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S&P Global Commodity Insights analysis of key news and pricing issues from across the global shipping, natural gas, power, petrochemicals, agriculture, and coal markets.


India’s steel export tariffs: A case of missed opportunities? 21:25 06/23/2022
US Gulf of Mexico hurricane season threatens energy trade flows with potential global impact 20:12 06/21/2022
With war in Europe, focus sharpens on the US as a global natural gas supplier 15:03 06/01/2022
Easing lockdowns in Shanghai: a boost for container freight or a headache in the making? 18:28 05/26/2022
How has the war in Ukraine, China’s 'zero-COVID' strategy impacted sulphuric acid, copper? 17:16 05/25/2022
Can Europe’s gas generation survive a Russian supply phase out? 12:56 05/19/2022
What’s been driving recent volatility in global clean tanker freight? 23:21 05/13/2022
How has the Russia-Ukraine war impacted polymer markets? 16:00 05/10/2022
Goldman’s Currie sees supply constraints extending oil price boom 16:50 05/04/2022
Dead in the Water: Have LNG price spikes killed the case for LNG bunkers? 11:15 04/26/2022
Renewable Energy Certificates play a role in decarbonization, but do they have real economic value? 10:01 04/20/2022
Navigating turbulence in Asia’s LNG market 19:59 04/19/2022
Asian fuel oil prices simmer as peak summer demand looms 22:38 04/14/2022
Sugar vs. ethanol: what will Center-South Brazil mills prioritize in the 2022-23 crop? 14:11 04/13/2022
Uncharted waters: Europe’s new role in the global LNG market 21:08 04/05/2022
Nickel market volatility hits China's battery industry 12:59 03/25/2022
US plastics are all packaged up with nowhere to go 08:37 03/23/2022
Renewable penetration will drive erosion of North American capture prices 12:39 03/16/2022
Shipping, commodities hunt for alternatives as sanctions on Russia bite 16:20 03/04/2022
A winter’s tale: heating season extremes in North American gas 16:47 02/15/2022
Middle East LPG suppliers eye boosting exports to capture Asian demand 09:04 02/11/2022
Copper markets eye easing concentrate supply in 2022 13:28 01/19/2022
A conversation with Enterprise: Going all in on upstream petrochemicals 20:52 01/04/2022
Oil and gas industry strikes back against energy transition at the World Petroleum Congress 13:12 12/14/2021
Nord Stream 2: No end in sight to long-running saga over controversial gas pipeline 19:21 12/08/2021
US natural gas, power prices face bullish outlooks into winter heating season 11:36 11/30/2021
Freight and drought bite as the Californian Japonica rice market heads into 2022 14:52 11/24/2021
Gas pays the price 18:20 11/10/2021
With energy prices surging, why are clean and dirty tanker markets lagging behind? 11:29 11/05/2021
South America’s Atlantic Coast crude producers target Asia, the world 13:24 11/04/2021