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The Valley Current®: Why is Critical Thinking Important?
For a brief moment in time, astronomers were able to safely study the sun’s corona simply because it was in the perfect spot at the perfect time. As awesome as it was for us to watch, no major news organization mentioned how unbelievable it was that this happened in an ever-expanding universe. There are many things reported to us that we tend to take at face value. For instance, the media will report how many Palestinians died in Gaza, but not question the accuracy of those numbers which were provided to us from a terrorist organization. Many fundamentalistic religions promote blind faith and eschew outside thoughts as sacrilege. Critical thinking seems to be on the decline and taking offense has replaced acknowledging mistakes. Host Jack Russo and Dr. Leonard Hayflick steer us back to a becoming critically thinking society before our future falls apart.     Jack Russo Managing Partner "Every Entrepreneur Imagines a Better World"®️
49:43 4/15/24
The Valley Current®: How Can We Put An End to Bullying?
When we talk about the bullying problem in America, we tend to focus on the children who are tormented in school or online because bullies eventually grow up and act like adults, right? Unfortunately, some bullies never learn to act like decent human beings, and they carry their crude behaviors into adulthood where it can be modeled as successful tactics to children. Between younger generations taking offense to the smallest microaggression and older generations tendencies to make brazen, hurtful comments, it’s clear that bullying is taking its toll on civilization, and it is showing up in our politics. Can we combat adult bullies before society deteriorates even further? Today host Jack Russo and Tom Casey discuss the lack of respectable leadership in both business and politics.   Bullying Insults by Biden: Is Musk a Bully?: Bullying in Depositions: Trump Suggests Biden Defecated on Oval Office Desk: Trump's Shifting Abortion Stance:     Jack Russo Managing Partner "Every Entrepreneur Imagines a Better World"®️
57:29 4/10/24
The Valley Current®: What Does Healthy Aging to 100 Really Require?
As much as we wish, we cannot interfere with or slow down the process of aging. What we can do is learn how to prevent and cure diseases that increase our longevity. There’s a whole industry of startup companies dedicated to pursuing a lifespan and a health span that goes to age 100 and possibly a whole lot longer. Could we really be just one major health-related scientific breakthrough from hitting age 100 with ease? Should we adjust our diet and exercise plan to make this feasible? Maybe making it to old age is just plain luck. Whatever it is, host Jack Russo and Dr. Leonard Hayflick discuss what it really takes to make it to age 100 and beyond.     Jack Russo Managing Partner "Every Entrepreneur Imagines a Better World"®️
45:16 3/29/24
The Valley Current®: Class Action Lawsuits Do Sometimes Work
How many times have you looked at your email, found an invitation to join a class action lawsuit, and wondered if it’s even worth it? While there’s usually little to no downside to joining these lawsuits, it may take years for the case to settle with a laughably minimal payout due to the large number of claimants. However, sometimes the real payoff comes in the form of programmatic relief the way it did for CPA Steve Rabin when he took on PricewaterhouseCoopers for age discrimination. Today host Jack Russo finds out how Steve Rabin opened the door for other older financial workers facing age discrimination in hiring decisions.       Jack Russo Managing Partner "Every Entrepreneur Imagines a Better World"®️
16:04 3/23/24
The Valley Current®: NAR lawsuit – What does it mean for the real estate industry?
For years Joe Cucchiara has been stating that big changes were coming to real estate. It’s been a long time coming, but the industry is finally being forced to change and adapt to new technology. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) took a major blow today after being found guilty of artificially inflating commissions. In addition to paying $418M over the next few years, the NAR must also implement a number of systemic changes that will benefit consumers. Is this lawsuit enough to force the real estate industry to adapt to technology and begin streamlining the homebuying process to benefit consumers? Today Jack Russo joins Joe Cucchiara on Real Estate Radio Live to find out what htis loss means for the real estate industry.   Jack Russo Managing Partner "Every Entrepreneur Imagines a Better World"®️
23:58 3/20/24
The Valley Current®: Is Veery Offices the Future of Offices?
Let’s face it, businesses love to show off. When you’re representing a brand, you want to show off that brand with office spaces that are clean and comfortable with all the amenities a workspace requires. Before covid ("BC") even startup  companies sunk big money and effort into making their workplace attractive. Now post-COVID ("PC") hybrid workstations and shared open workstations have become standard. In fact, companies have downscaled their physical spaces since there is no need to have a giant building that sits empty most days. So what does a startup or even any size company do when it needs a meeting place that isn’t cluttered and is more private than a coffee house? Host Jack Russo sits down with Veery Offices Founders Vickey Li and Johnny Yeh to learn about flexible office spaces in Silicon Valley that companies can rent whenever they need them.     Jack Russo Managing Partner "Every Entrepreneur Imagines a Better World"®️
19:05 3/13/24
The Valley Current®: Is Alexi Enabling A.I. First Legal Research?
