Labelling for Large Hospitality Businesses
93:21 05/31/2021
Sugar Awareness Week (Elizabeth Jones - Real Good Ketchup)
Andrew and Victoria kick off season 2 of The Erudus Podcast by exploring Sugar Awareness Week. This episode's featured interview is with Elizabeth Jones, from Real Good Ketchup where discussion about the impacts of excessive sugar consumption and ways to mitigate it are on the agenda along with exploring how Elizabeth's company created a low sugar, allergen-free ketchup that doesn't sacrifice taste. News Blast: Oatly open UK manufacturing site
74:18 05/03/2021
Season 2 Feed Drop
What a year 2020 was, and not just because the first season of The Erudus Podcast debuted with great success! After all the upheaval from the previous year, Andrew and Victoria take a moment to tell you all about the next season of The Erudus Podcast and how you can stay involved in the conversation in the UK Foodservice industry while we all take a break and recharge our batteries. Sign up to the newsletter: - Sign up at the bottom of the page to get the news you want from Erudus!
03:06 01/11/2021
Christmas (Andrew & Victoria)
Andrew and Victoria are reunited for the Christmas episode of the Erudus podcast where they discuss different traditions and cuisines from around the world at this time of year, how to have an allergy-safe Christmas, their own traditions and explore the opinions of the Erudus community through the power of social media. News Blasts: Scotch Egg Sales Soar Junk Food Ad Ban Other Links:
63:06 12/11/2020
World Vegan Month (Matt Turner - The Vegan Society)
Andrew sits down with Matt Turner from The Vegan Society to discuss the World Vegan Month campaign and the wider world of veganism including the vegan product trademark, ways in which caterers can make tasty vegan dishes and dispelling some myths around products you may have thought were vegan but actually aren't. News Blasts: Farmers fail to ban terms like veggie "burger" Chancellor extends support to wholesalers
45:10 11/02/2020
National Cholesterol Month (Lynne Garton - HEART UK)
Andrew meets the dietetic adviser for HEART UK, Lynne Garton to celebrate National Cholesterol Month. They discuss what cholesterol actually is, the causes and prevention of high cholesterol as well as ways in which caterers and food manufacturers can help consumers make heart healthy choices. News Blasts: Halloween pumpkins destined for food waste Tesco targets 300% rise in vegan meat sales
49:52 10/12/2020
Zero Waste Week (Jamie Crummie - Too Good To Go)
This September, we are focusing on food waste for Zero Waste Week and Andrew chats to one of the biggest "waste warriors" in the world. Jamie Crummie, co founder of Too Good To Go talks us through the global impact that food waste has, the challenges he has faced and all of the great work Too Good To Go are doing. News Blasts: Global Food Waste Coalition Foodservice Job Board Launches Other Links:
57:12 09/07/2020
Afternoon Tea Week (Laura Akano - Etiquette Expert)
It's time to get the kettle on for this episode as we celebrate Afternoon Tea Week! Andrew is joined by etiquette expert and trainer Laura Akano and they explore the history of the tradition, what etiquette to observe when attending afternoon tea as well as how etiquette been changed by technology and covid-19. News Blasts: Eat Out To Help Out UK Government's Plans to Tackle Obesity Other Resources:
80:54 08/03/2020
Lifting Lockdown and a Mid Season Retrospective
Andrew reports on the impact that COVID 19 has had on the UK foodservice industry, how businesses have coped and what to expect moving forwards as we get ready to ease lockdown restrictions on the 4th of July. He also looks back on previous episodes and shares his thoughts and favourite bits. News Blast: 150 New Fareshare Businesses Other Resources: COVID Secure Guidance
24:18 07/06/2020
Beer Day Britain (Jane Peyton of The School of Booze)
It's another boozy episode of The Erudus Podcast as we get ready to say "Cheers to beer!" on June 15th with Jane Peyton, founder of the Beer Day Britain celebration and accomplished beer sommelier (among many other things) who will be taking us through the history of beer and answering all of our beer related questions. News Blasts: Carlsberg & Marston's merger Nestlé pumps more than £9m into the COVID battle   Relevant Links:
66:37 06/01/2020
English Wine Week (David Harker of Newcastle Wine School)
Cheers! This month's episode explores the world of wine to celebrate English Wine Week. David Harker, a wine educator, talks Andrew through the complexities of wine and there's even a guided tasting that you can play along at home with to help broaden your appreciation of this time honoured drink. News Blasts: - Waitrose Wine Tubes - Furloughed People Pick For Britain - 20% Meat Reduction
78:14 05/04/2020
Allergy Awareness Week (Amena Warner of Allergy UK and Caroline Benjamin of Food Allergy Aware)
In this months episode of The Erudus Podcast, Victoria takes the helm for Allergy Awareness Week where she talks to Amena Warner, Head of Clinical Services at Allergy UK, the creators of this months food calendar event, and Caroline Benjamin of Food Allergy Aware, an award winning allergy awareness consultancy. News Blasts: - Yorkshire Tea weathering a Twitter storm - Synthetic fish, a better catch of the day?
123:08 04/06/2020
British Pie week (Tristan Hogg, MD of Pieminister)
In this episode of The Erudus Podcast, Andrew and Victoria lift the lid on British Pie Week and chat to Tristan Hogg of Pieminister about the upcoming Natasha's Law, their commitment to sustainability and the important question "What makes a pie a pie?" News Blasts: - Unilever changes ice cream marketing to children - Most hospitality employees uncertain about relaying allergen information - Insects, no longer a taboo?
57:33 03/02/2020
Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day (Marc Reynolds of Monsieur Crepe Café)
In this month's episode, Andrew and Victoria explore the history and traditions of Pancake Day. Our featured interview is with Marc Reynolds, co-owner of the esteemed Monsieur Crepe Cafe where he offers insight into making great pancakes and building a successful business. News Blasts: - Quorn introduce carbon labelling - Creed unveils innovation centre - Pesto Recall
44:17 02/03/2020
Burns Night (James Macsween MD of Macsween of Edinburgh)
It’s Episode 1 of the Erudus Podcast!  Your monthly dose of news and features from the foodservice industry. Our January headliner is Burns Night – which we’re discussing in-depth with haggis manufacturer James Macsween of Macsween of Edinburgh. On the News Blast - - Will exercise advice on food labels help tackle obesity? - - The Food Delivery Market boom - - Chemists demand clarity on cannabis-related goods Robert Burns Resources
48:46 01/06/2020
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