Show cover of Some of Your Parts Podcast with Dr. Betsy Greenleaf

Some of Your Parts Podcast with Dr. Betsy Greenleaf

Premier Women's Health Expert: Dr. Betsy Greenleaf delves into the world of women's wellness with top expert guests. Listen as they discuss what you always wanted to know but could not ask. Find out that you are greater than the sum of your parts.


S3E3 Freedom Kitchen with Lisa Jendza 32:47 08/20/2021
S3E2 The Truth About Exercise with Debra Atkinson 64:26 01/25/2021
S3E1 Heal Your Fibroid Pain with Dr. Andrea Perez 51:21 01/12/2021
S2E32 LDN: The Secret Drug That Can Change Your Life with Dani Williamson FNP 56:17 12/24/2020
S2E31 Energy Transformation with Amy Stark 53:08 12/14/2020
S2E30 HPV and Cervical Cancer with Dr. Doni Wilson 51:21 11/19/2020
S2E29 From Domestic Violence to Empowerment with Sandra Avelli 33:33 11/11/2020
S2E28 Reversing Breast Implant Illness with Sarah Phillipe 51:21 10/29/2020
S2E27 Breast Implants: A Raw Conversation with Diane Kazer 74:43 10/29/2020
S2E26 Navigation & Prevention of Breast Cancer with Dr. Carol Lourie 47:23 10/19/2020
S2E25 Find Your Sizzle with Megan Bendzen of Life Bacon 26:34 09/28/2020
S2E24 Examining Fibromyalgia with Dr. Rodger Murphree 35:09 09/23/2020
S2E23 Beauty Secrets with Celebrity Skin Expert, Rachel Varga BScN, RN, CAN 57:51 09/11/2020
S2E22 The Science of Beauty with Celebrity Skin Expert Rachel Varge BScn, RN, CAN 46:18 09/11/2020
S2E21 Back to School Toolbox with Alma Galvan & Bob Dietrich from Brainworx Inc. 45:55 09/08/2020
S2E20 Stop Dieting; 21 Days to a Healthy Body with Dr. Debbie Bright 46:42 08/14/2020
Dr. Tabatha Barber the Functional Gynecologist 34:18 08/06/2020
S2. E18 Living on Caffeine & Willpower? Find Holistic Health with Dr Susan Lovelle 58:44 07/29/2020
S2E17 Virtual Retreats: Take Time for Yourself with Sabriya Dobbins 27:43 07/15/2020
Bonus COVID Care: Use This Time To Make The Life You Love with Dr. Joan Rosenberg 37:37 07/01/2020
S2E16 The Health Benefits of Meditation with Dr. Shelly Sethi 51:24 06/26/2020
Bonus Coronavirus Care: Dr. Shelly Sethi: What we can do to make this time better. 41:26 06/15/2020
S2 E15 Average Sucks with Michael Bernoff 42:37 06/10/2020
S2 E14 Trimester Zero: How to be healthy today for healthy children tomorrow with Dr. Afrouz Demeri 47:51 06/04/2020
S2E13 Fertility Secrets with Dr. Aumatma Shah 57:58 05/20/2020
S2E12: Optimizing Fertility with Dr. Melissa Vandermissen 49:27 04/20/2020
SPECIAL EDITION COVID19 Care: Gratitude Builds Fortitude with Holly Bertone 26:29 04/17/2020
Special Edition COVID19 Care: The Biology of Uncertainty with Dr. Aimie Apigian MD 34:05 04/13/2020
Special Edition COVID19 Care: What you need to know with Dr. Tom Moorcroft 33:07 04/03/2020
Special Edition COVID19 Care: Your Character Strengths are Psychological Capital with Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum 40:09 04/01/2020