Years ago, the height of legal technology was having a keynote system that would allow you to search through printed case summaries using indexes. Thankfully the internet has made research faster and more efficient compared to scanning through yards of paper, but AI could make research even faster. When Mark Doble went to law school, he figured out he was far more interested in legal tech than practicing law. Thankfully Mark didn’t let his education go to waste when he formed Alexi – an AI based platform that understands and relays complex laws in a way that will aid lawyers through the entire legal process. Listen in as host Jack Russo puts Alexi to the test to see just how relevant it can be & how much potential it has to become the new standard for legal research.     Jack Russo Managing Partner "Every Entrepreneur Imagines a Better World"®️  
40:43 3/11/24
The Valley Current®: Are Trump (& Musk) Litigations Improving Our Laws?
Between the many lawsuits of Donald Trump and Elon Musk, its hard to remember if there has ever been so much news regarding state or federal litigation. The Supreme Court unsurprisingly ruled that Colorado could not remove Donald Trump from the presidential ballot as we cannot have 50 states doing 50 different things in an otherwise very binary election. What people did not predict was a unanimous decision which also objected to reasoning that only Congress can address electoral college issues. Can the courts handle the massive onslaught of cases? Host Jack Russo asks Professor Rafael Chodos what more can happen in these cases and the effect they will have on future politicians.     Jack Russo Managing Partner "Every Entrepreneur Imagines a Better World"®️
18:15 3/8/24
The Valley Current®: Are Cyber Criminals Becoming Bolder?
The computer has come a long way since the 1970’s when we programmed on mainframes. Back then it was obvious that something better would come around, but did we really think computer use would become so prevalent? Today computers and the internet are used everywhere. From stores to banks, we use them to do everything from ordering food to sending our friends money after they pick up the tab. Unfortunately, criminals also know how to use and abuse computers. Not only do countries hack each other for data, but the average consumer is too often tricked into revealing sensitive information. Phishing has developed into a major issue, but luckily something we can do something about. Host Jack Russo asks Owen Wollum how companies can train their employees to detect phishing scams before it’s too late.       Jack Russo Managing Partner "Every Entrepreneur Imagines a Better World"®️
32:06 3/6/24
The Valley Current®: Igniting Culture in the Age of Zoom
Can a company’s potential only be as good as its culture? A lot goes on in a workplace between hiring and firing and what happens in that company is fundamental for attracting top quality talent. One thing that has become clear since the pandemic is that companies can no longer push employees back into the office. This alone has presented a new set of obstacles as in-person interactions are still highly valuable in the workplace and younger generations may suffer from the lack of socialization and mentoring. Host Jack Russo looks to Margret Graziano and Andrew Gardiner to discuss managing a hybrid workplace that balances employee wants with company needs.     Margaret Graziano:   Andrew Gardiner:     Jack Russo Managing Partner "Every Entrepreneur Imagines a Better World"®️
38:44 3/1/24
The Valley Current®: 21st Century Entrepreneurship in an AI World
 What do current college students studying product design and entrepreneurship see as to their future lifespans, healthspans, and workspans? Is it really that crazy to think that living to 100 years old and being healthy through it is a realistic probability for society’s youngest members? Though none of us can predict the future, we can safely assume that our health span and life span will increase alongside modern medicines advancements. As awesome as a longer health and lifespan sounds, a life that is both long and rich will require funding from a longer work span. Today Jack Russo heads to USF to talk to our future knowledge workers about how to create intellectual property over a long long long workspan, healthspan and lifespan.   Jack Russo Managing Partner "Every Entrepreneur Imagines a Better World"®️
71:03 2/28/24
The Valley Current®: Is Trump Further Dividing the USA?
 Have the two parties of the United States ever been further apart? Collaboration and cooperation rank low on congress’ to-do list facing another election year. Despite multiple impeachments, lawsuits, and inflammatory statements, Donald Trump remains the Republican favorite to run against Joe Biden. Much of Trump’s appeal seems to be rooted in his anti-establishment views and has capitalized on congress’ history of not tackling issues. The Republican party is fractionalizing at an increasing rate under the pressure to remain loyal to the party which is only compromising the United States’ ability to evolve. Is there any way to bring the country back together? Today host Jack Russo and Russ Irwin (Patriot/Activist) breakdown the current political field and look to AI as a springboard for diplomacy.   Jack Russo Managing Partner "Every Entrepreneur Imagines a Better World"®️
65:55 2/26/24
The Valley Current®: Is Collaboration the Next Big CEO Challenge?
