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Claire Lopez -Understanding the Global Islamic Movement and jihadi threat (ep # 6-19-21) 41:19 06/17/2021
Daniel Turner - Can we return to energy independence? (ep # 6-19-21) 41:51 06/17/2021
Dr Jim Roach MD - The truth about Covid-19 and the latest updates (ep # 6-19-21) 42:49 06/17/2021
Ed Martin - Trump: Promises Made, Promises Kept & The Case for Trump (ep #6-12-21) 43:00 06/10/2021
Jonathan W Emord - Insight into "The Authoritarians" (ep #6-12-21) 43:24 06/10/2021
Gail Heriot - talking civil rights and the new Equity/Equality (ep #6-12-21) 43:01 06/10/2021
Dr. Charles B. Simone MD - Surviving the opioid crisis and cancer (ep# 6-5-21) 43:03 06/03/2021
Dr Steve Turley Ph. D. exposes the backfire of border crisis & the cancel culture (ep# 6-5-21) 43:01 06/03/2021
Dr. Stephen Leeb on liberal policies and The Coming Economic Collapse. (ep #6-5-21) 42:57 06/03/2021
Paul Boardman - The need to "DeCouple" from China (ep# 5-29-21) 43:02 05/27/2021
Dr Patrick Moore - Greenpeace Co-Founder Drops Climate & Environmental Bombshells (ep#5-29-21) 43:04 05/27/2021
Daniel Greenfield - Biden's failed & dangerous relationship with Israel (ep #5-29-21) 43:02 05/27/2021
Dr Michael Busler PhD on "The Dollar's challenge in 2021" (ep#5-22-21) 43:11 05/20/2021
Dr Carl Goldberg - Ongoing Islamic threats to our freedom (ep#5-22-21) 43:16 05/20/2021
Professor John M Ellis - Dangers from the breakdown of higher education (ep5-22-21) 43:11 05/20/2021
David Spring M Ed - is “Covid-19 vaccine” more dangerous than the virus? (ep#5-15-21) 43:05 05/13/2021
Kenny Xu -The Attack on Asian American Excellence and the Fight for Meritocracy (ep#5-15-21) 43:25 05/13/2021
Vince Everett Ellison - Why the majority of Christian African Americans vote Liberal (ep#5-15-21) 42:53 05/13/2021
Lowell Ponte on Biden's economy and the destruction of America (ep#5-8-21) 43:03 05/06/2021
David Rubin on Iran, John Kerry, plus changes in the middle east (ep#5-8-21) 42:50 05/06/2021
David Horowitz - a Totalitarian Movement Is Destroying America (ep#5-8-21) 42:35 05/06/2021
Curtis Sliwa brings his fight for NYC & police to his NYC mayoral campaign (ep#5-1-21) 20:11 04/30/2021
Dr Charles B Simone - COVID, Dr. Fauci and latest Cancer Strategies MD (ep# 5-1-21) 43:00 04/30/2021
Susan Bradford - How have "Royal Blood Lines" infected the world? (ep#5-1-21) 42:51 04/30/2021
Jack Hanney - Gold & Silver security during these perilous economic times (ep#5-1-21) 23:10 04/30/2021
Gerald Celente accurately talks "History Before it Happens" (ep#4-24-21) 42:54 04/23/2021
Ari Hoffman - the destruction of Portland, Seattle, & Minneapolis “Ground Zero” for civil unrest.(ep#4-24-21) 42:59 04/23/2021
Dr Meryl Nass MD on censoring of scientific debate by corporations. (ep#4-24-21) 42:40 04/23/2021
Patrick Wood Countering Big Tech social media censorship with local activism. (ep#4-17-21) 43:38 04/15/2021
David Bego Exposing the Real Agenda of Big Labor (ep# 4-17-21) 42:58 04/15/2021