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Ep. 23-050 - The Wall Of Division
In this episode, the wall of division between the 'pure bloods' aka the unvaxxed, and the 'walking dead'. The 3 problems with 'tweaking' mRNA vaccines. Special Counsel John Durham rumored to go after the FBI.
38:40 2/3/23
Ep. 23-049 - The Laptop IS HIS!
In this episode, with the price of eggs skyrocketing a former director stole 11,000 cases of chicken. Hunter Biden takes ownership of the infamous laptop in a petulant letter. Another 'planned' search by the FBI for classified documents.
38:41 2/3/23
Ep. 23-048 - Missed The Mark
In this episode, 64% of US consumers making over $100k per year living paycheck to paycheck. "First Trans Figure Skater" debuted at the opening ceremy and it didn't quite hit the mark. Chinese spy front acting a police station discovered in New York City.
38:40 2/2/23
Ep. 23-047 - Things That Matter
In this episode, the White House defends its failures. Allies coin the investigation into Hunter Biden, an attack. The email chain that clearly proves espionage by Bidens and Burisma.
38:41 2/2/23
Ep. 23-046 - Anti-Black Things
In this episode, Gates regrets having a dinner - a single dinner - he claims. Colombia Professor on blacks doing 'anti-black things'. Virginia teacher's union president embezzles over $400K.
38:40 2/1/23
Ep. 23-045 - Take A Seat Everybody
In this episode, take a seat everybody as Biden looks for Doug. McCain grills Schiff about Trump, his intentional misleading of Americans. New polling data and battleground states.
38:41 2/1/23
Ep. 23-044 - Pillage and Plunder
In this episode, "apparently the only secure document in DC is Epstein's client list." The fallout of Tyre Nichols is to pillage and plunder business owners who had nothing to do with his death. The timely release of Trump's taxes as a distraction for Biden.
38:40 1/31/23
Ep. 23-043 - Exhausted Tolerance
In this episode, even with 87,000 new IRS agents don't expect a timely refund. Decline in holiday sales suggests inflation has exhausted consumer tolerance. Biden's word: "I've never been more optimistic about America's future"
38:41 1/31/23
Ep. 23-042 - "There's No There, There"
In this episode, the Biden family crime extends to Caroline Biden including credit card fraud, assault on a police officer and more. Verdict with Ted Cruz lays out next steps in the Biden document scandal. Did the State Department fabricate an email from Hunter to 'explain' the use of classified documents?
38:40 1/30/23
Ep. 23-041 - More Questions Than Answers
In this episode, the release of the 'attack' prompts more questions than it provides answers. Was the attack to avoid explanation? The death of a black man at the hands of black men is being labeled as white supremacy.
38:41 1/30/23
Ep. 23-040 - Dirty Movement
In this episode, Schiff declares a Senate run. Booker makes more outlandish gun claims. Pfizer's Scientifc Planner exploring dangerous and deadly path. When private negotiations go public.
38:40 1/27/23
Ep. 23-039 - A Family Tree
In this episode, finding and meeting siblings I never knew. Bidens add another crazy story. How greenies are killing the planet.
38:41 1/27/23
Ep. 23-038 - Graft Scandal
In this episode, Big Tech censorship Nazi's are all suffering. Why would lawyers be "packing up" Biden's office in the first place? Ukranian government biggest mass resignation and graft scandal.
38:40 1/26/23
Ep. 23-037 - House Humor
In this episode, Josh Hawley proposes a legacy Insider Trading Bill. "America is back and leading the way" according to Biden who has no regrets.
38:41 1/26/23
Ep. 23-036 - Master The Future
In this episode, WEF elitists self tasked to 'Master the future'. The combination of debt and interest catastrophic for both US economy and consumer. An industry with expensive labor to produce materials worth less and less.
38:40 1/25/23
Ep. 23-035 - FBI Russia
In this episode, the third world problems with high school students right here in America. Classified documents for ALL. Special Agent in Charge of FBI counterintelligence arrested for collusion with Russian oligarch.
38:41 1/25/23
Ep. 23-034 - The Stroke Season
In this episode, celebrities admitting that non-vaxxers are the real winners. Tucker Carlson on new FAA changes for pilots. The upcoming stroke season has just begun.
38:40 1/25/23
Ep. 23-033 - Strategic Value
In this episode, sudden mass shooting puts an end to the 'Stop Asian Hate' movement. Unapologetically American Comedy Tour in Tampa/St.Pete on Feb 9th. Fifth trove of documents discoverd in Delaware mansion.
38:41 1/25/23
Ep. 23-032 - Bone-Chilling Data
In this episode, an economy in triage as bone-chilling data on a deteriorating auto loan market. Tucker Carlson on WEF's destruction of national markets and promotion of ponzi schemes hailed as geniuses.
38:40 1/23/23
Ep. 23-031 - 'Promise Me, Dad'
In this episode, the powerful 2023 conservative agenda. Floriday mayor who pledged to rebuild the Democrat party resigns. Taxes from 2016 - 2018 wiped from presidential website. The power of Hunter Biden to the tune of 20x annual income.
38:41 1/23/23
Ep. 23-030 - Shocking Connection
In this episode, Kathy Chung's shocking connection to Hunter Biden. Professor arrested as Chinese spy and his first phone call is to the Bidens. Too many need this to go away and the story is no longer quiet.
38:41 1/20/23
Ep. 23-029 - Business Dealings
In this episode, Jean-Pierre refusing to answer questions. The Biden's annual income staggering increase over 4 years. The court of public opinion with no media support. Did Hunter own a law firm?
38:40 1/20/23
Ep. 23-028 - The Spies Around
In this episode, Chinese spies around the world more than any other country. The demise of Victoria's Secret from a luxury brand following a pivot toward diversity and wokeness.
38:40 1/20/23
Ep. 23-027 - National Threat
In this episode, the DOJ decides against monitoring Biden legal team in the search for classified documents. When is Hunter classified as a national security threat?
38:41 1/20/23
Ep. 23-026 - Different Stance
In this episode, the criticism of being outspoken and unapologetic. Well known leftist celebrities who have been against the covid vaccine.
38:40 1/18/23
Ep. 23-025 - The Future of Vaccines
In this episode, exposing the layers of vaccine lies. Realization they've been wrong and course correcting on mandates.
38:41 1/18/23
Ep. 23-024 - Vaccination Swing
In this episode, the pendulum is swinging on covid vaccinations. The search for the unvaccinated gains momentum. Judge strikes down mandate for medical professionals.
38:41 1/17/23
Ep. 23-023 - In Plain Sight
In this episode, Byron Donalds, Donald Trump and others weigh in on Biden having classified documents. Gregg Jarrett on Biden's risk with these documents.
38:40 1/17/23
Ep. 23-022 - Carnage of 2022
In this episode, we're right they're wrong? The carnage of America in 2022.
38:40 1/17/23
Ep. 23-021 - Poking Holes
In this episode, so much more about the Biden family business. Passion for work in a downed economy. J6 mutiny on the horizon.
38:41 1/17/23