 Is there any factor more important to evolution than forward-looking collaboration? Whether it’s family, society, business, or politics, leaders are needed to bring people together and inspire them to work towards a single goal. However, there is one major drawback to mass collaboration – and it hurts those with the most power. The more information and resources a CEO shares (especially in a knowledge worker environment), the more his or her power is diminished. On the other hand, keeping information secret among a small group of officials prevents the company from co-creating and being competitive. Is there any way for leaders to win? Today host Jack Russo and Tom Casey look at Congress' unwillingness to collaborate and compare it to Gen X leaders who are ready to collaborate as they move into senior positions.   Jack Russo Managing Partner "Every Entrepreneur Imagines a Better World"®️
46:30 2/23/24
The Valley Current®: Are embezzlements and other thefts increasing?
It doesn’t matter if you work for a boutique company or the biggest, most well-known global organization, when the numbers don’t add up, the unfortunate answer could be embezzlement. Over in New Jersey, John Dunlea and his wife Nicole Alexander were charged with embezzling more than $1.5M from the McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter law firm over the last 5 years where they both held financial roles. The couples’ scheme was found to be guilty of failure to pay taxes and theft by deception in which they gave themselves bonuses and charged personal flights and more to the law firm. With tax season just getting started, host Jack Russo and CPA Steve Rabin discuss better accounting and payroll practices, and training staff to catch phishing scams that target big firms.   Learn more about the McElroy embezzlement here:      Jack Russo Managing Partner "Every Entrepreneur Imagines a Better World"®️
44:18 2/21/24
The Valley Current®: Will SCOTUS Come Help Unify Our United States?
The GOP are narrowing in on this year’s presidential candidate, and former President Donald Trump has been the loudest frontrunner from the beginning. As popular as Trump has been, his official nomination has yet to be finalized – and no one is sure if Trump can legitimately run. After initially denying to hear a case regarding insurrection as grounds to invalidate Trump from running, SCOTUS is now being pushed to rule on the matter after Trump urged them to repeal Colorado’s decision for violating the 14th Amendment. Do states have the power to disqualify candidates from national ballots? Today host Jack Russo asks Professor Robert Acker if the Supreme Court can unify under a unanimous 9-0 decision regarding state’s rights in a presidential election.   Jack Russo Managing Partner "Every Entrepreneur  Imagines a Better World!"® 
48:16 2/7/24
The Valley Current®: Last Minute Year-End Tax Planning
 We’ve all been there. The holiday has passed and even though you’ve opened your gifts, you’re still browsing the web for things you’ll buy next month… but why wait for the new year? If there’s business equipment out there that you’ll use, it might make sense to buy it now and snag the tax deduction for 2023. Another thing you’ll want to consider is deferring capital gains by moving them to a qualified opportunity zone fund. Get your taxes in order now while you still have a few days left! Host Jack Russo and CPA, Steve Rabin explain the risks and requirements for getting those last-minute tax moves in before popping the champagne.   Jack Russo Managing Partner "Every Entrepreneur  Imagines a Better World!" ® 
38:17 12/31/23
The Valley Current®: Creativity and the Creative Act
Put the work first, yourself second and the audience last. It may sound counter intuitive for aspiring artists looking to make money, but this basic philosophy goes beyond paint. This philosophy reflects a lifestyle that can be applied anywhere people can be creative. Creativity requires a strong, passionate mindset, a honed skillset, and the right set of tools to bring them all together. Creativity happens in the wildest of places, and when they do, you better be ready to capture them before it passes. Today Jack Russo encourages everyone to discover their inner artist and embrace creativity as a way of being.     Jack Russo** Managing Partner "Every Entrepreneur  Imagines a Better World!"® 
46:54 12/27/23
The Valley Current®: 21st Century Lifestyle Mastery Lecture at Stanford Medical School
Self-care, both mental and physical, is something that takes greater priority in our lives as we age. Leading a healthy lifestyle with lots of exercise as a primary medical plan was highly advocated by the late Dr. Walter Bortz, but host Jack Russo wants everyone to live a self-fulfilling Hundred Healthy Years. With some help from Dr. Leonard Hayflick to understand what causes aging and what affects a person’s longevity, Jack heads to Stanford to emphasize the value of optimizing your health, intelligence, emotional intelligence, purpose, ambition, freedom and compassion lifestyle from an early age. Aging, down to a cellular level, cannot be stopped or reversed, but we can always do our best to make our hundred years healthy and amazing across all levels of life.     Jack Russo** Managing Partner Computerlaw Group LLP  "Every Entrepreneur Imagines a Better World!"®   
54:13 12/22/23
The Valley Current®: Will AI Fully Automate Residential Real Estate?
