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Palimpsest is a (mostly) single-voiced audio drama about memory, identity, and the things that haunt us. Each ten-episode season is a unique and self-contained story, exploring the spaces between horror, fantasy, and psychological realism. #embracewhathauntsyou


Palimpsest Theme
The Palimpsest theme music, composed and performed by Ian Ridenhour.
01:31 9/1/17
Palimpsest will begin podcasting on every other Tuesday, beginning October 31st. Embrace what haunts you.
01:46 10/2/17
Chapter One
Anneliese moves into a new apartment and restarts her audio journal.
19:23 10/31/17
Chapter Two
Anneliese tells more about Claire. Odd things happen in the apartment, and we meet some neighbors.
19:02 11/14/17
Chapter Three
Anneliese meets the the little boy she saw in the yard.
21:10 11/28/17
Chapter Four
Anneliese tries to get ready for the party. Something's in the mirror. The dog does more than bark.
19:54 12/12/17
Chapter Five
Party at Anneliese's! Bailey tells a ghost story. Something's under the tree. Quality time with Alex. Featuring music by the Crane Wives. Find more info at
38:03 12/26/17
Chapter Six
Chapter Six by Jamieson Ridenhour and Hayley Heninger
20:35 1/9/18
Chapter Seven
Memories. Doctors. Anneliese finds something in the basement. Blood.
21:18 1/23/18
Chapter Eight
Every story is a ghost story. Mrs. Aickmann's box. Footprints and revelations.
23:34 2/6/18
Chapter Nine
Claire. Content warning: This episode contains graphic depictions of gun violence. Statement here:
23:02 2/20/18
Chapter Ten
Season One Finale. A visit to the neighbor's. Anneliese's last recording. Content warning: This episode contains graphic depictions of gun violence and suicide.
21:16 3/6/18
Season Two Trailer
Season Two is a little less than a month away...
03:01 8/15/18
episode 201: Ellen
We meet Ellen, who finds herself in an unplanned place.
27:11 9/4/18
episode 202: Saoirse
Ellen meets her charge.
20:57 9/18/18
episode 203: Unseelie
Ellen meets the denizens, and has a talk with Saoirse.
19:51 10/2/18
episode 204: Clutch
Mr. Clutch plays a trick, and Ellen explores the back yard with Saoirse.
24:44 10/16/18
episode 205: Curtains
Ellen looks through the curtains. Back room business.
22:34 10/30/18
episode 206: Deirdre
Ellen talks with Saoirse and then with the doctor. Wailings and waylayings. This episode is sponsored by and Fountain Bookstore, supporting independent bookstores with over 100,000 audiobooks.
24:14 11/13/18
episode 207: Hag
Ellen remembers Ma. Saoirse talks of home.
21:56 11/27/18
episode 208: Knife
Ellen and Saoirse make their move. Talbot is not what he appears to be.
21:12 12/11/18
episode 209: Insurrection
Ellen and Saoirse take their leave of the Doctor. This episode of Palimpsest contains depictions of graphic violence.
20:44 1/1/19
episode 210: Faerie Tale, Ending
Ellen's ever after.
16:04 1/15/19
Season Two Bloopers and Updates
It's Hayley"s birthday! To celebrate, here's the Season Two Blooper Reel...
08:26 5/4/19
Season Three Trailer
Season Three begins January 21st
01:31 12/20/19
Episode 301: Josie
We meet Josie, who encounters a series of strangers in war-torn London. This episode of Palimpsest contains images of violence and war.
18:29 1/21/20
Episode 302: Slaughter
Layers. Rivers. Theories.   This episode of Palimpsest features depictions of war, violence, and attempted suicide.
19:48 2/4/20
Episode 303: Enigma
Ring around the rosie. Josie meets someone who knows things. A dead woman in the garden.  This episode of Palimpsest is sponsored by Dashlane.
20:25 2/18/20
Episode 304: Tower
Tarot and Towers. Josie is a spy. Something's in the alley.
20:16 3/3/20
Episode 305: Deep
Broken codes. Josie underground. Contains graphic depictions of violence and war. This episode is sponsored by Dashlane.  
21:15 3/17/20

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