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Reline Unknown: The Infrastructure Vlog

Looking to expand his own knowledge of pipe reline and infrastructure rehabilitation, Cassie Jordan embarks on the journey into the NO DIG construction world while interviewing experts in all facets of the industry. Given the opportunity to manage a HDPE pipe reline manufacturing company in 2018, Cassie quickly realized there was so much more to this fascinating industry. The key stakeholders that drive the decisions made by businesses, municipalities, local and federal government agencies are determining everyday how Americas aging underground infrastructure will be dealt with in the upcoming years….Our mission is to help individuals and organizations gain insight into the pipe reline and infrastructure world and help process the key decision that will need to be made… RELINE or REPLACE.


Reline Unknown with Josh Mallamud of Cartegraph 37:50 05/18/2021
Reline LIVE: Reline and Rehabilitation Solutions with Rian McCaslin and Don LeBlanc 37:21 02/10/2021
Reline LIVE: URETEK with Ryan Seastrunk and Kyle Olsen 29:58 11/12/2020
Reline LIVE: A Contractor's Perspective 52:25 11/05/2020
Reline Unknown with Don LeBlanc and Travis Sterns 31:33 10/28/2020
Reline LIVE: Injection Grouting with Christopher Hamilton 29:01 09/14/2020
Reline LIVE: Inlet Geometry with Don LeBlanc and Don McGriff 31:21 07/17/2020
Reline LIVE: All Things Culvert with Don LeBlanc 39:57 07/02/2020
Reline LIVE with Ryan McCaslin of Contech Engineering Solutions 38:53 06/05/2020
Reline LIVE with Cullom Walker of Infrasteel 37:59 06/01/2020
Reline LIVE with Don and Andy Sherwin of Channeline 49:53 05/26/2020
Reline LIVE with Chad Kitchen and Kelly Schild 42:07 05/05/2020
Brett Ekart and Cassie Jordan for Reline Unknown 19:10 05/01/2020
Reline LIVE with Mike Whitehouse of ISCO 36:40 04/23/2020
Reline LIVE with Chad Kitchen of Contech 34:13 04/21/2020
Reline LIVE with Don LeBlanc of Large Diameter Projects 33:22 04/14/2020
Reline LIVE with Brett Ekart, CEO of TV Pipe 31:07 04/10/2020
Reline LIVE with Heather Spurlino of HydraTech 34:21 04/08/2020
Reline LIVE with Don LeBlanc of Annular Space 60:45 04/02/2020
Reline Unknown - Sam Boyd - BoydTech Inc. Inventor of EncapsulAC 35:30 04/01/2020
Reline LIVE with Corey Park of Weholite 31:56 03/31/2020
Reline LIVE with Brian Culich of CentriPipe & Kelly Schild of TV Pipe 33:02 03/27/2020
Reline LIVE with John Moody of Primus Line 34:14 03/24/2020
Reline Unknown - Dr. Ramtin Serajiantehrani University Of Texas at Arlington 84:09 03/01/2020
Reline Unknown - Stephen Boggess with SnapTite of ISCO 34:22 02/15/2020
Reline Unknown - Paul Snyder & Jude Kolb of American West Construction 45:48 01/26/2020
Reline Unknown - Cassie Jordan with TV Pipe Solutions 34:19 01/01/2020
Reline Unknown - Chris Larson with C&L Water Solutions 36:42 12/27/2019