Once feared by real estate professionals, handling your next home transaction online is simply the way of the future, and it can’t come fast enough. Could AI be the next major innovation to disrupt the real estate market? The folks at Zillow seem to think so and they’ve got a few AI tools designed to help buyers, renters, agents and loan officers. Everything from providing better recommendations during the shopping process to ballparking what the true value of a property is. Host Jack Russo and Joe Cucchiara discuss the impact AI might have on your next transaction.
45:22 12/20/23
The Valley Current®: Will A.I. Assist Startups and Startup Investors?
We’ve witnessed unprecedented levels of innovation in the AI world over the last couple of years. Though AI has existed at low levels for decades now, it has gone from being an underperforming pipe dream to an everyday tool already embedded in most of our software and apps within months. If you’re wondering how this happened, you can thank venture capitalists like Ray Wu, who have been funding the AI startups that brought us these rapid advancements. So, what’s next for artificial intelligence? If having your own AI powered personal assistant sounds amazing, then tune in as host Jack Russo asks Ray Wu about the journey artificial intelligence is taking.
33:31 12/15/23
The Valley Current®: Testing Case Themes With Mock Juries
Anyone who has looked into how movies are made knows that the plot doesn’t really begin to take shape until the storyboarding phase. In law, presenting a case to a jury works similarly, but throwing facts and figures around in the courthouse does not hit the same as a movie. No matter how clear the liability is, the jury understands best when presented with several mini stories that show how someone’s life has been impacted by the damages. To do this, lawyers like our host Jack Russo turn to guys like David Mann for help creating stories that will emotionally resonate with the jury and maximize the awarded damages to the wronged client. Win over juries with a solid story using the facts that is designed to reach them on a human level and walk away victoriously for your client by visitng David at .
38:42 12/13/23
The Valley Current®: Tax Planning in light of Moore v. USA
When Trump overhauled the tax code in 2017, a one-time repatriation tax was enacted on foreign earnings. Like many Americans, the Moores were invested overseas when they received a $15,000 tax bill. Since they reinvested the profit elsewhere and never realized any actual cash, the Moores are fighting the taxes and have taken their battle to the Supreme Court. As a result, the constitutionality of the 16th Amendment is now under attack and could be redefined despite SCOTUS’s reluctance to disrupt the tax code. What now qualifies as taxable income? Today host Jack Russo and CPA, Steve Rabin discuss how the Moores could have planned better to avoid this tax bill and other tax tips to consider.
31:53 12/11/23
The Valley Current®: What is the C-Suite Outlook for 2024?
At the end of December, we welcome each new year with wonder and excitement of what things may come. After a rough year of two wars, high interest rates and a stock market that keeps going, 2024 is not receiving the same fanfare as previous years. People are plain irritated about the condition of the world and the feeling of being in constant flux. On the other hand, CEOs have a whole different set of worries, and surprisingly AI and climate change are not topping the list the way they previously had. Host Jack Russo and CEO, Tom Casey discuss the big issues CEOs are worried about and how optimistic they are for a solution.
48:11 12/6/23
The Valley Current®: Climate in the Chance Age
Powerful computer programs are accurately simulating the uncertainty of climate change. These models underlie the growing business of climate risk, which in turn supports mitigation planning and the insurance industry. But climate risk models are usually large monolithic systems, which although internally consistent, cannot export statistically coherent representations of the underlying uncertainties. Because of this, the outputs are often single average risk scores resulting in the Flaw of Averages, a family of well documented mathematical errors. We propose open standards for conveying the results of climate models, based on the discipline of , which will embed the uncertainty, including statistical dependence in auditable, cross-platform data. This will provide two major benefits. First, it will allow monolithic climate models to be disaggregated into manageable parts. Second, it will allow the results of disparate models of both hazards and impacts to be combined in numerous ways. In short, it will improve the measurement of environmental risk at any scale.  Host Jack Russo and Professor Sam Savage of Stanford University discuss the use of probability management to create a new more Coherent Climate Calculus to effectively assess economic risks relating to climate change and toward the creation of entirely new climate finance marketplaces.   Want to learn more about probability management from Prof. Sam Savage? Check out his site  
54:53 12/1/23
The Valley Current®: Climate Change in 9 Minutes
Climate change is a universal crisis, but the way we assess everything related to this crisis is problematic in itself. By definition, Risk = Likelihood x Impact (or Probability x Liability) which seems to be a straightforward way to measure whether or not you would need something like fire insurance for your home. Today host Jack Russo and Professor Sam Savage discuss why this method of risk assessment is actually horribly flawed in this nutshell version about climate risk.   Click here to learn more about probability and climate risk: 
11:29 11/29/23
The Valley Current®: Can AI-Based LegalTech Eventually Replace Mediators?
