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Ween is The Greatest Band in The World. This is the Greatest Podcast in The World about The Greatest Band in The World....Ween. We will introduce you to Ween in all their grandness and splendor. We shall take you on a tour of the entire Ween Catalogue...One album at a time...One song at a time...Until the end of time. Together we will listen to each and every Ween song. Together we will spread the good word of The Boognish. Buckle up Bitch. Step inside this spaceship and take a ride straight into the Abyss! Also, check out the Patreon Bonus version of the show at


181. My Own Bare Hands
Top quality Deaner lyrics.  This one shreds.  A pure delight to see LIVE.  
38:24 11/29/23
180. Learnin' To Love
Horse Racing.  Doo ba lebb'ing.  All the good stuff.
37:46 11/22/23
179. Object
Do you hear the horns now Dave?  Do you?  Do you now?? Yes I can hear the horns Clem Fandango.
33:41 11/15/23
Upcoming Mailbag Episode!
Submit your questions, comments and queries to our awesome email address at: We will wait until November 20th (ish) 2023 before recording the episode and read some of your (hopefully) insightful and (likely) insane thoughts on the air.  Don't forget to sign off on the msg with your preferred Handle/Moniker so that we aren't tempted to read email address on the air.  This msg will self deestruct in T-Minus 10 days....  
03:34 11/10/23
178. Friends
If there ever was a Thesis Statement for Ween as a band it would be "Friends".  Friends.  Friendship.  That is what Ween is all about.  Never say "fwends". That is absolutely awful.  
49:21 11/8/23
177. Blue Balloon
Getting some Zoloft vibes off this one.  Great tune that is often overlooked.
36:43 11/1/23
176. Fiesta
Herb Alpert meet Ween.  
25:30 10/25/23
175. Intro To La Cucaracha
We're back!  It's time for the (non-pen)Ultimate season of Pod Ween Satan.  It took us a while to get it going and we thank you for your patience.  Life got all turned upside down in 2023 but we're here to make it right.
46:27 10/18/23
174. Patreon Episode UNLOCKED (Suckin' Blood From The Devil's Dick)
Hello you beautiful people!  We are still busily recording the upcoming La Cucaracha season.  In the meantime we wanted to unlock one of our fan favorite Patreon Episodes.  This one sparked a lively debate in the msg boards. The WGA/SAG strike has all of us crew members in Hollywood on our knees begging for mercy.  We originally designed the Patreon as a means to pay for the expenses of making a podcast.  Until this strike ends the Patreon Bonus Show is our sole source of income to buy food and feed the food into our fat piggy mouths.  If you've been on the fence until now use this desperate moment in film crew history to dig into the couch and retrieve 3$ in quarters to throw our way.  You get just shy of 200 episodes of PURE UNCUT GOLD.  That's right people. Gold.  For 3 Dollars.  What a deal! We love you and we appreciate the support.      
51:30 9/20/23
173. Greek Theater Recap with SPECIAL GUEST
A very very Special Guest coming at you HOT.  It's been an increasingly long hiatus so we wanted to give you lovely listeners a little gift appetizer for the forthcoming season for La Cucaracha.  It was a record long recording session that we should have broken up into two separate eps but we waned to give you all the raw uncut goodness in one gigantor 2hr episode.  Buckle Up. Also we traditionally command you to give all of your money to Ween but this week take a little slice of that cheddar and hand it to our Special Guest.  He's performing under the name "Where is your dog now" and you can find him on Spotify, Bandcamp, and the below website.  Do us a solid and listen to his tunes and then buy some of them tunes.  Make it so.
120:08 8/7/23
172. Say it Ain't So Joe!
We didn't want it to be this way's what the Universe wants.  You can't fight the Universe. You just can't.   Don't fret. As soon as we get back in the same town and find the time to record Season 12 "La Cucaracha" we will do it and get it into your greedy pig-like hands.  In the meantime get your ass over to and sign up for new bonus episodes every Sunday.  That train keeps A' Rollin my friends. Yes it does.  
05:22 3/15/23
171. Slow Down Boy
Holy smokes people!  That's it for the Friends EP.  Only one more season of Pod Ween Satan left to go??!!  They said it couldn't be done.  Were they right?  Anything could happen.  We might go the George RR Martin route and stretch out the final season recording sessions for a decade or so.  Keep you edging....frothing at the mouth in anticipation.  Let us marinate on that.
31:59 3/8/23
170. Light Me Up
Smoke em up Johnny.  Penultimate Song Alert!!
39:02 3/1/23
169. King Billy
Oh Billy Billy Billy Baroo.
37:37 2/22/23
168. I Got To Put The Hammer Down
Or do you?
37:46 2/15/23
167. Friends
Friends are Friends.
35:24 2/8/23
166. Friends EP Intro
Season 11 has cometh.  Enjoy the fruits that come forth unto thee.
33:30 2/1/23
165. Someday
What a solid closer.  What didn't fit on Quebec sure does feel at home on Shinola Vol 1.  We'll see you next week to kickoff Season 11 with the "Friends EP".
25:59 1/25/23
164. Monique The Freak
Ween returns to their Prince-y roots with this one.
32:21 1/18/23
163. The Rift
Ween in Space.
44:12 1/11/23
162. Israel
It's Saturday and time to get your Sabbath On.
33:15 1/4/23
161. Transitions
Coolest song to ever mention Harry Truman...hands down.  Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are about to have a Happy New Year!  See you in 2023 babyyyyyyyy
40:25 12/28/22
160. How High Can You Fly?
A question and a challenge all in one.
47:09 12/21/22
159. Did You See Me?
A prog rock masterpiece.  The album rotates around it.  If Shinola was the solar system then Did You See Me? is the Sun.  El Sol
55:13 12/14/22
158. Gabrielle
A ripper if I ever seen one.
33:11 12/7/22
157. Big Fat Fuck
I love being one.  I love the lifestyle.
29:54 11/30/22
156. I Fell In Love Today
Can't think of a better song to blast in your car with the windows rolled down right after you've met the love of your life.  Perfectly captures that particular serene vibe.  Beauty-ous.
36:01 11/23/22
155. Boys Club
Dudes Rock.  
28:26 11/16/22
154. Tastes Good On Th' Bun
35:47 11/9/22
153. Intro to Shinola Vol.1
We're back baby!  Between work and breeding it took a while to get you the new sesaon but here it is.  Shinola Vol 1 comin in hotttttt.
35:55 11/2/22

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