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The Gallows

True crime stories from death row inmates that have been executed and the gruesome tales that led to their convictions. #RideTheLightning


#55 - The yard war murder.
The brutal death of a widow in St. Louis in 1998. 
47:10 8/19/22
#54 - The Psychotic Scooper
The crimes and trial around one of the most infamous murders in the heartland.
34:49 5/12/22
#53 - The Double Triple Murders
The executions of Earl Forrest and Michael Hooper.
35:40 4/29/22
#52 - The PO Box murders...
How the discovery of 1 victim would lead to 3 victims of a not so well known serial killer.
49:29 3/18/22
#51 - The Most Vulnerable Murder, Knoxville TN
 The almost unfathomably and vicious murder of a young woman with special needs.
39:59 3/4/22
#50 - The two for one, double tap murders in Ohio
The execution of two motorists that were strangers and sent police after two friends that point the finger at each other. 
43:25 2/17/22
#49 - The badass, the DNA, and the letters.
 How 3 unrelated murders came to a point. 
34:04 1/21/22
#48 - The glades murders, Florida 1983
The death of Chip and Aleisha were attributed to one man, did he do it?
53:17 1/7/22
#47 - Cocaine Vigilante Murders, Dade county Florida
A 1986 murder spree by an unlikely serial killer during the Miami cocaine war.
43:30 9/11/21
#46 - The date night murders in St. Louis Missouri
Date night ends in rage and no one close to this situation is safe!
40:56 8/20/21
#45 - The Grandmama murders Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
The murders and trials in the late 1980's and early 1990's.
38:39 7/9/21
#44 - The Ohio 3
3 murders, 3 victims, 3 executions!
40:07 5/28/21
(The lost Episode) #35 - The Double Tap murders in Maryland and Maine
Multiple murders across state lines by a killer lusting for more! 
48:56 5/21/21
(Patreon Ep) #31 - The Ultralight Murders in Arlington Texas.
The tale of one man killing 4, that defies logic and baffles investigators.
51:32 5/14/21
(Patreon Ep) #28 - The Monster and the Madman.
25 years of crime in South Dakota and Nebraska.
39:48 5/7/21
(Patreon Ep) #17 - The libertarian assassins murder in Opa-Locka, FL
The ambush style murder that shook Opa-Locka and and led to an expedited execution. Some devotion has no limits.
53:26 5/4/21
(Patreon Ep) #25 - The Shelbyville Massacre - 1995 Shelbyville, TN
The tale of the dysfunctional Horton family and the unthinkable crime that finally saw it fall apart.
55:03 5/4/21
#43 - Jelly and Hyde squared in Dallas TX.
The duality of man played out in a real life tragedy
44:21 4/2/21
#42 - Mean Nadean in Tahlequah Oklahoma
She may have been the meanest woman ever from Oklahoma.
47:18 3/29/21
#41 - Can't let go murders in McLennan County Texas
The unnecessary and brutal murders of multiple family members in Texas.
43:32 2/26/21
#40 - If the ring fits murders.
The quadruple homicide in Tate county Mississippi that almost became a cold case.
41:09 1/30/21
#39 - The best friends murders in Warsaw Kentucky.
The twisted double homicide that destroyed a family in 2002.
45:17 1/7/21
#38 - The sunset murders in Tampa Bay.
The Rogers fateful family vacation to Florida.
42:52 12/18/20
#37 - The worst friends murder in South Dakota
The vile murder of Chester Poage in Spearfish, South Dakota 2000.
46:22 11/20/20
#36 - The Richmond Spree Murders
The savage murder spree that spanned Virginia and Pennsylvania in 2006.
56:11 11/2/20
#34 - The Drunk Santa murders in Russellville Arkansas
The 6 day Christmas crime spree that gripped America in 1987!
53:13 9/25/20
#33 - Lightning strikes twice murders in Clearview Washington
The thriller homicide that left a one light town with an infamy it never wanted.
50:18 9/14/20
#32 - The Big Pimping murders in Reno Nevada
How a cold case and one that was solved in a matter of weeks became forever joined.
46:47 8/28/20
#30 - The happy ending murder in Perry, OK.
The evil crimes that rocked northern Oklahoma in 1999 and the best conclusion that anyone could ask for.
56:38 8/14/20
#29 - The Popeyes Massacre in Gadsden, Alabama
Was the wrong man executed for these horrific murders?
46:32 7/31/20