With rapidly increasing use of advanced A.I. technology in the legal industry, it seems that professionals using more and more advanced technology have a poorer and poorer understanding of it than ever before. What lawyers need now is an expert like Joseph Panetta, who already knows which roles LegalTech and AI are adequately replacing and which are not. With deep experience and expertise in use of technology in marketing, advertising and public relations and most recently for a LegalTech firm,  Mr. Panetta is now able to discern where A.I. can help mediators and where it cannot.  Today host Jack Russo asks Joseph Panetta if LegalTech can fully replace mediators or if they will take on a new role assisting law professionals in generating or enhancing even more creative dispute resolution solutions.   Check out more about Joseph Panetta here:
34:25 11/22/23
The Valley Current®: Tale of Two Cases in NYC: Federal v. State Fraud Cases
“It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness.” This second, lesser-known line from A Tale of Two Cities has never felt more applicable when you read about the two most notable cases currently going on in New York City. Sam Bankman-Fried and Donald Trump are the most recent individuals to go on trial for fraud and though the cases are vastly different, there are a few parallels we can draw to show how they both ended up in court. Both men grew up being idolized by their parents and exuded an I’m the winner/better than you attitude throughout their career; and while they may have been financially successful in their fields, that same smarter-than-you attitude landed them in a gigantic mess despite warnings from teams of lawyers. Host Jack Russo and Professor Robert Acker discuss the massive breach of ethics used to generate wealth.   Click here to read about Donald Trump's fraud case:
42:52 11/6/23
The Valley Current®: Will Real Estate Brokerage Industry Survive Antitrust Litigation?
Have home owners been getting taken advantage of on commissions on sales of their home? The Missouri federal jury in Kansas City says “yes, you have” to sellers in the class a action case covering some 260,000 sales in the states of Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois and finding liability of nearly $2 billion which could be trebled to $6 billion.  Even though sellers signed agreements for paying the commissions on those sales, they’ve been losing to their agents who have been fixing (and inflating) commissions by collective agreements protecting buyer agents who often do little work to justify the commission split. Is the die now cast and will this one successful federal antitrust class action lawsuit (covering just 3 states) mean the rest of the 47 states will follow with their own lawsuits? If so, could multiple lawsuits against the real estate industry leave it vulnerable to the point of extinction? In that case, many brokers would find themselves at risk of consolidating and/or filing for bankruptcy. Today host Jack Russo and Joe Cucchiara discuss this massive disruptive change to real estate industry and the increasing future role of AI, blockchain and other digital technology in real estate transactions.
40:32 11/3/23
The Valley Current®: Will billionaires see a wealth tax next?
There’s a new tax form on the market and it’s looking for a piece of your side hustle. The new 1099-K tax form targets independent contractors who are underreporting on small transactions. Sales resulting in $600+ on online marketplaces, digital wallets, crowdfunding platforms & more now means there is one more form to deal with when navigating an already complex tax code. Between the increasing focus on undercompliance and a lower minimum reporting threshold, it certainly feels like the government is cracking down on the lowest rungs of society and allowing the uppermost echelons of society to get away with paying little to nothing thanks to a crack team of tax experts. Today host Jack Russo and CPA, Steve Rabin discuss earned income tax credits and the possibility of Silicon Valley wealth getting slapped by billionaire taxes.   Got more tax questions? Feel free to contact Steve Rabin at his website:
35:14 10/27/23
The Valley Current®: What the Segmented World Means for Our Future
Look around the world and everywhere you go, you will find pockets of innovation and wealth mixed in with areas of poverty and conflict. Though this is by far not a new phenomenon, our awareness of global tensions and the deluge of opinions can make it difficult for individuals to get a clear, non-political view of what is going on. Over at , David Nash leverages his decades of living in different countries and managing major corporations to help the rest of us make sense of the current events that are shaping the future. Listen in as host Jack Russo asks David Nash about the importance of global cooperation to address inflation, pollution, population, resource scarcity, and more.
60:21 10/13/23