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The Optical Journal podcast is a weekly show about newsmakers, artists, artisans, marketers, opticians, and optometrists who make optical better.


Rosario Toscano - The Akoni Group
Daniel speaks with Rosario Toscano, the CEO of the Akoni Group.  
34:25 4/11/24
Elaine Girsdale - SILMO Singapore 2024
Daniel speaks with Elaine Grisdale, Director of Development at the International Opticians Association about the upcoming SILMO Singapore Trade Show.
22:34 3/21/24
Ashley Mills - Vision Expo East 2024
Daniel speaks with Ashley Mills about the last Vision Expo East in New York City, VEE 2024!
14:09 3/7/24
Eline De Munck - Odette Lunettes
Daniel speaks with Eline De Munck, the owner of Odette Lunnetes.
26:13 2/22/24
Southern Independent Optical Show 2024
Daniel speaks with Carrie Wilson, Matt Smith, and Bradie Husser about the upcoming SIOS show taking place on April 20 near Dallas Texas.
27:21 2/8/24
Peter Lynes - Curry & Paxton
Daniel. speaks with Peter Lynes, the Managing Director of Curry & Paxton Eyewear.
21:47 1/18/24
Marlon Cera-Marle -100% Optical 2024
  Daniel speaks with the new Director of 100% Optical, Marlon Cera-Marle about the 10th Anniversary edition of 100% Optical.
17:27 1/4/24
Cathleen Kabashi - opti 2024
Daniel speaks with Cathleen Kabashi, the Exhibition Director of opti Munich
21:54 12/21/23
Eyewear Artwalk
Daniel speaks with Charlene Nichols, and Trevor Williams about the Eyewear Artwalk coming to 7 cities across the US in 2024.
29:24 12/7/23
Giovanni Vitaloni - MIDO 2024
Daniel speaks with with Giovanni Vitaloni, the President of MIDO about MIDO 2024 coming February 3-5, 2024 in Milan, Italy.
26:53 11/30/23
David Salk - BlueLogic365
Daniel speaks with David Salk, the owner of Focal Point Opticians and eClips about blue light and BlueLogic365 clip-ons.
54:35 11/16/23
Laura and Ben Harrison - Jonas Paul Eyewear
Daniel speaks with the founders of Jonas Paul Eyewear, Ben and Laura Harrison from their office in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 
25:57 11/9/23
Nicolas Roseillier - UN-TI-TLED
Daniel speaks with Nicolas Roseillier, eyewear designer and founder of UN-TI-TLED.
28:03 10/19/23
Tarrence Lackran - Eyecons
Daniel speaks with Tarrence Lackran, the founder and CEO of EYECONS.
22:40 9/7/23
Ashley Mills - Vision Expo West 2023
Daniel speaks with Ashley Mills, the CEO of The Vision Council about Vision Expo West 2023.
15:23 8/31/23
North East Optical Show - Fall 2023
Daniel speaks with Jessica Leach and Joanna Ruiz about the Fall 2023 of the North East Optical Show taking place September 17th at Garage_B in Boston, MA.
16:01 8/24/23
Eric Lenoir - SILMO Paris 2023
Daniel speaks with Eric Lenoir, the Show Director of SILMO about SILMO Paris taking place September 29 through October 2 at Paris Nord Villepinte.
31:04 8/10/23
Dr. Charles Posternack - Avulux
Daniel speaks with Dr. Charles Posternack, the co-founder of Avulux.
21:45 6/29/23
Jonathan Oberti - Tejesta Eyewear
Daniel speaks with Jonathan Oberti, the founder of Tejest Eyewear from Miami, Florida.
24:23 6/8/23
Maurice and Francois Leonard of Gold & Wood
Daniel speaks with Maurice and Francois Leonard of Gold & Wood, one of the original high-end sustainable eyewear brands.
16:46 6/1/23
The Optical Metaverse Fashion Show & Showcase
Daniel speaks with Charlene Nichols and David Green about this summer's big online event, July 7th, 8th, & 9th.
27:02 5/18/23
Pascal Mathieu of Pascal Mathieu Eyewear
Daniel speaks with Pascal Mathieu, the Founder and Creative Director of Pascal Mathieu Eyewear from his studio in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc.
22:42 5/11/23
Matteo Minchio - Junk Plastic Rehab
Daniel speaks with Matteo Minchio, the founder and CEO of Junk Plastic Rehab.
22:58 4/20/23
Elaine Grisdale and Eric Lenoir | SILMO Singapore
Daniel speaks with Elaine Grisdale and Eric Lenoir about SILMO Singapore
20:55 3/23/23
Daniel speaks with Patricia Photiou, the founder of KALOPSIA REVISIONIST EYEWEAR.
15:27 3/9/23
Raanan Naftalovich - Shamir - Encore Presentation
Daniel speaks with Raanan Naftalovich, the President of Shamir North America.
29:01 3/2/23
Fiona Anderson - International Opticians Association
Daniel speaks with Fiona Anderson, the President of the International Opticians Association.
26:33 2/23/23
Niall D. O’Sullivan - Pewpols Eyewear
Daniel speaks with Niall D O’Sullivan, the founder and owner of Pewpols Eyewear from his studio in Gorey, Ireland.
27:49 2/9/23
KAZOKU Lunettes - Michael Nicolas
Daniel speaks with Michael Nicolas, the CEO and head designer for Kazoku Lunettes.
18:19 2/2/23
Giuseppe Pizzuto - Movitra Eyewear
Daniel speaks with Giuseppe Pizzuto, the co-founder and creative director of MOVITRA Eyewear from his studio in Milan, Italy.
17:13 1/26/23

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