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Cleats Off is the show that brings you closer to the game you love. Hosted by Liz Bhandari (the founder of, each episode features a new story in American Football by interviewing players, legends, coaches, media personalities and more.


Amy Trask, Former CEO of NFL team, the Los Angeles Raiders 20:58 10/25/2021
Scott Hanson, Presenter of NFL Red Zone 21:52 10/11/2021
Cori Yarckin, Presenter of Channel 5's NFL End Zone 20:01 09/27/2021
Krys Barnes, Linebacker for the Green Bay Packers 08:40 09/20/2021
David Bada, Defensive Tackle, Washington Football Team 07:13 09/16/2021
Gaz Hayden, social media at Passyunk Avenue 15:49 05/12/2021
Hannah Wilkes, Presenter of Overtime on Sky Sports NFL 25:40 10/14/2020
Jen Welter, the NFL's first female coach 44:03 10/07/2020
Maria Gigante, Vice President of Events at NFL UK 21:57 09/30/2020
Matthew Sherry, founder of Gridiron Magazine 42:41 09/16/2020
Coach Quincy Avery, President of Quarterback Takeover 14:05 08/26/2020
Phoebe Schecter, former Bills coach and Team GB captain 17:27 08/05/2020
Jason Bell, former NFL Cornerback and Safety 36:30 07/22/2020
Nat Coombs, Host of The Nat Coombs show on ESPN 35:32 07/15/2020
George Reynolds, Quarterback at the NFL Academy 17:40 07/01/2020
Wilson's 'The Duke' and its history in the NFL 20:47 06/24/2020
Will Bryce, NFL UK Head of Football Development 18:17 06/17/2020
Scott Fish, Founder of the Scott Fish Bowl 16:45 06/10/2020
Erica Tamposi, Producer at Around the NFL 39:41 05/27/2020
Melissa Jacobs, Founder and Managing Editor of 31:38 05/20/2020
Christian Scotland-Williamson, tight end for the Pittsburgh Steelers 19:09 05/13/2020
Osi Umenyiora, two time Super Bowl winner with the New York Giants 20:35 05/06/2020
Lori Locust, Assistant Defensive Line Coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20:44 04/29/2020
Chris Wesseling, writer and co-host of Around the NFL 16:04 04/24/2020
Brandon London, former wide receiver and Super Bowl and Grey Cup champion 29:18 04/17/2020
Henry Hodgson, Vice President of International Marketing and Fan Development at NFL 24:23 04/10/2020
Jennifer King, the NFL’s first black female full-year coach 06:14 04/03/2020
Laura Okmin, NFL on FOX sideline reporter 37:43 03/27/2020
Connie Carberg, the NFL's first female scout 27:58 03/06/2020
Matt Harmon, Fantasy Football analyst for Yahoo Sports 15:56 02/28/2020